Car Tales

The space below is for email or stories about individual cars. Browse them for some interesting tales and some ideas for your own restoration. This will begin small, and I will add to it as I find old email from specific car owners.



This is the original prototype Glassic. It had no VIN number, so the Annex has assigned it number zero, so that we can keep track of pictures, etc.

1963 - Unknown Serial number -- The info below was received 7/27/03 from Rex when he registered his car.

Fellow Glassic Owners, Until approx. 7/16/03 I never knew a Glassic automobile existed, so please understand my ignorance on the subject. The following is all the documented history I received with the car. The car was originally purchased in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in 1966 by a local car dealership here in Michigan. The dealership brought it back to Michigan & used it as a display from 1966 to 1984. In 1984, the dealership was sold and the car was placed in storage until 1993. It was then titled for the first time (In the name of the dealership Trust) as a 1963 IHC,   VIN # FC43060A (an "applied" VIN #  due to no original VIN could be found.) The registration in 1993 states "foreign title only" & has a VIN # of 48665. (Which is the engine #) The car was still owned by the dealership trust until 1998. Next documentation shows The car was purchased by a new owner in Aug. 2001, & I bought the car from that person on 7/19/03. The person I purchased the car from stated he thought the car may be one of two prototype cars made???? I very carefully wire brushed the area on the frame where the # should be & there is absolutely nothing there.?? Basically, the car is in good condition. Runs & drives great. Paint faded, some dry rot on the top & seats, & some rust on the hubcaps etc. Any info on identifying this car would be appreciated.


On March 30, 2004 Rex sent these photos of the markings on the back of his car.


Below, the photo was touched up to make the markings more readable.


Car 106 -- Info received 1/2006 from the owner, Stan.

Bought in Tucson Arizona. Car sat for 7 years in a garage. Driven twice by previous owner in 6 years. Approximately 4,400 original miles. Previous owner spent $4,000 on car modifications and renovation. New gas tank fiberglassed in under rear trunk pod. New dash, gauges, alternator, steering column, with tilt wheel, new wiring with fuse box, front seats, steering wheel, auto floor shifter, automatic transmission, running lights, spare tire mirrors, radiator guard, dove wings and Ford hood ornament, replaced top and trunk cover, new distributor etc. -- NOTE from Annexmaster:  Photos in PHOTO ALBUM


Car 114 --  Info received 7/25/11 from the owner, TJ:

My father bought the car from a bar in Georgetown Washington DC called Mr Smiths. It use to sit out front for advertisement.

We got the car when I was a child I'm now almost 40. I was the last one to drive the car back in 1992. It shook so bad due to the king pings being bad.

The car still sits in the same garage I drove it in back in 1992. the car has a international 4cyl with a stick shift. yellow in color. Father gave me the car but I can't get it out of garage because my father is sort of a pack rat and has too much stuff in front of it so I decided to leave it there until I have time to work on it.

 Its basically a member of the family that my dad has given to me which I will then give to my sons.


Car 127 --  Info received 6/7/05 from the owners, Bob & Marsha:

We purchased the Phaeton at the Long Beach Ca. Car show & swap meet. Runs great need lots of fine tuning and cosmetics. Not sure which way we will go with the car, back to classic or all hot rod.

Car 129 -- Info received 6/23/03 - the owner, Kevin, writes:

Owned by my father, willed to me, I spent 3 weeks one year stripping the old paint and performing surgery on the body and applying paint. Took 1st place in a local car show which really upset my brother because the 1946 Ford only took a 2nd

See a "before pic" on the page with funny stories and pictures.

Car 140 -- Info received 8/31/03 - the owner writes:

The Car Was Purchased in 1967 from a car dealer in lansing MI. This was Mother's Car. The car was named Abigail in honor of my mother. At this time the car is being restored. The car has approx. 32000 miles on it. I will be sending photos as soon as we can. You can email us at (in care of Max Parks)


Car 141-- Info received 4/10/03 - the owner, Chuck, writes:

I saw this car for sale at the Woodward Dream Cruise 2002. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to buy a similar car but I believe it was a Shay and I did not have the money the owner was asking. I have liked this body style for some time because its a two door and can still fit 4 people inside. About 1 week later I went to take a closer look and test drive. For some reason this car clicked with me and after 12 years of hearing me talk about buying a car my wife said buy it I am tired of hearing about buying a old car. Ha Ha! About 3 weeks later I drove an hour from my house to bring it home.

On my way home I got a lot of thumbs up and smiles. It felt good. I stopped to get some gas and a guy asking for directions, hands me a business card and says he would like to photograph the car with a model. I felt really, really good but I never got back with him. So far the only thing I have done is change the tires because as near as I could tell they were the orignal bias-plys and boy did the car wander with those on. I plan to take the car to 2 shows this year (2003), one in Canada and one in Kalamazoo Mi, along with driving to local events and my car club meetings.

Car 142-- Info received 8/14/07 - the owners, Will & Rebecca, write:

My Father purchased this car from a friend for $500 in 1976. My mother would take us to the grocery store and around town. He also used it for the Mahwah NJ, Company #1 Volunteer Fire Department's Parade Car. He had a trailer hitch welded on and it would also tow floats.

My sister used it in a high school homecoming parade, in 1983, where they covered it completely with blue and white, paper carnations. By 1987, only being used a few times a year, it fell into disrepair and sat neglected, until I had it shipped to Utah in 2001.

It is now running great, in mostly original condition, and I can get the red gel coat to really shine and looks cool with the old patina. I've either re-chromed parts or buffed the aluminum. The original 4 cyl. mill, is still purring. I need to have new canvas made (I don't have the old) and fix the hood. We've been cruising with a new neighbor who has a 1967 VW panel van! Fun Fun!  -- Peace


Car 144 -- 66 Glassic came with International Scout bumpers.  When I got car 144 there were a rusty 30- 31  Model A bumper on the back.  I liked the way the 28-29 bumpers looked so in order to install them on the back I had to rebend the brackets that hold the bumpers on. It was quite a job since it was made out of spring steel.  The front bumper, I bent up some cold rolled flat stock and bolted on the 28-29 style Model A reproduction relatively inexpensive.
As far as the light bar, it is a 32 Ford light bar from a 4 cylinder model that I had to do some modifications to make it fit nice.



Car 156 --

In April, 2016, a website viewer wrote about a car she had seen "that got away" She sent pics and this info:

Sold in an auction in Crete, Illinois on April 26, 2016
$ 7000.00

Glassic Industries Inc. "Lucky 13" Early Ford Kit Car, Serial Number 156, In-Line v4 Engine, 3-Speed Manual Transmission, 25172 Miles (License Plates Not Included) (Client Ref. #: 13) (Sold with Bill of Sale Only, No Title)

I can tell you that it was called THE LUCKY 13 CAR and it was used at Balmoral Racetrack in Illinois. Unfortunately the Harness Racing Industry is slowly but surely coming to an end in the States and Balmoral Track is just one of the latest casualties :-(
The reason I knew you were involved in Glassic is that I was going to buy the car but I got outbid of my budget. I went online and called number 155 because he lives in Michigan like me to tell him that 156 was being sold at auction if he was interested and he told me no that he was selling the ones he had... Anyway that is basically all the info I have and I wish I could tell you who bought it but I do not know.



Car 157 -- June, 2005, Fred Johnson, car 144, reported:

We were camping in Delaware a few weeks ago and came across car #157 while walking around the campground.  The fellow who owns it is Robert Bell and he is from Delmar, Delaware.  This car is a 1966 all original even had the original spare and top.  The man stated he still had the original tires at home.  It has 14,085 miles on it. One of the previous owners had a fuel oil company that also sold propane.  He set up the Glassic to run on propane as well.   Attached are a few pictures I took of his Glassic. Pictures: pictures of this car got misplaced in the transition from the old scrapbooks to the new album. I will have to locate them on an old backup. 12/08

Car 157-2 -- October 2005 - (named with a -2 only because the other 157 was logged in before this car)

another car was registered with the VIN 157. I asked the owner's son if it was the same car as the one mentioned above, and it was not.  The owner's son, Andy, reported  in Jan. 2006: "Anyway, I'm looking at a copy of a duplicate title that confirms ID # 157 as my father had stated.  It is for a 1967 Glassic"

Original Model A radiator grill and side driving lights replaced the Glassic's fiberglass units. This modification greatly enhances the appearance. This one owner car has approximately 19,900 miles.

1/31/06 -- (received by email from the owner's son who does not live with his dad) I spoke with my father and he said that he was interested in listing it for sale.  As such, it would make sense if you could list him as the owner/contact directly: Jerry Janes, Columbus, Ohio   614-486-4786 (see below for a better first contact person).

He wanted to point out that the car has only 20,000 miles and he replaced the tires last year.  And importantly, as the pictures show, he had an original Model A radiator front end (grill shell), along with working sidelights put on the car, replacing the gray fiberglass original parts.  in the Album

 Car 157-2 is FOR SALE

12/2008 - Son Andy got in touch and said that his father was now more than casually interested in selling the car, which he appears to have owned since new. Jerry is getting up in years, and so son Andy  would be a best point of first contact for info on the car. Andy's home number is 630-734-0867 and his email is

Both sources of car 157  info appear highly reliable, so the Annexmaster can only conclude that New Year's celebrations at the Glassic plant may have gotten out of hand!

Photos of car 157-2 appear in the album


Car 158 -- Nov. 2002: The owner of car 158 called me to place a for sale ad for his car. He is not an internet user, but mailed me some notes on his interesting use of his Glassic. He used his car as a parade and special events car for hire. Here are some notes and pics of what he did.

The car was in parades in Wisconsin and Illinois Plus special events. He charged a minimum of four hours at $25.00 per hour plus car prep, signs etc., He doubles the materials price for signs, banners, etc. to cover his labor. He is a "flag distributor", and also sells flags to use on the cars.

Potential income: $150 net 4 hr event x 7 days a week = $1050

He estimated his costs to cover time, insurance, repairs, gas, average $100 week. ($28,000 min insurance a must for car)

His car was in 23 parades and 27 special events in just this last season. It is an all cash business You can earn a minimum of $100 to a max of $450 Memorial day to labor day. He did the Veterans day parade and events and earned $385 net.

About half of his special events customers are Hispanic.

If you buy car 158, the seller will help you get started in the parade business, and share the benefit of his experiences. See the car listing on the owner's page.

Sheriff Klink at 4th of July Parade in 1978.

Above Upper: Labor Day prade with American Legion as sponsor.

Above Lower: Mexican Parade sponsored by Pete's Fruit Market. $300+ income.
NOTE the bumpers. He made these from 1/4 inch steel U shape material 8" wide on the face, with a 1" depth. Ends rounded off. These are perfect for attaching magnetic signs as seen in the pics..

Glassic hired for two different birthday parties.

and the green wheels? The Governor's parade on St Patty's day wanted green wheels. $10 per wheel plus materials got them their green wheels. Mike says that his car is not a show car it is a "work vehicle". He uses black electrical tape to hold signs on the sides of the car. He says it doesn't stick, and, in this case matches the car color.




Car 159

This information received 4/27/16

This car has been on the list for a while now. It was once owned by Vice President Hubert Humphrey.  It was donated to the Courage Center.  in 2005

The owner in 2016 reports:

Car was purchased in Vermont from David COKER.  His mother-in-law had purchased the vehicle on e bay.  The vehicle was originally owned by Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey.  It was trailered from Vermont to Frankfort, Il and has 9,000 original miles.




Car 173

This information received July 2018 from a blogger who uses the name CARHUNTER - These notes accompanied the pics he sent along.

I think I may have figured this out Ė this car is a mystery to the current owner vin number is 173
It is called a 1932 Caddy, but I have found no info at all to match anything- could this be a Glassic Phaeton that was customized?

 I just called him and he pulled the title 1966 GLAS!! So feel free to use my photos and add ole 173 to the registry as a very nicely modified GLASSIC belonging to Bob in Knoxville Tennessee! I think the cowl was lengthened too! It was dropped on a later GM frame.

Check out my blog They donít call me CARHUNTER for nothing!
He plans to feature Glassics in his 8/1/18 blog.

This could well be a Glassic - the main body looks right, the doors, although reversed look about right, windshield and wipers look right,  but so much else looks different that it is hard to be sure.  Look at the trunk area, is it from a Glassic?  An interesting puzzle.



Car 176

This information received 7/21/06 from John, who is selling the car for the original owner.

I just got a Glassic mod A from a friend of mine.  It is a 1966  number 176 that was purchased by Herb Alcorn in 66. He used it for advertising.  The car has been out in the weather for some time, but only has 5,678 miles on it.  Its an international 4cyl,3 speed. I have been driving it around, but really need to put some tires on it.  they are the original tires and pretty cracked.  The plan is to sell this fine car. I will get it inspected and cleaned up ,but really don't plan to do much else. The car runs fine and I can see someone doing a complete restoration. We plan to sell it.

The annexmaster's request for location and contact info resulted in this reply:

The car was purchased by Herb Alcorn in 1966 in Blacksburg Va. He just gave me the keys and title last week and said sell it. I run a photo store and studio in Blacksburg Va.  Home of Virginia Tech.  Just got the horn working so I think it will pass inspection,  I have one photo I have to make so really am not in a hurry to sell. I love old cars and this one sure looks good out front.  

In January, 2019 I received an email from the original owner's son.  The plan from 2006 to sell the car,  apparently changed and the car has stayed in the family since then.  The son, Ray, now owns the car and would like to sell it.


Car 216 -- On 6/20/06 the owner wrote:

This car is for sale -- it has no title. We were promised the title but the previous owners renigged on the deal and wouldn't give us the title. This car is in excellent condition including the top. The inside has no tears, seats are black and white, this car purrs like a kitten .It has been garage kept.  Mileage is 12.900
$7,000 serious inquires only! Can email photos.
CAR SOLD as of 7/9/06 - new owners unknown.

Oct. 2007 -- Car 216 appeared on eBay -- in Sarasota FL. Note the pictures in the Album from 2006 and 2007. Cannot tell if this is the same car or not. The older pics seem to show the car with different seats and wheels.  Recent pics are in a folder by themselves, older pics are on the main 200's VIN page. Why is some of this in PURPLE?

Car 219 This car was in Ohio, and was sold by the seller's brother in Wisconsin. It is a '67 with a new top and new upholstery and 36,000 miles. I was going to put the picture of the car here, but it is such a good example, that I put it on its own page instead. SEE MANY PICTURES

UPDATE: The car was listed on eBay with a closing date of 4/1/04. The high bidder was Joseph Russo, in Pennsylvania, who registered with the Annex on 4/5/04.

Car 220 This info received from the owner, Harold Jackson on 12/16/03. Harold didn't include an email address. Harold: Please send some pictures. I am sure many International engined Glassic owners would love to see the conversion to a V-8.--- Don

Traded for car, had Chev.S10 front,(bad set up), replaced front frame section w/original type. had eng& trans in at purchase. Had top bows, rotten canvas, no interior, painted purple flake. Car has been streetroded, gas tank is in trunk,mustang front end(FATMAN)conversion. Has been on road about 9 yrs. and has won many shows,

A new owner in Austin Texas registered the car in November, 2005. We hope that HE will send some pics of the engine swap.


Car 221 The owner, Ron, shared this info on 1/24/05

Purchased car approx Feb 2004..Car was in fair shape. Previous owner only drove car (no cleaning or up-keep). The car was purchased white with black fenders, old rusted wire spoke wheels, cracked dash, rusted gauges, a nasty 302 2 brl engine and half the electrical not working :-(..the car has been repainted a solid white, new Crager wheels w/BF Goodrich tires, new fiberglass dash, gauges and wiring, the side engine cover left off with a clean and detailed 302 with new intake, holley 4 brl, alum flame valve cover and air cleaner. The car is a real head turner (as other owners are aware of. the most fun in owning a Glassic is not in showing it, but driving it :-) Pictures of Ron's car #221



Car 223 The owner, Gary,  reported on 2/27/08:

I'm ready to sell my Glassic it is #223 1967 w/ 4cyl International drive line. It is in great condition only 10,000. miles on it .

It needs  new canvas top and windows and some interior touch up. the heat and wipers need new hoses. I drive it in the summer and store in inside winters.

 Fun car but I need room for other cars I have. I would appreciate any input about pricing

and if anyone may have an interest.   .

Note from the Annexmaster:  Gary's phone number and email were different and updated on the owners list in 2/2008 - not clear if his old street address is still the same.




Car 267 -- .Received from owner, Ric , in August, 2015

267 on the original plastic tag on the driverís door post, however the VIN is different on ownership and other paperwork

Car is titled as: 1967, Glass, Conv, HX37009


Comments:  Iíve been on the look for one of these for several years and one finally came up for sale locally making it easy. How do I confirm which 4 cyl engine it is?  196 cu in or 154 cu in?

The car has 18,950 miles on it and appears to be original in every regard.  I would love to know the carís history. 

I purchased it on Aug 2 nd 2015 with 18950 miles on it from Jim Murray of Hamilton ON Canada and he purchased it with 18400 miles on it from Fred Mills of Jamestown NY USA on September 20, 2010.  Itís history prior is unknown to me.

The car starts, runs, drives, shifts, steers and stops all very well considering it is a straight axle, leaf-spring little car.  I drove it from Hamilton to Welland today, a 1 hour drive, cruising down the road at 50-60 mph with no problems.


In 10/2021 and 7/2022, the owner, Ric sent the details of his Ford engine swap. See the technical section for the info.




Car 269 -- .Received from owner, Jack, in December, 2004

Abercrombie Runabout from Palm Beach, Florida.  I own #269 an Abercrombie Runabout purchased in Palm Beach, Florida by my mother on 11-10-1967.  It is a four cylinder International Harvester with 3,713 miles.  It is the car on the cover of the Abercrombie Christmas Catalogue "40,000 Miles of Christmas" -the catalogue title for that year, I still have the catalogue.  The car is in perfect condition.

Car 270 -- .Received 12, 2002. Owner Bob plans to come to the reunion (Colorado to Orlando) pulling a trailer with his Glassic and staying in camprgrounds. He writes:

Just in case someone has an interest  the trailer I'm towing is a Bunkhouse motorcycle camping trailer. It weighs just 260 pounds and has a tongue weight of 20  pounds. I fabricated a trailer hitch utilizing the rear bumper mounting brackets. I hardly know it's back there! It gets a "little" interest when I pull into a KOA!!

Also this e-mail received in early 2002 :

I had been searching everywhere I could think of for information and then found this site. I want to thank those who developed it and keep it up. I found the article by Don Davis to be most interesting.I'd be interested in attending a "gathering of the clan" should there ever be one. I'll keep in touch with what ever ideas i have for mods. I replaced the original seats with a pair of "bucket" style from a 98 Neon...fits perfect. I just had to make some adapters so I could use the original bolt holes in the floor. I didn't want to drill any more. Thanks again.. Bob Soderquist Steamboat Springs CO

In June, 2004 the car was sold to a new owner in California.
See the owners list for more info.\

In July, 2004, the new owner, Todd, wrote:

I know Bob (the prevous owner) did not have a chance to drive the car to Florida.  He is a good friend of mine for years.  In June I was an a motorcycle ride through Colorado and stopped by his house for a night.  He had the car for sale since he moved into a new house and did not have the room.  Well I just couldn't pass the chance to buy it.  I have never heard of a Glassic before that or have not even looked at buying an old car. 

I just fell in love with his car and we made a deal.I had it shipped just because I had to finish my ride and get back to work to pay for everything.  Ha Ha.  I'm only 39 so still a working boy. I will take some good pictures of the seats Bob put in the car and send you.  They work good.

I do have a question for you or one of the owners.  I noticed that the car was titled as a 1931 Ford.  I went ahead and kept this when I registered it in California, but would like to know if anyone else has run into this.  I'm not sure how much trouble it would be to have DMV change things

My wife really likes the car too.  We took our first ride in the car yesterday and went out for dinner.  WOW the looks.  Had several people come up to me and checked out the car.  I gave them all your web address ( some more future owners. 

Since I live in San Diego, there are several old car gatherings during the week.  We look forward to attending some of these.  So far I am really enjoying the car.  As most, I can't afford the original but the Glassic will be fine for now.

Car 313 -- Info received from the owner on 12/29/03

This is a diamond in the rough :) it runs great and has 45k original miles on it. It was sold in Palm Beach to the original owner than ended up in Tennessee. I found its way back to West Palm Beach and WALLAH I found it . The previous owner had redone all the brakes with new lines shoes and the like, i have had a fuel problem with it running out of gas, so after the tank came out and in a few times and the addition of an elec. fuel pump the answer was fuel line too big and it was sucking air. all fixed and I am motoring down the road in you bet just ask, thanks for looking. PS i called Joel as he and I go WAYYYYYYYY back and he directed me to this site.

