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Added 1974 VA Roadster # 1130, a FOR SALE car to the owners list. Added some for sale parts to the ADS page, yellow square # 17  on the Annex home page.
Sent an email to the mailing list. See a copy HERE
Added NJ Phaeton #1100 (a 1977) to owners list. 11/24/08
Another cash contributor to the website gets my profound thanks and a spot in the Annex Hall of Fame! 11/22/08
In case you think all Glassics sit in garages in tropical climates, Sam shares his adventures with car 1288. The last paragraphs were added today.

Two questions on the Message board -- Please share YOUR solutions with the Annexmaster

An electrical -starter horror story and its solution shared.
Added to the LINKS  page: Summit Racing - performance parts dealer.

Added updated info on car 377 - found on eBay listed as a Chevrolet. I DID notify the seller, but 2 days later, the ad was unchanged. Go figure! 11/19/08
Added Calif. "project" Phaeton 682 to owners list from eBay with Pics. Car 729 from MD sold to NJ dealer Lance Motors.
Added a little info about the California sales office to the history page. -- in the 1972-75 part.  Also added a correction to the history page stating that the door width did not change over the years as previously thought. Apparently it was planned, but never implemented.
Radiator replacement info added for a 1973 and a 1981. Pics of the 81 aluminum radiator and shroud.
The Annexmaster (that's me!) sold his car, 1254, but will continue to inject his comments in PURPLE, in her memory!
Added some blurry, but important, pics of car 147 as it gets prepared for a make-over. Problem solved with our latest entry on the Message board .
New Florida owner for Phaeton # 1254 - The Annexmaster's old car.  Car 1226, in Illinois, reported as sold.
New question about radiators on the Message board .

Added a bunch of new pics of Roadster # 885

Added TN Phaeton # 171 to owners list. Also very limited info on car 635 put on owners list
The owners list file is getting HUGE.  I am thinking of dividing it into 3 parts - 1)-International based cars, 2)-Early V-8's and 3)-Replicars. Does anyone see any problem with doing that?
A WANTED item and leaf spring question added to the Message board Posted a plastic window cleaning tip in the tech section.
Added to the COMPARE page to point out differences between Shay and Glassic replicas. Comments and testimonials (especially from fans who have owned both) are welcome - email address at the top of this page.
Added info to owners list about car LA Roadster #1453. 10/18/08
Added Maine Roadster # 659 to the owners list.
Car 197 was removed from the Gallery  and "for sale" listing. It was reported sold by, I guess, a prospective buyer.
Added Louisiana Roadster # 1453 to owners list with pics.
Added some pics of car 9999 (owned by Joel, the builder of Glassics).
A tip on cleaning plastic windows without scratching them added to the  Message board.
MORE coming later incl. chevy engine swap info and other stuff from my visit to West Palm Beach to see Joel, the builder and Bill, who swapped two Chevy engines into International Glassics.
Added a Roadster wanted listing to the Message board 10/9/08
Added Wisconsin Phaeton #1308 - for sale on EBAY 10/5/08
A question about parts for a '74 added to the Message board
Added several pics of car 257 - An Abercrombie promotional Glassic.
Car 1013 in PA, status change. sold on eBay. New owner unk.

I have blocked any email from addresses ending in .CN -- I was getting scores of automated spam emails DAILY that were coming from a variety of CANADA addresses.

Significant price drop on Florida car #426, a FOR SALE car. See owners list. Also, a couple of pics added 9/23/08
Added a couple of pics of Georgia Phaeton # 1490
Item on difficult cranking when WARM on the Message board
Added GA Phaeton # 1490 to the owners list.
Rhode Island car 533 spotted on eBay, And Louisiana Roadster  u028, an interesting V-6 also on eBay.
Dennis, car 189, is looking for others attending Cruisin' the Coast in Biloxi, MS - see the Message board .
Car 223 - a For Sale car in MI, added a picture. It is on the main page of the 200's VIN cars. Look for "223" other info on the owners list.
Added Connecticut Phaeton # 1463 to the owners list.
Added a small amount more clarification to the issue of replacing the steering column on International-based Glassics.
Pete, the owner of  FOR SALE car 1226 - shared some interesting original literature from his car. See the log entry below for other info on car 1226.
New Missouri address for car 563 - a FOR SALE car. See the owners list.
Added some more tips on selling your Glassic, and updated the used Glassic Values page (no price change observed again this year.)
Added photos of Illinois For Sale car 1226. Sale info is on the owners list. 9/10/08
Added to the album the photos from yesterday's batch of eBay listings. Also a couple of pics of Car 800 - transformed from a grocery-getter to a BEAST!

  413 -- 514 -- 526 -- 905 -- 1013replicar

Change the main page listing to reflect that the Album now has over 1621 pictures of Glassics!

Illinois Phaeton # 1226, a FOR SALE car, added to owners list.
TX car 514 on eBay , also Michigan Roadster 526 on eBay, also
Oregon Phaeton 905p also on eBay.. NY Roadster 413 also on eBay and a PA 76 Phaeton without a VIN also on eBay
 HALL OF FAME - I added Mark's name, who kindly donated his fee from the canceled reunion to the website fund. 9/3/08
Car losing its charge problem seeking answers added to the Message board 9/2/08
Added great tip to the Message board on finding top pins to secure the top to the windshield. (From a June question, scroll down some). New FL owner posted for car 1133. Also, on message board, a buyer looking for a Glassic.
Added a technical item about International steering columns Actually, it has more questions than answers but I am working on clarifying. If anyone has input, please share.

