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For those who want to see if anything new has been added to the site. Most recent changes are at the top
For info relating to specific car numbers, find the car on the Owners List

Changes prior to 2006 are in another file.

Added a Florida FOR SALE Phaeton # 575 - also a cute front tag on that car on the For Fun page. 12/29/06
Added a nostalgia fun item, changed car #713 to sold status. Changed my cheesy Santa picture for a New Years greeting on the main page. 12/27/06
Black HATS are sold out. More being ordered 12/26/06
Message board - an answer to the door handle question and a couple of new questions. 12/20/06
Dennis May, car 433 shares another Christmas Glassic greeting card!
Message board question added about door handles.
Added California Phaeton # 305 -- as a "for sale" car. Ad found on CollectorCarTraderOnline.com 12/12/06
New email for car 1505, a Kansas Roadster.
I noticed that the Humor and Cartoon content was not listed on the main page of the Annex, so I added it in item # 12.
Added new VERMONT owner to the list for the Hubert Humphrey celebrity car # 159.
Added price info for the owner recommended car cover people.
Added to owners list: Ohio Roadster #1211 (a 1978) 12/3/06
I FINALLY got around to marking some of the obsolete email addresses on the owners list. This item now appears where the email address should be. Click it!  Email Unk

Oops. When deleting obsolete names I remembered that I did not post my last "group mailing" on the site. If you THINK you should be on the Glassic mailing list, and didn't get that mailing, let me know and I will be sure you are in my address book..  Meanwhile, here is what I sent on 11/19 of this year:  Mailings

 Message board updated with Roadster wanted. Roadster # 1124 listed as FOR SALE. See owners list.
Added Phaeton # 852 to owners list.
Car 159, the Hubert Humphrey celebrity car, no longer for sale. New ower's name only posted.
The HATS page has a fairly accurate count of remaining hats. They are selling like - - - - hotcakes!
Added an item about CAR COVERS and could use some more info on the subject, if you have any to share.
New phone #'s on the owneres list  for MO car 563, a FOR SALE car.
Started a 2007 cruises page with the SHAY convention in Indiana in June, 2007.
Added my silly Florida Santa to the main page.
New owner in NJ for car 1102
Lots of questions on the message board from a new owner of a 1974 roadster.
Car 562 changed to SOLD to a buyer in the Ukraine. I hope we hear from him/her.
Added a PREMIER listing for Louisiana Phaeton #562.
Added to the message board a question about how many Roadsters VS Phaetons were made.
Added limited info to the owners list on NC car # 1069. 10/26/06
Car 258 status changed to SOLD, based on email from prior owner. 10/23/06
Added California Phaeton #913 to the owners list and added pics of it and Roadster # 1081 (an interesting two tone blue) to scrapbook 5 -- Another name has been added to the "Hall of Fame" for making a cash donation to the website. We should ALL be grateful to these generous folks who make all these pictures possible WITH NO POPUPS or ADS. 10/21/06
Added a hot rod mail order LINK recommended by an owner and separated International parts and Mustang parts categories. They had been both mixed together.  I have not checked the links recently, so if you find one that doesn't work, please let me know at GlassicAnnex@aol.com 10/18/06
I added "how to" instructions on gluing a Glassic Patch onto your hat. There WAS a wrong way to do it and I found it before figuring out a way that worked. 1017/06
Added pics of for sale Tampa area Phaeton #540. Two tone green with interesting upholstery and running board treatment. 10/16/06
HAT and PATCHES  are finally in. I have already shipped to the people who pre-ordered. Now you can buy them and they will ship within 24 hours. 10/15/06
The entries below represent items from the two weeks that I was unable to update the site. I will add to THIS entry as I get caught up.
* Car 159, owned by Hubert Humphrey, is on eBay. Ends soon.
* Moved Roadsters # 1081 to new owner in WA. and # 1239 to new owner (ME) in FL.
* Phaeton 562 marked as for sale in Louisiana
* message board. updated. Roadster wanted
* added KS phaeton # 118 to owners list Also added IL Phaeton # 1047. Also ONTARIO Canada phaeton # 1178.
* Roadster 713 in Largo FL marked as for Sale Also added FL Roadster 935 as for sale. Spotted on eBay
* added two new LINKS to websites with  International Harvester parts
Added to the message board. Ford std. transmission for sale
A TIP on where to rest your left foot when driving your Glassic.
Added a picture of For Sale car 1455 in scrapbook 5 9/21/06
Phaeton car # 1502 (which appears to actually be a 1974 model) is now on the owners list as a FOR SALE car. 9/19/06
Added to the owners list: # 611 a '72 TN Roadster, # 1239 a CA '78 Roadster, and FOR SALE car # 1455 a 1980 FL Phaeton 9/17/06
Info about the 9/22-23 auction for the Celebrity Glassic added. 9/15/06
Celebrity Glassic coming up for Auction SOON. 9/14/06
Where to get tops and side curtains: Several recent questions got me to post this popular topic. Other advice for that topic is welcome.
A few message board board items add recently.

HATS -- and patches. Pricing now available. Order has been placed with the vendor.
Added California Phaeton #1242 to the owners list.

Added info about a wheel swap on an International based Glassic. Added a pic of car 189's Phaeton tonneau cover (last row in this section.
Added eBay for sale 1974 Utah Roadster to owners list
Added new info about HATS  and PATCHES including a preview look at the upcoming product. 9/9/06
Added a short piece about the origin of windshield wiper parts from the builder, Joel. 9/8/06
Began to post some of the dozens of brochures and documents contributed  by Alden Jewell, an Automobile Historian who lives in California.
He has accumulated automobile literature for nearly 60 years and has a huge amount of Glassic literature in his collection. Thanks for sharing, Alden!
At the rate of two or three a day, I will be adding new material in all categories of main menu item #13 - literature.

I also am adding this pop instruction near many of his items, since they are posted in a large size to be readable.
Tip for best viewing

Question added on the message board about fitting a Model A light bar to a Glassic. 9/1/06
An automobile historian in California is donating copies of a good deal of literature not already on the site. In preparation, I have cleaned up the titles for literature pages -- main Annex menu item # 15.
 I have a new plan in progress regarding HATS . See the red update at the top of the page.
Added Wisconsin car 1185 to the owners list. Updated info on car 1017 which had been sold on eBay. 8/30/06
Owners list: Changed car 1074 status to sold. New owner unknown. 8/27/06
Changed the PayPal donation button so that it used GlassicAnnex@aol.com instead of my eBay email name, which might confuse people. I hope it still works right! 8/23/06
Added Mass. car 312 as a "for sale" car. Spotted in Hemmings.
Added a "before" pic of car 129 -- great candidate for a funny caption.
Added the PayPal donation button to the main webpage, based on a suggestion from a reader. (menu item # 18)
Sent a mass mailing. If you didn't get it, it may be because your email address has changed. Send your correct email to me at GlassicAnnex@aol.com and read the mailing that I sent out on the mailings page. 8/16/06
I updated the HATS page and will be sending a mass-mailing soon. Hat order going in on 9/1.  Pre-pay by then and get each for $13 -- or pay $16 later on. 8/13/06
Added car U026 -- an eBay Phaeton  in Maine to the unknown VIN page.
Added 1972 eBay Roadster # 845 to owners list.
New MS owner for car 1014
Added a couple of more pics of car 162 (new 5 bolt rims).
Reporting new owner for car #772.
Fuel inlet question added to the message board .
Added to owners list: Illinois Phaeton # 571 8/7/06
Updated some details on cars on owners list.
Added two message board  items - incl. Panama City FL cruise.
Fixed the LINKS page so you can jump to the different categories, added the SHAY website info to links and the comprehensive topics index.
Owners page: Added a new NC owner for car 1241.
Added message board question about changing International Glassic wheels to 5 - lug. Also wants a carb.
Added to owners list: NJ For Sale on eBay Phaeton # 258
Added a pic. of car 1268's 6 cyl. engine to scrapbook 5
Car 532 owner info removed - car had been sold. New owner unknown.
Added message board question about the car show category   a Glassic fits into. 7/27/06
Owners list: Added NY Phaeton #1288 . New email for Calif. car # 620 7/26/06
Added TN Roadster # 1115 to owners list. 7/24/06
Added eBay auction in IL - car # 1263 - to owners list. 7/23/06
Added For Sale 1966 Virginia Phaeton #176 to owners list. 7/21/06
Updated info about Florida Phaeton # 1488 -- Russ had been out of touch for a while. He has Shay wheels on his Glassic.
Also, I added a gag to the "for fun" page. Scroll down for it.
Illinois 4 speed 1972 Roadster # 518 added as a For Sale car 7/11/06
Virginia car # 216 marked as SOLD. 7/9/06
Updated email  address for Fred Johnson, who restored car 144 (picture on the the main Annex page.)
Added SC Roadster #1182 from an eBay listing.
Made the "additional pics in the Annexmaster's collection" symbol smaller on the owners page.
Added two pictures of "For Sale" car  # 216 in Virginia
Added info on car #677 - spotted at a car show in WV
Added "For Sale" car  # 216 in Virginia
Added a couple of responses to the  message board.
Added car U025 to the Unknown VIN car page. This COPPER color early 1977 is on eBay and has unusual hood louvers added.

Also spotted THIS EBAY car - which I had identified as unknown.  Now has a VIN so I will move it to the known cars.

Added a question and two suggestions to the  message board. Also, I am going to make a move soon on HATS. Order yours now to save money. If I have to order them first, I am going to charge you extra for having them "in stock" plus, pre-ordering gets you the color YOU want. 6/13/06
Added Michigan for sale Phaeton # 1123. Car 1017 has re-appeared on eBay, now located in VA. 6/2/06
Updated the homepage count of pictures in the various scrapbooks, and began Scrapbook 5 by including pics of Roadsters # 1068 and # 883 5/30/06
Added to the owners list: #1068 in MO, #1274 in ME, #1325 in FL, and #883 in FL.
Corrected SEVERAL spelling mistakes that I found in my form letter that I had been sending to newly registered owners. Good grief.
Added Florida Roadster #1097 to the regisrty. Added Connecticut Roadster # 408
Added Phaeton #348 - spotted on eBay
New entries on the  message board.

Look for a new listing in the PREMIER GALLERY. Car # 363 is for sale!

Added this symbol Additional pics are in the Annexmasters collection to listings in the owners list. It will be for cars where I have pictures on file but not on the website. Holding your cursor over the symbol explains it.

Car 532 in MO spotted on eBay, car 1013 for sale in FL. Ohio car 753 added to the list.

Car 641 added to the owners list - Located in the Persian Gulf, it is far away from its birthplace!

And another picture of  car 189 - er. PRE-restoration.

