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What steering box?

what steering is used in the 1977 phaeton 302 engine c4 trans what box ? what steering pump ? NJ 609 709 0977

I think that the answer is going to be different depending on whether you have front leaf springs or the newer coil springs. The style changed somewhere around your VIN # of 1100.

My 1977 #1100 has front leaf springs . what type steering box might it have ?

Joel, the builder of the cars - provided the following in 2009: Just knowing to start with FORD products is helpful, especially after recently learning that they had used trailer springs in the backs of some Glassics (around 1973-74 - maybe others)

It will have a "tag" on the top of the box that identifies the part number... That is the best info I can come up with...  Otherwise just take it to a Ford dealership and identify it as best you can visually....  the tag is the only best way I know of.... 

Rear end ratio on a 1966?

Rear End Axle Ration & getting more power out of the 152 4 cylinder.--  Does anyone know the rear axle ratio of the original Glassic. I have a 1966 Glassic with the 4 cylinder 152 engine and want to know the rear axle ratio. Also, has anyone had this engine rebuilt to increase it's power or done something else to increase the power or improve  it's performance?  Mine seems way under powered . If you have made changes, what have you done and was it successful?  -- Thanks, Stan -- Home Phone: 619-461-5118 (California)

A small clue might be that, while many problems come up time and again, the Annexmaster has not seen this one before - suggesting that rather than being a general problem, it might be more of a repair, or tune-up issue.

What rear springs on a 1974?
Rich, Car 1148

Does anyone know what springs were used in a 1974 roadster (REAR). I need to replace the spring eye bushings and every attempt at ordering Ford replacement parts has come up with the wrong ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact_WorkPhone: 408-842-1234  (Calif.)
Contact_HomePhone: 408-612-6501
I have tried Bronco, Pinto, Maverick, LTD, Mustang, Econoline, F150, I am trying to find a picture to see if international might look right.. Any help would be appreciated

A surprising answer has been added to the technical section.

And some parts that Rich DID find that worked:

I have recently rebuilt the rear end and drive line the Ford parts are what worked. I ordered from Kragens (A car parts store) Rear seals and bearings and all the brake hardware and wheel cylinders matched 1974 Ford Maverick. However the driveline rebuild I am working on, Ford Maverick u joints do not fit. I will let you know what does. We have also completely replaced all of the front end with coil-overs and I will send pictures as to the looks soon. Still trying to find the rear leaf spring bushings.. I can tell you what does not fit, Bronco, Maverick, Mustang, Econoline…

temp gauge wanted

I am in need of a temperature gauge for my 1978 Replicar. Does anyone have one for sale? Mark 360-921-1314

What wheels to use?

I'm looking for new wheels to put on my recent purchase of a Glassic.....the original spoke wheel covers are rusted and I would like to either find new wheel covers or some rims that would compliment the original look of the car...What's best for me to do????  Acushnet,  MA --WorkPhone: 774-955-9560
First, I hope you will REGISTER your car on the website if you have not already done so. Adding "known" Glassics to our list is my reward for keeping the site current. Now, a couple of general comments on your question:

There are at least 3 different bolt patterns on Glassics, depending on what year car you have. A good idea regarding wheel purchases is to take the car to buy the wheels, and try the wheels on the car to be sure the bolt pattern is correct, as well as the backspacing, AND the clearance - especially the front wheels that should be turned all the way side to side to be sure they don't hit anything.

Finally, a great thing about Glassics is that there is no value in keeping anything "original" - meaning you are free to do what you LIKE. Look at the photo album and pick a look that you like (and fits your budget). Whether it is wire wheels and wide whitewalls, or baby moon hubcaps and trim rings, or the hot rod look of mag wheels -- it is up to you to select. -- A dealer in odd cars told me once that he did not like that my fender mount spares did not match the other 4 wheels - he had a good point - but finding 6 matching rims is harder than 4. Good luck and send pictures when you decide.

Photos of Model A's

BRATTONS ANTIQUE AUTO PARTS (800) 255-1929, WWW.BRATTONS.COM  in their catalog of model a parts is a couple of nice 12x18 black and white factory photos of Phaetons. Roadsters also, They sell for 4 bucks each. About 40 model A pictures in all are for sale. Spring is finally here!
The Annexmaster has used Brattons and likes them as a company. They seem to be nice, helpful folks. Clue: on the left side of their web page select the category FACTORY photos. Photos of 4 door Phaetons are available, as well as the TWO door that inspired our Glassics.

Bigger hinge pins?

I have one question, and one possible answer (the item below). First, my door hinges (#913) have a lot of play in them, and it seems the hinge pins are a bit undersized for the hinge holes. Does anyone have a line on someplace that may sell slightly larger hinge pins?
Rick Potter

Running board fixes

I have removed the white rubber strips on the running boards and repainted. It looks great, but will eventually get scratched up. I have been looking for running board material with little luck. The best I can come up with is rubber hall runner, cut to size. BUT...I recently used some bed liner paint on another vehicle, and I think I will try to use it as running board covers. Pep Boys had two types. . One is rubber based, and I don't like it. The other is more like Line-X, it dries hard, and is made by duplicolor, and comes in spray cans. They also have a roller applied I am going to try this on my running boards and will get back to you with the results.
Rick Potter -- PLEASE  - share those results. How the edges will turn out may be important. And, if you are not putting back the white strips, don't throw them out. Those, and the little tips are hard items to find for people who need replacements.

Wanted luggage rack

I am looking for a luggage rack for my Glassic Roadster # 419. It has the rods with the post for the rail but not the rack itself. also looking to replace all of the chrome items on the car. If anyone has any of these, I would rather buy from an owner than from 20 different vendors. Thanks Roger, Texas, 214-801-3696

Info wanted

I just bought this (Car 419). Found it under Annex. Would like to talk to someone who has one like it. Need some basics about engine and accessories. Intent is to restore it completely as is.

Adding power windows

Does anyone have any info for putting a set of power windows in my 73 roadster #885?
(207) 923-3056 -- This is the only car that the Annexmaster knows of that has power windows. I think they were done by the owner prior to Bobbie in California  The pics may help.

What gas tank fits and for sale

I need a fuel tank for a 76 Phaeton, does anyone know one that will work? also does anybody have any interest in buying the car, new brakes, fuel pump, carb, good top. It still needs tires and other but runs.  Ken is in Orlando, FL--  407 353-5669

Seat replacements & dash pattern
copy to with
seat swap success stories.

I've got a Glassic roadster #659. It has a bench seat with about 1/16' of padding. I really don't like the bench seat idea, too easy to slide around on. I would like to convert to bucket style seats, but don't know what might fit in the roadster.

I need suggestions, recommendations, or experience related words of wisdom. Roadster season is coming to Maine soon and I want to be ready!!!

On another note, does anyone have a drawing of the dashboard? I'm going to make one from walnut and need some dimensions to start with. Just the dash board, side to side. I've already got the instrument cluster finished, but need some details. Please help on either of these topics. Many thanks in advance. Tony Dixon   (work: 207-833-5934)

Some seat ideas are posted HERE  -- which is a link from the "Body" part of the Annex Technical Section

Finding parts

Are the master cylinders and clutch cylinder available?
International Scout parts should be available - perhaps through a NAPA store. Having the part in-hand, or a good close-up picture of it makes their job easier. On line Scout parts websites might be good also. See the Annex links page at

Wanted: a Glassic

Napa CA -- Looking for a Glassic , any model, in great shape, Call 707-224-0342 or E-Mail

What's it worth?
hi Glassic folks! I'm posting this because a friend of mine recently passed away and he left behind a '69 Glassic. Before he died, he said it only needed a battery and fresh fuel. Id give the car a 6 out of a possible 10. Given this info, what's it worth? Location is Ft Lauderdale, FL thanks!
My sympathies on the loss of your friend. Using the info on the CAR VALUES PAGE, $6,000 is a good starting point for a car that probably has been neglected a bit recently. Naturally, every car is different, so it's hard to tell. I noticed that car # 303 is in Ft. Lauderdale - see the owners list. At such time as the car becomes "for sale" it can be registered on the owners list and  advertised there free.
Buy and sell
Buy and sell stuff is MOSTLY on the Annex home page, yellow square number  17  on the lower right which is the ADS window. See recent wanted and for sale parts. CARS for sale are found on the owners list. While not up to date, when I hear that a car is for sale, I highlight that car's entry in yellow
Jacks for Glassics &
battery connections
Bob & Mark
A few questions as new owners of a Glassic: What do you do for a jack? Is there an easy way to hook up jumper cables instead of finding a skinny person to crawl under the car?

