People at the Glassic Reunion 2003

Various pictures of the attendees

Joel Faircloth, the builder of the cars, with Peyton's red car # 1033 in the background.

Gracie and Sonney (car 1124) at our Friday cruise to the Sonic Burger.

Harold (left car # 1488) and Peyton (car # 1033)

Left to right - Harold's wife, Betty, Harold, Peyton, Sonney, Peyton's son Dan, the back of Joe and his friend's heads.

Joel shows the group how much money he made building Glassics.

Left to right - Don, the Annexmaster (car # 1254) tells everyone that HE is the big bird. Mark (sometimes called Max) looks on in disbelief, while Ron (car # 878) looks on.

Peyton, Sonney, Dan and Joe (car # 1043) listen to the discussion with Joel.

Joel explains who had to deal with all of the production problems with Glassics.

Outside the car features are compared.

Technical information is exchanged

Mark talks about the mechanicals of his car (# 1488)


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