Story and Pictures of car 633

Right off the farm, the day of purchase

Submitted by the new owner, Darrell, on 3/30/2006

I was riding around one day, and saw this dirt road I had never been on and was wondering where it would take me. So curiosity got the best of me and off I went. Well it didn't take long to figure out, it was not a state maintained road. So I'm looking for a place to turn my extended cab, long bed dually around. Through a few craters in the road, over the hill, and around the curve, I see an old farm house, with a driveway.

 I pull up to turn and can't believe what I see. I have to admit, I really didn't know what it was. I just knew that setting in the weeds, was some kind of old car, or kit car, or something, being abused by rain, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature could throw at her. So being the car lover I am, the first thing that comes to mind, I wander if she can be rescued. So wandering if any body even lived there, I wander up to the door and tap lightly. No answer.

I go to the next house and they tell me the car's been setting in the same spot for 8 years and the guy won't sell it. So I still don't know what it is, but thought what a shame. So a couple of months go by, and I find myself back out the same old road again. This time I see a truck in the driveway. So I thought, I might as well ask. So again I wander up to the door, tap on it, and the daughter comes to the door. Said it was her dad's car and he'd been talking about selling it, but wasn't home.

So I ask to take a look at it. Go ahead she says. I look under it , in it, around it, and then raise the hood. Wow, a V-8. Now I was really interested. Still didn't have a clue what I was looking at though. So I got the phone #, called the guy back, he tells me its a 1972 Glassic car # 633.

 I'd never heard of a Glassic. But I make arrangements and meet him. He starts telling me the history of the car and he's the second owner. He bought it from a Chevy dealership, from the used car department. He delivered pizzas out of it for a while and figured out it wasn't practical. (Go figure) Parked it 8 years ago in his yard, with only just over 10,000 miles on it, cause it had a few little problems.( The A/C didn't work and no lights) So I finally ask how much. He said $8000.00.

I thought man its gonna be in the weather 8 more years at that price. I thanked him and went on my merry way. Well I got on line and found this site (, and figured out real quick, this would be a nice ride to have. So I had an 84 corvette that I didn't have much invested in. So I drive it out to his house, and reluctantly, I offer an even trade for the Glassic. He says yes, but the wife says no. So kind of relieved I get in my Vette and go back home. (Keep in mind the car sat in the weather for 8 years, and looked like to, and I still haven't heard it run) Said he starts it once a year though.

So its about a year later and I've got my 1992 Jaguar X-J 40 for sale.($4900.00 OBO). Well I get a call on it and the guy tells me his name, and I think, man I know that name from somewhere. Well after a couple of minutes I figured it out. Its Mr. 72 Glassic. So the first thing I said after that was, "Wanna trade?"  Again he ask his wife and she said if you want to!! Wow.

So I go get it the next day. Get it towed home. And get started right away. I gave it a bath first. It was too nasty to even work on. Clean the interior. And then headed for the engine compartment. After replacing the starter, I manage to get her fired up. A few problems though, No fuel from the tank to fuel pump (But pump is working), Bad resistor, Key doesn't shut engine off, no brakes, (Masters dry as bone), and a few other things here and there. But I have a Rod in the making. I'm looking forward to sharing the progress with you guys. I've read everything on this site ( that there is to read, and I know you'll be happy to know that another one survived

A quick cleaning job reveals: no body rust! (yes, that's a joke)

First day home, lots of dirt and neglect.

The interior shares the neglect of the exterior.

A lot of elbow grease has its rewards!

A mere three weeks after taking possession,  this old Glassic has come back to life. Using some Mustang rims and universal taillights that he had laying around, Darrell got the car into shape for the summer. A frame-off restoration is in mind for next winter.

Bench seat with a notch for the shifter was in this car. See the "before" pic of the interior above.