Added some nice pics of Phaeton # 168 from an eBay listing. The car sold with "buy it now" for $8500.

Provided updated info and pics of Louisiana Roadster #u028, a FOR SALE car. Info can be found in the here in the Photo Album.
I also noticed that I had "unknown" spelled wrong in the album folder name, but will not change it now since many links tie to that misspelled name. -- Actually, I couldn't take it and have tried to correct all of the misspelled links.
Everyone, say "thanks" to Don Curry, who gets a gold star in the HALL OF FAME as a repeat cash contributor to the website.
Added FL Roadster #382, and limited info on CA car #926 to the owners list
Several modifications were made to the HALL OF FAME - I added the names of several people who kindly donated their fee for the reunion (which was canceled) to the website fund.

 I also added stars to represent multiple donations. You should ALL thank Tom Scott once again, as well as the other cash contributors for helping make this website possible.

Illinois Roadster 1444 is FOR SALE - see the owners list.
 NY roadster # 329 is a new addition to the owners list.
A couple of suggested cleaning products for restoring and maintaining your Glassic.
Added Texas Roadster #1479 -- to owners list. This one has a "Glassic" VIN and titled date of 1977. Read about it HERE
A brief report on Reunion 8-8-08 and the plaque presentation to Joel, the builder of Glassics. I have a number of other items that I have received and will process them this next week. 8/10/08
Car 794 reported in the entry below, was changed on the owenrs list to car 898. The owner had recalled the wrong VIN.

Car 835 in England needs help identifying parts as he tries to switch to disc brakes. Please help him on the  Message board.

Soon to be in Georgia car 715 added to the owners list, and WI car 597 added to the owenrs list.

FL car 709 still wants to trade his Roadster for a Phaeton. See the next log entry, also the Message board.
Added Georgia Roadster # 251 to owners list. This car had been in the Helen GA museum, and the new owner would like to hear from nearby Glassic owners.
Added TX Phaeton #794 to the owners list.
A progress report on car 709 also pictures of his top and trunk.
A sagging body (the CAR, not the driver) question added to the  Message board

I changed the main homepage section reference numbers to yellow squares.


 I had seen that a number of people were using the search feature  for "Menu item 11" or some other number. Now I can direct people, for example to look for the section with yellow square  #11 on the main page. I hope that makes it less confusing. These reference numbers on the home page just used to be in the margin, so when I would say "see homepage menu item #11 for the photo album" it was not clear.

Added Arkansas Roadster # 1210 to the owners list. 7/25/08
Added Illinois Roadster #1444 to the owners list. 7/24/08
Car u037, an IDAHO Roadster, is for sale on eBay.  I also spotted car #1080, a NJ Replicar Phaeton is on eBay.
Car 313, a FL Phaeton with a Chevy V-8 conversion is for sale. Details can be found in the Annex GALLERY
A new Texas owner for car 416 added to the owners list. Two new questions added to the Message board.  Corrected email address added to owners list for NY car # 1073 7/16/08
Added source info for International based Glassic dash instruments. Car #1073 - James Cornwell - registered his car, but his email address is invalid. Noted on owners list. Updated the email info on Roanoke car 403 on the owners list. 7/14/08
The reunion 8-8-08 has been canceled due to limited participation. Email was sent to those who planned to attend, and a mass mailing will follow. Think of it as our contribution to helping the gas shortage! 7/11/08
The Annexmaster is back from California and trying to clean up the web business that was delayed by being away. New pictures added  in the album for cars number 147, eBay car 215, customized car 403 and 407. 7/9/08
Added NY Roadster # 1073 to owners list 7/3/08
Roommate sought for Glassic reunion 8-8-08 -- see the Message board Also see a reply to the gas tank question. New email address for IN owner of car 271 - see owners list. 6/30/08
Still operating away from my home computer so updates are spotty, at best. Added pics of car 689 - California, for sale car.
Car u037, Idaho Roadster, is now on eBayNew item about the top hold pins on the Message board and 2 other new messages
New WA owner added to owners list for Roadster # 433 6/21/08
Added Oregon Phaeton #147 and For Sale California Phaeton # 689 to the owners list.
Item added to the Message board about raising the convertible top.
The Annexmaster won't have the use of  his own computer until about July 10. Website updates will be somewhat limited as I work from a different machine.

Car 1505, a 1981, provided some part #s info. See it at the bottom of THIS page. 6/16/08
New Michigan Phaeton # 1058 added to the owners list. Idaho roadster # u037 is for sale, although the owner has not replied to my request for an asking price. (link is two entries below this one)

Added a comment about rack and pinion replacement for better highway driving - to a technical page.