Jack: I got a small import car bottle jack for my car, which I kept in the trunk. When you get it, you should test it to be sure it fits under the car and lifts the wheels enough. PLEASE CLICK  TO SUBMIT OTHER SOLUTIONS TO THE ANNEXMASTER

Battery: The earlier cars had the battery under the hood - Later on, they were under the back seat (power steering, brakes and A/C used up all the room under the hood) - a royal pain to service since the only access was from under the car. One person reported building extensions to his cables that terminated in the panel at the side of the rear seat. Jumper cables could be hooked up to them. They also might terminate under the back seat base.

 I had considered, but never implemented, the notion of cutting a hole in the back seat floor and adding a boat or camper type access panel under the carpet. I never checked to be sure that it would be big enough or in the right place to fully access the battery.

When my car (a 1978) died several years back, AAA (another solution) hooked up to the solenoid and the engine block.

A third idea is keep a good battery in the car -- if the car has a 60 month warranty, replace it at 55 months or 48 months, since they seem to go bad at one month after the warranty expires.--

Someone also reported moving their battery into their trunk, but I don't know if even longer cables are the best idea.


Ask and ye shall receive (sometimes)

Rick Potter

Wow, talk about serendipity, or Kismet, or deja vu all over again. I just went to the site to try to sell my pair of wheel covers from my '73, and there was a request for a pair from Joe.

PS: The new trans is finally in the car, and I will someday get the time to do the grill shell and get it back on the road. Life keeps slowing down my plans.--  Like they say...If you want to hear God laugh, just tell him YOUR plans.
(see the item below dated 10/19/08)

What radiator fits?
I have to replace the radiator on my '73 roadster #715. I would like to just swap out with a new one of the same make/model. What make is the original stock radiator? Is it a Ford part also? Any info/details on the radiator would be great. thanks, Joe

If anyone has the definite answer, please share it with the website! I had a terrible time with my 1978 (and similar) since NONE of the Ford radiators seemed as tall as the Glassic. Checking eBay and radiator shops never did find a direct match. More than once, radiator shops have wanted to re-core and rebuild them - and that's what I had done. It was cheaper than a new radiator and seems to work, other than not being very pretty.

-- That mis-match problem may not apply to the 1973 or so cars, so a FORD product could well match. In the case of the 1978, several were the right width and mounting brackets but were not quite as tall as the Glassic. Since the shorter ones used to cool a Ford engine in their original cars, seems like they should work for us (perhaps with a flat plate to be sure the most air was forced through the radiator, instead of up and over top of it.  See also the discussion of OVERHEATING.

Reply from Gary 11/10/08 (This answer was also added to the tech section on radiators)

Radiator problems, I tried having mine cleaned and it('73 Glassic) still ran hot. I replaced mine with a new one and alls well now. The Modine part number is 2301 and the ford part number is C4DE8005C.these fit 60 to 65 Falcon with the 289 CI and A/T and A/C and is the optional 3 row one. This radiator was direct replacement in my car and yes there is a block off plate on the top off the radiator. I hope this helps someone solve their overheating problems as it did mine.

Wheel covers wanted
WANTED to BUY - 2 orig. Hub Caps for a 1973 Roadster. Please email me if you would like to sell. I am located in Woodstock, GA. Thanks, Joe
(CANCEL this request. Joe decided to go with after-market wheel covers.)
front leaf springs
I have roadster # 709. The rubber grommets for the front leaf springs need to be replaced. Has anyone ever done this? What is the part #? Did the Econoline have leaf springs as original equipment? Home Phone: 386-788-4874
clean windows without scratching
I read on the message board some questions about cleaning the top and windows without scratching. I have a new top and interior on my roadster #885 and was advised by my upholsterer to use lemon pledge to my amazement it works great.
Looking for a Glassic roadster, Shay, or Camelot, in any condition. Project car, not running, needs work, okay with me. Needs to be less than $10,000. I am in Michigan, but can pick up anywhere in the US. Please email
Turn signal switch wanted
I have a 1974 Glassic Phaeton and am looking for a signal switch. Can you help me find one? -- Louisiana
Phone: 337-298-3343

I would try removing the old part and taking it to a place like NAPA car parts and asking for help, selecting from Ford products of that year or earlier -Pinto, Maverick, Econoline are likely candidates, then other smaller Ford products.

Cranks hard when warm
Car #1480 -- Love the vehicle!! Getting a lot of attention here in the north east - most people haven't seen a car like this. It's a trophy winner because it stands out in a crowd on Cruise nites. Runs well with the ride feel of my original 1930 Model A convertible. My only problem to date is that the car cranks like it had a low battery after the car has been running for 15 or 20 minutes. Local mechanics are baffled. Possible problem-a hot engine.
 --See the possibly related question from Cy -  two items down. -- could this be a problem with all that pollution stuff on the cars by 1980?
Attending Oct Cruise
Cruisin the Coast (huge multi-day cruise-in in Biloxi Mississippi) is the week of Oct 5 - 12th. I'll be there this year if anyone wants to try and meet. Beet pretty neat to see some other Glassics... Dennis Crozier
Battery drains down
Hi Folks

 Bought #1480 Roadster with a 302 V8 last year. It's a fun car, I'm really enjoying it --getting many favorable comments and lots of lookers at the car on the road & at the cruise nites BUT -- A PROBLEM -- The battery loses it's charge after a half hour of running. Local mechanics are stumped. Has anyone had this problem & solved it? All suggestions will be much appreciated.

ALSO Can the battery be moved from the rumble seat to under the hood?

 Thanks in advance. Cy .
As a non-mechanic, the Annexmaster urges mechanics to remember that Glassics are fiberglass bodied cars and grounding is often at fault for problems that don't seem to make sense.

Wanted to buy CAR
Calif. area
Hi I want to join this site. how do I join? I am pleased to say there is nothing to join to use the Annex. if you want, you can opt-in to be on the mailing list (Main webpage, yellow square item  9  ) - However, since I send so few mailings, the best way to keep up is to check the log (Main webpage, yellow square   2  ) to see what is new.

Wanted To Buy: I am looking for a Glassic, Shay or Camelot Have cash. will look at any and all, stock or modified. I am on the Oregon/ California border. email me or call me:
(530) 397-2541

Converting to Disc brakes
I own Car # 835 (a 1973 Roadster) and am converting to front disc brakes and ordered king pin set for Econoline E 100 as stated in Annex being axle used but pins are too small a diameter, also ordered conversion kit for same but back plate does not fit.

Can anyone help? The hub has KH79808 stamped on it .Old drum has FOMOCO, max dia.10.09, 86559,A53 4 KH stamped on it. Can anyone please help to identify what I have and approx year? Cheers Jim Wilshire (England)

When I wrote to Jim to tell him I had posted his question, he answered:

Thanks ,I have since received information that it may be based on 68 to 71 Econoline and not 59 to 67 which is a narrower king pin and unfortunately I was initially advised this was the one and had it delivered from the States, I will keep you in touch with my findings on the king pin -- mine is approx 6 inch long 7/8 diameter with a holding pin hole 65mm from top . Once sorted I will send pictures of stripped suspension and conversion to disc brake along with all parts used and their sources for other members .
Trade his Roadster for a Phaeton
Scroll down to Dec 20th of 2007 on the Message Board OR CLICK HERE and see Fred's Roadster in Florida. He has been making a lot of improvements on the car and still wants to trade his Roadster for a Phaeton.
Body sags


I have car number 129 which has already undergone a repaint, but really needs a new paint job again. The body sags causing the doors not to align properly. I can push the side walls and the doors align. Has anyone had this same issue and found an easy fix? Thanks for any help!!
This is NOT one that I have heard before - hopefully that means that it is not a design issue,
 but a problem with this particular car. In my newer car, there are spacers (like large fiberglass washers) between the body and frame. Perhaps yours are missing or deteriorated? Please send other ideas to Kevin directly or to me to post
What are parts worth?


