Cars without known VINs
Highest number is u060
Cars are organized by color and sometimes by the date posted.
 The "U" VIN assignments are more or less in the order that the cars were found.
(in many cases you can click on the picture for a larger view)

Color --beige/ teal
unknown year Glassic - 4 cyl.
Location spotted: New Rochelle, NY
Source of info: Facebook Marketplace Listing
Date spotted: 2/20/22
Unique features: Offered for sale as a "1932 Shay ford Phantom conv."
no VIN mentioned in the ad:
 pictures of this car
Color -- red / black fenders
unknown year Glassic - V-8
Location spotted: Kansas City, MO
Source of info: eBay listing
Date spotted: 7/21/18
Unique features: Offered for sale on ebay as a SHAY 1929
VIN in the ad: DRMVB0000162346M0
 pictures of this car
Body style: Phaeton
Color -- red / black fenders
earlier Glassic International engine
Location spotted:  Car reported to be for sale in Crozier, VA
Source of info: eBay listing
Date spotted: 7/4/18
Unique features: Abercrombie model - tall seats, VIN tag likely not original, Two VINs in listing, neither is the original 3 digit number. A46255585 reported in listing -and 6FO8C719647 appears on the door post VIN tag.
 pictures of this car
Body style: Phaeton
Color --primer
year unknown - partial body only
Location spotted: Los Angeles area, California
Source of info: Crags list ad
Date spotted: 2/18/17
Unique features: Body only, no doors, no vin tag visible. resting on a 1980 Toyota pickup frame, but not attached.   all three pictures of this car
Color -- Red - black custom top
year or Glassic/Replicar
Location spotted: Denmark
Source of info: spotted on the Internet from a car show somewhere in Denmark
Date spotted: 8/23/16
Unique features: non-folding top, trailer hitch
Body style: Roadster
Color -- black
year unknown Glassic
Location spotted: North Dighton, Massachusetts
Source of info: eBay listing
Date spotted: 12/28/15
Unique features: 32 grill shell, wood custom dash, 351 engine 9 in rear end -other modifications

more pictures of this car

Body style: Phaeton
Color --Red, yellow flames
probably generation 2  Glassic
Location spotted: New York
Source of info: For sale ad, no VIN reply from seller
Date spotted:9/2015
Unique features:Yellow flames, painted grill shell avertised as a 1932
Big honkin' air cleaner
u050 update: 9/2017 - owned by Al Lambert, in Louisiana, who has previously owned two other Glassics. - Yellow stripes now gone.  No VIN info yet.
Body style: Phaeton
Color -- Black yellow flames
1971 Glassic (per the seller)
Location spotted: Indianapolis dealer sale, Indiana title
Source of info: Web sales listing
Date spotted: 4/9/15 update provided by Mike Scardino, friend of owner Lambert and person who bought Replicar 1011 from Lambert.
Unique features: Highly customized, black, yellow flames Chevy engine, custom dash, other modifications

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
Body style: Phaeton
Color -- purple-blue wiht red accents
Glassic - early, likely International Harverster era
Location spotted: eBay said it was in Brandywine, MD
Source of info: This is an ebay listing that I just saw in my files in 9/2014 "u" number only assigned in 2014. Had written to seller for VIN
but got no reply.
Date spotted: Ebay listing was in Oct 2011
Unique features: many - see the pictures in the album (click on the one here)

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
Body style: Phaeton
Color --black
1980 Replicar
Location spotted: Clearwater
Source of info: Bobs Classics ad, in sold section
Date spotted: 9/2014 but had been for sale some time ago, when, unknown. u048 number assigned only in 2014
Unique features: black, tan top, interesting wheel rims.
Body style: Roadster
Color -- blue
year -- unk. many custom features, likely a Glassic generation 2
Location spotted:  Fayetteville PA
Source of info: Craigs list ad in Baltimore
Date spotted: 9/20/14
Unique features: many custom - 32 grill, shifter, hard top, upholstery, shaved door handles etc.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

Body style: Phaeton
Color --Black
year or Glassic/Replicar
Location spotted: Spotted on Craigs list, Sacramento CA area. Seller did not respond to Annexmaster's inquiry.
Source of info: Craigs list ad
Date spotted: 5/2014
Unique features: 1932 Grill shell, other upgrades. Star shaped stoplight in center back.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
u046 -- actually car # 1458
Body style: Phaeton
Dark red, black fenders
1980 Replicar
Location spotted: Southern California
Source of info: San Diego Craigs list ad -
Date spotted: 5/2014
Unique features: Interesting wheel selection  These are Shay (Model A Replica) wheels.  Since identified by its buyer, David, as car # 1458 in 5/2014
Pickup Truck
Color -- black
Location spotted: Charlotte, NC
Source of info - photo by other owner
Spotted in the 1990's
Unique features - pickup truck

Color -- Black, red top
year or Glassic - 73 or 74, most likely
Location spotted Hampton Roads area, Virginia
Source of info: Craig's List ad
Date spotted:6/5/09
Unique features: A lot of work done on the car. An email from the Annexmaster yielded no response.