Car 318 -- Info received from the owner on 4/7/03

My car had about 45,000 miles on it when I purchased it, since then I have driven it about 8,000 miles. 4 cyl. runs like a top, cruises on the interstate at 70 MPH (3:73 Rear), does not overheat. I have added a set of painted 14" wire wheels, rear mounted spare, '33 ford rear bumper, made my own trunk, added a handmade inside latch mechanisim to the hood, '32 grille & shell, handmade front splash apron, inside door handles. Other mods I plan to do are: Front Disc Brakes!, fill fenderwells for spares, new hood side panels, reworking the front of car in the bumper area, new top, upholstery, paint, and an engine swap? ...350 3x2 BBLS/turbo 350, or a newer 4cyl./AT combo. Feel free to email me for more info or help on Glassic cars! I also will have a few leftover parts for sale: Rear Bumper, Luggage Rack, Side Spare Mount Rods (L&R), Front Bumper(For Sale Soon), Grille Shell(If I don't use it on another project car). Email me for more info at . MY CAR IS NOT FOR SALE! Thanks, Charles



No entries yet. Scroll down.



car 316 -- from an eBay listing on 3/14/02 -- 1930 Model A, Built in 1969 Fibreglass Convertible. Built by Classic Industries , W.P.B., FL, Serial #316. This is Registered as a !930 Model A, Transferable Registration, no Title as this was built in 69. Speedometer shows 33,528 miles, This vehicle has been on many highway trips, and was always dependable. Runs and drives great, as this sits, any one who bought this could drive it on the weekends , tinker with it during the week , get plenty of drive time this year, and then tear it down for a resto. It needs a resto, but it would be easy, fun, project for the non professional restorer. This cars very light 1500 lb. even with V6 power it's quick and fast. 231 Buick V6 power with auto trans. Has been converted from V8. Small block will fit. Underside of car is clean, no oil no rust or corrosion, always been garaged. Motors dry no oil leaks, but will need v/c gaskets, they have just started to leak. Dual exhaust,Dual side mounts w/o spares. Man Brakes, Man Steer, has clutchpedal and slave cylinder from previous motor and tranny. Tilt wheel and column shift. Needs paint, chips, scratches and gelcoat cracks, stress cracks. Absolutely no structure cracks or brakes in fibreglass. Top is original, needs replaced, shows age, couple of holes repaired, plexi shot, still functional,just lost its looks. Top is easier to remove completely than to fold down. Solid Front axle w p205/60R1590h tires. 9" Ford Rear w leaf springs and p25560R15 tires. Tires are almost new with the nubs still on them.   Bench seat out of some jap p/u. Rear seat is original with no tears. Side panels are in nice shape and match the rear seat. Carpet has to go. Lights work , amp, temp. work, but oil pres. and fuel guage do not. Vacuum Wipers, heater defrost work. There is a chrome air cleaner that was removed when I took the picture. This is a great rod for the first- timer or if you want to build a real show winner.

This car's owners, Randy & Kim checked in January, 2014 with the following update:

We purchased Glassic #316 from Bill Hummel of Orrville, OH, who owned it from 04/2010 until 12/2013. 

 Purchased 12/20/2013 -  transported from Ohio and received on 1/11/2014 due to Holidays and weather delays

Mr. Hummel purchased the car from John Ziegenheim of Akron, OH in 04/2010. 

On the Glassic Annex Owners List, it states that this car was located in Binghampton, NY in 03/2002, when it was listed for sale on eBay. 

Previous car color was Black as shown in a photo on taken from an eBay ad in 03/2002. Original color most likely was Blood Red body with Black fenders.

As you can see from the photos, the car is currently a street rod style without the front bumper, rear luggage rack and side spares.

We are very interested in learning more about the history of our car. If anyone has any information they would like to share with us, please contact us.



Car 317 -- Info received from Stacey, the owner of car  # 341 on 8/15/12

I was on a road trip, and by pure dumb luck and coincidence stumbled upon a Glassic parked under the porch of a small diner.

The diner was closed, but the owner came out to talk, and showed me 3 more (Glassic) cars around the back, and mentioned 1 or more he has in FL.

 I know one car is #317, a yellow Phaeton. this certainly made my day, because I've never seen more than 1 Glassic in a location at a time! he gave me a couple business cards to pass on, so I'm assuming that sharing his contact info with you is ok. He's not on the internet.

I asked her for more details on her encounter: Why is some of this in PURPLE?

Two other ladies an I were on a trip from Wisconsin to NC. We decided it was time to change drivers and took the next exit, following it down to a restaurant area, where the current driver swung around to park in front of the diner with the yellow Roadster under the porch, probably only because it was convenient.

COMPLETE random coincidence (to pull off at that exit and park in that exact lot.). I recognized it as a Glassic before our vehicle was even stopped, and informed the others that I would HAVE to get a shot of this car, seeing as it's not every day you stumble onto a Glassic.

As I was taking the shot and looking the car over, the man steps out of the restaurant, thanking me for taking a picture of his car. I tell him I have one of these, and he says he has another out there (points to #317) and 2 more around back.

 I don't know what the deal is with having a tow shop and a restaurant. We spent a few minutes talking about the cars, but I know that my fellow travelers are probably getting impatient by this point. He said if I knew anyone wanting to sell these, point them to him.

I guess he's bought and sold a bunch of them over the years. I did ask him if his cars were on the Annex, but he said he couldn't operate a computer to check his bank account. if I were to guess his age, I'd say he was 65 or thereabouts.. very nice man.


I have some photos, though not all of them are award winning shots due to the positioning of two of the cars.

NOTE - Stacey sent photos of 4 of the Indiana Glassics, (in the album page for car 317) although only one is in the count of "found Glassics" so far since we don't yet have the VIN's of the other cars
Stacey will try to get more info from the owner.

Stacey returned to the diner in May, 2018 and provided the following information.

Just got done (with her visit) at Will's Grill in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Unfortunately the diner part was closed for weekend or something, so no comments on that. Was looking forward to it, too.

I spoke to various mechanics out back who seemed to know nothing about the Model As I was looking for, despite wearing my Glassic shirt. I almost gave up and left, when I told the man about the previous time I had been through, there has been a yellow car on the porch.

Well, that did the trick, and he said it was out back and opened the garage for us. Only two cars there, one was Roadster 783, other was a Replicar phaeton with paper tag and all I got from that was an 06 in the vin and manufacture date October 1977. The sticker was pretty wrinkled. No sign of 317 or the other phaeton from last time.

Stacey and the Annexmaster's best guess for the Replicar's VIN is 1061 - which will be assigned to that car until it is discovered to be wrong. The "06" part of the VIN is clearly visible, and the month and year would fit any cars in the 1060 to 1069 range. The # 1 as the last digit could easily disappear in a fold in the paper VIN tag.  This is merely speculation.  See pics of car (maybe)1061



Car 318 -- Info received from the owner on 4/7/03

For pictures of this car, click:

My car had about 45,000 miles on it when I purchased it, since then I have driven it about 8,000 miles. 4 cyl. runs like a top, cruises on the interstate at 70 MPH (3:73 Rear), does not overheat. I have added a set of painted 14" wire wheels, rear mounted spare, '33 ford rear bumper, made my own trunk, added a handmade inside latch mechanisim to the hood, '32 grille & shell, handmade front splash apron, inside door handles. Other mods I plan to do are: Front Disc Brakes!, fill fenderwells for spares, new hood side panels, reworking the front of car in the bumper area, new top, upholstery, paint, and an engine swap? ...350 3x2 BBLS/turbo 350, or a newer 4cyl./AT combo. Feel free to email me for more info or help on Glassic cars! I also will have a few leftover parts for sale: Rear Bumper, Luggage Rack, Side Spare Mount Rods (L&R), Front Bumper(For Sale Soon), Grille Shell (If I don't use it on another project car). Email me for more info at . MY CAR IS NOT FOR SALE! Thanks, Charles


Car 324 -- Info received from the owner on 6/19/09

One way to tell whether or not you have a keeper in an old car is by looking at it in a somewhat rough condition for about one month without as much as wiping a spider web off. Well, you can see where this is going.

I think my new 1969 phaeton is probably one of the coolest in my small collection. I bought my Phaeton in Mobile, AL. Which is about thirty minutes from my home in south MS. This car was registered in MS and it winds up in AL. It was willed to the owners nephew.

This car has the original interior and paint which is in fair condition.  It has been sitting for several years so I have not had the time yet to clean the fuel tank, clean the points or clean the carburetor to know how it runs. Yep, it has been sitting! The mileage on this car is a touch over 8000 miles according to the nephew and the wear on the car I do not doubt the miles.

 Well, for this old Glassic #324 is home until the ole man passes. I would have pictures but my wife said everybody knows what spider webs look like.

The following was received by Johnny, a new owner, in Jan, 2010:

I had seen this car in a shed on ms highway 49 15 years ago for the first time. I watched it for about 5 years then it moved to unknown location. A friend of mine bought it in early 09 called me about it. The only Glassics I had seen were v8 Fords. After research, I had to have it.

I have replaced m/c, allw/c, (master cylinder, all wheel cylinders) fuel pump, and rebuilt carb. It runs perfect, only 8131 miles uphol. good but needs top have bows




Car 327 -- Info received from the owner on 7/27/10

I saw this car 4 years ago and wanted it, but couldn't buy at that time.  Well, as I was going thru some old papers, I found the phone # and gave a call, and the car was still sitting in the garage -- so the wife and I took a ride up and yes its in our garage now. It needs some work but o-ya we are happy. -- Jay & Paula




Car 329 -- Info received from the owner on 8/16/08

This car, at this time is the first (lowest VIN) ROADSTER on the owners list

I bought this car in Ruskin, Florida in 1999 and toyed with it there for about four years. I towed it to Spencerport, New York after that (west of Rochester, NY). During the three day trip to Spencerport, every one of my stops along the way met with an inquiry about my Roadster. I could have sold it many times.


Car 333   owner Thomas reported on 11/10/10:

I just brought this car back from Oklahoma. Purchased through eBay from previous owner. I know that there will be a lot to learn about this car while getting it to the condition that I want. I am hoping that fellow owners can help when (not if) I have a problem.

This car has a 28/29 Ford radiator shell that is not cut down, it looks great and is what sold me on this car enough to make me drive 2530 round trip with a U-Haul auto transport to get it and bring it home. Let the fun begin.

In May, 2015 I received the following

I had lost all of my original pictures of the car in a computer crash.  I took some new ones today.  This car was in Texas for many years.  It was sold to a man near Tulsa, OK and I purchased it on ebay.

The car was completely stock when I got it.  I've made a few changes since I've had it.  I had to replace the cracked head.  Found a new head in a Govt. surplus warehouse sale.  While I was at it a progressive 2 barrel carb an new linkage was added.  Replaced the gas tank.  Ethanol in the gas had turned the fiberglass gas tank to mush and was leaking.  The car had a '29 radiator shell.  I fitted it a little better.

 Installed a '31 headlight bar and headlights with halogen bulbs.  '29 cowl lights that are wired as turn signals were added and '31 style Model A led tail lights were added.  All new gauges, speedometer, switches and radio with Ipod drawer were added and the car was completely rewired.  New hood latches and clips were added since this isn't the way a Model A hood works anyway, I thought the smaller latches looked better.  

A Chevy S-10 two wheel drive rear axle was installed because it is over 5 inches narrower than the scout axle.  That allowed me to use adapters to install original 1935 Ford accessory "bent spoke" wire wheels with new Firestone 600 X 16 bias ply black wall tires.  The car was also painted blue with black fenders, a change from the original all beige gel-coat.  I've had a lot of fun at car shows and in parades.  I would be happy to answer questions for anyone curious about changes I've made.  My other toy is a bone stock 1925 Model T Ford Tudor Sedan.   




Car 341 

Stacey, probably our youngest Glassic owner, recalls in Jan. 2008 how she got her car several years ago at the tender age of 20.

As for how I found the car? That is a good story. I was driving around with the then boyfriend and his parents. We were in his hometown, population of about 900, and where it was sitting was in such an out of the way spot, tucked away in a driveway behind a house.

His dad noticed the car, but I didn't look quick enough to see it. I got to the parent's house, dropped them off and headed back down to look at this "old car". By this time it had been put away. The next day, I decide to go back and see if it was still there, and this time it was still outside. We got the number, called the owner and arranged for a test drive.

I couldn't drive stick, so my dad and I went so he could drive it. It was about 9pm and we rode around the small town with the top down. I knew then that this car was coming home with me. I told the owner I'd take it and made arrangements to come back within the next couple days to pay him.

He said he had several offers from Florida, as he had put ads in a magazine.

So I got the money (a good chunk of it from graduation, other from saving up for a trip I never got to take) and headed to the bar/restaurant where the owner worked. I gave him the money and he gave me a receipt for the car, written on a restaurant check. I wish I still had that, but it got lost somewhere. I paid $7,800 for the car, and to this day, a co-worker refuses to believe that that's all I paid for it. He insists I had to have paid more.

The ride home was amazing. Looking over the narrow hood & the curved fenders, I couldn't believe that I had found the car I had been dreaming about. 30's style with modern technology. I spent the next couple days learning how to drive stick in it had to be amusing for anyone watching! I can't drive by that parking lot without thinking about it.

To many other people, it's just a neat old car, but to me, it's something truly special. I'm only half kidding when I say that I'm gonna guard it against touchy people... with a baseball bat!



This email was received in Nov, 2004

Unfortunately, this is not a good update. The garage
where car #341 was being stored had a fire. We don't
know how bad things are yet though, so I'm hoping that
it can be saved.

I'll keep you informed if you want me to. also, do you
happen to know how fire affects fiberglass? does it
make it brittle, etc? I'm just worried that even
though the shell looks ok yet, it might not be
salvageable. according to my husband, the seats, roof,
and most plastic are gone. I didn't want to see.

Photo and info below added 1/2008 -- the car is progressing slowly toward its former glory. See the photo page for this car. There is a picture from before the damage, and one during restoration.

The car as you see it in the picture is during restoration but after bodywork and painting. This is the second paint job I've had done on it. and hopefully the last.

I spent some time working on fitting IH (International Harvester) seats into it. with some cutting & welding we should be able to make it work for both me (5'4 and my dad 6'8). we plan to cut 1 1/3 inch out of the front legs and then bolt them in. not sure what seats were in it previously, but they weren't IH.

I bought the car a few days before turning 20. My gas gauge has never worked. always showed empty. It was always on the list of things to do, but we finally took the sender out and found the little tab was broken. I'm hoping to just repair the tab.



Car 360

In June, 2009, the owner, Jerry, told us:

After reading some of the fact about the Glassic car and auto maker I am sorry I changed so much of the original car. I bought the car it was just as the pictures show it light yellow with black and the International four cyl.

Today it sports a Corvette yellow paint Purple flames with a 1966 289 v8 highly built. It still turns head and has been a local car show winner along with a peoples choice awards.

But now I am still sorry I changed it. I am going back to the shops that helped me build it and pick up the old 4 cyl. and the other body parts.



Car 362

In April, 2012, the owner, Geoff, told us:

This beauty was my grandfathers. He purchased it new in 1970, it has 18k miles. Everything All original. Has lived its life thus far at a beautiful cottage in the Adirondacks. It was used back and forth to church. If anyone has any advice on this vehicle on how to maintain it,  I'd be all ears.




Car 366

In August, 2020, the owner, Oz, told us:

This roadster was bought by my now deceased brother in law, Roy McClanahan in 1979. He passed away in 1996 and willed it to his daughter Kim McClanahan Lank.
The car was parked on a farm in a open field since then and deteriorated.
Kim has recently agreed to transfer the title over to me Oz Lamonds and my brother Harold. Iíve towed it to his home in Front Royal, Va where weíre in the process of cleaning it up to begin a long journey of restoring it.
The engine is stuck, gas tank rotten and wood rot etc:


I thought you might want to see what weíre up against with this project.
By the way I drove this car shortly after Roy McClanahan bought it to several functions. It was beautiful and fun. Sad to see it in this state but we intend to bring it back to life. We donít have a lot of funds so weíll be doing most of the work ourselves.
Iíve been a car collector for many years, mostly in Mustangs and Shelby but Iím 80 and my brother is 77 and itís not going to be as easy as it was in our early years.





Car 370 -- also, car 755

Car 370: Owned (and registered on the website) by John Huelsbeck, Cantonment, FL  from 1978 to 2003. Sold to California owner.
On Jan 20, 2004, the new owners,
Jack and Tammy Gerbl, write:

Purchased in Florida from owner of 26 years. It needs some TLC but will come back nicely, just needs a little time. I will send a photo soon.

They also registered car # 755 at the same time in Jan. 2004. The webmaster wrote and asked them WHY they bought two Glassics at once. Here is Jack's reply on Jan. 21,2004 (bold type added by editor)

Hi Don, You asked why did I buy 2 all at once.  My wife asks the same question -- often.  I made a business decision 6 months ago that I wanted to enjoy some of my advertising dollars. I'm a funeral director and the motto of our mortuary has been "dignity with economy"  -- we've now altered it to "dignity with economy and old fashioned service".  for us to talk with people. 

Once they realize we're not "digger o'dell" and we don't drool etc.- we really are everyday people, they're at ease coming to talk  with us.  We have 2 glassic phaetons and 2 shay roadsters.  We can have a variety of what we drive.  I will probably drop down to 2 or 3 cars eventually. 

My 2 shays are Identical, people don't realize we're driving a different car unless we drive both to the coffee shop at the same time.  #370, I had a friend in that area with a vehicle that could tow it, so I bought a trailer in Alabama and he went on to Florida and picked up the glassic.  It's going to need quite a bit of work, its sat for several years, the tank is full of varnish, it runs rough (as you can expect with varnish), the muffler is going to have to be replaced, tires are original, probably needs a carb. rebuild ... etc.  I love the color - red with black fenders and a white top.  

#755  Now this is a different story.  This has been pampered, absolutely beautiful.  It's set up  the way I want it,  the only thing I don't care for is the color - Yellow.  But I can live with that.  I'm color deficient and the brighter colors (red and blue) are a LOT more appealing to me, the pastels are bland and not exciting (in my ever to be humble opinion).  By the way, I love the color of yours!!!   I appreciate your effort with the website. 

Jack Gerbl





Car 407 --Info from the owner in August, 2018 when the car became for sale:

 It still has the original 4 cylinder 3 spd.  I have had the car for a couple of years and have had a lot of fun with it.  It runs great and you can drive anywhere. 

Since my purchase I have done the following:  New Interior with new improved front seats  (Black),  Powder coated all 6 wheels,  Two new spares, New gauges, repainted the dash. 

New starter, alternator, wheel cylinders and master cylinder,  new clutch slave cylinder, boiled out and lined the fuel tank,  flushed and rotted the radiator, added some front fog lights that I wired for turn signals plus a lot of little things. 

The car has a total of 40,000 miles on it.  I kept the old gauges to verify that.  Itís been fun to work on and drive.


 Info posted in August, 2016 when the car ownership changed.

I wanted to let you know about Glassic # 407 which is currently owned by my sister who resides in Canton GA.  This car was previously owned by my late father, Roland Crews, who purchased it from Harold Stone out of Florida. When my father passed away my sister wanted the car for her husband Rick Reisert (currently shown as owner). Unfortunately, Rick passed away in January and my sister has decided to sell it. Rick really enjoyed the Glassic and spent time and resources getting it good shape.  The original top (white) was in bad shape, so he had a new one custom made from the old pattern in black for about $1,500 including functional removable windows.

Since my sister does not want to deal with selling and showing the car, she has asked me to sell it on her behalf. I currently have the car in at my residence in Huntsville, AL.  I am planning to put it up on both Ebay and Craigslist, but also wanted to make it available on your excellent and informative website. -- this was followed by some contact info for the selling family.

The new owner, continued the story in August:

I just purchased this car and it is on its way from Alabama to Idaho.  Grandkids are as excited as I am.  Your website has been most helpful.  I originally found the car on another site but that ad directed me to the Annex which really helped in making my decision.  Thanks so much for all your efforts in this regards.  I see there might be two other Glassics in Idaho.  I will see if I can find the owners.  Iím sure that info is in here somewhere.  Fun searching through all your information and the info provided by the other Glassic owners.


Car 418 -- info received 1/29/06 from Hubert Davis

Purchased a 32 Ford Phaeton from Woodstock, GA about 16 months ago. It had been sitting up in a barn/garage for several years, but was in good shape except for the engine and Trans (all seals had dry rotted and needed to be replaced). My friend John Shiflett and I were going to restore, but sadly he has just recently passed away. I am not the mechanic as John was supposed to restore all the mechanical. Looking for someone interested in buying ($10,500) or helping restore this car. If there is any more info on this car please forward to me Hubert Davis (


Car 420 -- Info entered in January, 2007 when the car ownership changed.

 The car was sold to a long-time friend of my wife's late husband who had purchased it new in 1971.  It was purchased from an International truck dealership.  We promised the manager of this company that if we ever sold it, he would have first chance. he has the car and it is sitting on display in one of his truck showrooms.  It will probably be there forever.  Nollenberger Truck Center.  Stony Ridge, Ohio.

 While some cars change hands several times within a year, car 420 has not changed hands in the last third of a century! Why is some of this in PURPLE?

Car 422------ info received 8/2002 from Ronald Baecker
who says he owned the car 1978-1984

-----I owned this Glassic for 5 years. It was original and not modified. Both spare tires were original. The mileage was in the 20s. I had lost one rear side curtain and one hubcap. The top was deteriorated badly when I got rid of it. As far as I know, it is still in Dayton, Ohio. Also of note: when I bought the car and had it titled, the state of Ohio issued the title with make as "Unknown." I refused to accept it and they reissued one with the proper name on it.


This car is now in Belgium, and since the owners list shows the history of the car back to its origin, I will copy some of

the old owners list  info here for posterity.

FOR SALE as of 3/20/11
serviced every 3000 miles. new brakes last year. Runs great
78 Norwood Ave  Northport, NY 11768

1971-bought new by father, Bunky Fulton  seller  in 2011 -- Whit Fulton
w: (631) 897-4135

The VIN on this car is a modified version, my best guess is to satisfy some phase of the export process, so Chris did some research to confirm that he had car 423 -

Car 423 --- Info received 9/24/2014 from the owner, Chris - in Belgium

I think the Original owner sold the car to Bob's Classics or the company bought it themselves -- I don't know that.
What you can check is that the car 423 is sold by Bob's classics!
1/ Go to the website of Bob's classics
2/ Don't go to the sold section, but cars in stock..(when you go to the sold section the car will not be visible, don't know why)
3/ scroll down the page,at first you will see the active sales,but further down you will see the sold cars..
4/ car 423 is about in the middle of the was indeed a red and black car at that time!
Look carefully to the wheel covers and the picture i sent from the white one, you will see it is exactly the same!
I posted a picture of car 423 when it was on Bob's Classic list, and a picture where you still can see that the car was red originally.
Then i presume that the wedding company bought the car from Bob and it was shipped to the Netherlands, where it was about 2 years

I bought the car from the wedding company when they advertised it as for sale.
I asked them "why are you selling this car?" ,and they reply to me "we have 50 cars in stock mostly Excaliburs, Bently, and Rolls Royce" and the Glassic served them only a few times, that is why they sold it...
The key of the car had a keychain from Bob's Classic cars when I bought it a couple months ago.
When i pulled a window strip because it was loose i discovered the Original red paint underneath it. (see picture I added)
So I'm pretty convinced that it is car 423 based on my research.
I sent a mail to the Original owner in Northport but did not get any reply... (that is on the owners list)
Hope you are agree that it is indeed car 423, no mistake about it. I do
About the VIN tag,it looks Original to me...42371(car 423 from 1971) We Glassic lovers appreciate it when VINS modified to fulfill some government or computer database need at least leave the original info somewhere within the VIN. - Did you know you cannot get a CarFax on a Glassic?  VIN is not long enough.