New NC owner added to owners list for Phaeton # 1412
Sent a mailing out to remind all of the reunion deadline. A copy of the email can be seen HERE.
Roadster u037 added to the unknown VIN cars page. Reported by its owner - first registered car in IDAHO.
Wiring and hinge questions added to the Message board
New Ohio Phaeton, #1231 added to the owners list.
I noticed that the SUMMARY COUNT BY STATE, that I update faithfully, was hard to find. The only link to it was on the owners page, near the top. So I added it to Menu item # 4 on the main page.
Question on the Message board about rear-end swap on an International Glassic. FL Phaeton # 426 listed as For Sale on owners list. 6/2/08
Fixed a photo album problem. Cars 914, a Roadster, and 1254, the Annexmaster's Phaeton had lots of additional pictures. When the album was restored, the links to those added pics vanished.
The message board question about adding windows referred to the above cars, but it was hard to find the pictures to go with the question. Now, when you find the album page with the car pictures, you will also see the links to the added pictures.
A question about windows, and a followup on a gas tank problem added to the  Message board. Posted to the owners list: New NY owner for car 1498. New Utah owner for car 1296. 5/29/08
Don (The Annexmaster) stayed at the reunion Hotel last week. Sweet! his report is at the end of the hotel section of the Reunion 08 page. 5/24/08
New Maine owner for car 1067 added to owners list. 5/22/08
Added a little info on VA car 403 to owners list. Car has a V-8 swap engine.  New AZ owner for car 1098 posted on the owners list.  Added some NAPA part numbers that fit a '71  part #'s  for a '71.
Added an item to the Message board - safety problem help needed.
Added an item to the Message board asking (and the answer) about the inspiration for the Glassic Phaetons
Rick, car 913 send an update on his projects. See it in CAR TALES -- we hope he sends some pics.
Added a couple of pics of Calif. Roadster #619 to the Album.
Added a LINK for a Model A, etc. parts company recommended by a fan. Also see the Message board.
I also fixed all of the "forms" to highlight the email and name fields that are REQUIRED fields. Now you won't fill out the whole form and have it not work because you forgot to add your name.
Sent a mailing to Annex subscribers. If you missed it, see it HERE - and let me know if you should have gotten it. It included a reminder about the Reunion in August, and the Annexmaster's 1978 Phaeton is FOR SALE in Florida.
Also, Car 101, the first production Glassic FOR SALE in California. See owners list.
Question about '72 turn signal switch added to Message board 5/8/08
Added Texas Roadster # 1501 to the owners list. 5/7/08
Some pictures of the modified engine as installed in car 1290 added. 5/6/08
Added limited info on Virginia Phaeton # 403 to the owners list.
New Clearwater, FL owner for car #108 added to owners list.
Several new items on the Message board
Added Florida Phaeton # 432 to the owners list.
Florida Roadster # 640 added to owners list.
Car 1001, on the 4/27 log turns out to be a 1976 Phaeton.
New York Car 1001 added to the owners list as a for sale car.
Florida Phaeton #1123 on eBay
Added some pictures of a custom Roadster top on car 709, and found Marlyand Roadster # 582 on eBay 4/21/08
Today I changed the names of the folders in the Album. The use of the # sign was causing problems with the internet. Now, instead of car folder #-201-300 for VINs in that range, the folder is called VIN--201-300.  Any links that I missed will not work with the album, although most of the links are on the owners page and they have been changed to match the new system. (This is why I always used to have to use the camera picture to link to the album.  Word links just didn't work with the old naming system. 4/18/08
Added a little bit about the RED wiring throughout Replicars, with some pics of the chaos behind the dashboard. 4/16/08
While you should not notice a change, I changed the file name of the f - o - r - m  used to submit to the message board. It works the same, but the name of the web page may have been responsible for the TONS of spam nonsense I get every day. It all works the same, only automated spies will not find the name that appears above among my files - same item, different name. I only post this info at all in case I missed a link to that item on the site somewhere. 4/14/08
Where can one get a LUGGAGE RACK? asked on the Message board 4/12/08
Arizona Phaeton # 1296 spotted on eBay. Lots of nice pics in this listing. 4/11/08
Added Arkansas Roadster # 503 to the owners list. New owner reported for car 532. A couple more fall Florida car shows reported on the Message board  Added a couple of pics of car 129 to the album.
Car 1133 on eBay in Florida also car 1166 in Nebraska also on eBay
Another mailing went out to the mailing list people. If you missed it, see it HERE.  Upcoming car show on the Message board and parts for sale (homepage, menu item # 17)

In 2002 I posted the restoration project of car 144. I named the files with an odd system, and today, finally, I corrected the file naming on the website. This makes no change to the viewers, but it bothered me like gum stuck on my shoe. Whatever year your car, look at Fred Johnson's great restoration project on Car 144 for inspiration.

Has anyone moved their battery in a later Replicar? see the Message board
Also some 1978 steering rack info added here.

Note: I am about 3/4 of the way through the comprehensive index as I fill in the technical chart . After that, I will start going through every other page on the website to find technical info to add to the right place on the chart.

this art goes with the ABOVE story.

Yet another "repeat-donator" to the Annex. Thank you, James, and, once more, your name is added to the Hall of Fame.