 Pickup truck
gray primer
Location spotted West Palm Beach, FL
Source of info Bill Crozier spotted it
Date spotted 3/2007
Unique features Body only. Never got a VIN. and was never assembled.  Seen in a Body shop where it has sat for years.
Other pics in the Annexmaster's collection.

u035  THIS CAR was sold around 2007
Color -- gray primer
Glassic - about 1970
Location spotted: Auburn California
Source of info; the current owner - Mike Hill
Date spotted: 11/12/07
Unique features Unfinished car. 0 miles in 2007. Stored in
Reno, NV for 15 yrs, then  stored in Calif. another 15 yrs.
International engine.
In Nov, 2007, the owner wrote:
  I've built mostly 4WD IH Scouts for the last 13 years.  An IH dealer that I've known for almost 20 years got me hooked or hoodwinked on this car.  We both wanted to put the 4WD front axle and a transfer case in it. 
He told me about it when he got it in Reno at a Harrah's auction 15 years ago.  It has a Mr Corvette sticker on the bumper from Hayward, CA.  He was a guy that tricked the old hot rods out with corvette/chevy gear in the bay area. 
Drivers windshield supports and frame are in the tub of the car along with the clamshell seat base covers for a bench seat.  This has the fiberglass fuel tank on the back deck too.  We've found one number on the rig in ink, it looks like 518 or 513 but I saw those serial #'s on the site.  Note - both car 513 and 518 are registered on the Annex, would be 1972 cars and both seem to be Roadsters.  Annexmaster

THIS CAR was for sale - as of 11/19/07 - and sold sometime after thatFamily says sell and finish building my Scout.  Listed locally on Sacramento Craigs list $3500 obo.  530-885-9427 

See what happened next on my page of Car Tales

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
Body style: Phaeton
Color -- lime green
year or Early Replicar - note leaf springs in front
Location Dealer named "50's fun" in Siloam Springs, Arkansas -- car showed as SOLD
1/2014 - the new owner contacted the Annex. Richard Rudy, near Carson City, NV bought the car from dealer.
VIN  A2093974 (The frame shows welded id of "18" which could mean that the car is # 1018, since it is an early Replicar)
Owner says the car is titled as a 1929 Ford -  Car history includes Dwight Kilmer, and a Dealer Big Spring Auto? but only goes back to 2010.
Source of info: website for dealer spotted by a fan
Date spotted: 12/2013
Unique features: Rear Spare tire, bright lime paint job

Album pictures are HERE

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
Body style: Roadster
Color -- Dark green / Black
 Glassic - 1973
Location spotted: Priest River, ID  

Source of info: Bates Coffield, owner
Date spotted: 6/3/08 registered by owner.
Unique features:
VIN tag had been removed by previous owner. Had sat for many years in a garage and was bought 5/08 at an estate sale. By Bates. New local owner in 8/08 - name unknown.
UPDATED INFO as of 1/2/12
Owner: Jim Taylor, 7501 N Five Mile Rd, 99208
Spokane, WA
Zip_Code: 99208       509 328-4495
Owned since 2010 -- car now has has new top, dash and gauges, heater, lights, bumpers, power brakes, battery, door hinges, steering wheel, and much more.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
Color --Black
Slingerland, NY (near Albany)
Source of info: Tom LaJeunesse, owner
Date spotted - not clear
Unique features: Unique custom made top
351 engine
See owners list near car # 899

click the picture for a whole page with pics of this car and its interesting top.

