Limited Editions and Celebrity Owned Glassics

Glassics are mostly Phaetons and Roadsters. Jump down the page to other body styles
This page was begun in December, 2008 to feature less common variations of Glassics and ones that have seen the public eye -
Celebrity owned or on display

Bonnie and Clyde - made for TV movie, 2013 - the pictures below, plus some more are in the ALBUM
(I gave this car the number u043 - for unknown # 43 - since we did not know the VIN) The car has been identified in 2015 as being car 1112 (a Replicar)

In December, 2013, several TV channels (the History channel, for one) simultaneously telecast a two-night, 4-hour Bonnie and Clyde show.  Starting at about 12 minutes into night two, the couple was in THIS car.  It is a Replicars, from 1976 or early 1977 - as of now, the VIN is not known.  The color is different between these shots, but it likely is a lighting issue, not a different car.  Shots are screen shots from the video and some publicity shots from the History Channel.  In this scene, Bonnie, Clyde and his brother were posing for pictures of their exploits.  The brother got a little too familiar with Bonnie and Clyde clocked him.


Chet Atkins Music Albums -  photos on the website. Vin unknown

James Brown Car 806

Hubert Humphrey (car 159) Photo on the website

Liberace -  (car 506) Owned by Liberace, in the Liberace Museum

Dave Thomas (Replicar Roadster, VIN unknown) - Founder of Wendy's Red and yellow paint job. Pics to be posted.

Steven Tyler (Replicar Phaeton, VIN unknown) Scroll down on this page.

Special Editions

Abercrombie & Fitch  -- 7 cars made according to their ad. Called the "Abercrombie Runabout" 1967 - cars 218, 269 are among them.

This question came up in 2015 - and the answer, as recalled by Joel, who is Joel?  is posted as well.

 Do you know of any V-266 powered Glassics? I know they prototyped one and the early brochure hints (the “150 hp” option) that the engine was available
- the only 266 powered Glassic was re-powered with the first Ford v-8 (a 289 hi-po 4 speed out of a wrecked '65 Comet)... no turbos of any type were manufactured and only about a dozen 4 x 4 models built for A & F (Abercrombie and Fitch)...

Budweiser cars.-- At least 3 or 4 made in 1972-73 - including car 689, owned by the Annexmaster.


Other limited production body styles

Thunderbird --  Named "Thunder" a few were made in the 1979-80 time period. - They were difficult to build correctly. Here is a picture of an advertising piece.
These replicas were patterned after the 1956 Thunderbird.

Added in March, 2014: 

After spotting t-bird #9006 for sale on eBay, I was able to speculate the following, using the eBay info and speaking with Joel, (who the heck is Joel?) who has limited memory of that part of the business.  -- It makes sense (but not definite) that the Thunderbird replicas might have caused the company to start a new series of VIN tags - logically starting with 9001 - so as not to get the t-birds mixed in with the Model A replicas.

In that case, at least 6 T-birds likely exist, possibly as many as 10. Car 9006 info is on page three of the owners list, as well as photos from the eBay listing which can be found in the "odds and ends" folder of the album.  In the case of the eBay car, the seller "thought" the car was a Shay replica.  That could be because the badges that said "Thunder" might have been removed.  I did not get to find out what the title said for car 9006, nor could I ask if there was a VIN sticker on the door post.

Joel, the builder, confirmed from the pictures that the car (9006) was indeed a "Replicar" built by his company. 

VIN LIST: I Did some Google searching for additional references to these VINs. - only found references to VIN 9005

9001 -- no info, likely does exist 9002  -- no info, likely does exist 9003  --Discovered in a barn in SC 2016
photos in the album
9004  -- no info, likely does exist 9005 - Question on a Shay message board in 2007 by owner who did not know the branding. Was for sale in 8/2007. Seller said built in 1980. - This red and white car has side trim like a 56 Ford - seller said in his sale info that he had customized the car.
see the Album
9006 On eBay 3/2014 in Kentucky sold to unk owner
pics in the Album
9007 -- no info, may, or may not exist 9008  -- no info, may, or may not exist 9009  -- no info, may, or may not exist
9010  -- no info, may, or may not exist 9011  -- no info, may not exist 9012  -- no info,  may not exist
Pickup truck --  a few were made. Some photos are on the website, also ads.
Closed Coupe - -A prototype was made, unclear how many more were made (likely just a few).
As of 10/2014, coupes  #1268 and  #1312 are on the owners list - photos in the album.
Romulus II --  A short-lived attempt at a boat-tail Speedster in 1974. Unclear how many actually got made - but could be as few as one. An old ad was spotted on eBay in 2008. - Romulus ad picture


Appeared in the media

Music Video appearance: 1975 Low Rider song, by the band "War" released in 1975.  In 2016 the low quality you-tube video was spotted by Stacey, car 341. This song is familiar, and the Glassic makes a brief appearance at about the one-minute mark.  Notice that it is not hopping like some of the other cars in the video.  Leaf springs, I believe, make that difficult.  This screen shot has been enhanced a bit.


Movie - Lie Down With Dogs, 1995 - This homosexual-themed movie was brought to my attention through, a variation on the IMDB. Where the IMDB is an Internet Movie Data Base, this is a CAR data base, cataloging cars that have appeared in movies. I have not seen the movie, but here is the IMCDB's badly out of focus screen shot.

*      *     *


Glassic featured on TV show

In Dec. 2011, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Tyler (Lead singer of Aerosmith and American Idol judge) were spotted in a TV ad for Oprah's 2012 season premier. Below are a screen capture of them tooling around in a newer Glassic (Repicar). There is also an inserted video from Oprha's website, with several minutes of them taking a ride in Steven's Glassic. (that clip may or may not remain on her site for very long.)

The above still came from an ad for the show..

Steven Tyler's Tour of Lake Sunapee

To Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Lake Sunapee is a place so perfect it could be a movie set. Tag along on a tour of his New Hampshire hideaway and see where he met his musical soul mate, guitarist Joe Perry, for the first time. Plus, Steven opens up about his disagreement with Aerosmith after signing on to American Idol.

if the above does not load, try this link instead

This clip has been linked from Oprah's web page the morning after the show . The car is apparently Steven Tyler's
and, as of 1/2/12 it is not registered on the website. It appears to be a 1976 or 1977 Replicar. One time an ad appeared
before the clip, other times it did not.

There are other references to some of these cars on the Annex website, I will eventually link this page to them, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to make note of them in one place.