OK, in the "not really essential" category - two different concept pics of what  a Glassic Woodie, or Woody might look like. Who will be the first to actually build one?
Added Florida Phaeton # 108 to owners list. Spotted on eBay
Missouri Phaeton Car 197  (with the rare 4-wheel drive) is for sale and has been added to the Annex PREMIER GALLERY 4/3/08
Another "multiple-donator" to the Annex website. Thank you, Tom, and, again, your name appears in the Hall of Fame.
People like Tom make this site available without dues, or membership, or passwords. EVERYONE should thank him!
Nevada Phaeton # 742 is on eBay as a FOR SALE car. 3/31/08
OOPS -- in an effort to curb the dozens of daily spam mails that I get where a spam program fills out out things like the OWNERS FORM and the MESSAGE BOARD FORM - I accidentally blocked my own server that forwards those forms to me. THAT is why I suddenly got NO spam or valid replies in the last two days or so. (I fixed it today)


First new car to be registered on the owners list in quite a while is car #1304, a "For Sale" Phaeton in SWITZERLAND !
Added some pics of yellow Phaeton # 141 MORE INFO
Added more pics to the album of V-8 swap car # 189 MORE INFO
New part for sale AD - see main Annex page, menu item # 17. 3/27/08
Added a "search this page" box at the top of the  technical chart -- I was finding it slow to find the item I was looking for, in spite of the new organization of the data.
Note: If you don't find a word, let me know. For example, I tried "Air Conditioner" and it didn't find it since the title had been "Air CONDITIONING" -- I fixed that one.
Did 'ya ever have one of THOSE days? I got some more info on rear ends, from the owner of car # 1148, and thought I would add some info. All I did was add confusion since my rear end tag does not seem to match the codes.

Then I found out that my new tire size was NOT what I had reported, but is actually smaller in diameter than the original. The wider tires do improve traction, but the smaller diameter will not help gas mileage AT ALL.

Added some info about rear end gear ratios and the AOD transmission swap 3/23/08
Several items: car #189 fancy valve covers, some pics of "built" engine in #1290, an update on car u004 (which has a custom top) - Car u004 has several pictures, and I fixed the index some so that it is easier to find.
Added another viewer idea on how to get those hood side panels off and on more easily.

Note: As I work on the technical chart, I am finding all sorts of very sloppy housekeeping and am trying to fix some of it along the way.  For example, when adding pics of car u004 and its unusual top, I noticed that car 914 (the Roadster with a sunroof) was not even on the page of modified tops.

Message board -more additions. Updates on car #189 tach added, and #1290 u-joint failing and upgrades car #913 has been getting. 3/08/08
The migration begins to the new TECHNICAL SECTION chart. This is an attempt to organize the mish-mash of info that we have accumulated over the years. It will take MONTHS to move everything onto this chart page. Comments, errors in links, etc. please email me: GlassicAnnex@aol.com

Added "Technical Section" to the quick links - right hand side at the top of the home page. Turned down and shortened the aoogah sound on the home page.

More Message board questions and replies added. Also on the message board, some bold fiberglass changes being made. 3/4/08
More Message board taillight questions and searches - and a power brake question. Added some pics of Car 1290  interior with seats and carpet out.
Added Colorado Roadster #918 to the owners list
Added some AFTER pics of car #189
Another kind cash donation from a new Glassic owner, means another name added to the Hall of Fame.  From everyone who enjoys this website -- Thank you! 3/2/08
ADS -- buy, sell, wanted.  I have enlarged and re-activated this item (menu # 17) on the home page. Older ads are still on the message board. 2/28/08
Car 223, a 1967 Phaeton in Michigan, is FOR SALE - see the owners list.  Added some details to car 1288 and how it ended up in Alaska.

I am starting to try to organize the TECHNICAL data so that it is not such a jumble -- look at this early DRAFT of a possible organizational structure for the data.  Comments/ suggestions are welcome.

Car 1288 marked as Sold in FL, now headed to ALASKA 2/26/08
Added new info and more pics of WA Phaeton # 1253 2/25/08
Reply added to Message board about parking lights.
Info added on a 1966 fuel sending unit adapter
Added to LINKS page, Ford rear-end serial number decoder website.
Car 1076, a 1976 Florida Replicar, added to owners list. Used to be car u032 - now evidence suggests VIN 1076
Car 1290, a 1978-9 Phaeton,  is a restoration project, being documented by its owner.
Some new info about differences between years of Replicars added to the Change by year page.
Added 3 new FORMS to the website. If you send me a test greeting, you should expect an email reply. If you DON'T get one in a day or so, email me, since it means something is not working right.
Form to register your car on the owners list
Form to submit a message for the message board
Form to opt-in or opt-out of the mailing list.

Also did a write-up on the different wheels and tires I got for my 1978 phaeton.

Added a parking light question to the Message board

Added pictures of Oregon FOR SALE car #905  MORE INFO

Added FL FOR SALE info on car #1288 with pics MORE INFO

Don is selling his old rims and tires from car 1254 - a 1978. See the Message board for details. I DARE you to beat this price. 2/11/08
Added eBay listed NM Roadster #805 to the owners list.

I moved the QUICK LINKS button to the right panel at the top of the screen on the Annex homepage. This is for regular viewers who want to jump right to some pages.