Body style Phaeton
Color -- Black with red - yellow flames.
year unk.
Location spotted: Cave Creek, AZ
Source of info Ebay listing ending 2/23/07
Date spotted 2/07
Unique features Flames, many upgrades. Hi bid of $17,350 did not meet reserve. Two tries to get VIN from seller unsuccessful. No mention of Glassic in ebay listing.

more pics in my files

Body style: Roadster
Color --Black
year 1972
Location spotted: on eBay: McLouth, Kansas
Source of info: eBay listing and seller
Date spotted :9/16/13
Unique features: ebay seller stated VIN is 15591T19HG - which appears to be a DMV created #.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

u001  actually identified by its owner in 2016 as car # 161 on owners list 1
Color -- blue - gold fenders
Halethorpe MD
spotted on Collector car trader online
Date spotted: 11/16/02
Unique features: unusual color combination

u043  actually identified in 2015 as car # 1112 - a Replicar
Body style: Phaeton
Color -- Cream / light tan - black fenders
1976 or early 77 /Replicar
Location spotted: Probably Louisiana - in Bonnie and Clyde made-for-TV movie
Source of info: Annexmaster spotted it on TV
Date spotted: 12/2013
Unique features: No parking lights, no VW taillights ,  otherwise fairly stock.
see more at ../limited-eds.htm  

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

u026 -- Identified as car 912
Color --Brown -black fenders - previously blue fenders
unknown year - seller quoted VIN as GLA9127A
In 2007 a request for the vin got the response
GLA1274 --
(this must not be an original vin)

Location spotted - Bar Harbor, Maine
Source of info eBay auction
Date spotted 8/11/06 also 2/07 on eBay
Unique features lots of mods. shaved door handles, chopped? different grill etc.
8/07 The new owner checked in and reported the VIN as GLA 91274. More pics of this unusual car can be found here: MORE INFO

Car 912

Burgundy / maroon
Location spotted Baltimore, MD
Source of info: eBay listing
Date spotted: auction ended 11/12/05
Unique features ?Air intake in hood, hard sidemount covers, power windows
More pics in Annexmaster's collection

Burgundy / maroon
spotted in an old ad about 2003 - no other info
Unique features: painted grill shell

Color --Burgudy / Maroon - black fenders
early '70's Glassic
Location spotted unk
Source of info this MAY be from an ad for a
lottery for charity -- not sure
Date spotted: 2003?
Unique features: no fender spare visible

Burgundy or maroon
1979 Replicar
Source of info: an old ad
Date spotted about 2003
Unique features - none

Burgundy / maroon, maybe brown-black fenders
Location spotted: Greene Iowa
Source of info: ad, Collector car trader online
Date spotted 12/2/05
Unique features - wire wheels, stick shift
only this picture in ad

1977 Replicar (early one w/ leaf springs
Location spotted: Rural Hall, NC
Source of info on eBay
Date spotted 6/17/06
Unique features: Custom hood louvers, ghost flames.
FROM THE SELLER: I just know the vin from the title and the door jam.(A4435299)
From the Annexmaster:
(Door jam tag does not look original - probably a made-up vin at some time in history)

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

Cream or white, black fenders
Location spotted: unknown
Source of info: unk. I had the picture
Date spotted: unk
Unique features: wide whitewalls

u009 identified in 6/2010 as car 232 by its owner!
Color -- Blue
Glassic 4 cylinder
Location spotted: Hancock, ME
Source of info: eBay listing
Date spotted: ended 9/19/05
Unique features: brown interior.
6/4/10 - got a call from the owner's son identifying the car as his dad's. They don't get on the internet often or use email.

Body style Phaeton
Color -- orange with orange flames
Unk year
Location spotted: unknown
Source of infoFound this in my files.
Date spotted: 2006 or so
Unique features: Orange flames on a peach or light orange paint job.

u040 Identified in Sept. 2019 as VIN 1283 from an on-line ad.  See owners list page 3
Body style: Roadster
Color -- Yellow with red fenders
Location spotted: Detroit area Craigs list ad
Source of info: the ad
Date spotted:9/7/12
Unique features: Seller says this car belonged to Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's. He did not respond to my request for VIN or details.

Later, in Sept. 2019, a listing appeared on-line which included the correct VIN of the car.


Body style: Phaeton
Color -- Red - black fenders
year 1974 Glassic  State issued VIN of : tnvin016130059513 orig vin unk and not likely fitting within that number although 951 might work based on the year. No response from seller regarding original VIN.
Location spotted:  advertised as being in Sparta TN
Source of info: Spotted for sale on eBay
Date spotted: 5/20/2015 again on 8/2015
Unique features: two tone interior Cragar wire wheels, cover on back ledge where top snaps would be. home type heater grate insert in grill shell. black and white two-tone upholstery.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

u036    FOR SALE as of 1/15/08
Body style: Roadster
Color -- Red
1979 Replicar
Location spotted: Boyds, MD
Source of info: From an appraiser for the estate
Date spotted: 1/15/08
Unique features: No spare tire wheel wells No VIN tag remains. A number 28 is scratched in the hood. - making it possibly # 1328 or 1428. We will only know for sure if the other one turns up.
More info about this car on a separate page. Click the picture at right to go there.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

u032 Since identified as (most likely) car #1076, a 1977
Body style Phaeton
Color -- Red
year or Glassic
Location spotted Tampa, Florida, at a show
Source of info photos from attendees at the show
Date spotted 2004 or so
Unique features Many Modifications. This is a car that belonged to BUD something. He bought it with the changes already made, and did not know that it was a Glassic at first.
UPDATE - 2/2008 - Contact with the owner, Bud, suggests that this car is most likely car #1076, a 1977. See owners list