Hi Folks, I have car 913, which has undergone some surgery to the wheel well areas, rear fenders, and foot room. I have not forgotten. I will post some pictures as soon as I can get someone over here to do it for me. It may be a while though. We are doing a complete makeover of our house, and just got taken for an expensive ride by the am the new contractor. One other thing I am going to try out is replacing the grill shell with a real, stainless, 1931 Model A unit I have had for years. It looks pretty close when I line the two up side by side, but the top of the Glassic shell is a bit different. I suspect it would not work if I was using the hood sides, but I have removed them and just use the top, so I think I may be able to flex the front of the hood enough to fit. I will take pictures of the process, and write it up, good or bad. Please be patient. I need some help please: As stated above, I have removed parts which I no longer need, and I am hoping to get an idea of what some of these parts are worth.  I have an offer already, but I think it is a bit low.
I have given away the rubber strips from the running boards already, but I would like to sell the following:
Both sides spare tire covers in very good condition...see pic of 913.
Both sides spare tire mounting struts and brackets.
Two very good original wheel covers.
An original complete rear rack in great condition.
Can someone give me an idea of what these items are worth?
Running Board strips
Louis, the owner of car 416, added his info to the owners list and asks:
Car is still undergoing a re-paint, new top, and wheels. I need to replace the white rubber inserts on the running board and rear deck. Can anybody help me find them. A picture of car will follow when car is completed.
gas tank


Car_VIN: 640
Did the 1972 built 31 roadster have a fiber glass fuel tank? If so does anyone have any suggestion on how to repair the filler pipe or replace it. Thanks
I thought that the 72 would have a Bronco gas tank. Replacement tanks, I believe, also come in some kind of plastic. Filler neck modifications that I know of have been created from scraps and no standard solution has appeared here. Anyone have any better info?

Message to Travis Car # 640. I have a '72 Model # 600 It has a steel tank in it.

This info provide by Fred Irvin --

luggage rack source?
have car number 141 or so and need a luggage rack for it. any help or clear pictures of one would be great. maybe I can build one?
There SHOULD be pics in the album - you just have to search the thumbnails for a rear view. I thought that these were Model A reproductions, available from Model A catalogs. See links page.
top pins
Does anyone have information on where I can get new dowels (pins) for attaching the roof to the windshield? Yeah, I was that stupid. (to have lost them)
If a replacement can't be found, you can tap the holes and put in thumb screws as an alternative. Has anyone found these?

Aug, 2008 Michael responded:

I found replacement pins at West Marine (Lincoln Park if you near Chicago). I imagine other boating supply stores would also carry them and would be a good place to search.

Great solution! Thanks. Boat supply stores are great places to browse for Glassic owners. They have lots of interesting items for us, such as lots of stainless steel hardware and "things" including nuts and bolts (at prices, I feel, cheaper than depot stores.) Also other weather - proof item that might work. For example, you can find access panel doors with frames. I had thought about using one on the floor of my Phaeton to get to the battery from the back seat.

Raising the top
Just took the boot off the top frame of our 'new' Replicar, thinking about getting the top out of the trunk to see what kind of shape it's in. Several questions please:

1.) I lifted gently on the top frame and it didn't seem to want to come up more than a foot or so. Also can see that it digs into the fiberglass where the longest bow fastens/hinges to the car. I now can see why there are old scratches there. Question is, how do I do this right? Looks like a two person job? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

As I recalled, before I built a hardtop, it was not an easy job. Two people, slowly and carefully (after adding drops of oil or WD-40 to pivot points) working the scissor arrangement by lifiting the front
straight up, skyward, then, as it unfolds, rocking it forward toward the windshield. The scratching is a common problem, only avoided by slow and deliberate
top raising and lowering. NOTHING like a modern car - The builder reported great difficulty getting the mechanism to work at all and look ok - let alone
work "easily"

2.) What do you all use for vinyl cleaner/softener?

I picked by reading the labels on bottles in the auto parts store. Most did not mention convertible tops, but a couple did. Vinyl STAIN worked great for me on
old, dirty spare tire covers.

3.) What works best to clean the plastic windows without scratching or discoloring them?

Anyone have any thoughts on this, or any of the above questions?

Thanks for the suggestions. Dennis Taylor (MAINIAC) Work: 207-645-3203

door hinges on a 1973
Our door hinges are similar but larger than Model A. Mine are sloppy and the chrome is pealing (1973 roadster). Does anyone have a good solution for replacing entire hinge or a pin kit or bushings? Thanks
Wiring help needed
I am trying to rewire # 709.As you probably know,all the Glassic wires are either black or red.The colors mentioned in my painless instructions are not the colors that are on my harness.

Does anyone know what wire goes to what?A few months ago,a guy that lives south of me said that he would come up & help me w/the old wiring then never called or showed up.I have no money to take it to wiring specialist.Is there anyone that will help out a fellow owner? I will pay for your gas to get here & back home & I will make lunch for you and provide all the mountain dew , fresca  and coffee that you need.  386-788-4874

Rearend change in early Glassic

Don Curry

Has anyone changed the rear end in an early Glassic Phaeton? If so what did you use?

Dennis has changed his engine from an International to a Chevy V-8.

I changed the differential in mine (Car 162) to a Chevy S-10. The spring mounts lined up perfectly and I only had to adapt the flex brake line and emergency cable. The drive line is different with mine because of the Ford V-6 / C-5 auto trans.

Add windows to a Glassic?
I'm wondering is it possible to add windows to an '81 Replicar, Phaeton? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Michael, in NY - 518-377-6119

Beyond the side curtains that came with the cars originally, there are no great ideas that I have heard of. On the website are my own plastic windows (car 1254) and glass electric windows installed in a Roadster, (car 917). What info is available on these can be found by way of the Technical page -- search for "windows" Has anybody else done anything with windows?

Followup -- Links to pictures of both windows projects can now be found on the ALBUM page for that car. The links to those had gone away when the album crashed several months ago.

gas tank rubbing


My gas tank (car #709) rubs on the rear end. Is this a usual happening? How can I fix it?

Reply to car owner #709. I don't see the tank straps that hold the tank to the frame. Are they broken of missing?

Body styles
Hi, I own a Glassic car # 1242. Year built was 1978. I believe it's called a 1930 Ford Phaeton. I went to my first car show and talked to someone who thought Phaeton's were all four doors. What I have been able to look up on the net showed both two door and four door. I would like to know if there are different names for each model, such as deluxe or roadster. Thank you, Jim

The Glassic founding father, Joel, made this comment, which which I copied from the History of Glassics page.

Although never planned as a "clone" copy, and despite various descriptive terms that have appeared over the years, the actual car on which the Glassic /Replicar was based was a 1931 Model A Ford 2-door Deluxe Sports Phaeton. The later cars (Glassic Replicars) shared some appearance features of a ‘32 Victoria in that the hoods were longer and the doors wider than earlier models.

I believe that Ford made a 1030-31 Standard Phaeton and Deluxe Phaeton, both with 4 doors, as well as a 2 door Deluxe Phaeton. I got this from the Body style identification chart in a Model A parts catalog. Ford also made both a Standard and Deluxe Roadster. In general, Ford Phaeton suggests a convertible with a front and back seat, and Roadster suggests a convertible with only a front seat and a trunk or rumble seat.

Parts source
Gary (car 581)
'I read about people asking about getting this or that part for their car. You can add this site to links as they have been around from 1952. Their web site is  they have online catalogs and are real helpful. Mostly gennie (genuine?) parts but have a lot of the do-dads that people ask about.