Car 432 --- Info received 4/30/2008 from the owner, Ponce

I have been involved with this car along with an Excalibur for many years. The Glassic was somewhat restored several years ago. It was made to look pretty good and run well but never had a top.

It has sat outside uncovered for the past several years. It is a mess to say the least. I got it back to work on and this time I plan on keeping it. I have it running and continue to work on it to get it back to a nice looking and running vehicle. It's only been a few weeks since I got it back so I'm going along a little at a time.

and on 5/2/08 he added:

I worked on it before and then my friend took it back for his son to use for promotions.  I don't know exactly how many they did but after awhile he let the car sit and didn't take care of it anymore.  As mentioned I just got it back and had to do lots of things to get it running again.  I will send in a report on the work in progress later.


Car 433 --- Info received 1/7/04 from the owner, Dennis May

When purchased, car had a 4 cyl. International Scout engine and 3 speed trans. I installed a 302 Ford engine and a Ford C-6 trans. with a 9 inch ford rear end. I had a steel butterfly hood built, put a original grill. I also built a polished alum. dash with vintage style gauges. The top is white and new. Great car and a real eye catcher.



Car 507 -- Info received from the owner, Mac, Nov. 2007:
Mac had written a few weeks ago asking about the electric system on his car. I wrote back and asked him if the car was running or not.

My car runs great (it is thirsty)  All the lights work except the turn signals and I just haven't gotten around to working on them yet.   I bought the car from Bob Evans, a friend of mine, who spends the summers in Rangely Maine.  Bob bought the car in 1972, essentially new 200 miles, and it traveled around the country with him but has been in Maine for the last 25 years or so.  It now has 26000 miles.
I am a retired engineer.

Car 513 -- Info received from the owner Nov. 2003:




Car 514 -- See the next car, # 515, for early history of this car that was received in 1/2011


Info received from the owner Jan. 2008:

This car was for sale as of 1/26/08

I bought this car last spring not realizing that it was a little small for a 6'4" 250 lb guy.  Has not been driven much since, but is a lot of fun and very noticeable.  Very powerful!
It is now for sale.  Has just over 13k original miles.  Car in great shape.  Interested parties can email or call 936-597-4488.  Thanks for any exposure you can give.   Roger Werchan

In response to the Annexmaster's request for more details:

This is a pretty nice car.  The 302 fires right up, and idles just as it it supposed to.  It has some nice chrome additions as you can see. 

 Headers and, I think, flowmasters exitiing in front of the rear wheels.  Weld wheels all around.  Front tires and spares new.  Will need new rear rubber fairly soon.  Pioneer CD/radio that really puts out.  Four speakers.  New top. 

The upholstery, including the carpet, is in excellent shape.  New Optima battery.  Hood has side panels, but I like the look open.  What's wrong with it?  The wipers don't work, need new tubing from dash to wipers.

In July, 2014, I got more ownership info from the current owner.  It seems that I had posted a car #541  as "for sale" from a Craigs list ad. I likely transposed the numbers
when entering the info. I eliminated car 541 from the list, along with a few pictures that were actually car 514. The pictures were low quality, so I did not renumber or save them.

From the owner, Patrick:

This is what I know of the owners previous to my purchase. I bought the car from Mike Stidham in Deer Park (Texas). He said that he had the car for sale on Craig's list and didn't get any interest. I know that Car 541, you have on the owners page, is my car, which is 514, because the house in the back ground is where I bought the car. 

 Any way, Mike bought the car from his brother-in-law William Hart, of Louise Texas. William and his wife Shirley bought the car from a Mr. Blase Dragna of Montgomery Texas. Thats all I know of the ownership.

See the owner's list for other ownership. Those owners mentioned here are all in the Houston general area.

In FEBRUARY, 2024 car 514 was for sale.  The owner stated:

This car is a project and has had lots of modifications. Frame, engine, transmission and rear end have painted and clear coated. The front end has been changed out to a chromed front end. Four wheel disc brakes.32 grill and shell. Fenders have been removed. Aluminum five spoke wheels with three spoke centers. Ten gallon aluminum gas tank. Car runs great. I have almost everything to finish this car. Lots of new parts and re-chromed pieces.




Car 515 -This info received from Paul, the original owner's son in Jan. 2011

My dad became a Glassic dealer for a short time in '72 in Muncie, IN out of his love for Model A's. He took delivery of two in late January of '72, number 514 (a yellow roadster) and 515 (a red phaeton).

If my memory is correct, he sold 514 to a Ford dealer in Gas City, IN. He then took delivery of another roadster, which was red, but I don't have the VIN. It was sold to a pathologist in Muncie. No. 515 never sold, so he kept it and I probably logged the most miles on it my senior year of high school.

 He used to tease me as to how many blondes per mile I averaged. After his passing, I ended up with the car, which needs a fair amount of work. I'm probably looking at restomoding it to upgrade the running gear.



Car 518 -- info received from the new owner in Nov., 2011

I have been looking for an antique car that would meet my needs and my budget for about 4 months. A month ago I found the Glassic Annex web site and knew this was the kind of car I have been looking for. I spotted #518 on the owners list and seen it had been on e-bay. The link was still good even though the auction was over (It didn't meet reserve).

 I then clicked on "ask the seller a question " It still worked so, I contacted the owner leaving my phone number. The next day he responded and I set up a time to look at the car the next weekend .I drove 660 miles from Altoona Pa. to Centralia Illinois, bought the car and drove back home the same day.

Received in June, 2019:

 My Pop bought it in Altoona , PA and moved it to Cresson, PA he has since passed and we kept this for my wife in his memory. Rusty Kent.



Car 532 -- info received from owner's grandson Aug. 2005

This car belonged to my Grandfather who just recently passed away. A life-long friend of his GAVE him the title and the keys to this wonderful car in 1999 as they both relived their youthful childhood memories.

This car is currently located in Osage Beach, MO. My grandmother would like to sell this car rather than watch it collect dust in the garage. She enjoys the memories of him with the car more than the car itself.

If anyone is interested, or if anyone can provide any assistance on where to list this car, I would greatly appreciate it. This is a wonderful site and I have enjoyed reading about other cars like Grandpa's! David George


Car 539 -- Info provided by Fabian, the current owner in December, 2017.

Fabian owned another Glassic first, and  that story is shared on this page as well.

Once I decided to sell car 719,  I started looking for a replacement and after a while I was lucky and was able to purchase car 539 from Homestead Florida. Rose van Patten and her husband bought this car brand-new in 1972 and it was used every year for a Christmas parade ever since. For many years, the car was only used for this purpose.

Check out this video of the car at the 2014 parade.

In 2016, Rose passed the car on to her nephew who decided to sell the car in 2017.  I still feel a little bit sorry, that a 45 year old Christmas tradition ends in 2017.

About the car: This Roadster never left FL. It is in fantastic condition. Just needed a good tune up. We drained the old gas, rebuilt the carb and brakes, replaced all fluids, new battery, U-joint and steering dumper and it was good to go. With exception of the taillights, it was 100% original.

Even the jack is still originally wrapped in a FL newspaper from 72. I donít know if the convertible top is original since it looks brand new. I have all the service records of the last 20 years (Some in the name of Santa Claus J). All the lights, wipers and gauges work as they should. Actual mileage is about 21k miles.

Its so much fun to drive. I replaced the ugly black plastic taillights it came with when I bought it with stainless steel model A style ones, removed the side markers, put in a Grant Classic Nostalgia 13-1/2" Hardwood Walnut Steering Wheel.

I put nice chrome Smoothies from US Wheels on it (195 x 14Ē in the front and 205 x 15Ē in the rear) and replaced the muffler with a glass pack for a good rumble. I had no problem getting a clean NJ title. Itís titled as a 1972 Glassic, VIN GLA53972 for Glassic 539 1972.

The next steps next year will include: Upgrade to power brakes, detailing engine and engine bay and run the car w/o the hood side panels. I'll keep you posted and will send pictures once it's done.




Car 540 -- Info provided by Jeff, the current owner in August, 2012.

This is a '72 Phaeton, #540, in an unusual and beautiful 2-tone green color. Orange wheels and wide whitewalls complete the classic hot rod look.

For sale for best reasonable offer. This was a $20K+ car 6 years ago at the height of the market, looking for approximately half that now but am flexible! Pictures of the car can be seen in the owner's gallery, put there by the last owner in Odessa, FL.

Car needs a little work to be back in top shape. Car is currently in Sarasota, FL taking up too much space in my crowded garage! The good: Recently tuned-up 302 V8. Body is in excellent condition.

 Complete car with luggage rack, stereo, chrome hubcaps, seat belts, tonneau cover, ragtop, side curtains, etc, etc. Rumbles like a V8 should - no one is going to mistake this baby for a VW kitcar!

The bad: Car sometimes develops a bad shimmy - I believe the steering box and/or steering stabilizer needs to be replaced? Car needs new upholstery job, especially front seats and tops of


Car 559 -- Bought June 1997 In San Clemente , CA and trailered back 2800 miles to Virginia. Planned updates include removable Carson style top with windows and update paint etc. Got my wife and I both in other street rods as well. This was our first street rod.

Car 562 -- SOLD on eBay 11/06 to a buyer in Ukraine Clint said he actually GOT the money, so it must be for real! - A lot of work done on this car. Here is recent  (10/06) correspondence from Clint. and below is an older email from him.

As much as I hate to, I need to sell my Phaeton. We purchased a tract of land and need to build a house. It is a 1972 with V8 and new rebuilt C4 tranny conversion with Lokar Shifter. Model A taillights, new 6 blade flex fan, fresh PPG 3 color basecoat/clearcoat paint. New tires. Top and Side curtains in great shape. New front screen. New Grant wood steering wheel. new starter and battery. I have the old V8 3 speed that goes with the car. Asking $16,500 OBO. Thanks. Pictures available. 24K miles since new.

and from earlier in Oct. 2006:

Quick update. I repaired the tear in the rear fender. It was an ugly tear that was about 14 inches long and jagged. Not a bad job though. It was much easier to repair and rework than metal would have been. You may recall the tear from the Ebay pics when I bought it.
I solved the oxidized gelcoat problem -- I sanded the car down and shot Omni Basecoat/Clearcoat on it. Turned out great! Then I sent the car to the transmission shop and had the 3 speed (stick shift) replaced with a freshly rebuilt C4. Used a Lokar Shifter and this has changed the whole driving personality of the car. For the better!!! There just is not room for the clutch pedal and dimmer switch etc. in this car. Also, the manual shifter was hitting my leg in reverse and 1st. If anyone wants the manual parts, I'll make them a sweet deal!!
I've also replaced the steering wheel with a Grant unit. I now need to put a shroud on the radiator and am considering a deflector plate over the top of the radiator as well. I did replace the front screen in the radiator shell. I was at Lowes and saw the right material in a screen door shield for $20. I bought the shield, disassembled it, cut the frame and screen to the proper size and then riveted the assembly to the radiator supports. the frame stops the normal flex and wear, so this should solve some problems. I left the screen in natural silver aluminum. It looks awesome. I will shoot some pictures and send them to you soon. thanks again!

Received from Clint 2/27/06

Thought I'd drop you a note and let you know that I have taken delivery of #562 and gotten it registered in Louisiana. It had previously been titles as a 1932 Ford in Texas, and so it is in Louisiana as Serial Number 562. Getting the paperwork straight from the previous owner was interesting. He had just bought the car in January, 2006. I talked with the owner before him, and he had owned the car for 3-4 years. Said he had only driven it 3 times during that span. He also did not know what I was talking about when I called and asked him about the Glassic Phaeton he had owned. He is still under the impression that it is a 1932 Ford.

The car has been neglected. the gelcoat is oxidized so it obviously has been outside without wax protection for a while. When they delivered the car, it was raining, so it didn't look so bad. (Annexmaster note: the poor paint was described in the eBay auction listing, but look at this picture from eBay -- the photo makes the car look pretty good) Today, after it had dried, reality set in. I don't want to paint the car right now as I'm in the middle of restoring a 42 Chevy pickup. What I have tried this afternoon is wetsanding with 1000 grit, then 1500 grit, and finally 3000 grit, then buffing with a heavy cut buffing compound and using swirl remover. I get an acceptable shine that way.

Unfortunately, the black on the fenders is cracked, so I may have to paint them. I'm told to wet sand smooth with 220 grit, then fill the cracks with Evercoat Vette Filler, sand smooth and then shoot primer and paint. If this doesn't sound right, let me know. I guess I could also try Evercoats Gelcoat Repair Kit. I'm up in the air right now.

The engine runs great but looks atrocious. I'll spend at least a week or so cleaning it up and detailing the engine. I'm still looking at AC possibilities, so if you have any advice, please enlighten me. As for power steering and brakes, I've decided I don't need them. Enough for now. I'll send some pictures when she looks more presentable. Let me hear from you.

Rev. Clinton Lovell, Pastor
Greenwood United Methodist Church

Car 563 -- Update 12/22/08 - spotted as for sale -- see owners list.


This car had been in Florida, and I received a letter in the US mail in response to a mailing that I had sent out from a Florida DMV list of owners. Apparently it was forwarded to Missouri. The letter below was dated 4/23/03

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. We moved from Wildwood, FL to Shelbina, Missouri in December. It took us several months to finish the house and garage and we bought a restaurant that is open seven days a week. Needless to say, we haven't had much time for anything. (continued below the picture)

We do still have the Glassic. It's a 1972, serial # 563, 302 Ford and had a 3-speed. We bought it from a party in Fruitland Park (FL). He bought it from a person in Eustis (FL) and that party got it from somebody in Key West. That's as much as we know. It hadn't had anything done to it since it was built and was in rougher shape than what we had anticipated.

The motor was in good shape, but nasty. The 3-speed and clutch linkage were shot and the straight steering column was worn out. I cleaned and chromed the motor, high-lift crane cam, hi-rise polished alluminum intake, AFB, Petronix electronic ignition. I put aluminum sheet on the firewall and moved the battery to the rear - out of sight.

Bob at "Cooling by Ice" in Sarasota (FL) built us an aluminum radiator. Toby in Dade City built us a beefed up AOD and a 3,500 stall speed converter. The rear end was changed from a 3 to 1 to a 3:80.

We gutted the interior and put in a pair of Sunbird buckets that I had to narrow. My wife is going to do the interior as she has done with all of our other street rods.

It was up on blocks for a year and a half, new brakes, shocks, brake lines, fuel line, fuel cell and I painted the underside. I took a '75 Lincoln tilt column and cut it to size and built shift linkage for the column. Built a new dash as sombody had butchered the original - and am adding classic gauges.

A new wiring harness, top, some body work and paint and interior and we should be rolling. It will be a while though, as it has been sitting and gathering dust since we moved.

Harley and Jodi Reth

Received  July, 2009 from the new owners, Tom & Judy:

We bought the car from Harley & Jodi Reth, & took it to a friends house in Joliet, Il. He's a wiring wiz, so I wanted to let him install the new wiring harness that came with the car. It's still there(!). But I have a promise of 'very soon'.

When I get it home, I intend to finish the repaint, right now we think burgundy/black, put the interior together, & hope to drive it before snow flies. This is the street rod I've always wanted & couldn't afford.


Car 565 -- This info received from John, the new owner, in January, 2012

My name is John D. Collier, I live in Jonesville, Virginia. I always wanted a Glassic A Model, and finally have been able to obtain one from the Estate of the Late Amateur Radio Operator, Roy Bentley who took real good care of her. She is a Roadster with only 29,000 actual miles in mint condition. I am looking forward to riding her in the Spring and having lots of fun. Thank you for your support of Glassics and their continued Historical Venture. A special thanks goes out to Suzanne Bentley Griffin, Daughter of the late owner and car lover for allowing me to become the new and proud owner.

Info received from the original owner, Roy 12/12/2002

This car was originally purchased by a Ford Dealer in a neighboring town in July 1972 .. I purchased the car from the dealer in August, 1972 and am considered the only owner of this car. I have owned this car for 30 years and have no plans to get rid of it -- it is part of me . In the younger days I was a good mechanic and have done all the maintenance on this car myself. The car now has 28900 miles , runs great ... I Have since lost the original Title since the original mfg. documents were in Ohio, and in 2000 I moved to Brandon, Fl.. Now I Have moved Back to the state of Ohio, in October of 2002, I Hope all the people who have Glassics enjoy them as much as I do.

Roy re-registered his car in 4/2008 with an updated email address and the following comments:

I have owned this car since it was made in 1972 I have changed the wheels to accept radials I have changed The Ignition to an Electronic Module I have rebuilt the brakes several times , the wheel cylinders seem to leak or seep if not driven much. My car has only 29000 miles on it, and have had it 36 years in July.


Car 581-- Info received from the owner, Gary 7/21/05

It came from a Hill City South Dakota antique store. It was on display, much like a cigar store Indian, to get people to stop and shop. I was told the original owner got it as a retirement gift from Standard Oil. Fun car to drive once I got the steering straightened out.



Car 583-- Info received from the owner, Mike 3/30/12

21,000 miles; mostly used for cruise nights and parades; Original 302 still under the hood -- engine is calibrated more or less to 71 Maverick. Interior and top were done within the past few years by a shop on the west side of Chicago (black and white tuck and roll).

 No catalytic converters; dual pipes run straight back through 2 glass packs



Car 588

In July, 2017, James, supplied this information

The car was last registered in NY as a 1971 Glass (not enough room for Glassic)

 I Bought car for weekend summer cruising. Stopped running in 2013 plus brakes were not working properly, Now that Iím retired and have time to work on the vehicle I Just completed replacing fuel pump,  neutral safety switch, and all four drum brakes. It now runs and am planning to  register the car in Ohio



Car 594-- Info received from the owner, George, 7/16/07

I had been searching for the exact Glassic Roadster that my Dad owned from 1975 to about 1985. His was red. Having no luck I came across this Yellow Roadster in Michigan. As of this date I am waiting for it to be shipped to New Jersey.



Car 601-- Info received from the owner, Kelly, 7/27/17

My Glassic Roadster was purchased in 1972 by my Auntís father, Russ Huether, and titled in the name of his insurance company.  I have fond memories of riding in the rumble seat back in 1972 when I was a kid. Russ passed away and left the car to my father around 2012, and my father who loved the car dearly passed away in Dec. 2015. 

The Roadster has always been garaged and is in great shape other than the fact that the 2 side windows are missing.  We think that someone threw them away by accident. It also needs (drum) brakes and most likely 6 tires! Luckily my son is an auto mechanic at a luxury car dealership so brakes shouldnít be a problem

 I live in St. Louis, Missouri and was informed by the DMV that I will have to take the car to the MO State Highway Patrol to verify the VIN number in order to transfer the title.  My son hasnít been able to find any other VIN number on the car, and I got kind of frustrated with the DMV and put it on the back burner until now.  (The documents show a serial number of 23491-T-19-HG - The car's VIN tag shows 601. The car was sold by a North County Camper Sales, in St Louis, MO and there does not seem to be any logical explanation for that number)

 I am sending pictures of the original sales receipt dated September 1, 1972, the original title (mimeographed and very hard to read), and two pictures of my car.   Iíll let you know what the state patrol has to sayóIím hoping to avoid having to tow it there (because of the brakes and the historic plates are expired). 



Car 609

In May 2005, the owner registered his car and I wrote and asked him if he really meant C-6 transmission instead of C-4 that came with the cars originally. His answer:

I changed that transmission over in 1989.  It was easier maintenance, and stronger mechanism.  I used my Glassic at that time daily. 

 I have redone my Glassic three times since I got it in 1982. 

I found it in Texas in a garage not being used at all.  It came to that owner by Abercormbie & Finch out of New York.  I have enjoyed the car and my wife calls it "the other woman".  At the present time it is wine and it is trimmed in wood.


In Sept. 2013, the current owner, Ronnie sent some pics.  I wrote to him about the unusual grill shell treatment, (see album) and he replied:

The 609 in the pic I sent is the one right before I bought it. The wine colored car is from another previous owner.

 When I got the car the hood had already been lengthened and molded into one piece with the grill. To access the engine most of the front end had to be removed. The grill has apparently be molded over the metal grill. I have separated the hood and grill in the newer photos and added original Model A latches. Why the hood has been lengthened is a guess, as it cannot be shortened due to engine being to far forward, maybe engine and/or tx change dictated this rather than a shorter drive shaft. (maybe that transmission change made this necessary)

 A previous owner must have been a whiz with fiberglass as this work, door handles shaved, wheel wells removed, etc. I redid the running boards with wood covered with rubber runner and trimmed with carpet edging.

 Battery has been moved to under rear seat. I wanted to use an original Model A grill shell ( as in pix of car 341 ) It looks like they only shortened it to fit, but the original shell is not only taller it's wider and angles have to be changed, a lot more work than I want to tackle, and skill I don't have.

 A tach has been added, and I replaced the ammeter with a voltmeter, to better know what's going on. I'm still having trouble calibrating the gas gauge with the sender as I run out of gas with it reading 1/2 tank.



Car 612

 In Dec. 2007, the owner, Bruce wrote:

I purchased this car from the original owner. Mrs. Olivia Irvine Dodge. She bought it for her son Thomas Dodge and purchased it through Abercromie & Fitch in 1972.

Mrs. Olivia Irvine Dodge grew up in the Minnesota Governor's Mansion. That was her childhood home. The Irvine family donated the mansion to the State of Minnesota. She is also the founder of the Dodge Nature Center. The car has been in the family up 'til I got it in late 2006. The car has since been restored to original condition. 



