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International Harvester  related

Two sources for International Harvester parts suggested by a Glassic owner in Oct. 2006
An owner reported success at this site on 5/23/05

Old IHC Part Warehouse / Houston, TX. 281-999-0191  He had a vast amount of parts for anything International. A list of parts suppliers for International Harvester A supplier of International Harvester (Scout) parts and products who would have most everything that a Glassic owner would need for the Scout part of their vehicle.

International Harvester support site.


 Mustang II related "We are an up and coming billet aluminum pulley manufacturer and could really use your help" They make Ford 302 pulleys and they requested a link. If anyone uses them, let me know how it turned out. All kinds of stuff, including some parts vendors for Mustang II's Find your own sites with this list of links for all kinds of Mustang web pages. Mustang II message board. You have to "join" this to see the messages, and it took a day or so. Good place to find help on the Mustang issues of your newer Glassic Found this on Craigs List website 3/2007. Lists Mustang websites, parts vendors, message boards, etc.
Submitted by Mark, car 1290, 2/2008




General Car Parts (and speed equipment) 1/2015 -- Craigs list is a free classified ad site, designed for local use. This link allows you to scan through several or ALL local listings for items that are of wider interest. Pick your category, distance to search, etc. and search away. Sometimes the links are out of date, but it beats going to each location and searching separately. 12/2011 - suggested by a Glassic owner - tells you how to measure your radiator, and then you can email them for suggested products that match. (Not tried by the contributor) 5/2010 This link was added at the merchant's request. 11/2008. They asked me to include a link, so here it is. "We think that our broad selection of products, our unique blend of news and racing articles, and our handy tech information and project ideas would be of great utility to your visitors." I agree. My one purchase experience with them (an oversized water pump) was a good one) 4/2008 Tom said: this company has nice hoods, plain side panels, louvered, and dual scoop ones. They have triple open hood hinge setups also. (Annexmaster note: check measurements before ordering to be sure parts fit a Glassic) Also from Tom in 4/2008: Another site geared to restoring original cars

10/2006 Dennis (car 189) reported:

I met these people at the Tampa show and they really had a good attitude and willing to go the extra mile to help. I just bought some more parts from them today.

Hot rod parts and accessories Recommended in 2005 by Joel, the car builder, as a good source for hot rod equipment and accessories.

A directory site with auto related links. A place to start your search for auto related websites. Their material seems well organized. Parts lookup. I have never ordered, but they seem to show lots of parts. The problem is finding the right place to look for what you want.
ACDelco Parts Catalog Interesting site with cross reference info for competitive product lines. I used it for oil filters that I got that I didn't know what they fit. Purolator filter site. This one and the one above have good cross reference info on parts. Chrome goodies

Added 5/2014 -- discount coupons codes for JC Whitney   http://Verified.Codes/JC-Whitney

The car parts people who have been around forever. Order a catalog, since I THINK that not everything in the catalog is on the web-site.

As of 2014, I have no info on JC Whitney one way or the other, but the coupon people sent me a link that gets you codes for discounts on orders from this company. On the day I added this link, they showed a 20% and free shipping code and a 15% off code. These folks have all kinds of odd sized tires and wheels as well. Here is where you might look for wide white-walls. I haven't studied this site much. John, car 1288, had success with these people in finding a plastic GAS TANK for his 1978.
see GAS TANKS page on the Annex.


Model A Related Model A parts vendor in the NY area. This link added at the merchant's request. Sections on Model A parts, and early 32-48 Ford as well as Truck parts. A Glassic fan reported in 5/08 that the company ( in Minneapolis, MN) had been around for years, and were VERY HELPFUL. Their website was incomplete at this posting time.
Snyder's Antique Auto Parts Model A parts, and Model T parts
Gaslight Auto Parts Model A parts, and some 1932-1948 parts as well. Request a catalog on-line if you wish. A very nice support site for SHAY Model A replicas. Those are the Pinto engine roadster and Pickup replicas. Some stuff of interest to Glassic people too. Model A Ford Club of America -- lots of good reference materials. No message board that I saw on quick examinaton. Model A parts. These are the original upholstery suppliers, but have all kinds of parts. Order a catalog, or see it on-line Not much on-line, but you can order a free catalog Order a free big fat catalog, or look and order on-line. Sells reproduction trunks and accessories.
Charlie Harris (car #772) spotted their ad in Hemmings Motor News. Model A Ford Club Of South Australia 


Buying and Selling a Collectible Search for Replica in the 1928 to 1932 range This is the Washington Post national search for cars. I think the link has MY zip code in it, so you will need to change that. Lots of odd replica cars. Good pictures. Hit STOP to stop the annoying music. Search for a Glassic, or Replicar, or Model A replica.


Other Interesting Stuff

Shay Model A Roadster Shay - another manufacturer of Model A replicas from the 70's and '80's  See how they compare with Glassics and real Model A's.

See the 1978 -79 literature pics they donated
to the Annex

Literature. Search for Glassic. Neat stuff - send me a copy of what you buy so I can share it on the site! If you use my AFFILIATES and I get any money, I will buy some literature and post it. I haven't studied this much, but there may be some good tech articles to look at. Shay, the sister (little sister) Model A replicas has this nice site. An example of its use is that I ordered Shay running board step plates -- which have a Capital "A" on them (for Model A) -- new for $5.00 each. -- Found them from a vendor of Shay leftover parts.

Free search engine submission and placement services!
They offer free service for listing your website with search engines. Good newsletter for web entrepeneurs, too. Also fee services, of course. Just for fun - Model A clip art.