From an internet technical point of view, I have seen better vendor "websites" however  I highlighted the comment above since that is an valuable vendor feature.

1972 turn signal switch
Has anyone had to replace the turn signal switch. Mine is a 1972 Phaeton, the steering wheel has a Mustang logo on it but there don't seem to be any identifying numbers that we can reference. Search of several junk yards has resulted in several similar but none that will fit.   Mac. --  Virginia Beach, Va --- Home Phone: 757-426-2978
I assume that you have tried the usual suspects: Bronco, Maverick, Pinto. Econoline seems unlikely, but I envision that the process was to shop around with Ford and mix and match parts that fit the narrow Model A shape, worked together and met whatever the current legal requirements were. NAPA parts people have usually been good at helping to find parts by their appearance.
Some useful websites
I'm posting this as an FYI in case anyone is looking for 1931 Hoods or side panels. My Phaeton I did as a hot rod and as I look around at sites I think could be useful to others I like to post. Previously I posted This site  has nice hoods, plain side panels, louvered, and dual scoop ones. They have triple open hood hinge setups also. Another site geared to restoring original cars,  I have found parts for my car at all these sites that you may find some use for. -- Tom
Wants help finding parts
Would like to find an outlet for parts. I have a roadster ( a 1972, car # 640). Parts such as rear view mirrors, fender steps, rumble seat entry handles, wiring diagrams.

Mirrors - some info can be found in the TECHNICAL CHART (scroll all the way down - look for the green shaded items), fenders steps and rumble seat handles MAY be Model A reproduction parts, (see LINKS for vendors), wiring diagrams don't exist, but FORD wiring diagrams from that year may help with the running gear parts of the wiring.


steering column

On the way to a cruise Thursday nite, my horn, headlights, taillights, amp gauge,& oil pressure gauge all quit. It was the general consensus at the cruise that I had a fire waiting to happen. So I took out the dash, cut all the wires and will eventually have a new painless kit installed While I am doing this I would like to trade up to a column shifter instead of the floor shifter that I have to wrap my leg around to drive.

 I would like to trade steering columns with anyone who would like a floor shifter column. Or I will buy outright if anyone has one for sale.

Luggage Racks
Luggage RACKS  --

What is the source of the folding luggage racks for Glassics?
Will Model A reproduction racks fit? Any issues installing one?

Car Shows inf Fla.

I wanted to post a car show the end of this month for some people who may be around the Pensacola / Panhandle area of Florida. It's in Gulf Breeze and they give away a ton of stuff. Affiliated with NSRA. I'll have my car there hope to see some more Glassics... Dennis...(car 189 with a Chevy V-8 swap)

Couple more shows in the Panhandle area I'll be at including Cruisin' the Coast in Biloxi: Navarre Beach Car Show, Navarre FL 18 Oct 08 Commando Cruise In, Ft Walton Beach FL 25 Oct 08 Cruisin the Coast, Biloxi MS 5 - 12 Oct 08

Relocating battery
I am the proud owner of a 1978 Replicar of a 1931 Model A Roadster vin # 1211. I would like to take my existing battery which is located behind the drivers seat beneath the floor. I would like to relocate the battery in the engine compartment at some location. Has anyone attempted relocating the battery in this type of car if so I would appreciate any input or instructions. Sincerely, Dick Miller

As I understand it, the battery was moved out of the engine compartment when the A/C and wiper parts needed that space. I will guess that if Joel could have found room under the hood, he would have saved money by not running wires all the way to the back of the car.  In other words, it likely won't be an EASY task.

Four related thoughts

1) Someone told me of a trick where they had added two leads to their battery and run them up under the back seat, or into the side of the back seat area. (rumble seat area in your case) They somehow were protected, but could be exposed when necessary, so that the battery could have jumper cables attached.

2) When I needed a battery jump, AAA once came to me and, when they found out where the battery was, they jumped the car by attaching to the + end at the solenoid, under the hood.

3) I had considered, for a while, the idea of getting a "door" and placing it on the floorboard of the rear passenger seat. (rumble seat floor?) The door was to be from a boat supply store or camper parts store -- an access panel door that has hinges and a frame and is meant to rivet or screw into a camper or boat cabinet. I do not remember if the flat space on the floor was large enough, or flat enough or in the right spot for this to work.

4) My car (and a few others) have had a BATTERY KEY CUTOFF SWITCH installed. In my case, this switch is under the car and a hole under the driver's seat provides a place for the key to go. The lock was on my car for security purposes, (low level security, since all locks seem to use the same key)  but I use it to disconnect the battery. One piece of wire bypasses the switch for the radio / clock.  The part is available at car parts stores, eBay, and other places, and has a big red plastic key that stays in place when the battery is on, and is removed to shut it off.

What have others people done?

Running boards
Does anyone know if there are running board covers that fit the Glassic, like Model A, or whatever? If not, what have you used to for running board covers, and where did you get them? Thanks, Rick Potter

The Annex has had no reports of anything fitting our cars. I have an odd setup on car 1254 that may be of interest. I originally thought that someone had taken a rectangle of medium weight aluminum sheet and bent it to fit, rounding off the corners. Then they had made a sort of slipcover from rolled and pleated car upholstery vinyl. It looks fine.

When I checked closely, they had put the slipcover over the original plastic running boards - why, I am not sure. If you make a template, and cut out  the aluminum, a car / boat upholstery shop could likely make covers for them. My feeling is that mine have about an inch or so folded over the 4 edges and sewn to make pockets.

How have others replaced their running boards?

Electrical problem
I have a wiring problem. The front lights work fine however Someone wired the rear lights with what appears to be scrap wire & wire nuts (like you find in house wiring).

When I 1st got the car I had brake lights and one bright taillight and one very dim one.

One night at a cruise the taillights quit working & I drove home w/my foot on the brake pedal.

The directionals did not work at all. I have 6 wires that were not hooked to anything. I checked them & found no power going to them, so I figure they must be ground wires?  Now I have one directional on the rear & that's all.. All fuses appear to be fine.

Any ideas??  Fred

Patience and logical detective work should help solve this one. Clues are: one dim light to start with (poor ground?) and the wire nut solution (this had been a problem before?). Problems with my car have included, over time, a bad brake light switch, a spot where one taillight bulb socket was hitting the back of the outer housing (the neck actually) and shorting out. Poor grounds or no grounds are a special issue with fiberglass cars.

I would pick an end and start following the line. Perhaps start with the light that used to be dim, and check the ground. I keep a length of wire with alligator clips on each end AND have an old dome light that I made into a test lamp, with long wires attached.

As for the six wires -- I don't think its safe to assume they are ALL ground wires. Only one should have been needed. My car, for example, has a wire for backup lights, but no backup lights.

My own first step would be to take apart that dim taillight and look for shorts, or bad connections.

 A 12 volt tester - (looks like a small ice-pick with a light inside and a test wire) might be a good, low cost investment.

upgrades being made.
Hi Folks, I am having some changes made to Phaeton #913.

 I backed into a gate and put a crack in the rear fender. Since I was going to have it fixed anyway, I decided to bob the rear fenders about 3", remove the front fender wells, and remove all the white rubber strips on the running boards. I have been reading about a couple people who have had trouble with foot room.

I am 6'1' and can hardly step on the brake without crunching my left foot. With me it is the width of the foot well, not the length. I am having the left side of the foot well box cut out and widened 2-3'. Right now my left foot has to sit on the dimmer switch all the time.

There also has been mention of people interested in moving the battery. Since the pictures of my car were taken, I have removed the hood sides, which made the battery look really bad. I made a new battery holder out of angle iron from an old bed, and bolted it directly to the firewall, as high up as possible, directly above where it originally sat.

I know that MANY of us hope Rick will share some pictures of these projects!