Red, bright
Location spotted -- Iowa
Source of info: An ad from a car dealer
Date spotted about 2003
Unique features a lighter red color than most.

Red - black fenders
early Glassic
Location spotted West Palm Beach, FL
Source of info eBay listing
Date spotted - auction ended 11/24/05
Unique features: Shocking asking price, auto trans and 6 cylinder Chevy engine.
Complete auction text in Annexmaster's collection

Red, black fenders
Location spotted: Texas
Source of info: Dave (car 1279) saw in a museum
Date spotted 9/2005
Unique features - no vin tag on car.
More pics in Annexmaster's collection

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

Red, black fenders
Location: Hempstead, TX
Source of info: Collectorcartraderonline (by a dealer)
Date spotted 11/2005
Unique features - Driving lights, painted grill shell, wide whitewalls, small rear window.
More pics in Annexmaster's collection
NOTE: Reported by new owner as a purchase in 12/05. Frank Mikos
Frank did not respond about finding a VIN tag on the car. Title SN is A3639007

Red, dark flames
Location: Covington, VA
Source of info: ad CollectorCarTraderOnline
Date spotted: 12/16/05
Unique features: dark flames, removable hardtop other upgrades.
More pics in Annexmaster's collection

Color --red, black fenders
Replicar - year unknown likely 1981-82 after the company closed.
Location spotted Louisiana
Source of info Owner provided info. See owners list near the bottom of the list
Info provided 1/6/07
Unique features: 32 grill shell. V-6 engine, only one side mount. Wire wheels. Owner could not find a VIN number anywhere.
Reported by the owner as FOR SALE in 8/07.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

Color --Red
Location spotted: Silsbee, Texas
Source of info: Advertisement by Hemmings
Date spotted: Ad seen 6.14/16
Unique features: VIN # CA738052 -- which, while not original, could be a California assigned number. Ad said built in 2011, which may have meant "rebuilt" then. "Phone dial type wheels, no fender or rear spare tires. Model A taillights. No visible front parking lights, different grill shell.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
Body style Phaeton
Color -- Red, black fenders
Replicar 77 - 81
Location: spotted At a motorcycle show in Arizona
Source of info: Friend of a Glassic owner
Date spotted Oct. 2007
Unique features - Unusual trailer - Replicar with Model A taillights

Owner appeared unfriendly, and seemed to be passing the car off as a real Model A. The owner seemed unfamiliar with Glassics and may not have been aware that it wasn't a real Model A

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

Color -- Red
Early Glassic
Location spotted: NJ
Source of info: listed on eBay
Date spotted: 10/19/12
Unique features: Chevy V-8 engine. Bought at a construction equipment auction about 10 yrs ago with plans to re-do the car. That never materialized so he placed the car on eBay.  He was unaware that it was a Glassic since the auction said "street rod" eBay pics are in the album.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car
Color -- white with ghost flames
Location spotted Bayport NY
Source of info and old owner reported it sold
Date spotted: reported sold 7/2004
Unique features Chevy 350, highly customized
See owners list near car # 303. also more pics scrapbk 2

UPDATE: In April, 2006, the following info was received from Randy who recently purchased car # 748--Last spotted in Bayport, NY. That's my home town. This car is in car heaven unfortunately.
I do not have photo's of the post fire condition. It was in the middle of the blaze and was reduced to a melted pile. Tires were burned off and the glass was down to fiber remains. It was not a pretty picture, it pretty much collapsed into itself.
I had checked the old car over and never did find a serial number. Someone removed the Glassic emblem and had a 31 Ford ID plate installed in the same location. It was registered as a 31 Ford in NY. It was sold to me as a 66, but I have no way of knowing if this is true or not. It was a beauty, the insurance paid me $27,500.00 for the car.