Car 620 -- Being offered for sale Nov. 2002. The owner submitted the following info:
GLASSIC for sale!!! Need to sell because my family and I are moving to the mnts. It's a car that will sure turn some heads. I'm asking $13,500 and I have put a $1000 in it; that includes new brakes, wiring, and interior. Please email at to see pics or with any questions (For other contact info, see the owners list.) APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN SOLD ON EBAY 4/12/03 -- Appeared again on eBay in 2004.

Registered on the Annex by Rex, the new owner, in Sept. 2004, who said:

Purchased car on e-bay. Being delivered to California from Georgia later this month. Look forward to cruising around the beach.


Car 641 

Serial No: 190H2641 -- From the Annexmaster: William registered his car in 5/2006 and since the last three digits of the serial number place it in the correct year (1972) we are making an educated guess that his car might be # 641.

Used to be owned by the Royal family of Dubai ( Shekha Sana Al Maktoom ) .. was in the UK and it was right handed steering wheel since then I have put it back steering wheel on the left side.. I drive it once every month and it is a head turner ..





Car 632 --  info received from Michael, the owner in Germany 9/4/12

Hello, Since July 2012 I am new owner of Glassic Car # 632. The car was registered on 13.09.1973 and was transferred probably end of the 80s to Germany.

The previous owner restored the car mid-90s complete. The 302 cui Mustang engine was equipped with Edelbrock aluminum heads and larger valves, Edelbrock Performer RPM and matching intake manifold, forged pistons and precision-balanced crankshaft and fitting dampers, Holly 4BBL digital fuel injection, Edelbrock and SuperTrapp mufflers, Wilwood disc brakes and other parts of various new.

The motor produces about 300 hp to the test. The interior has been completely restored and covered with leather. The dashboard is made of wood and fitted with VDO Classic instruments. The car was repainted in red.  I think the original color was yellow. Greetings from Germany Michael Eberhart



Car 658 --  info received from Jack Moore, the brother of the former owner of the car -- 10/27/14

Spoke by phone with Jack Moore, a West Virginia previous owner of car 685 (not this car - similar VIN). Jack, and his late brother appear to be Glassic and old car enthusiasts.  The brother who had owned car 658 had sold it to a person named Smith in Oak Hill, WV. Recently that buyer had died and left the car to his brother, who is also a car enthusiast, but has other projects and is prepared to sell the Glassic.

The car is in, "project" condition as it was taken apart to be made-over, but never completed. The brother who now has the car is named Melvin Smith - his phone number is on the owners list.

Jack Moore, who years ago sent me hard copy photos of a number of Glassics (his and others he spotted at shows) spoke with the current owner and, although he has not seen the car since taken apart - he shared this description. The front fenders have been cut off  in order to be replaced by 1932 fenders, the firewall cut out and a metal one put in, no engine, no trans, no interior - no top, no wiring, and the hood was cut in half and hinged. It is not clear if new and / or old fenders are with the car now.

A 1932 grill shell may or may not be on the car now, and some work was done to modify the frame and the front Glassic-looking treatment. Whether the result is structurally sound is unknown, although it sounds like the builder knew about cars.

There was no price set for this project car, but the seller was apparently aware that it will be of limited value in its current condition.

Additional info and a photo was received from Jack Moore, the brother of the former owner of the car -- 9/25/16

For a period, the car changed hands, became disassembled and eventually was put back together as a 1932. Here are the highlights of the changes as reported by Jack Moore.  1932 body shell installed, 350 Chevy engine and 350 Chevy Trans.  No back seat now, and a top that only covers the front seat area.  1932 front fenders and front frame horns.  The original color of the car was blue-ish - also changed.  It is not clear to the Annexmaster, but it seems like a lot of the Glassic body was replaced by other Ford parts.

Jack returned to the latest owner to get more pictures of these modifications (see them here) - he added the following observations:

 I thought the windshield frame had been cut, not so thankfully for the fellow that bought this car.

The front of the frame was cut off and 32 frame horns welded on, this really made a mess. The headlight bar sets too close to the front of the fenders.

The back seat has been removed now houses the battery. You can see how John, the current owner, hinged a cover to go over this. The top is made out of a bed cover for a pickup.

 It has a 350 Chevy engine as well as a 350 transmission. The cowl was made 5" longer which made hood not fit. The hood sides now will not fit right.

 You can see in the pictures the steering box sets outside of where the hood side should fit. In other words the man that my brother traded this car to really had fitment issues. There is a prop to hold up the cover where the back seat used to be.

 Something else he (the current new owner) told me when he went to mount the doors back on the Glassic they would not fit;  the doors were off car when he got it. Only hinge pins were knocked out. Said he had to grind doors down about one to one half inch. What moved? Only thing I could think of was when the front fenders were cut off close to front of running board the cowl may have had stress on it. I know when you chop a top on coupes or sedans you need to brace up the bodies.

All in all, this car has a different look now - and may provide some ideas for folks, and also show some of the problems that can arise when components are just a few inches off.


Car 699P --  info received from Steve, the owner 1/7/11

 1931 Ford Phaeton Deluxe, Just Redone. New Paint, New Deluxe Top & Side Curtains,New American Racing Wheels & Tires, 302 V/8, New C-4 Trans, car is in excellent condition.




Car 700 -- info received from Dale, the owner 3/21/06

My car was given away by a bank in Arlington Virginia as an anniversary promotion. It was won by Robert Alden, a writer for the Washington Post. He sold it to me with 28 miles on the odometer. A week after purchase my wife, Janet, and I drove it to Eldorado and Norris City Illinois (hometowns), and to a wedding in Michigan.

We also visited Larry Seyfarth, who was supervisor of engine design for Ford Motor Co. Larry was national president of the Vintage Thunder Club of America too. Larry knew about the Glassics, but had not seen one. We let him drive the car, with his small daughter in the rumble seat.

She liked the car so much that Larry soon added an original Model A roadster to his collection. We have since driven the car to the midwest several times, occasionally pulling a trailer. People in the next lane yell questions out the window at interstate speeds - "What is it, what's under the hood, how much did it cost?"

The car needs a heat shield above the muffler. My wife's lipstick melted in her purse,on the floor above the muffler.

We also had problems with the engine overheating. That was solved by replacing the mustang radiator with a 1960 T'Bird radiator, mounting it vertically, for space accommodation, instead of the horizontal way in the Birds. Vibration has also caused transmission fluid leaks where the steel lines connect to the radiator. That was remedied by using hose barbs with short sections of rubber hose.

Car 709 -- info received from Tom, the owner 1/19/03

Car was rescued from junk dealer's yard where it has been sitting since 1998. Engine does run, but the rest of the car is in rough shape. eg. wires are shorted/grounded, gauges not working, etc. Expect to have it all taken care of and on the road by late April.(hey it is cold here) Anyone has any info on car 709, please email me as I am interested in the history of the car..

Fast forward to July, 2008. Fred Bonnet has had this car for a while, and has been reporting all kinds of projects that the car has needed due to poor repairs over the years. Below is a current report.

I reinstalled the luggage rack after cutting off 3" and built a trunk.

Pictures of this car, including the new trunk and top appear in the PHOTO ALBUM.

Also in the album is a picture of what I found after pulling the carburetor and spacer off. The spacer gasket was evidently the wrong one as one of the "hollows"? in the intake was full of fuel that had no-where to go.

I have indicated that with the arrow.


 I have also fixed the gas tank problem. Someone put a filler pipe made from a piece of exhaust pipe that was much too long, preventing me from moving the gas tank back to the proper position.

I pulled the whole mess apart, cut the filler pipe to the proper size, got new rubber hoses and now the gas tank no longer bangs on the rear end.

Rear end was rubbing right against the front
of the gas tank. It is lucky that Fred found and fixed this
before - - - Kaboom!


   I have completed the new wiring, putting the fuse box on the passengers side, giving me more room to check fuses and making the firewall look much neater.


  I also installed new Autometer gauges and a new steering wheel and I even have a working gas gauge.

After trying to trade the car for a Phaeton so he could have more leg room by moving the seat back further, Fred finally sold the car in Jan. 2009.



Car 719

In December, 2017, the owner, Fabian wrote:

I sent you some information on this car already last year. I bought it in August 2016 from Oklahoma w/o having seen it before and unfortunately it was completely miss-represented. It was in really bad shape.

 Super dirty, carpet fell apart, dead bugs and rat poop everywhere and I found (no kidding) more than 50 mud dauber nests in the car. It looked more like it was sitting 10 years in a sandstorm and after that 20 years in a barn. I had some trouble getting a NJ title but finally I got one. Same as in the old OK(lahoma) title it is titled as a 73 Glassic VIN 1D719.

Upgrades that were made by the previous owner include: 302 from a 1986 Ford T-bird with 600cfm Edelbrock carburetor (1405 1672) and aluminum intake manifold. Transmission is still the original 73 C4 Ford Maverick transmission upgraded with ďAmerican ShifterĒ 16Ē single bent shifter kit (similar to Lokar). Chrome wheels (tires: 205/70 R14) and a 32 Ford grill.

I started to restore it and did a lot of work to it but after the birth of our 2nd daughter and then of our 3rd daughter I just didnít find the time to finish it so I sold it to a guy in Germany. I asked him if he would like to join this community and to share some pictures and information about the car once itís finished. So hopefully he will contact you. (Annexmaster note - owner info received from the new German owner at the same time as Fabian's correspondence)




Car 729

In April, 2007, the Baltimore MD owner Bob wrote:

Here are some pictures of my 1973 Glassic roadster, car # 729. It has the 302 V8 ford & auto trans. & is titled as a 73 Glassic.

It was bought from a widow of a guy who owned it since 1978. It was in pretty good shape only needing minor repairs & a new repaint. All done now,  The good thing about it is it has not been modified a lot & is almost like the way it came from the factory. A nice survivor car. I hope its good enough for your picture gallery.


 Thank You & keep up the good work on your great website. -- Bob



Car 737

Jack Gerbl, (owner of car # 370 AND 755 as well as a pair of Shays) spotted this car on CollectorCarTraderOnline in July, 2004 and did the following detective work so that the car could be added to the owners list. Thanks Jack!

I spoke with the man who currently has possession of it and have the following info for you.  It is owned by a retired Marine helecopter pilot, who is now in a convelescent hospital.  The family realizes that he won't be able to drive it again so the want to sell it.  He is the original owner.  The man who has it is an old friend and is trying to sell it for them.  I have permission for you to put it on the website and he will e-mail me additonal pictures this week which I will forward to you.  Here's the info I have now. 1973 Glassic Roadster vin# 737 contact person:  Tom Nichols work: (619)-284-5869  home: (619) 468-3671 San Diego, CA Mileage: 22215 Yellow with black fenders and white top For Sale: $14,500 o.b.o.  April 16, 1973 Hope this is helpful...Jack 



Car 738

On 7/6/12, one of the owners, Laurie, shared the following:

My father is 84 years old. He purchased the car new in 1973. There are only 26,000 miles on the car. It has been mostly in storage. Mechanically it is in excellent condition. The body needs some cleaning up and loving care.

 I always told my dad I wanted to own the car someday and keep it in the family. I got my wish. My husband and I are now the proud owners of #738. We are in the process of sprucing it up and have already showed it off a bit. I will be forwarding pictures to you.



Car 739

On 7/18/09, the owner, John shared the following:

The car is totally rebuilt  I bought from the original owner with 20,000 miles on it  I have modified the eng. and transmission and body i have now 15,000 miles on the restoration. I will send some photos shortly

 I have enjoyed owning this car -- my children were in a Christmas parade in 1980? in this car and now my grandchildren are in the rumble seat on the 4th of July parades

The original owner was a friend of mine by the name of George Rando who lived in Waltham MA.

On Sept 1, 2009, John sent the following:


Engine was pulled out and rebuilt at 20,000 miles it has high comp pistons ported heads Motorsport cam high performer intake Edelbrock 750 cfm carb Mallory ignition, Holley fuel pump, Hooker block hugger chromed headers into a 3 in. Flowmaster exhaust exiting before the rear wheels the rear end and rear brakes are stock. It has traction bars

I added another row of cooling and a transmission cooler with an 18in spal fan
transmission has been rebuilt and modified that hooked up to a b&m shifter
front brakes were replaced with power disc brakes. Has a ford Motorsport engine dress up kit.


All the gauges were replaced with VDO. I added padding to the top of the doors. I cut out the bench seat to accept the new shifter.   I kept the stock interior look,
I removed the side lights ,the taillights, all luggage racks and spare tires. I added Hagan led taillights and a third light and I changed the gas filler.

I installed an Ididit tilt steering column with a billet/ leather Lecarra steering wheel
It has a black convertible roof. The car is painted in magenta pearl -- a house of colors
paint .ARE wheels BF Goodrich tires

The car presently has 15,000 miles car is very reliable and a definite eye catcher


Car 748

On 4/24/06, the owner, Randy shared the following:

Bought the car on ebay from a gentleman in PA. I lost my 66 Glassic hot rod in a whole house fire in February 2005 along with 5 other cars. Broke my heart to lose it since I had just spent that winter cleaning it up and adding my own custom features.

 The state of NY insisted on registering it as 97 Custom since the PA. title had it as a hot rod / kit car. I intend to put together a package of documents and resubmit it to the state in hopes of getting a corrected title. It has the Glassic plate on the drivers door jamb with the number 748.

Love these cars!! Lots of fun to work on and searching down the parts is an interesting journey each time. It has the original interior, white, which I cleaned up to almost new condition. Like most the wiring is a horror which I intend to rewire next winter. Changed the gauges out to AutoMeter gauges and speedo which work fine.

Put new bumpers on (28 - 29) and new tail lamps and mounts to clean up the bright work. Will have a new top and frame made during the year and get rid of the original bulky one. For now I just cleaned up a bunch of the mechanical and cosmetic stuff to enjoy this summer. Next winter more serious changes will be made. People frown on glass cars but I think they are terrific!!

A lot of fun to customize and drive at a fraction of the cost for a steel one. Not to mention the fiberglass will out last the pyramids! I very much enjoy the website and thank you for keeping it going!!

Sincerely, Randy P. Cestaro


Car 766

Tom, the owner, sent this info in July, 2004 -- I highlighted key words in red to make them easier to find. --- Update: New Ohio owner in 2006

Just wanted to update you on the saga of my 1973 Glassic,  # 766

Since I bought it a couple years ago from Classic Cars and More, at Indianapolis. I have done a lot of rehab on the car.

First I ripped out the original tiny seats and replaced them with Ford Escort seats. I also used the Escort seat belts, in part. I took out the A/C because it didn't work and I never drove the car with the top up anyway. This also freed up some space under the hood. I replaced the radio and hope to find a new antenna. I took off the vacuum windshield wiper mechanism and blades because they didn't work and they obstructed my view. The wiper fluid pump and reservoir bag are gone because they didn't work. The brakes were really poor. You would have to stand on the break pedal to get the car to stop. My friend was able to get a small street rod power booster for the master cylinder. What an improvement! --( more on brakes below )

Recently, the car underwent a major overhauling project. I had the same streetrod shop do some major alterations.

The biggest and latest project was to rip out the steering column. The steering wheel was falling apart, the turn signals didn't work, the ignition switch was faulty, and the column itself was not anchored properly. The column moved left and right whenever you would turn the wheel. We were able to purchase an aftermarket GM steering column and wheel. Apparently, no such columns are availble for Ford products. Since the wiring done on Glassics are a mess, we bought a GM wiring harness for a couple hundred bucks. Every wired is clearly marked and besides it is all brand new. It's worked great!

We took the floor gearshift, lowered, and turned it foward so it doesn't jam into you in the leg when you drive. We rebuilt the drum brakes and found the following.

 The front brakes were from a 1969 Ford Ranchero and the back brakes were from a 1973 Maverick V-8. The original brakes, without the power booster, required a very long brake pedal to give additional mechanical advantage to stop the car. It almost touched the floor! When you had you foot on the gas, your heel would scrape against the brake's rubber pad. After we rebuilt the brakes: Yahoo !!, we were able to set the pedal up higher and further forward.

Future plans include moving the gas filler to the side so I can place a new trunk over gas tank, like your car. The original trunk and it's suporting carrier rack look bad. I am going to rechrome a lot of parts since they are starting to deteriorate.






Car 776

Spotted 6/14/09 on Detroit Craigs list

Rare Glassic Ind. 1973 Ford Phaeton Convertible. Project Car - $7200 (Royal Oak)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-04, 10:46AM EDT

Selling for a friend. A 1973 Ford phaeton #776 made by Glassic Industries Inc. Only 705 made .. West Palm Beach FL. This classic could be a beauty.

It looks to have most of the parts, body is all fiberglass, under carriage looks good, stored inside up until last week, gauges are just hanging but looks like everything is there. Ford 289 engine ran great 15yrs ago with very low miles (under 5k he believes) Has AC, but is kinda confused on that since the side windows are curtains.

 From what I seen the seats look to be in good shape. Asking $7200 OBO

Location: Royal Oak
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


Car 778

In July, 2011, the owner, Josh, shared the following:

This car has 14k original miles. I am the third owner, but I grew up living next to the second owner since 1979. I basically learned to drive in this thing.

My neighbor (who was basically like a grandfather) started letting me drive it around a shared driveway and adjacent field when I was about 10 yrs old. I am glad to find this website to learn more about the history of these cars and owners

Note: in Oct. 2018 Josh sent along a picture, which I posted.



Car 802A

When he registered on 7/3/03, the owner, Bernie, submitted the following:

My employer purchased this car new in 73. It sat in a garage for 6 years. It required a little TLC....I love it. It is a real "head turner."

Car 817

When he registered in Dec. 2004, the owner, Wayne, submitted the following:

I want to let you know I have just purchased a Glassic which had been in storage for the past 24 years. I bought the car at the original owners estate sale. The odometer reads 31,000. and the car appears to be all original. Unfortunately, the engine is stuck, and I am now attempting to free it. I look forward to discussing all things Glassic with you and other owners. jwm


Car 804

When he registered on the Annex, the owner, Alvin, had the following comment:

I got the car from Duffy (a dealer). If I had of known heaven was like this, I would have shot myself in the head along time ago, driving the car is a dream.


Car 806

In June, 2011, the latest owners, Bob & Patti, shared the following:

This Glassic was purchased new by the singer James Brown, Jr., put up for bail bond in 1975, and sold in 1980. We are the 4th titled owner of this car


Car 844

In Oct, 2013, Rob, said that he had just gotten this car from his step-father. I asked him how long the car had been "in the family"  His reply:

He (Rob's step father) actually bought in in Florida-- he thinks around 30 years ago -- and had it shipped to Vancouver bc (British Columbia, Canada). It only has 19 thousand miles on it and I just replaced the original tires so I could drive it home. It has been sitting for five years in a old shed. I put in a new battery and it fired up. What a fun car to drive. It will remain in my family for years to come. 




Car 857

Received in August, 2016 after Pete bought this car from the original owner.

Hey Don,
    Pete Highlands here with some updates on our 1973 Glassic roadster. We bought it in Port Orange Florida off of the original owner who bought it originally while living in Maryland. He moved to Florida quite a while back and his health is failing so the cars must go. Grand old gentleman and quite knowledgeable I would have loved to spend more time with him. 


 Now to the car parts. as stated its a 1973 Roadster, Ford 302  71ish I believe it was a maverick or Comet. The radiator which I replaced was a Maverick I got aluminum. went over all liquids and filters, also rear end. Transmission screen was in dire need of replacing, I had originally said it was a C6 but I was wrong it is a C4. New tires I went with 205/75/R14 on front and 215/70/R14 on the back.9" rear was good. brakes are ok but I may go to Disc on the front this has the e-100 Econoline front end so any advice would be welcomed. 


  Our original plan was to drive back to PA. at a leisurely pace but with the tropical storm going on and the fact that we have no top we decided to Auto-train from Sanford (FL) to Lorton (VA) and drive to Greensburg Pa. Which we did. we went over to Gettysburg and jumped on Rt 30 to GBG. Around 260 miles, Car did great liked the mountains just fine but it was brutally hot-- as I said: no top. Got home all in one piece.
  Looking for a top, and luggage rack, also has anyone put a small trailer hitch on one of these? I am told the gas tank is 13 gallon from a 66 Bronco is this correct information?. Has anyone put heat and air in this year if so what have you used?  Love the car enjoy driving it want to extend the season some.


  Great eye catcher a million questions from all over so I'm trying to get as much information as possible. I am a Shriner and have a Lavender 1948 Chevy pickup, we parade a lot and i cant wait to get this one out there. Don thank you so much for the Site it is so helpful, you will be hearing from me in the mail.
  Cathy and Pete Highlands  724-331-8433





Car 875

A friend of the owner reported on 4/8/09:

I have been asked to list this car for sale by a friend. This was his father's car . He had purchased it 4/3/02 with 15,863 miles and drove it only 397 miles to shows, parades, holidays in good weather, and around town at Christmas while dressed as Santa Claus, much to the delight of the children and townspeople. The front wing windows have a yellowish green rose etched in the glass.

The car has been garage kept and is in very good shape, with only a few issues.It just had a tune up early 09. The black paint is crazed on the fenders, and there is crazing around the gas filler cap on the back. It is scheduled to be listed on Ebay on thursday April 8,2009 for 10 days.

In researching the Ford, I came across this site. Perhaps a member would be interested in purchasing it before it goes on Ebay. It certainly is an awesome little car.

Thanks, C Wood




Car 898  (Car is titled as a 1974, but the numbering places it among the 1973's)

As of Dec. 6, 2016, the current owner offered the car for sale and shared the following info:

I just finished a complete restoration. Runs and drives great. All new interior, new custom paint ,
16" wheels /tires and the list goes on.... Ford 302 v-8 headers, dual exhaust , new radiator,
 power brakes, new chrome radiator shell, automatic. Shaved door handles with elec. poppers
 custom steering wheel, walnut dash LED turn signals.

 It does have a rag top but will need new fabric and be installed if you wish to use it on the car.
The car only has 27000. original miles

I have built custom cars for many years and won many first place awards. this car is built right.

I just finished a complete restoration. Runs and drives great. All new interior, new custom paint , 16" wheels /tires and the list goes on.... Ford 302 v-8 headers, dual exhaust , new radiator, power brakes, new chrome radiator shell, automatic. Shaved door handles with elec. poppers custom steering wheel, walnut dash LED turn signals. It does have a rag top but will need new fabric and be installed if you wish to use it on the car.
The car only has 27000. original miles
I have built custom cars for many years and won many first place awards. this car is built right.

As of Feb. 20, 2013, I got the following update from the owner:

 The Glassic is going to be given to an organization my daughter runs in Columbus, Texas and raffled off with some of the funds to be used for a scholarship for one of the girl barrel racers. The raffle tickets are $10 a ticket.

The car is presently in the repair shop for some minor engine work as I have kept the car in Alvin Texas and it has been used for parades etc. Time for the car to move on. The original owner of the car was Dr. Robert Crouch ( a cardiologist and my partner who died in the late 80s or early 90s). I have had the car since.

Thought it would be of interest and my cell is the best way to get in touch with me. The work number  on the owners list is still good but seldom answered. Anyone interested in the raffle tickets can contact my daughter, Melanie Hux Woytek, at Limited number of tickets being sold.


When he registered on 7/31/2008, the owner, Bob, shared the following:

The original owner of this car was Dr. Robert Crouch who is now deceased. I bought the car from his wife from the estate. His wife has passed away now as well. The car was originally acquired by Dr. Crouch in Houston and then kept at his place in Kerrville, Tx. Once I bought the car I moved it to Horseshoe Bay, Tx and now back to Houston. It has 25,000 miles on it. Excellent shape and chromed valve covers and air filter cover. Engine painted original blue for mustang.



Car 905

Received info that the car was for sale for $18,000 on 2/8/08. Here is what Roy said:


*     *     *

Info received from the owner, Roy, on 10/10/04

I bought the car in Santa Rosa, California From a ww-2 vet.  who flew planes off the carrier Enterprise.  He got sick and couldn't work on the car any more. It had about six different colors of yellow and black paint on it .

 I towed it home and stripped the car down and sanded it to paint. I paid a body man to paint it . It was the worst job I had seen . This guy does this for a living.-- I sanded it all down again and painted the car myself. The body is yellow and the fenders and running boards are black metallic with ghost flames on the front fenders.

I replaced the seats with Racecraft seats, put a wooded dash, replaced the gages, added wood to the running boards and back above the fuel tank. I added wire wheels and bigger tires, dual exhaust -- I re-arched  the springs, and added a leaf (the springs were too weak before).

I have gone to car shows around the area and won a few ,but it is hard to do, because about half the cars are in my class .I drive the car to the shows and around town some. I have put about 7,000 miles on it. Drives like a jeep. I like your web site.  Useful information


Car 913

NOTE - Several updates from the owner appear here. The latest one is at the end, with comments and pics of some of his upgrades to the car.

In March, 2003, Rick, the owner wrote

 I am having some changes made to Phaeton #913.

 I backed into a gate and put a crack in the rear fender. Since I was going to have it fixed anyway, I decided to bob the rear fenders about 3", remove the front fender wells, and remove all the white rubber strips on the running boards. I have been reading about a couple people who have had trouble with foot room.

I am 6'1' and can hardly step on the brake without crunching my left foot. With me it is the width of the foot well, not the length. I am having the left side of the foot well box cut out and widened 2-3'. Right now my left foot has to sit on the dimmer switch all the time.

There also has been mention of people interested in moving the battery. Since the pictures of my car were taken, I have removed the hood sides, which made the battery look really bad. I made a new battery holder out of angle iron from an old bed, and bolted it directly to the firewall, as high up as possible, directly above where it originally sat.

The battery box it fastened directly to the firewall with fender washers spreading the load. I used a battery with side connections, not top, and they face forward for easy access.  This also allows raising the battery up a little higher.  With the hood sides removed, the bottom of the battery hardly shows.  It cleans up  the engine compartment a lot.  I also cleaned up the wiring and put an electronic voltage regulator on.
 I may have to sell the car eventually, because I have a hot rod '55 T-bird that is coming home soon.  It has a Chevy 305 and 700R4 trans.  I am hot rodding it because it was a bare shell, and buying all the missing parts would be more than it is worth.  Anyway, after driving it a while, I will have to decide which one to keep, as I have too many cars.  I guess we will wait and see.  I am a car nut.  I also have a '56 Ford Vickie, a '22 Model T, a late Mustang convert, and a Jeep;  in addition to my pickup, and the wife's mini van.   My problem is the wife.  Once I get a car, she never wants me to part with it.  Tough, eh?
Add to that the complete house remodel under way, and the daughter and two kids moving in, and my life is a little hectic.
I will get some pictures and send them when the car comes back

The Annexmaster has highlighted the interesting parts of Rick's comments.


5/11/08  Rick reported

Ol' 913 is nearing completion at the glass shop.  The guy who was working on it got a whole line of Edison bucket trucks to work on, and put it on the back burner for a while.  I told him no problemo, no rush at all.  Well, he got so busy he asked if his brother could work on it, and flat bedded it about 20 miles away where his brother works on Corvette body work.  It came back the other day, painted and ready to go exterior wise.  It looks great.  I was concerned they might flatten out the crown on the front fenders where the wheel wells were, but it is fine.  They did it right, cutting the wheel well out, then cutting a piece to fill the hole, then using mat and glass to contour it.
The rear fender bob looks good too, about 3 or 4" taken out.  They cut off the bottom edge, sectioned the fender, and glassed in the bottom edge so the original edge contour remains...good job.
For the foot wells they simply cut out the side of the inside bucket, and are in process of attaching the extension right to the inside of the outside body shell.  There is a brace for the windshield in the way, which has to be reworked.  We will get at least 3" more space for my feet.
Now that it is back, I am going to try to get some pics of the footwell work before it is finished.  Then I will try to figure out how to send them to you.  If I figure out the pics, I can write up a brief synopsis of the work if it will be of help to anyone.
It turned out so good, I wish I had moved the gas fill while I had the chance.  I still want to put the trunk there.
Oh, yeah.  All the white Pep Boys rubber strips have been removed also.  I will run the running boards bare for a while, then if they get scratched, I will get some universal running board material and cover them so they look original.
The hood sides are removed, the battery moved, wiring cleaned up, and the car is looking pretty good.
I see you are definitely moving, and have your car for sale.  Good luck. I hope this means there will be a west coast Glassic reunion.   I still don't know which car I will sell yet.  The T-bird, now affectionately known as 'Ratbird', is running now, but the brakes are giving me fits.  I cannot drive it till they are safe.  I did drive it about 10 miles very carefully to my car club picnic.  My belt got caught on the bare seat springs and I could not get out of the car till I removed my belt.  I am sure they were laughing with me, and not at me.    Rick

In July, 2012, Rick, the owner wrote

In one shot of the rear wheel area you can see how the fender is widened about two inches
Photo here -
In a shot of a front fender you can see how the wheel wells (spare tire wells) are removed. Photo here -
Several shots of the front area show the real Model A grill, which was shortened about four inches to fit. If the side panels are wanted, you will need to grind them down a bit. Please notice that the front end seems 'tighter' with the new grill. This is because I always thought the hood looked like it was going uphill, and cut the new shell to lower it about and inch. I think it cleans up the front a lot.
One of the photos here -
A shot of the rear fender shows that it was bobbed about 3". This was done by cutting off the bottom lip, shortening the fender and reattaching the lip. Note that a real Model A tail light lens and bezel fits the original light can. Photo here -
If you look at the right side view of the motor area you can barely see the bottom of the new battery placement. I made an angle iron battery tray and mounted it to the firewall using large fender washers. It is very solid. Photo here -
The running board and rear hump trim is removed. I cannot decide whether to use line-X or rubber stairway material on the running board. The stairway stuff comes in a 3' wide roll at Orchard Supply, and looks pretty sturdy. I could not find anywhere that sells running board material by the foot.
Photo here -
The color is maroon, but shows in pictures as red with the sun on it.

As of the end of July, 2012 the car is for sale. To see the Photo album page with all of the pics of this car, go here.



Car 927

Information received 9/30/17 from the owner - .

1974 Glassic Roadster
I completely went through every inch of that car and found it was in an excellent condition, low mileage, looks like it's been in the garage for a long time. The frame the engine everything it was in excellent condition -  minimum work was done on it so I did replace a top with the stayfast material put new white walls on it. Edelbrock manifold, Ede/brock 4-barrel carburetor. It sounds like a hot rod and looks like a classic-- 0-60 under 5 Seconds



Car 943
This table was created in 2023 to try to complete the ownership history of this car.

Time period Car location Source of info
2/15/1974  to  August, 2012 family of Scott Hasbrouck from
Parma, MI 49269 

bought new by Scott's grandfather and stayed in family until  2012 when placed for sale

Info from owner
2012 to ? ownership unknown  
Unknown Philadelphia, PA From a website that accumulates various dealer ads.  No date of when the car might have been there.
4/5/2019 to 4/202022 Registered to James Rohr in St Petersburg, FL copy of title
May 2021 and Nov. 2021 Listed for sale on - with reference to ACC Auctions Online location of car was listed as Manatee County, Florida   2 auctions, not sold either time. website
4/20/2022 to ? Title transferred to dealer

Coast Motor Company, Palmetto FL Title then appears to be assigned to another dealer: Tuned Imports

Tyler Stevenson or Steverson

Copy of title assignment to dealer
9/20/2022 Tuned Imports (a British firm)  listed the car for auction in Netherlands Tuned Imports auction listing - indicates listing as of 9/20/22
June 2023 to present Bought by Knut from auction in Netherlands and shipped to Malta from the new owner

Information received 8/21/12 - when the car was for sale.  In Oct. 2012, the owner reported the car sold. New owner unknown.

1974 Glassic Phaeton 10. #943P

Engine #18171

This Glassic is a one family owned vehicle since it was purchased new from the factory in Palm Beach Feb. 15, 1974.

Comes with factory invoice and all paperwork, pics. of factory brochures, etc.

Everything is original on the car except for a new radiator, carpet, tires and had power brakes installed. Has had good maintenance, coolant flushes, oil changes and tune ups.

It has a 302 V8 with automatic transmission and has around 15,000 actual miles.

Condition of the car would be considered good for the age of the vehicle.

It is currently listed under our son Scott Hasbrouck.

******* end of sale info received in 2012 ******************

When he registered this car on 5/8/04, Scott wrote:

My grandpa bought this car brand new from the factory in 1973 and drove it back up here to Michigan. The car was only driven every once and a while for about 6 years, then it was thrown in a garage under a bunch of junk. My dad and I are currently restoring it. We just got the engine running yesterday and drove it home to clean it up. The car only has 4018 miles on it since new!

Car 982

NOTE - Technical subjects from the owner of this car can be found here.

The following info was  received 9/2004 from Ray, the owner.

I saw the ad on Friday afternoon on --  called the owner.  His dad purchase it new. Dad passed in 1999. The car has not been registered since 1990. I made a verbal offer on car. Packed up my tow dolly and headed from Sacramento to Culver City to examine and possible bring home. Towed it back to Sacramento with no problems. The car has 29,000 miles on it and is a one owner.

 The car seems to run fine. I hope to make a daily driver out of it. I also was thinking of making a street rod of it but may leave it original. The original California title says year built being 1974 but date first sold being 1976. I am going to try to keep the original title for show and tell purposes. I love the website and will be visiting it more soon as we try to give some much needed TLC to a car that has been basically stored for 14 years. The good thing is that it was stored inside and in sunny California.


What is interesting is the Calif pink slip.  it has the year model as 74, but it indicates "date first sold' was 1976, I wonder if it took two years for them to sell the car.

I am going to try to convince DMV to let me keep the pink for historical purposes. 

The car was represented to me as 'perfect' except small paint chips on bottom of rear fenders.  Upon driving the 350 miles to LA I find that the passenger fender has had some sort of major damage but can be fixed.

It needs tons of detail work.  fortunately, I know how to clean and polish aluminum and stainless.  I will replace the radiator with a new four row, looks like the alternator or regulator will need to be replaced.  But it does drive well.

I am acquainted with the car hobby, I have a 27 track T that I am finishing, a 29 fiberglass full fendered with 302 I built in 98. a 31 steel coupe with 3 inch chopped top, a 30 Murray body town sedan that was rodded in 60's.
and another 12 or so collector cars.

I plan on either cosmetic restoration to this Glassic and then selling my 29, or selling the Glassic after getting it back on the road and looking good again.

The car is number 982, It was first sold to Barry J. Burns of Culver City California.
The California Title says the date first sold was Jan 22, 76.  the title was issued 12/07/76.  the first California registration expired Jan 14, 77.

Along with the car I got a four page brochure advertising "Great Motorcars by Replicar".  The photos of the cars show the vehicles having the VW turn signals on front and vw tail lights.

I can only guess that this 74 was a holdover and that when Barry went to Florida to take delivery in Jan 76 that he was given one of the new flyers.

There is a service station lube sticker on the driver door, it says oil was changed and car lubed in Jan, 1985, then it had 29,252 miles on it.  Today the odometer reads 29,865.  It has been driven less than 700 miles in 19 years.  Well that is gonna change quickly.

After Barry passed away his two sons were going to put the car back in service.  However, the smog inspection station and DMV were giving them too much trouble, after spending almost a thousand dollars on it they gave up and put it back in storage.  Now the California law has changed and hopefully I will not have to smog it.  Something about there not being a timing indicator on the motor.

This morning I took the radiator out and bought a new four row.  That should keep it cool.  later today a new water pump, all new hoses, belts and complete tune-up.  By Friday it will have 2004 tags and be cruising the streets of Sac, On Saturday nite it will be at the local classic car cruise.

In March, 2012, the new owner, Howard wrote:

Don, Great site & glad to be part of family.  CA DMV really messed up title and shows as Special construction so trying to get it back to a 74 Glassic so I can register in Nevada. Order of business over time is front tires, clean up engine area, raise rear(1-2in), electric wipers, top, pexiglass windows, HEI ign, your cowl light mod, paint (dark blue metalic) although friends like vintage look it now has, maybe a Model A rack & trunk and front disc brakes

Car 1023

In December, 2020, the recent purchaser, Bryan, shared the following info.

 Glassic is red and black, 12,xxx miles on odometer and title, excellent shape except doors don't fit flush, has new top and side curtains, although side curtains and top never had snaps installed so need this done before use. Heater is non functional but ordering an aftermarket one for street rods from old air products. all stock right now, runs and drives excellent, although I need to replace the steering stabilizer since it shimmies when I hit bumps. A matter of matching one up, like most of the vehicle.
Future plans, dual exhaust with Flowmasters, shorty chrome headers, aluminum intake, and lots of engine chrome.


Car 1055

Thanks for your response on the Glassic information.  As per your request, the left door jam sticker says Glassic #1055.  The previous owner said the car was built in 1976.  Looking at the engine number it relates to a 1973.  Unlike most Glassics pictured on your website, the side engine panels have six rolls of louvers running vertical to the ground.  Also, the car has engine turned aluminum dash with VDO gauges, 6 cd changer in the dash, and heater.  The engine is a 302 automatic with three and a quarter gears and tilt wheel.  I hope this helps you on your information for our particular car.

From an email sent     8/2002

UNKNOWN serial number -- I'm not sure of the serial # I thinks mines a 1973. It didn't have a top when I bought it so I had to make a top and being I was going for a Hotrod I didn't care for the original Phaeton Tops rounding at the back so I improvised. I have buckets out of a Sunbird in it and made a dash out of Cherry because there was only a tach on a fiberglass board. I rewired with an EZ wiring kit and put a dual exhaust system with aluminzed pipe and turbo mufflers. I put a edlebrock performer and 650 Holley street avenger. It had old mags on it so I changed to American Smoothies with moons. I took the air off it and had to replace the radiator with a new Mustang 3 core that fit perfect. I want to change the brakes to Power disc but I'm not sure what I have now. I also will be changing the rear shocks in the next month before the summer. The car was originally red but the fellow I bought it off of painted it black.I built the top frame out of a luggage rack from a Dodge Caravan a friend had sitting around. We used 3/4" plumbing T's and built the frame. I brought it to a local shop that stitched a custom top for it. It's faily light and comes off in one piece. I reenforced the sides and front with1 1/2" aluminum angle I got at home DEPOT. We riveted the T's with steel poprivets and the thing holds up at 80 mph on he highway no problem. -- Scrapbook 2



Car 841 -- The owner, James, says: I have information on this car going back to the Allison Brothers, Inc.  (Gordon W. Allison) in Edmond Ok in 1983.  In 1992 it was registered to Jame B. Adams in England, AR.  I purchased the car in 1999 after Mr. Adams died.-- Posted 4/12/03

On Aug. 1, 2003, Mary Lasiter wrote:

Just wanted to let you know what a true Glassic fan James is.  We decided to go ahead and purchase our tombstone to save our children from having to do so some day.  After picking out the double marker we wanted and  giving them all of the information  we wanted put on it - names, birth dates and on the back our kids names as well as parents names.  (There have been many times when I was researching genealogy that information like that would have been very welcome.)  It was time to decide what picture(s) we wanted put on the front of it.  Guess what James had put under his name.  A picture of his Glassic with the rumble seat open!  Now that is a true Glassic fan.

Editor note: -- The serial number suggests that this is a 1973 model.

Info received from the owner 4/13/04:

When Allison Brothers in Oklahoma registered the car on Jan. 4, 1983 on the title it is  listed as a 1974 BUT it said it had been registered 10 years.   Anyway the title shows it to be a 1974.  When I took the hood off I noticed that scratched on the left side of the cowl where the hood fits is: PMS; 375; 8-13-73.  It looks like it was scratched with a knife or an awl. 

Car 922 -- On May 19, 2004, the owner, Tony wrote:

My Glassic had an overheating problem and I have been told that this was fairly common for these cars. iIcured it by a visit to the vehicle recovery center (used to be called junk yards) for a 1986 Toyota radiator fan shroud. After some minor modification I installed the finished product with 2" screen door springs bought at Orchard Supply and presto no more heating problem.

Also found that the seat belts were not reinforced but anchored to fiberglass floor through a large washer. I replaced washers with 1/4" diamond plates approx 4" X 6" under the floor surface.





Car 923 -- On August 10, 2023, the owner, John wrote:

I saw this car in a yard of closed business near my house. One day I caught the realtor on the property and asked if I could look under the 30 year old tarp.

What I saw was a plastic radiator cover and said to my self  "Is this a kit car ?"

I had never seen one like this ever, so I purchased it for $500 and had it towed home.  Long story short, I fell in love with the history of my new Glassic.

The VIN number is 923. Looks like it was yellow at one time. It has auto and 302 ford power train


(Note: Starting with VIN 1001, there were some duplicate VIN numbers in 1974 with the Glassic nameplate and in 1976-77 with the Replicars nameplate. After the Glassic company went bankrupt and was re-started in 1976, the owner did not know the last VIN number that had been used by Glassic.)




Car 1005--

When Charles registered this car on the Annex in 2019, I had praised the many modifications that could be seen on the car, and suggested that he try to get some history on the ownership of the car while the purchase was fresh.  Here is what he discovered.

The owner, Charles reported in August 2019

Found out more info on car 1005. Virgil Jennings of Evansville, Indiana  bought the car in Henderson, Kentucky in July 1990, and owned the car untill April 2018.

 He is the one who made the Carson fiberglass roof, Electric windows, slide-in side windows, door popper and A-arm front suspension.

Engine side panels are metal with 23 louvers.

He sold the car to Terrell Stuard (this spelling appears correct)  from Bush, Louisiana who owned it till March 17, 2019-  when i bought it.

Since then i have been bringing everything up date.







Car 1011 -- The owner, Raymond, reported in March, 2012

I am third owner of this car. It was first sold in June, 1974. The second owner purchased it in May,1998 with 87,174 miles on it, and placed in official storage in 2000.

I am presently restoring it as best I can. Finding parts to bring it back to its original state is a bit more difficult here in Hawaii. It runs, and now has new tires. I'm anxious to get it on the road for Cruise nights.




Car 1029 (previously called Car u039 -- In Sept. 2012  Don, the Annexmaster called the owner about this eBay car:

I had gotten a lead from Roy, a Glassic fan, about an eBay car without a VIN -- well, it had a vin, but not a Glassic number. The listing said to call the owner, and not to write to the lister, who was a "friend".

Since the car had nice late 30's rims, I called him to see if I could get the VIN. He said he had no real VIN tag and that the state of New Mexico gave him a lot of grief when he bought the car from a Louisiana museum.  Finally they assigned some fake VIN number and he registered the car.

He was a nice older guy who was thinning his collection of cars.  He shared that he paid $500 for the reproduction wheels and that he felt that they were plenty sturdy for highway use.  When I told him about the Annex, he was not interested and said that he did not have "the internet".

There could possibly be a VIN tag on this car, because it was unclear whether there was NO vin, or, as in some states, they just did not like the number they found on the car.

November, 2012 update - new owner Jerry Johnson, in CA reported:

After seeing #U039 on your site,  I noticed it had been for sale in September of 2012. I found it did not sell. The listing had a phone number to contact George Read (recently deceased), so I called and negotiated a price with his spouse Donna Read, paid for the car and now am arranging transport to me El Dorado, Ca.

The correct car number is #1029 and is a 302 engine, C 4 automatic transmission. If a transporter adventure gets the car here, I will clean it up and do a bit of tuning before sending you better pictures and more info. (Annexmaster's note: This is a nice looking Roadster, and Jerry (the new owner) also sent me a pic of his REAL 32 Roadster -- very nice. I am adding it to the page comparing real and replica cars.