REPLY - From Dennis, car 189

My dimmer is located just under the dash all the way to the left. Makes it simple to push with my hand and have the extra room on the floor board. I also had my brake pedal cut off the arm rotated 90 degrees and re-welded to allow more foot on the pedal. Worked out real nice. I'm '6 '2 and the only issue I have is my head is a little above my windshield...(Dennis replied to my question by saying that the switch appeared to have been under the dash originally)

Searching for outside mirrors
I need to obtain 2 outside mirrors (rear-view) I have looked on many sites but I can't find the mirrors with the 2 holes to mount to the side of the car. Any ideas?

Some info can be found on the Annex comprehensive A-Z topic index (main page menu item # 1)  "mirrors"

REPLY - From Dennis, car 189


I found these on e-bay and is most likely what I will go with. I like the look and they stick up high enough where you can actually 'see' out of them. I found them at Yearwood (note, the "mirrors" page for Yearwood showed up blank, you may have to call them ) for $39.00 so that may save a little more but here is the link and what they look like...

Since the eBay listing will likely disappear at some point, here is the picture from the listing.
It was $58 + $10 postage by a vendor named
GOODFELLAS ROD AND CUSTOM - that is a link to his eBay store as of 3/2008

Drum to disc brakes?
Wondering if any one has changed the front brakes to disc? The drums are terrible!!! If anyone has some advice I would appreciate it.
I have not heard particular complaints about the brakes before. Does that mean that they just need some type of repair, or are others unhappy with the drum brakes as well?

Update: While updating the new "technical section" on the website, I came across this link where he added a power booster to his brakes. That may help.

VW taillights to Model A style
I have a 1978 Replicar Phaeton with the Volkswagen tail lights. I would like to rebuild the fenders and replace these lights with more realistic/authentic looking tail lights. Does anyone have any parts sources and/or suggestions. I see 1973 Glassics with taillights similar to what I want. Are those available anywhere as aftermarket parts?

Taillight from car # 771

A large number of people have changed their VW taillights to reproduction Model A lights.

Model A lights produce much poorer rear lighting that the VW lights, but sure look better. I do know that there is a rather large hole that needs to be fiberglassed in when the VW lights are removed, (see THIS - scroll down for pics) and care must be taken to not mount the Model A taillight brackets too high or too low on the fender.

Some Model A parts catalogs that have on-line versions can be found on the LINKS page.

Joel, the builder, said:

.... Up until July of 72 we were using GROTE tail lights, taking them apart and having the shell chromed....After we sold out (When Glassic was under different ownership for a while) I don't know what they could have been using 

As a followup, I asked Joel "Wouldn't it have been easier to use Model A reproduction lights back at that time? He replied:

We couldn't use reproduction Model A lights... Didn't meet federal DOT specs, so we did the next bet thing...get close (in appearance) but stay "legal"....

The Annexmaster had never heard of GROTE, but did a Google and look what I found: This page has a 4 inch un-chromed version that maybe a match.  see: 4" Steel, Two-Stud Mount, Combination Lamp


Regarding looking for tail lights try Speedwaymotors web site they carry all sorts of stuff.

Seeking front turn signals
Regarding her car #   341, a 1970 -- pictures can be found in the ALBUM in the 300's VIN and 400's VIN cars.

Is there a source for the teardrop shaped front
blinkers? I don't know if the later cars had them. if
there isn't a source, maybe someone would be willing
to have a mold made from theirs so copies can be made?
(I would be willing to do it, but mine are long gone)

use the MESSAGE BOARD FORM to reply

Bill - who removed his said : Mine were cracked (and thrown away) made by: Yankee  NY

Dennis, who had also removed his, suggested that truck running lights make a good, more modern substitute, and look better also. Here is an eBay link to some that he bought - other truck running lights might also work well.
(at some point that link will become out of date) - You can search eBay for any combination of these words:

Amber Cab Roof Truck Semi Clearance Marker Running Lights

2/24/08 -- Stacey responds to the idea of newer truck lights:

I have been looking at truck lights, but I
did like the ones that were on the car. the others
seem too large, and the orange ones don't look right
to me either. I have time, hopefully something will
come up.

On 2/27/08 Dennis sent this picture - his original lights (on the RIGHT) and what he was going to
replace them with (left) until he found a different style

Below are the lights that Dennis ended up with.

And the picture below is the clear type that Stacey is looking for. (This example is from car #320)

Parts for Sale
I am restoring and making changes to car 1148,  Will be bench style seat.. Will re-do top.. Changed front suspension to coil over and new round tube axle with disc brakes and cross steer rack and pinion setup.

 I have a lot of old parts for sale and many more to come.. I am also planning  a Ford AOD transmission setup and changing the rear diff also.. If you need parts or have any input to help me that would be greatly appreciated thanks...

I thought I had done a better job of recording this info. Look at the bottom of the page on car 1106 regarding the AOD trans. swap. I MUST follow up and get this into the index and get better info.    Don

Rich follows up: I am not exactly sure what the problem was for him but here is a guess.. you can not use the flex plate from the original 302 on the 351w engine.. Catastrophic failure will result as it has to be a certain weight to balance the motor properly. In the case of mine it is a 302 stroked to 331 and a 28oz flex plate comes with the motor for use with the AOD trans.. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. I am still trying to figure out the best way to re-do the a-brake system.. Also thinking out the best way to do the trans shifter.. I may try a electronic push button shifting system.. Any thing else anyone has tried and failed or made work please I really look forward to any input.. Thanks Rich

Roadster for sale
A Texas Roadster is for sale. The info is on the owners list, and in CAR TALES, but since the photo album is temporarily out of service (see the LOG for why) here is a pic of the car. When the album is restored, you can see more pictures.

click the picture for a larger view. Use your browser back arrow to return to this page.

Battery mounting under car
Any idea how to mount the battery in my roadster under the passengers side floorboard?The last owner put it in the rumble seat.Fred Bonnett #709

A number of hot rod places have battery boxes that can be welded on under the car. The newer Replicars (76 onward) have them on the inside of the passenger side rail, in the rear. This, of course makes for a royal pain to service the battery. You mentioned on the phone that the battery had been moved due to no space under the hood since the car had no riser on the carb for the air cleaner. I may still have mine and can check after the first of the year. If you can get the battery back under the hood, that might be the best way to go.

Trade your Phaeton for his Roadster?
I have car # 709.A yellow roadster. w/302 automatic shift. I am 6'4" tall, over 300 pounds and just do not have enough room. If anyone has a phaeton in similar condition & would like to trade for a roadster, I'd like to hear from you. I hate to chop this car up just to suit my size. 386-788-4874 -

click the picture for a larger view. Use your browser back arrow to return to this page.

Fred eventually sold this car in 1/2009

International engines / trans FOR SALE
I now have 2 complete 4 cylinder setups. 1 motor is a 152
International with 2900 original miles, 3 speed with drive shaft. (out
of my car) Second is either a 152 or 192 international with 14,500
original miles, 3 speed with a drive shaft. I don't need a lot for them and would be
willing to deliver within a couple hundred miles or so.
Bumper for sale
Bill (car 1314)
Bill, in Wisconsin mentioned that he had a pair of bumpers for sale. They may have been from a Shay, but would work for a Glassic. No price was mentioned. Email him if interested.
Car 1314 For sale
Bill (car 1314)
Bill, Wisconsin, Is selling his 79 yellow Phaeton. He said that the front seats have been re-done. Some info, including contact info is on the owners page. Asking $13,000. about 20,000 miles.
Hood, seats for sale
Maury (car 572)
I am selling my 72 Phaeton hood, side panels, and front seats.
Hood and side panels are red, seats are white. All are in excellent condition. I am in La Mesa,  California 91941, lets talk.
Roadster wanted
I am interested in buying a Glassic roadster.
Split hood wanted
I ran into the owner of car #1288 last sat. at Englishtown car meet in new jersey. he was selling his car and I had occasion to look at it. nice car. it is a 1978 phaeton I noticed that it had a split hood, He said as far as he knew that year came with the split hood has anyone any info or input on that?