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

u024 identified in 9/2012 as car 1127
Color -- White - tan top
Location spotted Anaheim, CA
Source of info Collector Car Trader Online ad.
Date spotted1/19/06
Ad text:
1932 FORD, Pheaton Street Rod, health forces sale, Mustang II frame & 302 V8, low miles, Classic Ind glass body, white prl paint, brn leather int.disk brakes, 2 fans runs cool, straight, and fast.denniscaseyjones@hotmail. com , $21, 995 or best offer, 714-624-7071

discovered to be car 1127

Color -- yellow - black fenders
about 1972 or so
Location spotted: unknown
Source of info eBay listing
Date spotted 12/2002 -- also on ebay 3/73
Unique features: standard transmission V-8 not common - interior picture HERE

MORE INFO more pictures of this car

Body style Phaeton
Color -- bright yellow
Replicar - '77
per the owner:
DMV 42303
    CONTROL 43555 Tennessee  (this no. was engraved towards the bottom.)

Location spotted Tulsa Oklahoma
Source of info ad in Collector Car Trader online
Date spotted 1/2/07
Unique features Light yellow Phaeton. Ad online listed it as a 1930 Model T - I contacted the owner who said the car belonged to his late father-in-law. No original VIN tag on the car any longer.

u052 -- identified in Dec. 2015 as car 1036 (See owners list page 2)
Body style: Phaeton
Color -- faded yellow, black fenders
year or Glassic
Location spotted: at a car advertising website - looks like a consignment site -  in
Dublin - Laihia Finland
Source of info: web ad on in Finnish language - no response to my request by email for VIN info
Date spotted: 8/2015
Unique features: checkerboard pattern trim at rear, larger wire wheels. 59,000km, 16,600 euros, listed as a 1975 - more likely a 1974
u039 --- identified in Nov. 2012  as car 1029 (See owners list page 2)
Body style: Roadster
Color --Yellow
year or1974
Location spotted: on ebay as of 9/3/12
Source of info: eBay and George, the owner in Farmington, NM
Date spotted: 9/3/12
Unique features: Ford reproduction wheels (32 or later Ford) - Owner said he paid $500 ea for them, unclear if that included tires. He bought it from a Louisiana museum several yrs ago.

Owner said NM couldn't find or accept the VIN so assigned  NM154173

u033 Since identified as car 835 - see owners list
Body style Roadster
Color -- Yellow and White, with black fenders
Location spotted Worcester, Worcestershire, Verenigd Koninkrijk (which we THINK is in the Netherlands.
Source of info Ebay listing in Netherlands (we think)
Date spotted 10/10/07
Unique features: 3 colors. Two tone body plus black fenders. Car is in the Netherlands. Efforts to communicate thru eBay to get the VIN failed -- most of listing was in a foreign language.
More pictures from eBay were small, and enlarged poorly, but can be seen by clicking the picture at the right.
Email received 10/23/07 -  from the new owner?
I believe Ellstree Studios owned the car for a period of time and may have used in Movies in England , as soon as  I clarify previous owners and cars history will be in touch again
Cheers Jim Wilshire

New owner's email is: - He identified the car as VIN 835.

u014- later identified as 1241
Yellow, red flames
Source of info: spotted on eBay 3/2003
Listed on eBay in 6/06 with #1241 VIN
Unique features: yellow with red flames, fuel cell on top of rear hump.

see car 1241 on owners list.

Color -- ?
Location spotted Barnehurst England
Source of info: registered by the owner
Date registered 7/12/03
Unique features located in Barnehurst England
See owners list near car # 658
no picture
Body style unknown
Color -- unk.
Location spotted: East Palatka, Florida
Source of info: from a message board message by new owner
Date 5/8/01
Unique features - new owner Ray Howe
email address not valid any longer
See owners list near car # 1124
no picture
Color -- not recorded at the time: possibly brown
Location spotted: Westfiled, IN
Source of info- an ad by the seller, a dealer
Date spotted 6/8/03
Unique features VIN: SK3199PA
See owners list near car # 1279
no pic that I can find
Color --unk
Location spotted:  Incline Village, NV
Source of info: apparently registered by the owner, Jeff Shanahan
 - no email address given.
Date spotted: not clear when I got the info
Unique features Won at a charity even in CA by previous owner
See owners list near car # 1450
no pic
Color --unk
Location spotted: Clearwater, FL
Source of info from an ad by Bob's Classic Cars (a dealer)
Date spotted unclear
Unique features - none known
See owners list near car # 1456
no pic
Body style:
Color -- main color first
year or Glassic/Replicar
Location spotted:
Source of info:
Date spotted:
Unique features: