Celebrity Glassic !

Why are Vice President Hubert Humphrey and his wife Muriel smiling?
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This car had been donated to Courage Center In Minnesota. They listed the car on eBay in 2006.
The above picture is of the car before it was prepared for sale.

 In Dec., 2006, the new owner, Bev, in Vermont wrote:

I bought this car after it was auctioned on Ebay. I was next lowest bidder. It's on it's way to northern Vermont as I write this. Plan to have a lot of fun driving it around the rural countryside!

On December 6th, the car arrived to a Vermont welcome. Brrrr.

Car 159 at its new Vermont home

Sorry, you other Vermont Glassic owners. That license plate name is already in use!
(Actually, only this ONE Vermont Glassic appears on our owners list  - -  so far!)