Budweiser Special Edition -- A Glassic

The Annexmaster's California ride.

Budweiser Cars in general
Hear the whole classic Bud ad:
"When you say Budweiser, you said it all"

I had been aware that a few cars had been made for Budweiser at some time, but now, in late 2008, as a new owner of a Bud car, I will share on this page what I can find out about that program.

Bud cars appear to have had bright blue fenders and a red body. They also had a special top made of fabric with the Budweiser log on them. Some things remain unclear at the end of 2008. The Duffy's car (see below) is all red, without the Budweiser top. The black and white picture below shows the logo top, but not an eagle hood ornament. The gold colored thing on the radiator of the Duffy's car appears to be a Bud logo item.

In December of 2008, Joel, the builder of the cars, recalled the following about the Budweiser cars:

I can't remember much about the BUD cars, except they were built with special top material and spare tire covers...  The material didn't hold up very well and it turned black from the sunlight...they did have blue fenders, and the one you have (car 689) looks like it had the round tube front axle & v-8 drive train.

 Car 689, named "Bud 6"
The Annexmaster's car

This 1973 Phaeton, appears to be an original Budweiser car. pictures of car 689 HERE.

In 2008, the Annexmaster made a fateful decision to relocate from the Tampa Bay area of Florida to the San Diego suburbs to be with his daughter, her husband and the grandchildren.  My own Glassic, Angelique, car 1254, was a 1978 and not wanting to mess with the emissions testing required for a '78, I sold that car and bought car 689 in December, 2008.

Car 689 above

In 2008, the Markstein Beverage Company appears as a Sacramento company, with no mention of San Marcos.

Car # 691 also a 1973, two VIN digits away also appears to be a Bud car - from the paint color choice. It was last spotted on eBay in 2002, where the owner said he had owned it since new. Photo album pics of car 691 HERE.

(The fenders were later painted black on car 691)

An original black and white picture of a Budweiser Special Edition car - VIN unknown.

Bud logo top, wheel covers. VIN unknown.


Car # 638, a 1972, was reported as a Budweiser car for sale in 2001 By Duffy's collectible cars in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

see copy of their sales flyer

Car 638 from Duffy's sales listing in 2001 From pictures, it looks like the bumper style changed
from the solid bumper to the two-bar Model A style around the area of VIN 650