Car 162

This part of the page is the story of the car in 2015. In the section below are older pictures of the car.

Wayne (Florida) bought # 141 and orchestrated the sale of #162 to his brother David (also Florida). David flew out to Portland Oregon in April, 2015 and headed back southwest across the West.

He hit a little snow and got some slush from an eighteen wheeler near Baker, OR, but made it to south of Salt lake City the second night out. He has gone on to Albuquerque, NM and headed east to Waco, TX about 2/3 of the way where he had continuing stalling problems and had it AAA towed into a dealer there. He has spent the week-end via rental car with friends across thee border in Louisiana doing Zydeco dancing. (Google it!)  Why is some of this in PURPLE?

He says the dealership has had an exact new fuel pump aired in and plans to have it installed and checked out tomorrow. There have been small issues of vacuum build up in the gas tank with new locking gas cap and residue from sitting debris.

He said tonight the forecast is for rain the next few days across Louisiana, but plans to try to run avoiding the rain drops as much as possible.
In May, 2015, David recounted the start of his cross-country road trip:

I got some time to write an account of the first day of my road trip for (his brother's) review before posting on the Glassic Annex site

My brother, Wayne another Glassic owner (car 141), informed me a number of other people were interested about hearing about my first road trip, driving my Glassic from Portland, OR, to my home near Gainesville, FL. It was a very interesting experience and  I couldn't have done it without the help of Don Curry, previous owner; his friend, Ron Anderson, who installed cruise control for me; parts dept. men along my route, who help me resolve mechanical problems, and my brother, Wayne, who gave me support while I was on the road.

On Sat. AM April 3rd, Don (the previous owner) picked me up at my Portland Hotel, and he drove me to his house, where he gave me additional info on the car. He also helped me snap on the side curtains, that I felt would help keep me warm, as I went into higher elevations.

I drove around his neighborhood before we convoyed up to a pizza place, where we meet Ron. It was a great time, during lunch, talking about the previous cars we had owned, & how the Portland area was in the 1980's, when I lived there. About 1 PM, I headed out east on I 84, thru the Columbia Gorge. I had traveled this stretch of road many times, when I had a part time job in Pendleton, and would return to my rental in Portland, for the weekend.

I have been studying the weather forecasts for the previous week and decided to take a chance and cross diagonally across Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado,  rather than going due south, via California and Arizona, before getting into New Mexico. I had been that route in 2007 & didn't like the high passes and traffic, I would have to face. The weather was clear and I wore a felt cap, wool scarf, sunglasses, fabric coat, and leather gloves with wool inserts.

I had ridden in my brother's Glassic the previous month, and remember how much the wind wings help deflect oncoming wind. In my college days, I drove a '66 VW Camper, in Wisconsin, that had no functioning heater, and knew I had to keep myself warm, in order to travel for an extensive period of time. The heater in my Glassic worked great! On the Interstate, it was fun having people honk & wave as they passed me. I often would sound my Aooga horn.

I took a break at the Bonneville Dam to check the car's running gear, and got a number of looks from tourists at that sight. Made about 250 miles that day, as I pulled into the Oregon Trail Motel in Baker City, OR (3,400 ft. elevation). I loved the decor of the motel's front desk & restaurant across the lot, which could have been out of the 1940's. Also, my records indicated I was getting about 17 MPG going about 55 MPH, as I was trying to determine my refueling range.

 End of first day


Both the car and its owner, David, appear to have survived the trip - as far as Louisiana, where this picture was taken, anyhow.


Look at the modifications to this car
over the years

The pictures below are from 8/2006/ The car is still red, but the lighting makes the photos look orange.

New 5 bolt rims and whitewalls improve the look of the car.