Photo Scrapbook 1

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Page 1 - Glassic Reunion 2003
Page 2 - Glassic Reunion 2004
Page 3 - Unusual Glassics and odd Pictures
Page 4 - Various photos of new 1973 cars
Page 5 - Black and white construction pics
Page 6 - Photos moved to new Album

The Annexmaster gets a licence plate frame from his daughter for Christmas 2003.



Page 1 --- Reunion 2003 - group shots

Reunion 2003
Orlando, FL

Shay wheels on this car

Joel's - the last car made in the foreground
Cars lined up at the Sonic Burger Friday

Cars entering Old Town parade on Sat.

Another view of cars at the Old Town Parade

Click here for a report on the 2003 Reunion

A page with a dozen pictures of the people at the 2003 reunion




Page 2 --- Glassic Reunion 2004 in Orlando, Florida

at the hotel

at the hotel

at the Central Florida Fairgrounds

back at the hotel

At Old Town

At the Old Town cruise-in

Click here for the story of the reunion and
pictures of the people attending.

Shays joined us at Old Town

Shays and Glassics lined up on the brick avenue in Old Town

Why is the Annexmaster's car on Joel's trailer?

At the fairgrounds, Dave's daughter's cycle was on display. Etremely detailed graphics covered this bike.

Mickey and Don try segways at the Fairground 9-11 show. Fun!

Car 101, a 1966

Car 765, a 1973

Car 878, a 1973

Car 1254, a 1978

Car 1279, a 1978

Car 9999, a 1981
Glassics arriving at Old Town

Nancy & Paul's Shay - a striking paint job!

Glassics parade down main street in Old Town



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Page 3 Unusual Cars and views

Budweiser Special Edition

Only 2 or 3 coupes ever built

from the Palm Beach Post Times, Sun. July 24, 1966

Enlarged copies of two postcards used by Glassic Industries

Rare coupe from a 1979 magazine article.
A batch of cars is readied to fill orders from various car dealers in Detroit

Two '78s visit a Pee Wee, a '73 (in the garage) who is having open-hood surgery (lots of chrome) Dec. 2001

What's wrong with this picture? -- actually, its the fitting stage of new side curtains.

Car 144 (right) has a visitor at it's coming out party in 8/2002

Car 189 has tires that are in "fair" condition.
(Click the pic and scroll down for the story)

Pickup truck photo from brochure. Only a few made.

Car 1033 used as an advertising device.

Car 1033 in an old ad

u023 - Spotted in the 1990's in Charlotte, NC

Father and son projects, car 189 on top, 313 bottom

#1240 beside one of the classic "Jammer Busses" at Glacier National Park

Car 1240. For other pics see scrapbook 2 -- 3 spare tires on this Glassic!

Why are Vice President and Mrs. Hubert Humphrey smiling?

Car 838, a 1973 before being saved from a junkyard in NC

The whole story on car 838, a McDonalds ad car

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Page 4 New Car Pictures of 1973 Models
Shot as slides in Jan- Mar. 1973 for use in ads


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Page 5 - Black and white construction photos

Jack Faircloth (L) and son, Joel place template for windshield posts.

Worker trims fiberglass

A view of fiberglass body shell

Robert finishes grill shell

Worker torches huge International frame
Fiberglass trim work

Body shell - note gas filler hole location

Interior view

Another interior view


page 6

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