I was going to attempt to split the hood on car 885 this winter but if I could locate one that someone isn't using  it would save me a lot of trouble and time. I saw the procedure that some one had done on theirs, not too bad but still a lot of work  any info available I would appreciate.    Sid

Yep, the Replicars had split hoods (except for the earliest 1976's) and the Glassics did not. There were a lot of changes with Replicars, so it is not a sure thing that a Replicars hood would fit, even if you COULD find one. Here are my measurements of my 1978 split hood. If a Glassic owner would send me the measurements of THEIR hood, we will all know if they can be swapped.

Measurements are approx. Front 13 1/8" for each half or 26 1/4" plus a little for the hinge. Rear - (windshield end) 21 3/8" each side or 42 3/4" total plus a little for the hinge. Front to back in the center 34 3/8 inches  Front to back at the side, where the latches are 35 1/2"

Dave, car 1279, is in the process of fixing his split hood so that the sides are hinged also and the latches will be at the bottom, on the fenders like a real Model A. Photos will be posted when he is finished.

It is now January, 2012 and I will measure my hood from car 678, a 1973 Glassic Phaeton so you can compare sizes to the Replicar I reported on before.  This is a one piece hood.  1) up and around the front of the car, radiator end, side to side, bending the tape so it lays flat on the curved hood:  29 1/2"  2) same side to side measurement at the cowl or windshield end: 45 3/4" 3) Front to back length in the middle: 31 1/2" and 4) front to back at the drivers 32" or passenger32 1/4"  lowest end:
Glassic Christmas Cards?
Ron & Diana
Hi !! Just wanted to share a "treasure" I found while ordering my Christmas cards for this year. I have attached the page from the Miles Kimball Card site. Web address: . I was rummaging through  their catalogue and I nearly died when I saw this card!! Our red Phaeton is featured on a  Christmas Card. ! I was sooo excited! AND to make it even BETTER, they are on sale!! AND to top that, you can get FREE imprinting on cards AND Envelopes if you order before October 7, 2007. Just HAD to share this with you. Thought  You might even  want to put it on the website  in case others might want to order cards too. I'm still excited over the find.   Still HOPING to get you some PICTURES of our cars to put on the website . Just haven't had the extra time to do it yet. Hope you enjoy my find!! The Millers, Ron and Diana in Florida

How neat is THIS? Great find, Ron & Diana. Ho ho ho!

The card company's page with this card on it or you can search their website for "christmas car antique"

Glassic Insurance
no name given
I have Collector Car Insurance thru Geico/Insurance Counselors Inc./American Modern Home.

The short of it is, I manage to get a "non-modified" automobile policy which was $100.00 cheaper on the year.

Now 6 mos. later they want to change it to "modified" and raise it. Is there a Collector Car Insurance Company that doesn't look at the Glassic as "modified"?

Louis is a former Glassic owner and a friend of the website. Louis is also an Allstate agent. I passed this question on to him, and his reply appears below:

I write through Hagerty and they rated both the Shay and Glassic's as modified which as the person with the question said is more expensive.    I am told that Grundy has the best rate of the collector car companies.     State Farm has also gone through their book and re-rated everything that was not "bone stock" to modified according to a friend of mine.  I suggest he try Grundy and report back to you his finding.    Louis

This appears in keeping with the Annexmaster's feeling that insurance companies have a motto of: "Charge as much as you can, and pay out as little as you can."

Grill shell inserts
I just received yesterday a billet grill insert I am going to install on car 218. and just thought I would send a couple of pics of it to you before I install it.  If anyone else is interested in one of these I can arrange to have more built through my company.


Well I installed my new billet grill insert today and it went rather smoothly

NOTE: Contact Mike if you are interested in one of these. My 1978 Replicar has a different shape to the shell opening. Be sure to verify your measurements before ordering one. I asked Mike about the shipping weight and cost for one of these - his answer:

As for the weight it is not too bad being made of billet aluminum it weighed around 10 pounds, as for the cost it is around $350.00.  Yes I realize that the later model Glassics have a slightly different size grill shell and I can have it made any dimension that is given to me. Mine measured 17" wide by 17.5" high and I had the mounting tabs welded on 3" from the top and bottom of the grill and it mounted right up to the extension of the radiator perfectly with tinnerman clips on the mounting tabs. I did have to remove the engine sides to remove the grill shell for installation but I have done that before so it wasn't too bad.  If anyone is interested in one I would be more than happy to help them out!

Tie rods for a 1980 and door problem
Hi folks,.  I'm the proud new owner of a Glassic Replicar Model A # 1480 roadster and am happy to join the club. My mechanic found two problems that need to be corrected. I need new tie rods and need to know where to get replacements or let me know which model frame is on the car..   -- As I said in our phone call, the FRAME of the car was special made for the Glassics. It is not "from" another car, but build from scratch for the Glassic. The question is really: "What front end was used on the Glassic?"

Some info from Joel, the builder appears HERE. Also, a general article on FINDING PARTS

. I also need to know how to repair the driver side door that doesn't fully close. If anyone can help, please let me know. I'd be most appreciative.   -- My own car has a little looseness when the doors are closed, and in THAT case it is because the weatherstripping was not replaced when the car was painted. I never got around to replacing it, but know that, in Florida anyhow, the stick-on type tends to melt and get gooey. When I DO replace it, I will get a universal door weatherseal and some of that black glue from the car store.

Later Cy elaborated on his door problem:
My door problem is the drivers side door and the door doesn't fully close - it just catches on the first latch and is loose and rattles when driving.

I don't know if it applies to your case, Cy, but I recall with my dad's 1955 Chevy that the door latch would sometimes get "out of whack" and the door wouldn't latch. At the time I recall "fiddling" with the latch (the star shaped gear on the door) using pliers to crank in forwards or backwards, until it finally clicked and then was in the right position to latch fully.

 I also remember that it took some doing to get it to work, and when it finally did get into the right position, I never quite knew HOW I had done it. So, try turning that star knob a click forward (or maybe backward) with pliers - with or without pushing the door button on the outside at the same time.  Experiment around.

Also, and I don't know if it has anything to do with the problem, but pulling the inside handle in the opposite direction for opening, causes the outside handle to lock. Not much use for that with no windows.


Roadster for sale.
bought this car for resale. I have rewired the car from front to back with ez-wiring harness. Replaced the Mustang II front suspension with new parts, new calipers and pads, master cylinder, new radiator. The car was built between 1981 and 1982 by Richard Prescott of West Palm Beach, Florida. He was a personal friend to Joel Faircloth who was the owner of Replicar when it closed its door for business. Asking $18,000. Click the camera for photos: MORE INFO

Tom Scott
Denham Springs, LA 70706

Home Phone: 225-664-5103


T-Bird Replica for sale
I have a replica 1955 Thunderbird built by Replicars, Ltd. In West Palm Beach in 1980 that I would like to sell.  I have customized it and have a porthole hardtop for it.  It has been appraised for $18,500 but I will sell for $15,500 if sold before September 15th, 2007.  Details and pictures can be obtained at :

What headers fit a 72?
Does anyone know what headers will work on the 302 Glassic. Mine is 72 and I notice theres not much clearance on either side.I would like to go with ceramic so I dont want to have to bend them.                                        Thanks Darrell

I tried long-tube headers on my 78, and surprisingly, they cleared the frame and steering, but hit the transmission housing on the passenger side. The only thing I could figure is that the original Mustang (which was an automatic) may not have had the C-4 transmission. Something to keep in mind. Buying new, with a return policy, may be the way to go.

Also, my buddy (car 1279 and a long-time hot rodder) prefers NOT to use headers because they are noisy and throw a lot of heat under the hood (and into the passenger compartment.)

Running board rubber strips for a '73 ?
I am looking for replacement running board molding inserts for a 1973 Glassic do you have any idea where I might look for 3/4 inch inserts

These are the moldings that go on the running boards and on the rear of the car. there are 4 on each running board that have a channel that rivets on and then the molding snaps into a groove in the channel.

I found a place in San Diego that has what they call a 5/8 inch molding insert and I ordered this since that's what I thought we had but it turns out these people measure the back side of the channel instead of the molding itself.

 If there is anybody that has done a restoration on a Glassic that might know it would be a big help.