Added a page about auto transport - why I didn't do this in 2006, when I used the service, I don't know. 2/10/08
For my regular viewers: -- "Quick Links" on the top of the home page, just under the Glassic Annex name, -- mouse over it and get access to some frequently visited pages without scrolling down the home page to find them. 2/9/08
Car 905, an OREGON Phaeton, is for sale. Car details are HERE, contact info is on the owners list.
Another cash donation means much gratitude from the Annexmaster and another name in the Hall of Fame.
Added car 407, a Florida car, to the owner's list.
Added car 322 - a Florida Phaeton on eBay. The auction is over, but the car did not sell.
The Photo album has been restored. The recovery was not a smooth one, however. If you find any odd behavior or problems please send me an email describing the problem.

My darling wife was in Orlando and inspected the brand new Marriott we have booked for our 8-8-8 reunion and says it is GREAT. Very nice rooms and amenities! Nice meeting room.

AOD transmission. Began a topic for those thinking of converting to an overdrive transmission.

Also, I added a write-up about Roadster leg room.

Also, realizing my own mechanical ineptitude, I started a GAG list -- send YOUR humorous examples in.

Owners list:
Car 1178 has moved from Canada to a new owner in CT. When the album is back, check out this interesting car.
Car 141 in MI, supplied a current email and phone #
 Message board item added - parts for sale and other mods to car 1148.
Sent out a mailing about Roadsters for sale, a reunion update and the website fiasco. If you missed it, a copy is HERE 1/29/08
The yellow background on the log is no longer necessary. I believe that all of the website has been restored as of 6:30 am EXCEPT the photo album. My internet provider has referred the job ticket and it is just a matter of waiting our turn to have it put back. -- If anything OTHER than the photo album doesn't work, please email me -- GlassicAnnex@aol.com 1/29/08
Much of the content has been restored - but I added an "oops" page where the Album should be since it may be a while before it can be restored. 1/28/08
update on file restoration: The album is GONE for the time being. Those files (I have copies of the pictures, not the album setup) were only on the provider's service, not on my computer too. I will ask THEM to restore them, but it won't happen for a few days as they try to fix many other complaints.

My Annex folder consists of about 3500 files that need to go back onto the site. THAT'S why it will take a while.


CHAOS! -- at about 3 am. Sunday, my internet provider accidentally wiped out about 150 entire accounts - including the Annex. They restored the account, but did not restore any files in a timely manner so I am doing it myself. It will be some time before everything is working right, however, so bear with me.

Mon. 4pm. I re-loaded the entire photo album, and when I looked, it was not there. Meanwhile I have loaded some files, but many things won't work right or be complete for some time.

Car 514, a Texas Roadster is for sale. This is a rare stick shift V-8. Info on the Car Tales page.
Car 709, a Florida Roadster - owner wants to trade for a Phaeton for more leg room. See car 709 on the owners list
Another kind cash donation to the website, means another name added to the Hall of Fame.  Thank you.
Car 380, a TX estate car, no longer for sale, Car is now in FL 1/23/08
Updated the Reunion 08-08-08 page. Removed the Annexmaster (that's me) from arriving Wed. to arriving Thurs.  -- added Joel's arrival date and some changes to the tentative schedule. 1/20/08
Marked 16 cars on the owners list as having obsolete email addresses. From my recent reunion mailing.  Did you see the listing on the Message board. where a Florida Roadster owner wants to trade for a Phaeton? 1/18/08
Added info about car u036, a 1979 Maryland Roadster, for sale by an estate.  Also added a counter to this log page to see if anyone ever checks it.
NOTE - encountered a problem adding pictures to the album today. I hope we haven't reached its limit.

Added the story by Stacey, of how she came to buy  her Glassic (car 341) at age 20, to the car tales. Thanks for sharing, Stacey.

I Made a few words bigger on the main index page, like the word LOG.

Reunion 08-08-08 -- Email was sent to people on the Annex mailing list about the reunion. If you didn't get it and should have, let me know. The mail that was sent is THIS 1/15/08
Reunion 08-08-08 in Orlando. Now ready for you to book your suite ! 1/14/08
Car 874, a CT Phaeton with a 2001 engine on eBay 1/14/08
Hotel is 99% booked for Orlando for Reunion 2008. In the next day or so I should hear that we can reserve. Great location found!
Added a VIDEO of where to find the VIN tag on a Glassic. This is for people who may not have one, but aren't sure where it SHOULD have been.
Car 341, is being restored after a garage fire. Some info in cartales.
New items on the Message board. Trade your Phaeton for his Roadster and battery placement question. 12/20/07
Initial announcement for REUNION 2008. Mark your calendar for the weekend of  08 - 08 - 08 - for a Glassic reunion in central Florida. 12/14/08
Car 612, in MN, updated owner info and pics.
Link to an old car nostaligia piece added to the FOR FUN page
Car 1003, an early 1976 Phaeton in Tampa Bay, FL. Added a lot of good pics. from BobsClassics.com listing.MORE INFO

HATS orders received after12/13 will not be shipped until NEXT YEAR. Order today for Christmas delivery.

Car 709 - from TX to new owner in Port Orange, FL 12/10/07
Added Los Angeles Roadster # 744 to the owners list 12/8/07
The steering damper pic mentioned in yesterday's log was backwards. I reversed it. See it HERE
Nothing much yet in these pages, but they are now ready for data and pics coming soon.
V-8 swap into Car 189
Upgrades to 1978 car 1290

Florida Phaeton #1026 added to the owners list.