Anybody want to buy some CHEAP tires? ha ha! 5/15/06
Reply to seat question added to  message board. 5/14/06
Added interesting info on car u002 on the unknown vin page.
New owners reported for car 189, 1121.
Added NY 1973 Phaeton #748 to owners list. Moved the total count of registered cars to the TOP of the owner's page. 4/24/06
Former Montana Car 1205 has a new California owner
I re-did the BY STATE count of known Glassics so both the list and the map versions are on the same page.
Added a couple of pics of car 633 - a barn-find all cleaned up.
Removed old log entries from 2005 back.
Added a couple of messages to the message board. Car 1048, a KY 1977 Roadster from eBay added to owners list. 4/13/06
Added an eBay Roadster in Illinois for sale - car #1121 4/5/06
Added West Virginia Roadster #633 to owners list. Great story and pictures with this car. -- Note the diamond shaped rear window. 3/30/06
Added 1978 Arizona Phaeton #1264 to the registry 3/29/06
Florida Phaeton # 189 added to registry. See the original title from 1966 (scroll down) 3/27/06
SHAY replica gathering posted in cruises in INDIANA 6/ to 6/4 3/25/06
Thanks to James Lasiter for his donation to the website. He now appears TWICE in the gratitude "hall of fame"
Registered car #700, a Maryland '73 Roadster, owned since 1973. Great CAR TALE by the owner - including a novel solution to the overheating issue.
Added a weblink for the Minnesota cruise in June.  Order your HATS today, only 6 more hats and we can place an order. 3/17/06
Added Georgia Roadster #843 to owners list. Just sold on eBay.  ALSO, added a Kansas cruise this September to the list. 3/9/06
Added parts info and a solution for sloppy steering on a '72
Florida Phaeton 540 is for sale - see Hemmings ad
Added a tip about restoring the finish on a Glassic, added a couple of items to the message board. 3/6/06
Thanks to Bob and Marsha Exley for their donation to the website. They now appear TWICE in the gratitude "hall of fame" 3/5/06
I started a "funny stories" page with a couple of my experiences - you can send me YOUR amusing Glassic stories. 2/27/06
The embroidered hats all gone, but we are half way on the advance reservations  for 12 more. Place your HATS order now, pay when we have a dozen to order.

Added notes on car 562 along with questions about re-finishing the fiberglass body

Added Clinton Lovell (car 562) to the "HALL OF FAME". Thank you for your kind donation to the website! 2/21/06
Car 562 - New owner posted  in LA. -messages added to message board. Added Florida Replicar # 1036 - owned since new!  Added a MN Cruise for this year. 2/19/06
Added part info for engine mounts for a 1978. 2/15/06
Car 562, a TX Phaeton spotted on eBay -see owners list.
 Glassic embroidered HATS - only 1 left in the "immediate shipment" batch. (a green one).
1981 Missouri Phaeton #1472 - for sale car. Updated info added

Added a source for cowl light lenses for 1978 Glassic

Glassic embroidered HATS - 3 left in the "immediate shipment" batch.

Changed Columbus, Ohio car # 157 status to "for sale" 1/31/06
Added car 157 to owners list. This 1967 Ohio Phaeton is the second car to appear with that VIN. Both sources appear reliable and it is very possible that both were manufactured with the same VIN - one in 1966 and one in 1967.

More info on Georgia car #418 added and car listed as "for sale"

Added three WEST COAST cruises to the "cruise attendees" listing for 2006 1/24/06
Added a cruise in NY to the "cruise attendees" listing for 2006 1/23/06
Added to the owners list car # 1075, a TN Roadster and # 418, a GA Phaeton. -- also sent a mass mailing today with updated info and word about the new HATS that are available. If you didn't get the mailing - see it here. 1/21/06
I updated the estimated values for used Glassics, adding $500 to $1000 to some previous estimates. I added a "for sale" International engine in Calif. See  Annex main menu item # 9 1/14/06
I renamed the files to reflect that a Phaeton that had an interesting custom made top was now being called u004. I also made the VIN box gray for the "u" or unknown vin cars on the onwers list - so they could be found more easily.
See all "unknown VIN" cars on this page.
Added car # 1152, an Indiana FOR SALE yellow Phaeton to the owners list. 1/13/06
Our long-time buddy Louis, car 1121, again comes through with this very early REPLICARS flyer from 1976. Front with the price on it and back with the car specifications and pickup truck. 1/10/06
added pics and info about car 106 - a Calif car with an AMC auto trans and some nice updates. 1/6/06
Posted a marketing letter from early 1977 shared by Louis, car #1121 1/1/06

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