Car 1038 -- The owner, Jake, reported on 7/2009

I Bought it from a fellow in Salem Ma. August. It was very rough but ran. Put in new brakes, tuned and got it safe ran it till it snowed. It had been somewhat roded. Pulled engine and transmission  over winter with my younger son cleaned it up had transmission rebuilt.

I have been driving her and peace-mealing her since. Sanderson headers, Holly 4 barrel street dominator manifold, moved battery to rumble, electronic ignition, it had electrical problems did a painless wiring kit, dash fell apart made one up of stainless, stainless fire wall, stainless gas tank. Top still in tatters, no real interior. She has some quirks but all in all runs and drives great!




This car was in Boone, NC in 2006, and still there until bought by Tom in 2015

Car 1069 -- The new owner, Tom, reported in July, 2015


Just starting to dig in. Bought it in Boone, NC and drove it home 140 miles first ride. No issues except vapor locked half way home. Needs a little tweaking & work. Has no top. Most trim parts have been powder coated but many are attached with rivets and I think need to be bolts. Radiator shell probably isnít original and doesnít fit contour of hood. Iím looking forward to tinkering and making minor improvements. Donít need a show car, just a 10 footer is fine with me

And in a follow-up email:

I bought it from Bill Dixon, a 78 year old man who said he bought it from his nephew who had some financial issues and needed to sell it

New owner in 2021 added history information in October of 2023:

 I was able to trace the history on this car and have spoken to the previous owner that I purchased the car from his name is Tom Downs he traded the car for a Corvette, and I bought it from the owner of the Corvette.



This car (with a couple of pictures included) was was spotted by someone on Craig's List in 2012.

Car 1093 -- In 2017 this info arrived.

Hello just wanted to give a little update on what you folks call 1093. My pop and I found this car in 1980 wrecked and rolled. My dad gave the fella at the junkyard $1,500.00 for the little guy and we took it back to Perris California and hand laid the glass in our garage .

About two weeks later it was painted in the same garage and it's been at many shows. My dad Bob moved to Northern California in 1995 where it has been in a barn until his passing in 2014.

 I've personally put at least 20 of the 55k it has today. Not sure about the craigslist spotting those pictures were in his garage. The car has never been for sale.




Car 1078 -- The owner, Wilma, reported in 11/2010:

My husband and I were recently in Georgia (we live in Fla.) and came across a 1974 Glassic with the above vin #.  We love the car and purchased it from an elderly lady whose son had owned it and recently passed away.  We went back to Ga. and trailered it home.


The car is in very good shape now that the mud dobbers and dust are cleared out.  The 302 engine runs great and the first time I took it out it slipped up to 80 mph before I realized what power I had under the hood.  I love the convertible top but we haven't figured out how to get it on yet.  Also the motor side covers are missing and we would love to know where to buy them and some other replacement parts such as the (bird) hood ornament.


I appreciate the Glassic web site and the history of these wonderful cars.  Others may keep their's parked in a garage for years but I plan on adding to the 1,037 miles already on it.  I have already made several people very happy riding around the countryside.


If you could tell me where to find parts for this little love bug of mine I would appreciate it.


My husband and I found our car in Georgia. The previous owner became ill and passed away but not before transfering the car in his elderly mother's name. I have enjoyed driving and sharing rides with the kids at church. Haven't done a lot to it as it runs great even though it sat for a couple of years. We can't seem to get the top to go up (?) but it's sunny most days here in Fla. There are lots of car shows around here in N. central Fla. so we look forward to showing off our pretty Glassic Kit Car. You should see how happy it makes the younger kids when they go for a ride. Thanks Glassic for making such a nice car. It's pretty fast too. I'm old but I ain't dead yet. Still enjoy the wind in my hair. God bless





Car 1104 -- The owner, David, reported on 8/2006

I just recently purchased Glassic 1974, #1014.  The car needs a lot of tender loving car and do not know much about parts etc.  My wife and I are most excited about getting a Glassic since we have been looking for over 2 yrs. for the right car.  Several slipped by.

  We both live and work at a mental retardation center in KATRINA ridden south Mississippi.  I recently purchased a garage and car hauler for the car.  I have been to two car shows recently and won 1st.  & best of show and the other 2nd. in my class.  We have put several $ and loving time in fixing it up.  I still need advice on type of new top, trim etc. and where to purchase.  We are presently having cooling problems and hope to install new radiator soon. 

The 351 Cleveland 400 M really puts out.  I would send you photos but would really like to have it 100% first.  The best thing about the Glassic is that it really turns heads and get great raves.  One of the car shows was the Carquest World of Show and go with over 168 cars entered.  Even with getting 2nd. place all the judges (NHRA) said our car was the one car they would pick just to get out on a afternoon and cruise in.  Sorry to be of such length but guess you can see, we are very proud.



Car 1105 -- The owner, Fred, reported on 1/2004:

I saw the car on Ebay on Nov. 2003,I Emailed the seller and asked him how much he would take for the car "right now" he gave me a great price and we closed the deal then.

Note: The seller had not known that what he was selling was a Glassic. An eBay viewer told the seller, who told Fred, the buyer, the car was a Glassic . Fred then researched the Annex website and made a deal with the seller. Way to go, Fred!

In July, 2009, current owner Ronald, in Kentucky, reported:

The car was originally yellow with black fenders. We took it down to glass and refinished it with ford colors. White interior and white top 15 inch wheels with baby moons and rims. We reworked the engine and transmission.

And, also in July - a follow-up:

I bought the car from a body shop in Shepardsville, Ky.  He had purchased is from the owner in Fla.  I wish I had taken his number and address down.  The shop owner had re-upholstered the car with white vinyl, redone the brakes, shocks, exhaust, and other misc.

  I took the car apart.  We took it to bare glass and started over.  The colors are Creme broulee over orange crush. ( Ford colors)  We replace the radiator shell, bumpers, headlights, top, radio, air conditioner, repositioned the battery to the rumble area. upgraded the engine with a new manifold and a four barrel.  The transmission was rebuilt and all other chrome was re-plated.  I plan to put a mustang style front suspension under it and add power brakes in the future.

I will find some pictures and forward them to you.


Car 1133 -- In 2003, the new CA owner says: Purchased on the internet from the previous owner in New Mexico and only going by pictures as to the condition. It is in rougher condition then portrayed by the seller so it will have a lot of my work into it before I get done.

In August, 2008, Florida owner David wrote: I plan to tighten it up and create a weekend driver and parade car Has the original tires (badly cracked and dry) side mounts still have the white numbers on the tread - so dry I would not even keep pressure in them


Car 1147 -- The owner, Ken shared these details about his extensive engine work in 7/2014: -- tips that caught the Annexmaster's eye are  highlighted in purple.

I am in the process of updating/refurbishing my Deluxe Roadster, #1147, although not quite to the extent that #1148 is being refurbished. My car received a complete engine overhaul and some other improvements. It was running extremely rough, with evidence that the valves were burned due to the use of unleaded gas over about 12k miles of running. The Ford 302 V8 (built for a 1971 Ford Mustang based on the block numbers) received the following treatment:
"Engine: Complete disassembly, strip, burn, blast, Magnaflux block, Mic, bore and hone 0.030, deck block, align hone block, prep block, install cam bearings and frost plugs, oil plugs. Heads: strip, burn, blast, Magnaflux, install hardened seats, reface heads, valvejob, install new valves, assemble with correct valve springs to match cam. Crank: clean, check straightness, mag, mic and grind mains to 0.020, rods to 0.010. Rods: clean, check straightness , mag, install new ARP rod bolts, recondition and assemble new pistons to rods, balance engine assembly, assemble complete engine w/intake, valve covers, new oil pan."

New engine parts include:
- Chrome aftermarket oil pan (front sump)
- roller rocker arm kit, PRW Self Aligning
- Performance Products Harmonic Balancer w/spacer kit
- ARP bolt kit, stainless, 12 pt
- Header gaskets, small sq port
- Comp valve springs, retainers, valve locks
- Rocker arm stud kit
- Keith Black pistons to maintain 9.35:1 comp ratio
- Professional Products polished intake manifold
- ARP carb mount kit, stainless
- Pertronix distributor
- Aluminum timing pointer

I have attached a few pictures of the rebuilt engine, old engine parts, and the car with the rebuilt engine installed. In addition to the engine rebuild, the old rusty headers were replaced with new Hedman polished ceramic coated headers (shorty style) that fit and look great. The old headers did not fit well and were intentionally dented in places to provide clearance for the steering rod and spark plugs. The old Ford shifter was also replaced with a new B&M Ratchet Shifter because the old shifter was extremely sloppy and sometimes fell out of Park. Oh, and I also put new rubber all the way around (Cooper Cobra).

Aesthetically, the car still looks great (in my opinion) on the outside, save for a few nicks and scratches in the paint. My next challenge is to update the interior with new seats and carpeting.

I asked Ken about the RESULTS of all that work listed above: Why is some of this in PURPLE?

In response to your question about performance; its great! I should have mentioned in my initial email that the engine had "noisy" timing gears. I was told that these are preferred by some people because the "whirring" sound they make sounds like the engine has a blower. The previous owner said he never liked that sound, and I also found it to be quite annoying. So when the engine was rebuilt, the timing gears were replace with a timing chain. The "whirring" sound is gone, and now the engine has a nice mellow hot rod sound. The other change that I forgot to mention was that the new cam shaft is "up 2". I'm not familiar with that terminology, but I was told that this would provide a "lumpy idle" and better performance. And it does. Between the loss of the timing gear sound and the new lumpy idle, the engine now sounds great and runs great, just like the street rod I've always dreamed about.

I also forgot to mention that I had hoped to change the steering mechanism to rack and pinion because we were expecting to have to modify the steering linkage to get around the new exhaust headers. But the new headers fit perfectly without having to modify the steering linkage. Besides, replacing the old steering box with the rack and pinion steering assembly looks like it requires more work than I had time or money for at this time. Down the road I would like to replace the front end with a coil over suspension and disk brakes to improve handling and ride. But for now I am just enjoying getting the car back on the road!

Another discovery I made (somewhat aside from the engine rebuild) has to do with the radiator shell (also called grill shell). When I bought the car, it was described as a "replica 1931 Ford Deluxe Roadster". While the car is titled as a 1974 Glassic, I licensed it with Wisconsin vanity plates "31 MDL A", based on my understanding that it was a replica of a 1931 Model A.

 In early June (2014) I attended a local car show where I met a gentleman who was quite knowledgeable about Model A's, himself having a 1928 Model A that he restored in 1967. As we talked, he told me that the radiator shell on my car, which is all chrome, was not from a 1931 Model A, but rather from a 1929 Model A. He explained the subtle differences between the radiator shell designs from each model year. The 1931 Model A radiator shell actually as an inset on the top and bottom of the front face. The top inset is painted the same color as the car. After a little investigating on my own, I confirmed that he was correct.

The very next day I made another interesting (to me, anyway) discovery. I happened to meet the owner of Glassic VIN #881, another Model A Deluxe Roadster, at "Model A Day" in Sharon, Wisconsin. As I explained my newfound knowledge about Model A radiator shells, he pointed out that the "all chrome" radiator shell on his car is not metal, but rather "plastic". The radiator shell on my car (#1147) is metal, and as we also noticed, the metal shell is bigger than the plastic shell, which required that the fiberglass body needed to be cut away to fit the slightly taller chromed metal radiator shell. I have attached a picture of the chromed metal radiator shell (with newly attached Quail radiator cap) and the area where the body was sculpted to fit the bigger radiator shell. What I don't know is whether the metal radiator shell is from an original 1929 Model A (I highly doubt it), or a reproduction (most likely). I would appreciate any comments you may have on the plastic vs. metal radiator shell. Was the metal shell an available optional upgrade from Glassic? It appears from the pictures of other 1974 cars that they all have a chromed plastic radiator shell. That leads me to conclude that the metal shell on my #1147 car was an after-market "upgrade" (or at least a change)?

That conclusion sounds exactly right - and in the world of coincidences, this exact day I was posting new pictures of car 514 - it looks like it had a grill shell make-over too.

Another curious difference between #1147 and others is the reshaping done on the front fenders.   


Car 1148 -- The new owner reported in 1/2008:

I am restoring and making changes to car 1148,  Will be bench style seat.. Will re-do top.. Changed front suspension to coil over and new round tube axle with disc brakes and cross steer rack and pinion setup. I have a lot of old parts for sale and many more to come.. I am also planning  a Ford AOD transmission setup and changing the rear diff also.. If you need parts or have any input to help me that would be greatly appreciated thanks...

Since the above email, the Annex has received a number of great restoration photos that can be seen in the Album.  In August, 2009, owner Rich sent the following:

Things continue to roll on and we have achieved a milestone a rolling chassis that starts and shifted through all the gears. I have sent a couple pictures of details of the TVT cable assembly for the AOD transmission. ( this is a critical assembly and must not be over looked when doing a conversion to the over drive).

We are re sealing the floor and fire wall with fiberglass, have never done it before now, so we are experimenting. The engine fired first try and everything runs as expected.


I have learned a lot and have a new respect for what the original designers and builders went through. I have ticked my way past $40,000 in this adventure, I used to call it an investment, but that would lead one to believe I was going to make money, NOT ! ! !..

The fun busted knuckles blood sweat and tears will have to be enough, I could never get the money let alone the time we have spent on this little car. It has slowly grown to become part of the family I guess. Everyone all ways asks how is the car ? Like it is a relative that's sick or something. But we are moving forward and having some fun in the process also.

 I will send pictures when the body meets the frame again...

Amen, Rich! A nice summary of the love-hate relationship between Glassics and their owners.



Rich, restoring car 1148,  shared the following info in Oct., 2009

We are progressing, chassis is completely ready for the body. alas the body, I bet I have added over 50 pounds in body work to this thing. This is getting better a little bit at a time. We have completed a new dash installation and chose Dakota digital (instruments) which we are set up as a dealer. If anyone needs something please do not hesitate to ask. (You can email Rich at )

We formed a new dash in which we acquired through Kenny's Rod and custom $116.00 It looks factory original, if 2009 were original production date. Fix and fill is our current motto, and I am beginning to get pretty good forming fiberglass. Photos of this restoration are in the Album.


Car 1155 -- In April, 2009, the owner, Joshua, reported:

My grandfather gave this car to me 2 months ago in pieces. The motor trans and interior is all out and right now I am in the process off repainting the car. I have already taken out the spare tire mounts in the fenders and smoothed them off and filled in all the holes where the running boards had the rubber strips on them.

 I am basically smoothing the whole car and going to make it look like a street rod. Right now the interior is being redone by my mom in all black vinyl with pleats in the seats and door panels. I plan on painting the car in all flat black with some old school pin stripping on it.

 The top end off the motor has been redone with new valves, lifters and cam, the heads have been shaved and has an Edelbrock carb and intake sitting on it ready to go back in. I plan on having the car driving in a couple months so I can enjoy it when its nice and warm out.



Car 1165 -- In Jan, 2004, the owner, Roger, reported:

Just bought a car from my step-father and found your web site. My step father's name I got the car from is Larry Snook at Navarre Fl.  also the car is a roadster. (later discovered to be a Phaeton) Why is some of this in PURPLE? He got the car in 02/196 I got the car from him last week.   

It is Red & Black with a white top. This car has been in the garage, and is AA+ condition. My plan is to replace some gages, radio, speaker, and install a high performance cam, and other motor accs .Our plan also is to display this rare looking car at our RV resort. (Sunset King Lake Resort) The motor is a V-8 302. Here is my info :

Roger Roy (Sunset King Lake Resort  owner)
366 Paradise Island Drive

DeFuniak Springs Fl. 32433

Walton County
850-892-7229  phone   e-mail

Fast forward to August, 2021.  The new owner wrote the following (and he included a photo of a PHAETON, but mentioned the seller as the same person as above.)  Roger Roy had said the car was a roadster, not a Phaeton, but had not included any pictures. I had not heard from that owner afterwards.  Mis-identifying  the body style is not uncommon among people who are not car enthusiasts.

  I have recently purchased 1974 Glassic #1165 from Roger Phillip Roy and would like to list on the site.

Car 1178 -- In Oct. 2006 the owner (Little Joe's Auto Sales in Canada) provided the following:


Car 1183 -- In Feb. 2004, the owner, Jerry, reported:

I purchased a Glassic Phaeton S/N 1183 in Aug. 2003 from a person in Wasilla, AK. The history of the car is unknown but as I was told the following is the chronological history.  Someone, an Alaska resident, purchased the car in Calif. & trailered it to Alaska. The person died & willed it to hs son who really did nothing with it.  The person I purchased the car from is a retired master mechanic. This person is into older cas & has an origional restored 1931 Model A sedan, 1957 Cheverolet hardtop, & several other "in the works" projects.  I would appreciate any information on the history of this car as it made its way from the factory to Alaska. I realize the odds are against me but will give it a try anyway.  From information I have seen on your website, I assume, by S/N this car was mfg. in the mid 1970's. It has a solid dropped front axel, long leaf springs, both fore & aft, & has windshield wiper motors installed at the windshield top frame. There were never side curtains installed on this car but a hot water heater has been installed.  The engine has been "warmed up" with 3/4 cam, Thrush headers, Offy intake  manifold, & Edelbrock 4 bbl carb. This Glassic can keep up with the traffic!   Would appreciate any info on this S/N car. 

The car is in Anchorage, AK, and I have been for 30+ years.  I purchased the car from a fellow from Wasilla, AK and has been used for only parades and wedding celebrations during his ownership. Judging from the re-paint info on the container, the vehicle was repainted about 1997. It has been re-fitted with digital gages, most of which do not work correctly, and I have just this week received a re-wire harness to correct this mess from E-Z  Wire, out of Florida.  I also discovered the fuel tank is from a Ford Bronco, 1966-76 vintage, and am having the fill opening re-located to a safer location by an oil field machine shop. A new fuel sender was purchased from a firm in DesMoine, Iowa that meets Ford factory spec, the float was punctured and the reostat was no-op in the origional sender.  (Note: Ford in Alaska, has no parts info older than 1990 available, and anyone needing relplacement Ford parts will have to revert to to fined suppliers.  This car is a "semi-hot rod" in that it has had a 3/4 race cam manufacturer by ?, an after market intake manifold by?, an Offenhouser 4" riser, Edelbrock 600CFM 4 bbl carb, and Thrush Headers and Exhaust  to complete the job.  I have many unknowns but there are not many rigs up here that can keep up from 0 to 85 mph!     As you noted in your E-mail, I believe this is the only Glassic in Alaska. Granted, it is for summer use, or with a heater extended use, but it is very unique for this part of the country. We have been greeted with "high fives" from everything form of sports cars to custom pick up trucks when on the road.People love to hear the "A-OOGHA horn" Nice to hear from someone who also understands Glassics.     




No entries yet. Scroll down.




Car 1001 -- On April 27,, 2008, the owner, John wrote:



1931 REPLICAR BY GLASSIC CALL JOHN 347-400-0352 OR 718-987-1121 

(Note, unknown initially if this is a 1974 or 1976, since either could have a VIN of 1001 The Annexmaster wrote to the owner and got this added info)






Car 1008 -- Info added 1/13/11 -- The owner sent the following comments:






Car 1016 -- a 1976 Replicar - info added 8/22/17 -- The new owner, Bob, sent the following comments:

Well, I did it.  We drove all the way to Minnesota and then trailered the red "Free Spirit" all the way back to Texas.  What a long way that was.  Never again that far for anything.  She is just as nice in person as the photos though.  And just about in the best of condition.  He said they never charged the air because in MN they don't ever need it.  New tranny, belts, hoses, plugs, wires, brand new elect. Ignition, and new oversize radiator.  (Bob, at the time, owned car 1008, a 1974 Glassic Phaeton, and when the previous owner (wisely) posted car 1016 on the Annex, Bob saw it and made his move.)




Car 1033 -- Info added 12/12/02 -- Peyton's home base is in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He states:

I bought the car new.  My wife saw the car at the Palm Beach airport and put a down payment on the car.  It was a 50th birthday present.  I liked it and paid the balance.  Now lately she wants me to sell it. NO WAY  I use it all the time .
I am a snow bird.  The car stays in Florida.  We live in a condo on Jupiter Island. 



Car 1038r -- Info added 10/9/14 -- Ronnie, the owner is selling the car.  He states:

Edelbrock carburetor and intake, centerline aluminum wheels staggered 15" in front 17" with good tires.  9" ford rear end, new plugs and wires, new exhaust, new fuel sender, new shocks, new fuse panel, new cushion in seats, new battery cables, new starter.  Had a/c compressor has been removed by a previous owner. No side curtains for top, needs new plastic glass in top.  Has engine hood panels.




Car 1044r -- Info received from the owner  Dec., 2016 (I added the "r" to the VIN here on the site, to distinguish it from a Glassic with the same overlapping VIN if one ever reports their info to this website)


Our car as I know it is a three owner with no information about the first owner.
We purchased the car from Mr. Terry Harkness from Beaverton, Oregon. He purchased the car in California in 1994 and later moved to Beaverton, Oregon.
The car is as I understand a 1977 Replicar and all known facts with 1977 do apply to this car. It has a 302 V-8 with Power Steering and Power drum brakes and leaf springs with 5 lug wheels. It is either on a Maverick or Granada suspension and frame.

The battery is located under the rear seat underneath the car. It is the typical Red and Black fendered Phaeton body with a white roof and trunk. The car came equipped with the 1977 California Smog equipment installed which we have removed. The car has approximately 27,000 miles.

I want to thank everyone for their input to this web site as I have used a lot of the information already. I have already removed the smog equipment and tuned up the car engine. It has all new hoses and belts on engine, it has all new brakes and brake lines and we currently have it in a paint shop. It will be painted Ford Red/Candy Pearl Clear Coat with 3 layers of clearcoat. After it is painted we will go to the upholstery shop for new top and side curtains to be made. I have purchased 4 NOS chrome wire wheels with wire baskets ordered new for a 1977 Ford Granada and have been on a shelf since purchased new.