HATS -- The hat selection that I thought was black is really Navy Blue that looks black in my poorly-lit storage area. There are no black hats available. oops! (Christmas ordering deadline is 12/13)
Car 380, a Texas Roadster is FOR SALE. See owners list and pics at MORE INFO

A new TIP: a steering damper does wonders for a 1978. Info can be found HERE.

Features coming soon: - A 350 V-8 conversion of an International Glassic and an upgrade feature on a newer Replicar.

Dennis May, car 433, shared a THIRD Glassic themed Christmas Card this year for your viewing enjoyment.
Another kind cash donation was received for the website placing another name in the Hall of Fame.
Coming soon - a fix for the vibration in the steering column in the 77-81 models. The owner thinks his car has improved a LOT. I am awaiting confirmation that the instructions are correct.
Another message (International parts for sale) is on the Message board
Yellow '79 Phaeton in Wisconsin for sale. See owners list for info. 11/27/07
Sent out a mass mailing about Christmas gift ideas. If you didn't get it, see it HERE.  New message on Message board- hood for sale. 11/26/07
Car u035 is FOR SALE in California. Low price for a "project" car! Info is HERE - its the third car down on the page.
Added cars that had registered recently, (see the NOTICE just below this log entry)
1977 AZ Phaeton # 1098, FL Phaeton # 1467, GA Phaeton FOR SALE, # 1498 Roadster u033, in England, renamed as car 835 and added to owners list.
NOTICE - I noticed that people have not been registering their cars lately. It turns out they HAVE, but, in trying to thwart spammers, I "fixed" the registry and now it no longer emails me a copy of the newly registered cars (oops). I DO have the file and after this weekend, I will go through it and extract and post recent info.

Next week I will try to re-do the registering process.

Added unknown VIN car u035, a never-completed Phaeton in California. This one may soon be for sale 11/13/07
After being away for a week, I have now added Roadster 1098 in England to the owners list. Also Indiana car 1048, a 1977 Roadster is on eBay.
Also another kind donation from a multi-time contributor has been added to the Hall of Fame. Thank you!
The second car owner from England (u033) asked a question about car 835, so those may be the same car.
Florida Phaeton # 215 spotted on eBay.
Look for no changes to website in the next week+. The Annexmaster will be away from his computer..
TWO emails from England in one week? First, car u033 had a bit more info, but his return email from me did not get through.
Also, grainy pictures of what may be car 1098, also in England. I hope to get more info on that car before adding it to the owners list.
Here is a car buyer scam to add to your collection. There are so many of these - I only listed THIS one since it is sent to people on the Glassic owners list.
What appears to be car 197 is back on eBay. The VIN is not listed in this current sale.
Florida Roadster # 419 added to owners list. Another no-VIN car spotted in Arizona - with an interesting trailer. MORE INFO
Joe Mulvey, Phoenix owner of car 1043, just bought car 1222. He now has a Roadster AND a Phaeton!
Car 102, a Florida Phaeton, spotted on eBay 10/13/07
Bob, (car 729) spotted an interesting Roadster on eBay in the Netherlands! a THREE TONED paint job! MORE INFO 1011/07
Message board item added about split hoods Added car 612 to owners list. Spotted at a MN car show. 10/7/07
Two new items on the message board.  An insurance question and a source for a Glassic Christmas card! An answer is included with the insurance question. 10/1/07
Added Calif. Roadster 1148 FOR SALE on eBay to owners list 9/17/07
I added weight and price info to the grill shell insert item below. 9/11/07
Mike, car 218, built a billet grill shell insert. He might be willing to make this item for others. see it on the message board. 9/10/07
Added Michigan eBay for sale car 197 to the owners list.
Added a couple of pics of car 189's running board and unusual phaeton tonneau cover. MORE INFO

I drafted an essay on FINDING PARTS with some general comments -- I welcome additions and improvements to this page designed to help new owners. Please send your comments.

More complete contact info added to owners list for NJ Roadster # 1480. Front end question added to message board. 9/5/07
Car 1274 removed from owners list. Was a wrong VIN - the car is actually 912 - vin said 91274, and 9 was left off originally. 8/29/07
Updated the info on FOR SALE car 563, a Missouri Phaeton. 8/27/07
Added price to "for sale" car, WI Phaeton #376 -- $12,900 8/17/07
Added Utah Phaeton # 142 to owners list. 8/16/07
Car 912 pictures posted. MORE INFO  Suicide doors and many other mods. Also, car 912 turns out to be "The auto formerly known as unknown VIN car u026"
Car u028, a Roadster produced after Glassic closed is FOR SALE. Info on the message board.
Wisconsin Phaeton 376 is for sale. See owners list for info.
Car 189 - added pics with new green paint job and nifty tonneau cover MORE INFO. Added two new items to the message board. One about headers, and the other, an interesting "for sale" item.

Added Maine Phaeton # 912 to owners list. Car has suicide doors and other mods. No pictures yet, though.

Replace running board rubber on a '73 - new question on the message board 7/27/07
George, car 594 - has been finding all kinds of Glassic pics from shows. Can anyone ID any of these cars? I put them in a file called "odds and ends" just since they were some interesting shots. Odds and ends can be seen here: MORE INFO

Also added some nice pics of very clean Roadster 713. Good reference material since the quality is pretty good.  In the album.

