Literature from 1978 - 1981

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These views of 1978 -79 brochures were generously contributed by
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who sell vintage car literature. They have a good number of Glassic / Replicar pieces for sale.
(Click on the blue sign here and look for "Glassic" by car make).

A comment about the folks at McLellan's: They went to a GREAT deal of trouble to scan and re-send these images a total of 3 times because I kept asking for larger, sharper pictures. If they provide THAT level of concern on a "free donation" -- one can be sure that paying customers will receive superior service from them !

Item B21860
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Item B21862
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For a clear, text version of these specifications, click here

For pics of the specs page from a similar brochure from 1978 or later click here.

Thanks to Louis - car # 1121, for this early Replicars black ink flyer on beige paper. This is from 1976 and shows the earliest 76-77 cars with no louvers on the sides of the hood. Note also the pickup truck introduced at this time.

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early Replicars specifications also are on this page

Contributed in 2006 by Alden Jewell, an Automobile Historian who lives in California.
A 1977 brochure. Undated, but the use of drum brakes and leaf springs front and back
makes it a 1976-early 1977 Replicars document.(below)
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Also contributed in 2006 by Alden Jewell
A 4-page folder - the cover and three sheets inside. Summer, 1978 (below)
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an ad in Signature magazine in Mar. 1979

an ad in Signature magazine in Oct, 1980
I also have, but did not scan an identical looking
piece, (may have been a brochure cover)
date unknown with the price at $12,900

From Mainliner Sept, 1977

a couple of different inside panels
that went with brochures in this row
not clear which was with which.

an undated specification sheet
but look at the item to the right
the style matches and it is dated around 4/1978

a price increase notice
same border trim as item to the left.

not a brochure, but an ad run in Sky magazine,
a Delta Airlines in-flight magazine.

click for a larger view of the ad.
These items were shared by Peyton, car # 1033

This brochure from Spring, 1979 introduced the COUPE
(very few ever made)

Page 2

Page 3

These items from 1980 provided by Louis - owner of car 1121.

1980 brochure pg 1

1980 brochure pg 2

A brochure of parts for a do-it-yourself
hot rod kit.

Good reference materials
for 1980-81 period cars