 I have the hardware for wind-wings but not the glass so will have a local glass company make the glass and etch our "S" in both glass wind-wings. If you would like any other information please let me know and I will try to obtain whatever you would like to know. We have owned 4 Model A fords, three 1930's, One coupe, two Blindback or two window fordors. We also had a 1931 coupe. We just sold an all original 1927 Model A 2-door sedan. In addition to our ford I also own a 1955 Chevrolet 2-door hardtop BelAir. I am very fortunate to have an understanding wife who also likes old cars. Her name is Karen Sparks.




Car 1047 -- Info received from owners  Sept., 2014 when car status changed to "for sale"

 15,390  Original miles, Excellent condition. We have owned the car since approx. 1995 we are the second owner. The original owner was deceased and we bought from estate. We lowered the front end, put 3/4 cam with solid lifters, Offenhouser intake manifold, dual feed holly 650 and dual exhaust system, wire spoke wheels and wide Michelin tires.

Original paint and interior are perfect ,also have the original side curtains  Has always been garage kept and well maintained.




Car 1076 -- Info added 2/22/08

This car was previously car u032 since the VIN tag was gone, and a substitute VIN tag was installed on the car. Since then, our best guess is that this is car 1076.

I checked the door post for a serial # plate. If it was there, someone did a good job filling the rivet holes because there is no indication of them. -- it would have been a STICKER on a 1977, so no holes to fill.
I checked the frame behind the bumper bracket, ahead and behind the steering box brackets and ahead of the shock bracket. It has been painted at least 2 times but there is no sign of any weld lumps or tool # kit grooves.  
Looked again at the hood. I believe it shows the # sign then 76 only.
The # sign actually looks like a big X and O grid.
There is no room between the # sign and the 7 for another number. So #76 is what I can make out as the only indication of a serial number. -- 1076 is the only logical possibility, since 1176 would, by then, have had coil springs in the front.
There is only one spare tire--on the driver side front fender., Took me about six months to find the correct matching rim for it. This turned out to be a 1977 model "America Racing" Ford rim. Previous owner had a similar Crager for a chevy which was just for show. It didn't fit the car wheels bolt pattern.
The windshield wipers are mounted below the windshield and have a spray nozzle outboard of each.
Since I bought it I've change the front and rear suspension (raised up rear and removed lowering blocks in front) Put in different shocks. Reset track bars  Replaced speedometer from old 80 mph to 160 mph. Redid dashboard to grey granite  texturized paint. Added a CB, Replaced the steering box( which required re-doing the fiberglass in that area)

Had Pin stripes added in several places around the car.

Replaced roof and modified some of the supports.

Added some mirrors.

Of course, maintained engine etc. -Had one broken valve spring a few years ago.
Everything else-if I didn't forget some- was done before I got the car.
That fills you in on all I can remember about our "BB" --   "Betty Boop"
Or Bud and Becky's car.




Car 1083 -- titled as a 1977. This car has overlapping vin numbers with Glassics. It was for sale as of 4/22/02 by Bob's Classics in Clearwater Florida

1931 Model A Ford-Phaeton-Glassic-2 tone

This is one of our best selling, modern day streetrods & we havent had one in well over a year. These are not kit cars, but factory built turnkey cars, built in 1977 by Replicars Inc {Glassic} out of Palm Beach Florida. Only 130 built per year, so they  are getting to be quite rare. This cars has a very rich dark chocolate brown body- almost black, with black fenders, & tan interior, full folding white top & side curtains, white side spare cover & white antique rear trunk on a folding luggage rack. 4 seater model, with tons of headroom & overall interior space. powered by a very peppy 302 V8 5.0 liter Ford engine, with automatic transmission, air conditioning & heat, power brakes & steering, stereo w/cassette, 2 piece metal hood, genuine Ford partridge hood ornament, side spare, white radial tires, folding windshield, wind deflectors, 2 pc. bumpers, badge bar, front disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, full heavy frame, 2400lbs, will do around 106 mph, & is 14 feet long, 65 1/2" high, 65 1/2" wide & has a 102 " wheelbase.has just over 12,000 miles, which is super low for a 25 year old car. Its now considered a classic on its own. All parts are Ford, so its simple to work on & all maintenance is inexpensive as well. These cars can be used as daily drivers, & the body is fiberglass with gelcoated finish, so no rust ever. appraised at $22,500. You really dont get much for under $25,000. in a streetrod these days, but this cool rod is priced at only $18,900. thats all $18,900. for a factory built, low mileage Glassic Model A with all the goodies. We can arrange enclosed, insured shipping to your door,& if you need help with the financing, try at This car wont last long. Better photos coming soon.     Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406


Car 1089 - info received from the owner, Ken,  6/1/09

I have owned this beautiful and fun car for 19 years. It is all original in excellent condition with 26,200 miles. Has been garage kept in Florida, Virginia, and now back in Florida. Had 20,000 when I bought it in 1990. I have a collection of 12 classic cars ( most made in the 20's and 30's) and like this Replicar best of all as it is highway drivable and safer at higher speeds than most of my other vehicles. A fun car to drive and own. A sharp looker that turns many heads whether driving for pleasure or in a parade. It gets many camera clicks.




Car 1092 - info received from the owner, Paul,  2/28/16

This info came from a phone call received by the Annexmaster. It is transcribed from notes hastily taken on the backs of available envelopes. By the time the call was finished, I realized that I should have used a yellow pad.  This Phaeton, in Pennsylvania, MAY be car 1092, but the VIN tag is gone, and only the number 92 was welded on to the frame. LSome Replicars cars had the whole 4-digit VIN on the frame, so we can guess that the first round of cars did not need all 4 numbers on the frame to tell the builders which car frame went with which car.

Paul has owned the car since about 2006 and has a body shop. The car had been modified when he got it, and he made many changes himself, with the car sitting a lot, and being worked on from time to time. The car has been yellow with flames, and below that, the original color was  Maroon with black fenders..This car has no fender spares (or signs that they had been filled in, but had the split rear bumper for a rear spare. (Most often seen on the early Replicars) The VW lights are gone, but there are signs (filled in holes) that they had been on the car. I think he said that he had 1939 Ford taillights on the car.

Paul had removed the power steering box - likely from a 72 LTD Ford - (saying the steering was unstable) and replaced it successfully with (I think) was a 65 Ford manual steering box. I lost him during the technical talk, but he is very happy with the steering now, and there may have been some hit and miss adjustments needed. I will revisit this topic with Paul.

Like many Glassic owners, Paul is not a computer geek, and will get family help with email and photo correspondence.

ALSO from the call. Paul has some parts available.  Door hardware (1977 car, most likely)) hood side panels, a grill shell that has been repaired and primed or painted, and possibly a hood ornament, and perhaps some air conditioning parts.  He replaced the a/c with a Mustang under-the-dash setup.  He is also in process of changing to a 32 Ford grill shell, and, as other people have reported, it is NOT as easy as one would think. The contours are different from the 31 shell, and so hood work is needed to make them match.

Paul also changed the latches on his doors to Bear Claw latches, but installed them with the latch part on the door post, and the grabber on the door - the reverse of what you would expect - since the grabber "pokey part" tended to snag clothes. He said he changed the latch to improve the latching capability of the door, which he said did not always grip firmly.

Once I confirm his contact info, and that he wants to share it, I will add it in.  He did not respond to my email, but DID call to ok sharing the info.





Car 1094 - info received from the owner, Marvin,  1/20/10

Car 1094 began life as a slot machine prize, in a casino in Reno, Nevada. After 2 years on the casino floor with no winner, my father bought the car from the casino for $5000.00, drove it for 20 years, then sold it to me.

 I've repainted it and built a new removable hardtop, with matching hard side-curtains, that open with the doors. The car has been a daily driver for 33 years, and never had the heads off, and still does not burn oil. the car has made cross country trips to Florida, from Idaho, and numerous trips throughout the pacific northwest.

 I have detailed photos and procedure for building the top if interested. The total cost of the top was less than $400.00 trunk is from an unknown vintage auto, possibly Cadillac, or Packard.

2' was removed from the bottom to facilitate mounting, and gas filler was moved to the fender. The other fuel tank in front is extra fuel for crossing the great basin in Nevada. (we usually take back roads) The radiator was repositioned.

Marvin added in 2015:

In addition, the engine is still running and "daily driven", after more than 37 years same transmission, rear end etc same alternator, distributor, and is still using the old points and condenser ignition. Same fuel pump, oil pump, water pump, it just keeps going.

Oil changes and tune ups every 6 months, have a lot to do with it.

Paint job, upholstery, and hard top, all done by hand by me in my garage.

It's a rat rod to look at.
Or purist hotrodder by definition.
Strictly do it yourself.

And it launches a boat pretty well.

We've driven it to Florida.
And everywhere in between.

Marvin N. Drewrey

This car looks like a Generation 2 car, like a 1974 - but Marvin shared documents. (with the photos of the car) It appears that it IS a Glassic, titled as a 1977. Who knows what the builder was doing as the company came out of bankruptcy back in the day.  Very possibly, parts were put back into the business from before the name changed to Replicars, so they were used. The car could also MAYBE be a 1974 that was sold, but never titled until later on.  The casino may not have processed the papers while it was on their floor. 

Here is an update in September, 2016

Just wanted to share an update with you on this car.  The original owner was in fact my grandfather. Garland Drewrey. Marvin, the previous owner, sadly passed away in February of this year. He was my dad. I purchased the car from him on the day he died. It was the one thing he had to get done before leaving this earth so that his wife had a little money to take care of things. They had no life insurance.

 The car is now located in Las Vegas Nevada. I have no plans to sell. I do believe that based on the construction and parts in the car that it was actually a 1974 Glassic that was titled incorrectly as a 1977. I have no idea how long the car sat on the casino floor as a slot prize in Reno NV but (according to my grandmother) my grandfather actually "bought the car twice". The first $5000 was spent over "a few years" with nickels.

My grandfather would go each morning to the casino, get his coffee and doughnut and sit for an hour trying to win the car. Then one morning the car wasn't there anymore and my grandfather immediately called the casino owner (who was an old friend) and found out that the car had not been won on the slots. He bought it that very day unbeknownst to my grandmother who was reportedly none too pleased with the purchase.

She came around though after her first ride in it. The car remained a fixture in the lives of us grandkids for our entire childhood. I am so very happy that it is still in the family. My father had done extensive work on the car in the time that he owned it. The engine was lowered and a new electric fan and shroud was added for cooling. He built a new removable hard top and redid the interior. He used leather for the seats with accent buttons made of nickels. (An homage to the cars early life.)

 I'll  send along some pictures once I get it out of the garage this fall. Vegas summers aren't really ideal for the car but I'll be getting her going soon now that temps are going down. Please feel free to contact me at 702-596-3556. Or email at if you have any questions



Car 1098 - info received from the owner, Bob,  11/19/07

Original owner! I believe this was the only Black with Black Replicar manufactured. I lived in Chicago at the time, and the factory thought Bonnie & Clyde were coming to pick it up. Drove it from the factory to Chicago. In about 1992 moved to Scottsdale and had the Replicar shipped to its new home. Still looks great. Mostly all original. About 5,500 miles.


Car 1108 - info received from the owner 8/25/10

Note from the Annexmaster: This car is titled as a 1978, and the VIN sticker shows a build date in 1978 - yet other nearby VINS were titled in 1977. This may have had something to do with regulations at that time, perhaps pertaining to the ever-stricter pollution requirements - .

I have replaced the brakes, master cylinder, all of the wheels, the radiator, the universals, and I installed a Lokar floor shifter.

The engine was rebuilt and now has approximately 25,000 miles on it. It has a rebuilt exhaust system which includes a new Ford muffler and catalytic converter. I used to have dual exhaust and Sanderson headers but had to remove them for California smog requirements. I still have the parts.

It has side curtains and top. My wife and I used to drive it frequently on little trips around San Diego. We have taken trips to Julian, California and even to Arizona (from California).

The car is now garaged in Montana.


Car 1112 - info received from the owner 6/17/04

I was interested in an original phaeton for several years. During my research I found out about the Glassic cars. Since my goal was to have a daily driver the Glassic seemed my best bet. I found mine on ebay: one owner with 4000 miles located 650 miles away. I made my deal and flew to Dallas, met the owner and drove it home that day. I have put 8000 miles on it made a few changes and love driving it daily. David Gluth 601 798 4019 email








Car 1113- info received from Corey,  the owner 5/23/23

I purchased a 1977 Replicar last year Aug 2nd. (2022) and have since found the Annex and fell in love with the car. I found the car in St Louis Missouri behind a landscaping business sitting outside going to hell. I finally was able to purchase it and got it home. The motor was locked up. I am currently in the process of putting a new crate engine in it.





Car 1211 -- Info provided by the owner, Richard, on 1/4/08

I Purchased this Roadster From A Car Dealer In Columbus,Ohio. I am The second Owner. It was build At 3175 Belvedere Road., West Palm Beach, Florida. By Replicars, INC.

Vehicle= 302 C.I.Ford Gasoline Eng,Automatic Transmission, 14"Tires With Chrome wire spokes wheels. Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, AM/FM Radio w/CD disk, Body. Roadster/Rumble-Seat, Exterior Colors-yellow body/black Fenders, Two side Mount Tires, Luggage Rack with Black Trunk.

I Removed the VW tail lights and added 1931tail lights. Added Dual Exhaust with stock mufflers. Electric fuel pump. Will submit more more later.




Car 1219 -- Info provided by the owner, Ed, on 4/17/03

Purchased in San Antonio, original Replicar. Drove home to Charlotte, NC. Stripped entire car of all factory items. Chopped top and windshield 4". Built carson style top with removable Plexiglass side windows. Lowered car 7". Cut front fenders & frame rails out and added '32 Ford frame horns. Reshaped fenders, wheel openings and filled sidemounts. Built new dash,replaced front. seats, replaced heat/ac unit, installed Centec wire harness, added 32 Ford grill, tail lights & bumper.

My Glassic/Replicar is highly modified to resemble a street rod more than it's original roots. The car has been done for about 8 years and logged around 25,000 miles. I've traveled the entire East Coast top to bottom and west to Ohio a couple of times. Not once has the car left me stranded or had any problems. It's beginning to show some road scares but nothing that can't be fixed. I'll try to get some pictures for you.

For those interested, I used 80's GM mid size [Pontiac Grand Am] bucket seats less headrests. Worked great and very comfortable. Have also used 80ish Honda buckets in my first 66 Glassic Phaeton Street Rod. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. That car was a multiple show winner as a street rod. The car is now in Fredericksburg, Va.



Car 1234 -- The owner, JP, sent this info along on 8/121/09:

Pictures of this car are on this website now--I am the new owner of car #1234. Building a new top and rewiring the car. I have fixed the heater, wipers and the gas gauge.

 I have recovered the trunk and will install new front folding bucket seats on sliding tracks. I have owned a 1979 Shay Roadster since 1986.




Car 1236 -- The owner, Bill, sent this info along on 7/7/2023

I was helping clean out a old marina,  The owner had been a hoarder. There was a  1968 911, 37 BMW,  a convertible,1957 VW, and dozens of other rusty cars.

 I managed to get this Phaeton to roll. It surprised people when it actually drove. I spent a year cleaning up the place, messing with the Phaeton a little every so often.

It took forever figuring out the gas tank, It was from a 73 Bronco.

I relocated battery to the trunk in the rear since I hated getting under to jump start it. This is an exciting venture and great to now be able to own it,

So many people greet me with thumbs up or honking, Even young kids. What's weird was that while cleaning it, no one wanted to buy it, They thought it was just a kit car.

This picture (in the album, with the car cover) is  how I found and uncovered it. Next to it was a 1967 BMW cycle in great shape. American Pickers missed out!



Car 1244 -- The owner, Steve, sent this info on 6/151/2010:

I stumbled across this roadster in late 2006 while visiting a co-worker. She makes wrap around skirts and sells them at our local craft fairs. she had some at work, and I was looking for one for my niece.

She told me to come out to the house cause she had a better selection. On arrival at her house I saw this sad little roadster covered in algae and mold, top hanging down inside and half filled with redwood leaves.

She proceeded to ask me if I wanted to buy it. I told her I couldn't afford something like that. A few weeks later she told me I could have it for 500 bucks. It took me a few months to come up with the money, but I now own it and it may take me years to put her back into shape, but she runs and is a work in progress

In Jan. 2012, the new owner, Del send this info:

This was in terrible shape when I bought it. Everything was shot. Right now I have replaced the engine with a Maverick 302. Changed the rear end and front rotors to 5 lug. Completely gutted the inside except for the dash. Fiberglassed the holes for the old VW tail lights and installed Model A tail lights, new king bee headlights, New wheels. Lincoln tilt steering. Looking for replacement seats. Still preparing the body for paint. When its finished I will put up pics.






Car 1254 -- Posted at time of my purchase in 2001. This is Angelique - the purple car owned by the Annexmaster of this site. It had a rebuilt engine, that since blew up (a piece of the cylinder wall broke off and shot parts out through the oil pan). It was painted purple by the previous owner who originally wanted PINK and toned it down to the purple. He wanted a car that could be seen in parades. It can!

In November, 2023, the current owner, Don, shared this updated info.

The car (1254) is currently owned by myself Don Martin of Weybridge, VT and my dad John Martin of Harrisville, NY and the car splits time between us but spends most of its time with him in NY but I do get to enjoy it earlier and later in the season as I do all work/maintenance on it. 

The car was purchased from a man near Syracuse NY  in mid 2021

Car 1256 -- Read the story of Bob Muir's restoration efforts. This article includes a table with part numbers.

12/30/05 -- Bob reported that he sold the car. new owner unknown.

8/16/05 --Car 1256 for sale. The owner, Bob, provided the following info:

78 Glassic Phaeton #1256 11,000 original miles, V8, power steering, brakes, automatic, CD, new tires, excellent condition, original sales brochures, price list, and color chart, Western N.C. $16,500.00 828-884-3512



Car 1288 -- This car is titled as a 1931 Ford --ID plate on the door says: Briggs Mfg. (The ID plate was most likely a reproduction plate, widely available for Model A restorers)

This car is "most likely" a 1978 model car, since it lies between known VIN cars from 1978 and 1979.

The car was in NY in late 2007, where the owner sent a tip to the Annex about adding a steering damper for improved driver comfort. Soon afterwards, the car ended up for sale in Florida at Bob's Classics. Then, in Feb. 2008, it was bought by Sam and moved to Fairbanks, Alaska.  I asked Sam how he came to find the car in Florida --

The new owner, Sam, replied:

 I was wandering thru Hemmings (a classic car advertising periodical) kind of looking for an original Model A and came across an ad for this car. It was an absolute impulse buy in the blind and what I know about these cars is due to the gracious kindness of Don Davis (the Glassic Annex). He even told me the number that I bought. (1288)

 I live in Fairbanks Alaska and my brother and bought our first stripped down Model A for $26.50 when I was 15 yrs old. I bought it for a fun thing for my wife and I to tool around in for the beautiful Alaska summers. I was born in Gainesville Fla. but have been in Fairbanks for 47 years.

The car is coming by covered van to the Seattle area. My brother and our wives plan to get on the Alaska ferry in Bellingham and go by water to Haines and from there by road to Fairbanks. I look forward to being in the 'club' and once more my thanks to Don Davis.--Sam Brice

Sam also said:

During most years all the driving will be from about 15 May to late September when the first snow falls. Fairbanks has the most beautiful summers and falls anywhere.  In the winter the car will be in a heated garage at the guest log cabin near my home 13 miles out of Fairbanks.

Received from Sam 11/18/08:

This is Sam Brice from Fairbanks. Alaska.  Had my Phaeton shipped from Florida to Seattle. 

 I drove it from Seattle to Clackamas Oregon where one of the Brice companies had an environmental cleanup job at Fort Witheycombe in Clackamas. I was in Oregon about 3 months and toured up, down and across the state with our car with little difficulty.  We went to Mt Hood, the Bonniville Dam, the Rogue River and the Wine and had a marvelous time.  The job was completed in early November and We drove to Bellingham Washington to catch the Alaska State Ferry to Haines Alaska.

 The weather had turned to deep winter so my brother met us in Haines with a car trailer and we returned to our home in Fairbanks.  One aspect of driving the car was totally unexpected and that was the constant attention that followed us everywhere we went.  The car is in a  heated garage until late April but we had a years worth of fun in three and a half months. 



Car 1290 -- Registered on the website 4/13/03. Owner Mark writes:

This car was purchased new on 1-26-79 it was used in the Key Biscayne 4th of July parade and a few other events it has very few miles on it. I had lost touch with the owner until a few weeks ago and asked him about the car and he told me it has been in his garage for the past 8 years due to a back injury. When I went to see the car after all the years I was shocked to see it was still in great shape. I bought it on the spot and after a weekend of going through the fuel system the car runs great and the A/C is ice cold. I just returned from the first test ride and it was a dream what a great car. I was lucky and found every orignal bit of paper work from the orignal order form to owners manual in a bag under the seat it was like a time capsule. and when I found the web site I had to send something-- its great to see others with the same pride in their car.


Car 1296 -- Registered on the website 5/29/08. Owner's friend  writes:

I'm friend of JW Howard which is the new owner of car # 1296 he ask me to inform this forum of the new owner.

He is in the process of upgrading the Car, he changing out the wheels and tires to a 1932 style spoke rim w/white wall Coker tires.

He has glassed in the rear fender tail lites, and front turn single lites. installing large 31 Ford Headlight, 31 style cowl lites. 31 style tail lights It's a project hope and he hopes to have new pictures soon.

Myself I'm a Shay owner and I have totaly changed my Shay and have noticed many item are the same on the Glassic. Ron Mast Shay Owner


Car 1308 -- Registered on the website 8/21/10. The Owner  writes:

Hi my Name is Jeany and I have imported car 1308 to Australia...

 This process started on 05/05/2010 and the car arrived down under 14/08/2010 and pick up was on 20/08/2010 I was looking for a car with a difference and spotted this 1 on eBay.

