Who is Joel?

Joel is Joel Faircloth, the person who owned, and ran, the companies that built Glassics and Replicars in the 1960's and 1970's. Joel was hands-on in the design and manufacture of the cars.

Shortly after the Annexmaster (that's me) began this website in 2001, I got to know Joel, and he graciously agreed to share, from time to time, his recollections regarding technical items concerning Glassics. By providing information to me, rather than individual owners, he is assured that the data he does recall, is shared with ALL present and future owners of Glassics by being posted on this website.

As someone who often forgets what he had for breakfast, I stand in awe of some of the minutia that Joel can conjure up from daily events that occurred over 30 years ago. -- On behalf of all Glassic owners, I thank Joel for sharing -- because of him there is info on this website that nobody else in the world would have known.

Joel Faircloth

- photo taken at the Glassic Reunion in 2004

More photos of Joel and others at that reunion.

The complete history of Glassics


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