Question added to the  message board about big wheels and tires 7/22/07
Received another PayPal donation and another name goes into the Hall of Fame. Thank you.

This same person found TONS of Glassics on the web-- and I now begin to look into them to do my SECOND most favorite thing (after receiving donations) which is to add to the owners list that now approaches 300 found Glassics!

New NJ owner for Roadster # 594 7/17/07
Added to owners list: TX Phaeton, # 1022, a 1974 -- spotted on Craigs List 7/15/07
Added to owners list: PA Phaeton 1003, a 1976 -- spotted on eBay 7/12/07
Car 1502, a Michigan Phaeton is on eBay. This is an older car (perhaps a 1974) with a non-original VIN tag -- nicely updated.
Added a message board question about converting to disc brakes
New email address for Dennis Crozier - car 189 -- owners list
Added Michigan Roadster # 594 -- spotted on eBay to owners list. 7/2/07
Added some nice pics of a 1980 Florida Roadster # 1480.MORE INFO 6/29/07
Another kind cash donation means another name joins the Hall of Fame. Thank you very much! 6/28/07
Added Wisconsin eBay Phaeton #376 to the owners list 6/27/07
Added California Phaeton # 572 to the owners list 6/13/07
Sent a bulk mailing about the new Annex New Album  - if you didn't get it, you can see it here. and email me if you want to get on the owners list. GlassicAnnex@aol.com
Florida Phaeton #426 - for sale. New lower price.
A new WANTED and question on the message board
MD Roadster 582 now on eBay. I lightened up his bad pictures and added them to the ALBUM 6/8/07
Car 885, a roadster has some new pics MORE INFO.  Added another picture of the post-restoration car 189, with its new metallic green paint job. - at the bottom of the page. 6/7/07
Added hundreds of more pics to the new album. Eliminated the icon that said "I have more pics on file." I uploaded those pics to the album.  Still many more to come.

I plan to add at least "Roadster" or "Phaeton" below the car number of folders for individual cars.

Fixed links on owners page so the picture icons point to the new album.  Removed yellow "for sale" color for listings prior to 2007.  I still have MANY pics to add to the Annex New Album 6/3/07
Added Georgia Phaeton #806 to the owners list. Car is on eBay and was owned by James Brown 6/1/07
The  Annex New Album switch-over is complete, I think. One scrapbook remains with odds and ends.  Now I have to fix links in the owners list, and start adding some more pictures. Later on, new pics I add to the Album will have the folders say NEW for 48 hours. 5/31/07
Added Rhode Island 1972 Phaeton car #533 to the owners list. I continue to move pics into the new album. Now working on Scrapbook 2. 5/29/07
Scrapbook 4  pictures mostly moved to the Annex New Album and I am chipping at scrapbook 3. On the main page of the new album is a link to My notes on this Album to try to make sense of how the album is arranged, etc. 5/28/07
Scrapbook 5 has disappeared! The contents of that book have been moved to the  Annex New Album.  Some folders have only one or two pics in them, but more will be coming.

I am not adding captions to ALL pics like I planned. Only when something is unusual. The SEARCH function in the new album will only have items that are "different". Searching "top" will only find custom or odd tops, for example

I think I found a good picture album program! Have a look at it and send comments, problems, suggestions to GlassicAnnex@aol.com
For now, I am starting to move pics from Scrapbook 5 to this new album.  Note, the little folders look different if there ARE any pictures in them.   Annex New Album

My thought is to move all pics there except event pics and restoration project pages.  Suggestions welcome.

Added eBay Missouri  1977 Roadster to the owners list.
Added contact info for CA Roadster owner of car #913
Yet another great donation earns a spot in the Hall of Fame.
I found TWO great programs to add photos to the site. Close, but each is missing a major component to work well for us. The hunt continues!
Added more contact info on FL Roadster # 1480
Another kind donation to the website fund added to the  As soon as I find the right program to automatically add new pictures, watch for LOTS more pictures on the site.
Owner Bob spotted Baltimore Roadster # 582 for sale on Craigs list.
Another generous REPEAT donation to the website added to the Hall of Fame.  Thank you - your timing is great with me switching to the new, improved web hosting service!
Added a couple of pics of the restoration of car 189, including a first look at a new contemporary, classy GREEN color paint job

I have been searching for a program that will automatically add new pictures into albums. Once I find it, and figure out how to make it work, look for lots more pics on the website!

A fan spotted this Nashville EBAY Glassic Phaeton. Some question as to what engine it has. 5/3/07
Sent out a Mass Mailing about the May 1st item below. If you didn't get it, you can see it HERE. 5/2/07
Added an atendee to the  Shay convention at the end of May - added a question about Chevy engine into Glassics on the message board 5/2/07
Changed the Annex over to a premium service and had to move all files. Let me know if any links don't work now.

The newer service will cost more, but won't have useage fees every couple of months. Also, it has new capabilities, that won't change things now, but could make improvements later on.

Changed the main menu to show some photos of Glassics rather than my "artistic" outlines of cars.