That's when the fun began !!!! Let me tell you there were so many highs and lows thru out the last 3 months !! Would the owner wait for me to get the import approval ? will the government allow me to import this car Many sleepless nights to be had .I dealt directly with the owner and we agreed an a price ..

Then started the import approval process.. Due to the $$$$ value being so good what should have been a 16 day turn around took me 31 days just to get the import approval !! Then the shipping process had to be finalized as I could not do anything until I had that approval !!!!

With that all sorted the long wait began for my car to arrive down under . That all came to a fantastic end yesterday for me , 20/08/2010 . The car arrived in Australia in a sealed container on --(message space ran out)

Car 1321 -- Info provided by the owner, Mike in Sept 24th., 2013

This car is being offered for sale --

We are putting our 1929 model A Replicar (1978) Roadster Why is some of this in PURPLE? serial # 1321 up for sale.  It has a fraction over 28k miles 302 V-8 runs great, it is the canary yellow with the black fenders, has the spare tires both sides, the luggage rack with trunk (trunk not original of course but fits the look and in good shape)

 It has A/C with am fm stereo with CD and face plate removable, top can be put down, it is in great shape and we have the side windows that snap in and are in great shape. 

 We have had our fun with it for the last 6 yrs so now time for someone else to enjoy.  it is definitely an eye catcher, if you are single it will attract the women -- heck I am married and it attracts them when I am driving so it is a great magnet. 

Kids from young to old just love it.  for more info send email or text me or call me,  970-353-9211 home, 970-302-1866 cell  priced at $20,000, if you donít like the price make a reasonable offer and we might be able to get together, but I think my price is pretty fair. 

Thanks Mike

Note:  This VIN falls in the 1979 range, but during those years there seemed to be some overlap between when VIN's were assigned and when cars got sold, so it is not unusual to see titles a year different than what one would expect.


Car 1325 -- Info provided by the owner, Mark in May, 2006

I was employed by a developer Marc Equity Corporation out of Buffalo N.Y. that developed the Jupiter Ocean and Racket Club (a high-rise and single family development) in Jupiter Florida. They purchased the car new and painted the name of the development on the doors of the car to promote the development.

Approximately a year later, they decided to bring the car up to Buffalo N.Y. to our corporate office. I flew down to West Palm and drove the car up to N.Y., where we were promoting a winter world sports show event. I was one of the vice presidents of the company in charge of promotions, so I had the car doors lettered to promote the sports show.

I always kept the car at my home and drove it in numerous parades promoting our New York developments and eventually was promoted to President. In 1986 we sold the real estate holdings, which I managed, to a company in Rochester N.Y. I also went with the new company. The owner of Marc Equity Corporation, Larry Reger knew I was fond of the car and gave it to me.

I have repainted the car twice (same color) and replaced the top and side curtains (white). I moved to Tampa to manage a new development company in 2004 and trailered the car down with me. Over the years I updated the car with dual exhaust, 4 barrel carb, high performance cam and some chrome on the engine. Other than that the car is original.

 I am always looking to replace/worn out items on the car. I have not put plates on the car since I moved to Fl as Mercury Insurance will not insure it. I would like to receive some information on where I might go for Insurance. I lived in West Palm Beach in the late 60's while attending college and am familiar with were the car production was first started.

After recently discovering this web site and learning of the cars that are still around, I am interested in sharing information I know about the vehicles and participating with others that continue to have an interest in them.

Thanks,  Mark Ward





Car 1410 -- Info provided by the owner, Steve in May, 2013

My car's history is as follows: Bought new in 1979 by George Pardee, a developer of home subdivisions in S. Calif. He used it at his winter home in Palm Springs CA.

 He died, left it to his daughter who took it to live with her in Vermont. No place for a windowless car! She gave it to the Shelburne Museum in VT in 2004 or 05. They ran short of $$ last year and decided to sell it.

Anne Pardee told me and showed me a photo and I bought it. Now, here it is in Berkeley with only 5,000 miles on it.


In Nov, 2014, the owner sent this addtional info at the time he listed the car as "for sale" - while some of it repeats info seen here, I will post it all to help complete the history of the car.

I bought the car in late 2013 from the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.  The car was first purchased by George Pardee, a well-fixed home builder in S. California.  On his death it went to his daughter, Anne, who moved to Vermont and gave it to the museum.  When the museum needed money they wrote to Anne, now living in Berkeley, to ask if that was OK with her.  Then she told me, I made an offer and they trucked it across the country and here it is.  It has only about 8,000 miles on it.  Runs well.  I have had a lot of fun using it as my town car where it is almost impossible to drive a block or two without someone taking a picture or asking me about it.  What a kick! 

In October, 2014, David, who scours the Internet in search of Glassic items, spotted this blog about car 1410. I am attaching the link, but also copying the info here in case this item vanished over time.

Wed. January 8. 2014
Posted by Jay Wollenweber (Jay's excellent pictures that accompanied his blog are also in the Album.)

For me part of the thrill of car blogging is trying to discover the model year of an obscure car and stumbling upon the history of that actual car. Rare cars tend to have well-connected owner's groups with a registry. I like to see what I can dig up to give myself and my readers a more complete picture of what they're looking at.

In the 1960s and 1970s, The Ford Model A was a popular classic car to own. But it was getting old, unreliable and simply difficult to find in good shape. So a few companies were formed that offered new fiberglass replicas of the Model A, providing the appearance of a classic but with more amenities and power. One of these was Shay Motors Corporation, a Ford-approved maker of Model A roadsters and pickups. The other notable manufacturer was Glassic, which produced roadsters and two-door 'phaetons'. The Shay body was relatively authentic in its proportions, while the Glassic was wider for more interior space, and accepted a larger engine. Both were built on a contemporary frame with a modern engine. Glassics first used an International Scout four and later a Ford V8; Shays had Ford Pinto or Fairmont fours. Both companies were bought out or changed their names over the years. Glassic became Replicars, Inc. around 1975 and continued building cars into the 1980s.

The Glassic Annex website has a list of cars and owners. I believe this car, having been found in Berkeley, is car number 1410. Car 1410 is a 1979 factory-built Replicars Phaeton originally purchased by a Southern California real estate developer, George Pardee, for his winter vacation home in Palm Springs. After the owner's death, the car moved to Vermont, where it was given to the Shelburne Museum. In 2012, the car was sold and moved back to California, now residing in Berkeley. The story states that the car has a mere 5,000 miles on it. The engine is a 302 cubic inch Ford V8 hooked to an automatic transmission. The final clue as to the veracity of the car's identity is the monogrammed initials on the doors, GMP. George M. Pardee.

Most Glassics were Phaetons like this one. Production lasted from 1966 to 1981, with a total of about 1600 cars rolling out of the factory. During the Replicars era, 508 cars were known to have been built. These were different from the earlier models in that they had a custom-made chassis instead of the earlier International Scout frame. These cars also have Volkswagen Beetle taillights in place of the dainty original-style Model A lamps, and the front fenders have Beetle parking lamps. Other improvements were made such as front and rear coil springs, front disc brakes, and air conditioning. The cars also received a Model A flying partridge hood ornament. From what I read, the Glassic Model As were never designed from original diagrams or plans, they're mainly an estimation based on the general appearance of the original car with compensation for modern automotive needs and standards.

This one is in remarkably good condition as befitting such a low-mileage car. There are a few chips here and there, some of which may be chips in the fiberglass and not just the paint. But on the whole it looks pretty clean.




Car 1453 --  10/18/08 Info supplied by the owner,  Peggy -

The car was purchased in 1980 by a 'Shriner', He used it in the local parades in New Orleans and occasionally went to North Carolina in it. He went thru a divorce and his ex-wife ended up with the car and left it set outside for a couple of years until he decided to swap her a portion of property for it.

 He had a close friend that owns a body shop go thru the car and decided to sell it. That's when I bought it. The car had just over 18,000 miles on it and was in excellent condition. Currently we have over 22,000 miles on it. I have to say it's my wife's car and she LOVES IT. I can't count the times she's been asked by someone if they could buy it from her.

The only mechanical work that I have done on the car is replace the brake system (that was a task finding the part #'s). Someone spotted the car at Cruising The Coast in Ms. and told my wife about the web site. Glad to find it. Thanks to the gentleman that posted the pictures of my Wife's car. I'm currently trying to locate a heater core and blower motor

Dennis Crozier, a long-time Glassic owner, (Car 189) was at the cruise, saw this Glassic and chased Peggy down the road and spoke to her for a minute. In true Glassic fan form he snapped some pics and got basic information from the owner. A few days later, her husband registered the car and provided the info above.


Car 1456 --  7/1/03 Info supplied by the Ft Lauderdale, FL owner, at that time: Dan Dobin -

Dan bought the car from the original owner in about 1987 and used it infrequently.  He had professionally stored it for the past 10 to 12 years (Dan had several collector cars). The reason he sold the car was that his grown children had not expressed an interest in keeping the car.

Updated info by Rich 3/29/07:

I bought car #1456 two years ago, in 3/05 ,and have practically doubled the mileage on the odometer since then has been a blast to drive and in my opinion, after test driving a few older models,  the newer (Replicars) ,with the coil suspension and front disc brakes and power steering, make it the easiest and most enjoyable to drive

New info by Mike  1/4/22

  I purchased the car from Artie Swanson in South Carolina in December 2021 and transported to its new home in Pueblo West, Colorado.
I have:  Upgraded suspension.  Fixed wiring.  Removed old mufflers and installed old school Cherry Bombs.  Re-Upholstered interior tears.  Restored weather stripping.  Installed new stereo and speakers.  Added ahhooga horn.  Restored grill.  Chromed engine valve covers.  Installed performance headers.  Awaiting new steering wheel.  Complete tune-up with new plugs, wires, distributor, and coil.  Brake booster had to be sent out for rebuilding because I could not find the correct match.  Added favorite lines from The Godfather on the doors !



Car 1467 --In Nov. 2007, the owner, Jim, wrote:

We bought the car from the second owner from Lakeland, Fl. It's new home is near Disney. The original owner lives in Ohio and bought this from the factory for $19,250.00 with 1500 miles on it. I have all the documents of this sale and of her sale to the man in Lakeland.

Copies of the titles and bill of sale and all receipts of any work done on it. It has just over 40,000 miles and has a trunk on the back like the sale material from 1980 which I have. It does need some work, esp. the top and rear seat. I will be putting on a new top and having the seat repaired soon.


Car 1472 -- Email from the owner 2/2/06:

I have a selling price of $18,000.
Recent work done on car, since last update:  New Plugs, and Plug wires,
cap and rotor, new upper radiator hose and by pass hose, new antifreeze,
repainted all of the black on car, and removed the plastic covers over
running boards with all holes plugged and smoothed.  Flushed all brake
lines and replenish fluid with silicone fluid.  ( I consider this normal
maintenance on a classic car).  Second email address:

Info below is as of 5/27/05  Info provided by the owner in several emails, so there may be some repetition in the description.

I own a 1981  Replicar, Phaeton, which I purchased from the original owner
back in 1994, complete with all the original bill of sale, which went for
$24,XXX.00, It has dual sidemounts, air, power steering, and tilt, power
discs  and 302 V8.  It and less than 8,000 miles, and was used only for
advertising the sellers insurance company.  Since, I have drove the car to
many NSRA functions across the Mid west, and to New York Nationals in
Syracuse, the car performs absolutely beautiful, I installed new 15 inch
polished aluminum wheels, and very good radial tires.  That made the most
improvement in handling and ride.  Installed new front upper control arms,
tubular, with nylon bushings, and that was quite an improvement.  the car
has about 26,000 miles and doesn't leave the ST Louis area now, only to
local car shows, and parades, never misses July 4th, and Vets day parades.
The car is almost perfect, except for the top
and side curtains, that show their age.  they are white.  I would like to
sell the car, but not give it away, its a blast to drive, and has won
several prices in local shows.

has model A rear tail lights, instead of Volkswagon, removed the front turn
signal lights from fenders, and added square rod lites on the front apron,
changed upper control arms to tubular with urethane bushings, changed
wheels to 15/7 Prime three spoke polished aluminums with 195/60/15 front
205/60/15 rear Yokohama radials, new shocks in front, new perch bushings
for sway bar in rear, dual exhaust with Flowmasters and Trumpet tips, new
interior, with reshaping of front buckets, all tweed including door
panels, new carpeting and insulation.  My ride is absolutely nice.




Car 1479 -- Registered online by  the owner in August 2008:

The first time I saw the car poison ivy was growing up thru the Engine belts and completely covered the front of the car up to the windshield. The odometer showed 15k miles. The spares had never been ran and the tires all matched and looked original but rotted. What a shame the car had not been covered in many years. I hope to have the car back on the street within a year, so my lovely wife and I can have some cruzing time in it.

This is an oddity. The VIN tag says Glassic but is slightly different from other Glassic VIN tags. The year, and the body features, even the name Glassic don't match up.  The best guess, so far, is that someone made the car from leftover parts when Glassic went out of business and eventually titled it in 1977. There is some evidence that the company was in NY right before it went out of business so it may have produced a few cars there as well. We just don't know. There are also pictures here

During discussions in 8/08, the owner said:

The top and bottom of the tag seemed to be aging at the same pace and the white that has turned to yellow seems to be the same.  Have you seen any other tags that were two pieces?  (Annexmaster: Nope) One logo and one serial number?  Does the type on the serial number look like anything they used over the years?  (Yes) I looked under the front frame rail for a welded number but right were the number is shown in the pictures is a welded on bracket for the power steering box. (Power steering didn't start until Replicars, in 1976) The side of the rail showed nothing as did the top.  Under the hood I found no number.  Are there any other hidding places? (Additional places to find the VIN did not begin until Replicars)

  Thanks  David

This car is starting to sound like a real, but  "in between" car. The only thing missing from the VIN tag that was split in half was the reference to Florida - if it was a reproduction tag (a fake, made years ago to place on a car bought without a  title), why omit the Florida part?

I asked the builder of the cars, Joel, if he recognized the tag - he replied:

There were a few cars built after the bankruptcy and there was a feller involved from Buffalo that built the Auburn...  This may be one of the few that were assembled out of old abandoned (or stolen) stock, so there is no telling what it is or how the number was assumed.....  this is my best guess based on the Buffalo "connection"



Car 1483 --(from info submitted 12/2002 by owner Jay)

This car was ordered by Famous Recipe Fried Chicken, Headquartered in Lima ,Ohio . It was outfitted with Dual side mounts & a Luggage Rack. I have the original Bill of Sale, which is dated Feb 27,1981 and is signed by Sylvia Oliver of Replicars and was notarized in Palm Beach County.


Car 1488 --(from info submitted 7/2006 by owner Russ)

Prior owner purchased it for his wife. They visited Florida for three (3) weeks, twice a year. Each visit either the tires were flat, battery dead or bad gas. The car sat in his garage for five (5) years without being touched. That's when I bought it. Had it transported on a flat bed and gave it the TLC it needed. Installed Shay wires and 18" tires from Coker. Replaced the VW front lights with the 1930 side hood lights that fit between the body and spare tires.

Replaced the rear VW lights with 1930 tea cup style lights. Had to rework them to get stop and directionals in one light. Some fiberglass fender work, paint and detailing made the change worth while. Betty, my wife, passed away shortly after the 03 reunion and I have been out of touch. Looking forward to next reunion, please advise... Looking forward to next reunion no matter where it is. Please keep me in touch as I have been out of the action for a long time.

Note from the Annexmaster: Russ' wife Betty was VERY sick when they attended the 2003 gathering, but she joined us anyhow, showing what a good sport she was even in her difficult time. We were enriched by her presence at that reunion.



Car 1489-- On Sept. 12, 2009 the owners, Albert & Helju, wrote:

We got the car in pretty good shape. The top (it was white), one wing window and one side mirror are missing. The paint has a few nicks. Other than that the general condition is really pretty good, it just needs some TLC. Pictures will be forthcoming in the very near future as a work in progress.

Then of course, once it's complete (to our satisfaction), pictures of the upgrade will follow. (One really neat thing about this car, it was manufactured the day after my birthday (Helju)!!!! We want to thank you for this website, it has really given us a lot of help and it's been fun looking at all the other cars.

We really appreciate all the hard work you have put into it! We're really looking forward to finishing the vehicle and then enjoying it for years to come!


Car 1493 -- Thank you for all the information on this web site because it's what made us decide to drive the 500 miles to get the Ford Phaeton. What a beauty! I've got some pictures on the digital that I'll figure out how to get downloaded to you. - see scrapbook 2



Car 1498

My father bought this car and has enjoyed it for the last few years but is now ready to sell it. It is a completely original Phaeton Replicar. It only has a little over 10,000 miles on it. It is not in perfect shape because it sat for a number of years and needs a new top because the old one is dry and starting to tear. It's never been wrecked and he still drives it around every week or so. It runs great and everything works but the A/C. I can get pics if interested. Email me at He just put four new tires on it. He is asking $13,000 but open to offers.

Car 1500 -- On 7/4/03, the owners, Ron & Di wrote:

Hi! This is Ron and Di from Florida. We just recently " Happened " upon your website and found it VERY exciting and informative.We just wanted to tell you that we are the proud owners of car # 1500 built July 31, 1981. We have the ORIGINAL paper tag that the 1st owner used to drive the car from the manufacturing plant in Florida to the owners home in Connecticut. The original ID sticker is still on the car. It is the Red/Black color combination. Has Power and A/C. 25,000 original miles. We have the complete ownership history of the car. We will send verification of the original paper tag and the ID sticker on the door jamb when we get a chance. We LOVE our car ! Thanks for building such a wonderful website. We are intrigued.

In 2012, Don, the new Virginia ower of this car wrote:

The car hasn't run in a number of years. Ron Miller, the previous owner was in the process of cleaning up under the hood and detailing the engine which is also my intent. I am also replacing the power booster/master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, and draining/cleaning the gas tank.


Car 1501 -- On 5/7/08, the owner, Robert wrote:

Hello everyone, great site glad I found it, just got handed down this car three years ago ,well i just went and picked it up it was covered and garaged kept 39.000 miles.

The out side is in excellent shape, beautiful car '31 model a roadster rumble seat, motor ran great, but the car has sat up 4 years. well time to pulls plugs and oil cylinders, carb rebuilt, and etc. SO the Fun begins minor stuff. need a grille mine is cracked?



Car 1508 -- On 8/27/09, Lee, a representative selling the car for the daughter of the original owner wrote:

I wanted to contact you to let you know about a special Replicar that has just come on the market.  According to my research, this one is the best of the best.  If you can pass this information along or help in any way it would be most appreciated!

Single owner 1981 V-8 Roadster in all original condition with only 3,200 miles.  Vin #1508, which according to your website is the highest VIN # in existence.  Garage Kept since 1982 and only taken to car shows and parades.  Meticulously maintained and cared for.  

Located in Goshen, NY

Asking price: $18,000

Here is a link to a gallery with photos and one video ( of the car starting up and running).

Please contact me with any further questions or information.  I am selling the car for the daughter of the original owner, who went to Florida herself to purchase the car from the "two old men who built it."  This is the first attempt to sell the car, so it may go very quickly.

Lee Dowdy



Car 9999 -- NO serial number -- The very last car made had no serial number. It belongs to Joel, the founder of Glassic, and was made up from leftover parts when the plant shut down. He still owned the car as of Feb. 2002 (The AnnexMaster gave it number 9999 just for fun)

Received 8/2002

Modifications or changes just done...  Objective:  Go to the "real" look of vintage spoked wheels with a "hot-rod" appeal AND an improved ride.....  Due to the additional weight of the larger rear tires and heavier spoked (8" wide) wheels, my ride (shock control) went away... I also had to go to a 5 lug pattern (for the wheels) which required new axles (Ranger Pickup) only to find out I was about 2" too wide to keep the tires under the fenders. (If I had used a "lip-lace" wheel design it would have been ok, but I wanted the vintage wheel look.)  To obtain the look I wanted I had to have the rear housing narrowed 2" on each side and have shorter custom axles made to fit the narrower housing.  All the brakes, etc worked fine, drive line was ok, etc. and now the tires fit under the fender like they should.  The front end was ok because I used narrower wheels and smaller tires...  To fix the ride (shocks) I built another cross member (to bolt in) and bought longer shocks that would mount at about a 30 degree angle toward the center line of the chassis.  So far this seems to be the answer to a comfortable ride and a solution to my personal desires for  appearance...  More will follow...   Joel




Car u035 -- NO serial number --

First information about this car appears on the list of no vin cars under u035.  What appears below was info I found in 2013 while scanning the internet.  The info here is not anything I had heard from other sources. The part about Shay buying Glassic is, um, to be filed in "folklore" section.  Here is the link that I found. I will copy the text here since other websites come and go.  The photo at left in the link above is of another car.

Bill Patton's 1971 Glassic

I purchased this 1971 Glassic New Years day in northern California.....I was told that this car was built in Florida in 1971 by Glassic (later to be bought out by Shay the pinto powered model A people) FYI: is this website, and Shay never bought Glassic Why is some of this in PURPLE? on a NEW 2-wheel drive Int. Scout frame...4-cyl., 3-speed with overdrive etc. It came as a running , rolling chassis and body that needed top, windshield etc. installed to be complete. This car was sold new in quantity to California Corvette in Hayward California. They in turn , put new corvette motors and transmissions in them and sold them for the big bucks. This one never got blessed for some reason and was sold to Harrah's Auto Collection in Reno Nevada at Auction. It then sat in their warehouse until Bill Harrah passed on. The powers that be , had a huge Auction and sold off most of the project cars and many finished cars to scale down the collection. This car was purchased and sat in a garage in northern California for another 17 years until the owner decided that he too had no interest in finishing the car. Keep in mind that this car is now 37 or so years old and has never been registered. It still has the nipples on the 1971 poly glass white wall tires that came with it new. The Motor is now froze up due to sitting for years but, I thought I would take a chance on it for $ 2400 and see what could be done. As you can see in the pictures it can become a looker with some fine tuning and possibly a V-8....So this is how I start 2008 ...Happy New Year...Bill....The Old Oregon Farmer...

That page linked to another page with more, but similar info: