Glassic Model A Replica Reunion 2004

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The Glassic Model A Replica Reunion for 2004 was held at the Amerisuites in Orlando, Florida on Friday March 26th through Sunday, March 28, 2004. The event drew a small, but enthusiastic group of Glassic/Replicars owners.  2004 attendance was slightly larger than 2003.

On Friday evening we went to the Sonic Burger, and met an interesting fellow there who collected small model cars. He brought us brochures, and, as I recall, exactly SIX cars for us to look at. The company that made those models had a HUGE selection of cars, but we did not see any Deluxe 2 door (Model A) Phaetons among them.

Saturday morning, as more people arrived, we toured up to the Central Florida Fairgrounds to look at a car show sponsored as a 9-11 memorial event and fundraiser. We chose to attend as visitors rather than entering our cars in the show. After lunch on Saturday we met in the conference room and chatted with Joel Faircloth, who ran the company that made our cars. He shared technical information as well as anecdotes about the days of the manufacture of Glassics.

Saturday evening we toured to the Old Town car cruise-in. These are huge cruise-ins held each week on Friday AND Saturday evenings in a several block long collection of old style shops lining a divided brick avenue. This year our five Glassics were accompanied by three Shay roadsters and were invited to park right on the brick avenue. The only other car so honored that evening was a Herbie the Love Bug VW. The hundreds of other cars there were assigned to the road behinnd the main street. At the end of the evening, we were among the first to leave, by "cruising" the length of the brick avenue, while crowds lined both sides to watch the parade and enjoy our cars and their horns!

On Sunday morning, we had our breakfast in the conference room and chatted as people began to leave to catch their flights and begin their drive home.

Again this year, the group was diverse in age and background, but the tone of the weekend was one of sharing and mutual interest in each other's cars and experiences. I remain in awe of the kindness and good will shared by attendees at both this year's and last year's reunions. Many thanks to all who participated.


PS. As I go through my notes, the technical info that we learned will be posted elsewhere on the website.

Joel Faircloth, our guest of honor!

Left to right: Joel, Randy, Dennis, Don (the Annexmaster) and Shelby.

Left to right: Dave, Jess, Liz, Linda and Joel.

Dave, Ron and Dennis (seated)

Joel: tells Dave "its THAT big!"

Dennis, Louis (standing) and Ron

Ron, Shelby and Fred, Joe, Joel and the back of Randy's head.

Linda and Dave, Jess and Liz, Linda and Joel, and Dennis' car on the computer screen.

Liz, (Joel's sister) and Linda, (Joel's wife) did not seem to be having all THAT bad a time.

If you are looking for a nicer group of people, you can stop. You won't find them!

Scrapbook pictures of the CARS at the reunion.