Added info on a KANSAS Cruise to the 07 Cruise page.
Updated owners list info on Michigan FOR SALE car # 1505
Added a page about where the Glassic outside door handles came from originally. 4/24/07
Added 1973 Maryland Roadster # 729 to owners list.
Added a running board question to the message board.
Added James Lasiter's name FOR THE THIRD time to the cash donation Hall of Fame! -- This is good timing since I am getting close to upgrading the Annex to a "professional" level. That costs more but will allow LOTS more space for pics. etc. More on that soon.
Added car 255, a Minnesota for sale car to the owners list and updated the info on car 764 - also for sale. Click the 1 or 2 in the box  below to see the eBay ads.
Many great modifications to car 764 - so I placed the eBay pictures on the site here for future reference.
Two messages added to the message board. Updated info on FOR SALE car 1152 in Indiana. Two more people interested in a "Glassic Gathering" at Cruisin' the Coast this fall. See Cruises

A couple of Glassics are on eBay - 1 and 2 I will add them to the owners list soon.

Added a couple of pics (from a cell phone) of Qatar car #971
Added a question to the message board.
Added Cruisin' the Coast to the upcoming cruises list. 3/29/07
Changed eBay for sale car in Indiana # 514 to new Texas owner. Added 78 Phaeton #1234 - for sale in Michigan 3/28/07
Moved car 1455 from For Sale in FL to new owner in MO.
A DOOR was made from scratch for car 189. Except for the indent behind the door handle, ALL YEAR doors seem to be the same size.
Added a pic of TX Roadster 416 and FL Roadster 833 to Scrapbook 5, pg 2. Added very limited info on another car (#971) in the Middle East country of Qatar - spotted by the Qatar owner of #641.  Small world, huh?
Car 838's restoration has gone to a second page, and the first picture of the car actually running.
Added a TX for sale roadster #416 to the owners list. This was spotted on Collector car trader online. See the ad here.
Also today, added Maine Roadster # 885 to the owners list and changed FL car 1124 status to sold. New owner unk. so far.
Added car 031 to the "no vin cars" page. This is a body only for a pickup truck 3/18/07
Added limited info on car 544. According to a phone call from a parts dealer in Nassau, Bahamas, car was there and in need of restoration. Dealer was supposed to send pics, but so far, no sign of them. Also moved Illinois car 845 to the correct place. This eBay Roadster from 8/2006 was listed with the 500's.

On the BY STATE page. I put the car # of non-USA cars rather than just  "1 car"

More chassis pics added to the restoration of Car 838. Added UNKNOWN vin cars 029 and 030 to the no vin list. Both have FLAMES in their paint jobs. 2/26/07
Marked car 1472 as sold to new unknown Connecticut owner.
Moved pre-2007 LOG entries to another folder. Scroll all the way down if you want to find historical log files
Changed item 4 on the main Annex page so you can go straight to the NO VIN car list. Prompted by the fact that car u026 in Maine is for sale on eBay 2/13/07
Added an interesting pic of the brake line placement on car 838, a 1973 -- a possible safety issue. 2/12/07
Added two interesting articles concerning Glassics The new additions are at the bottom of the page. 2/11/07
Car 838 Mega-restoration continues. Body and frame apart now. 2/10/07
Added a PayPal shopping cart setup to the HATS page to make it easier to order hats or patches by credit card using PayPal.  There is still a way to order by email and check, too.

I have only tested this up to the point of paying, since PayPal won't let me pay myself. It SHOULD work fine though.

I have been adding bits of text and more and better pictures to the car 838 page. Check it from time to time to see restoration progress.

More Royal Blue and Black Glassic HATS have arrived today if you want to order them.

Car 838, a NC Phaeton is added to the owners list. This former McDonalds advertising car gives new meaning to the term "needs TLC" 2/2/07
Florida Car 575 has been sold and the new owner added to the list. He has no email.  FL Phaeton # 426 listed as FOR SALE.
Car 576, an Illinois Phaeton, was added to the owners list
New Missouri owner for car 1121 (the 1977, Louis Oursler's old car).  New Ohio owner for car 420, reported to us by the prior owner who had owned the car since new. 1/23/07
I made a small change to the guestbook form for registering your Glassic -- to stop automated spam being sent to it. I have BEGUN a "how to use this website" page and will post it in a few weeks. 1/15/07
Added a few pics of cars at shows or parades in Scrapbook 5
A bit more info on oil filters for a 1978 and others.
Reviewed the used car values estimates (did not change them) and added some comments for 2006. 1/11/07
Finally added an item about finding the VIN on Glassics and Replicars, including info on secondary VIN locations on the newer cars. 1/7/07
Posted car u028, an unknown VIN Replicar Roadster from Louisiana. This car has a 32 grill shell and numerous other modifications, but no VIN tag remains. Pics can be seen in scrapbook 5, page 2.
Also, the owner, Tom, is inducted to the "Hall of Fame" for his cash donation to the website. Thanks, Tom.
Owners list: added limited info on NC car #750 and FOR SALE info on eBay Indiana Roadster # 514.
Added to unknown VIN cars #u027 an Oklahoma Phaeton   listed on CollectorCarTrader online as a 1930 Model T

To see the log from 2006, click here
If you want to see older log entries from 2004 and 2005, click here.



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