Tire / wheel sizes for a '72 ?
I just purchased a 72 Roadster. Does anyone here know what the biggest rear wheel tire set is that will fit within the rear fenders? I want to go the hot rod route. In a perfect world, I would like to know width, backspace offset etc. Please respond here or feel free to contact me directly at

My gut feeling is that '72 to '74 were easy years to up-size the rear wheels. If it were ME, I would check the photo albums for a look that I liked, jot down the car # and try to contact the owner (from the owners list) for specifics.

Disc brakes on a '72 ?
My dad has a 1972 and wants to convert to disc brakes? Do you have any information on how and if it is possible?
Roadster wanted
From the NJ area:
NOTE - I believe that he found and bought one in Florida 7/9/07
Disc Brakes  in a Glassic?
Jerry (car 1196)
I had a real bad shimmy in the front end, it would almost pull the wheel out of your hands.  I put new shocks on the front, they looked original.  I also replaced the stabilizer shock and it took care of the problem.  It appears that the front end is a scout axle set up.  Tube type.  I would like to put disc's on the front.  Can you give me some info as to what I can use.

Scout parts in a '74? I would have expected Ford parts by then.

Chevy engine into a Glassic?
+ Internat 4 cyl. for sale
Bill  (car # 313)
Has anyone installed a S/B Chevy engine in an early Glassic?  Did you have to cut the firewall for the distributor.??   I have great 4 cyl. International running gear for sale 
Repairing a running board
(1978 Replicar) Has anyone repaired  cracks in the newer one-piece plastic running board covers if  so with what ? thank you Dave
Fuel tank sending unit
Does anyone know what fuel sending unit would fit in my 1980 Replicar? It worked fine when I parked it for the winter, but when I got it out the other day to take a drive, it didn't work. I've checked it out, and it appears to be the sender or maybe the float. It just reads empty all the time. Thanks,  Gary

My experience with my '78 may help (see index on the website -fuel sending unit). Think simple at first, such as a loose or disconnected wire or gruond. A Bronco sending unit should still be good on this year - I think.

Car wanted
I am looking for a reasonably priced Glassic either in good or restorable condition.  Please e-mail me at with information if anyone has a car for sale or can provide me with any leads.  Thanks for your help. 
Hood handles
Sid & Bonnie
I would like any information anyone can recommend. We have a 1973 Glassic Roadster with one hood latch and catch missing. We just purchased car #885
The best bet is probably a handle from a Model A parts catalog. I recall someone using those but he had to take each one apart and turn the hook part around, since the Model A hooks are hinged the wrong way. Model A parts catalog vendors can be found on the LINKS page.

From Frederick, 4/2/07: A few months ago I purchased a 1962 Willys wagon. The hood latches look the same as the ones on my Glassic #600. Just another place to look

Grill shell for a '66?
Those of you who have an early Glassic 66-67, where are you getting the replacement grill shells?  How hard are they to install as far as fit and finish?   Thanks,   Stan

Nothing that I know of fits. I have heard of people cutting down 1931 Stainless Steel shells (making them about 4 inches shorter), but have also had reports that the shape of the hood is different from a real Model A shell. Don't throw out your old Glassic shell!--  I hope others have suggestions. A number of people have installed '32 shells, which, I believe, also have to be made shorter and also have issues with the curve of the top matching the hood.

Adding Power Steering.
I would like to put power steering on my '73 Phaeton #913.  Has anyone done this, or have any suggestions??
Door handle source?
Does anyone know where to get replacement door handles for a 1966 Glassic Phaeton?  Or if you have a set in very good condition please email me.  Thanks,  Stan  

I put 1934 ford handles on car # 218 they fit great I just had to cut the shaft down a little.   Mike

I would look at International Scout handles first, since the early Glassics were closely connected with Internationals.  I looked for handles to match my 1978, by checking pictures of all sorts of '70s Ford products (like on eBay, etc.) and never did find ones that looked like my 78.  Anyone with leads on any year outside door handles, please share your info.

Roadster for sale.
Roadster wanted
Hi folks, I'm looking for a Glassic roadster in good condition on the east coast. Please e-mail thanks.     Cy
1974 - several questions.
Just got a 74 roadster #1102( in NJ), can anybody provide ideas or help re:

;There is no top or top frame! Does anyone have pics or drawings or dimensions?
If anyone sends this info or pics to, I will post it on the website. Some people have built non-folding frames from conduit pipe. A tonneau cover is also an interim solution.

The floor shifter is wobbly, is it a Mustang unit and if so what year?

Has any body got info re. seatbelt attachment?

How about a catch or retainer for the rumble seat, I don't want to squash the kids at the first stop!

Are their headers that fit the 302?
More than one person has suggested that headers will add heat to the engine compartment and in the car, as well as noise. Having had a set that bolted up fine but ended up hitting the transmission, the best idea is to buy them were you can return them if they don't clear the frame etc.

Does anybody have details about the hood side panels, mine are missing!?
Unless someone has a pair they don't want, you may have to borrow a set as a pattern and have them made out of sheet metal. Look at pictures on the Annex and notice the "tumor" or bulge for, I guess, the alternator on one side.

Does anybody know what happened to Oscar, the guy who built a top at Asbury Auto Tops ? Thanx  Doug

How many Roadsters?
Does anyone know the total number of Glassic Roadsters made vs the total number of Phaetons made?

 From the Annexmaster:  Probably not. Since the records were lost in a flood after the company closed, we likely will never know exactly how many cars were made, let alone what body style. The best we can do is extract from the cars that are registered on the site. We now have 70% Phaetons and 30% Roadsters on the list.  Expanding that to our estimated 1600 or so total cars, we can guess that about 450  were Roadsters and around 1150 were Phaetons. A coupe and a couple of pickup trucks were in there too.

Roadster wanted
Skip Best
I just missed out bidding on a Glassic from Utah ($12,000.00).  I have looked over the website and have had little suceess finding a Glassic for sale.  Is there anyway to get the word out that I am looking for one?
West Chester, PA
Std. trans. for sale
The owner of car 562, a 1972 with a three speed, changed over to a C-4 auto transmission. He now says:
If anyone wants the manual transmission parts, I'll make them a sweet deal!!
International Truck/Tractor collector looking for International Glassic car. Prefer nice original or restored car, must be on International chassis. Body style  not important. Kevin Tackaberry   (613) 924-2634 days     (This area code is in Ontario)
International carb WANTED
Dennis - car 189
Does anyone have a good 1bbl Carb for the international engine?
Wiper motors for a 73 wanted
Joel, the builder of the Glassics shared his recollections about the wipers HERE
See the LINKS page for sources of International parts.
Glassic WANTED LA, Calif.
Length of a light bar
To anyone who has a light bar on their Glassic. Please send me the measurements for the length of what I need. I bought one off a 31 model A and it was too long. I’m looking to get it cut down but need to get the correct length. (car 189)
Thanks,         DJ..

Joel, the builder, had reported that real Model A lightbars did NOT match Glassics. Your measurement should come from an earlier Glassic rather than a Replicar since they may be different.  Also, be sure to test the ANGLE of the attaching mounts as well as the length needed since the fender shapes may be different than a real Model A.

Roadster wanted
I am looking for a Glassic Roadster  at a reasonable  price. I Would be interested in one that needs some work done on it, but would also be interested in one in good shape.
Levi Smith
Phone #  815-436-6632 --------
(area code 815 is in Illinois)
Front end parts for a 1980
I am looking for front sway bar end links for my 1980 (car 1456) Replicar , I owned a Shay before and the mounting bracket on the Shay front end is the same as the Replicar, any ideas on where to locate these sway bar links ??? new or used would be fine ....Thanks
I was at the auto parts store (Napa) yesterday and what they came up with , for the sway bar end links that I was looking for , is the front end is a 1978 Mustang 2 , which was the same from '74-'78........Rich #1456
Fuel inlet for a 1972?
I need help finding what they used for a fuel inlet on a 1972. It's a one piece rubber flange and goes to an elbow. Approximately 14 inches long and has the fuel Vent tube going from the filler neck to the tank.
Panama City FL cruise in November
Hi.  Just hope you all will join us this year for the Emerald Coast Cruizin
event in Panama City Beach Florida .We have had  a huge huge response.  We are
expecting really thousands of cars.  Our registrations are flooding in daily
as well as our vendors we have plenty of cruize-in events planned for the
night life, including the big kick off party at Capt, Andersons marina on Nov.
9 (that's Thursday night). The rest are absolutely full of fun events going on
up and down the beach.   We welcome you all come join us all. Thanks a lot .
Looking for Dad's old Glassic
1972 or '73 red Glassic Roadster
My father owned this roadster from new back in the 70's car was sold in mid 80's at an estate auction in Wenonah NJ. I am trying to locate where the car might be now.
George Braun
104 N Marion Ave
Wenonah, NJ 08090         856-924-0451
Wanted for International Glassic
I’m looking for a good solution for car # 189, a 1967 model, to change my 4 lug hubs to 5 lug. Does anyone know if they make a wheel adapter or do I need to change out everything including axels? I’m also looking for a good working Holly 1 barrel carb if anyone wants to part with one.

Thanks for the help in advance,


Don Curry
I thought I would send a few new pictures of #162 (at the bottom of that page) at one of our local rod run’s. I have had new hubs made for a five bolt Chev. pattern to match the S-10 rear end with 2.79 rear end gears. I now have 15x6 wheels in front and 15x8 in the rear. I have lowered it about 3” with lowering blocks front and rear, installed new front seats from scat enterprises which are for V.W. bugs, new carpet with a custom made shift tower for the Thunderbird shifter. It still has the 3.8 Ford V-6 With the A.O.D. other than cleaning and waxing it is much like I bought it. It sure is fun to drive.
How do I register in a show?
Can anyone tell me how you have entered a Glassic in a car show?  The one I have is a 1978 Phaeton.  Is it entered as “best Ford product”, “best of the 1930’s” or as other? I would appreciate any input on this.     -- Thank you
I don't know of ANY hard and fast rule on this. I would say that you should enter in whatever category you think you have the best chance of winning in. As a replica, we aren't really anything, but then we are EVERYTHING also. When a car show is only for 1975 and older cars, I say that I am a 1931 Ford replica.  Other times, I say that I am a 1978 replica of a '31 Ford. If there are NO hotrods in a show, I might enter the modified car category. I have had no reports of anyone complaining regardless of category -- as long as we don't try to pretend that our cars are real Model A's.  Anyone else have thoughts on the subject?
Wanted to buy:  a red  Glassic  Ford.  If you have one for sale, what I need to know is:   Has it ever been in a accident?  Has it been updated "ie" wiring, pop rivets, engine , brakes, total miles?   Price and location.   contact me at. --- FOUND - Richard now is the proud owner of car 772! 8/8/06
Wiper blades that fit a 74
James car # 841
I used ANCO 9 inch blades part # 20-09 on my 74.  They are a perfect fit.  They are available at most auto parts stores
Jim: That wiper # doesn't work for my 72  -- #581.I have different attaching arms and they don't hook up.. Anybody else have a clue where to get wiper blades?
Add an electric cut off switch for safety
James car # 841
I ordered a disconnect switch from J. C. Whitney - catalog # GM749003.  It comes with 2 keys.  Price was around $37.00 including shipping.  These are simple to install.   I put mine under the steering column on the right side and used the steering  column bolts to attach a bracket I made from a regular size 110 metal electrical box.   Run a battery cable from the battery on the negative side to one side of the electrical disconnect switch and run a cable from the block or intake manifold to the other connection on the disconnect switch.  This makes your cars electrical system all shut down when stored or not in use.  The switch also prevents easy theft of your car when shut down with the disconnect switch.  I hope this idea helps some of you.   I have it on my tow truck also.
My '78, car 1254 has a cut off switch installed under the driver's seat, with the wires under the car and a hole through the floor for the switch. MINE was installed on the POSITIVE side, with a separate tiny wire bypassing the switch and going to the clock/radio. The previous owner had covered the battery cable in a piece of garden hose, which seemed like it offered some added protection.  So, should the switch go on the positive or negative side of the wiring, or does it not matter?
I don't think it matters what side you break but I would break the positive side.   The reason I say this is the vehicle may try to find another path to ground( IE your body).    Most all switches I have ever seen break the hot leg.     All 120 volt ac break the hot leg for the reason I mentioned above.    You being the ground for 120 volts could be deadly but I guess 12 volts would just scare the sh@t out of you.
What brake master cylinder on a 1074?
James car # 841
I have some questions concerning the brake system on my 74 Glassic.  1 - What was the master cylinder used on most Glassics in these models?  Mine does not have a 73 Maverick master cylinder. 2 - For those of you who have power brakes, what is the best fitting  power brake and master cylinder unit to use to convert my car to power brakes?
Wanted Wheel cover center caps

Replacement steering wheel?

Will, located in Qatar, on the Saudi Arabian peninsula is looking for 6 center caps for the original wheel covers for his car #641, a 1972. If you have a set of these, please contact him to discuss cost - he knows he will be responsible for postage.

He also asks:   Is there a nicer steering wheel that one can buy to replace the existing one that looks like a pinto steering wheel? Something that looks from the 30, 40 era that would replace only the top part.

Need clutch parts source
Thomas Peck
Chuck Stout
Hi, I hope this can give some help. When I bought car 141 the previous owner
had replaced these parts. I do not have any part numbers but he did say that
he got his part cross referenced at NAPA and they were able to find what he
needed. Also has these pieces but they seem to be priced
for the restorer i.e. a little spendy. Good luck, Chuck Stout.
G Schmidt #581
Tom: for master cyl /slave cyl /brake parts try  Brake and Equipment Warehouse .mpls mn.  or    1 800 233 4053   
Side curtain question

Replacement seats question

The previous owner of my car #1121 (a roadster ) gave me side curtains that he said were furnished with the car when new.  In trying to install them it seems that the zipper tabs are on the wrong side. The only way to install them is for the driver to get into the car and have someone install the curtains from the outside. Unless I am missing something, there is no way to get out except to force the door open thus unsnapping the outside snaps. Do I need to have the zippers replaced or what ? Next subject is regarding seats. The present seats are from a Honda Prelude and the headrests stick way up above the car body and with the top down, they make the car look odd. Since there is very limited space, which junk yard seats can I get that don't have  the high head rests ?  Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Tom, On my Roadster I zip them up first then snap on the outside. I dont know if yours is the same or not.As for the seats your very limited as to what you can use and still look right. I have a set of seats from the back of a Pontiac Transport Van.Not sure what model though.I know that it has 5 or six bucket seats in the back instaed of benches.They  are small with low backs.Im installing them this winter in mine with a console.Hope this helps
Wheel covers for sale
Dale Gibson
I have a  good set of original wheel covers that Glassic used in 1973. See photos of car 800.
Get my Info from the owner list and call or e-mail.
#583 Any suggestions for replacement headers for a '72 V-8? 
Gelcoat or paint?
Clint Lovel
I've repaired the rip on the driver's rear fender of my 72, SN 562. I've also been examining and sanding the many cracks on the tops of all the fenders. My car is red with black fenders. The body of the car is one piece. The fenders are integral to the body, unlike the all metal original Model A.

 I noticed when I was buffing out the car that the black buffed out very easy in comparison to the red. I've also noted that when I sand through the black, there is red underneath. I'm wondering, is it possible that the black is actually paint over red gelcoat?

I cannot comprehend how you would use two colors of gelcoat with such precision on a one piece unit. Does anyone have any idea how they did this, or is this actually paint? When did they go from gelcoat to painting the car?

Reply4/16/06 by Joel, the car builder:

Clint - Just remember that the body is formed in a "mold" that is upside down and inside out when compared to the finished product...  To achieve the two tone effect, the "red" part of the body is taped off and the Black is sprayed into the partially exposed mold... Then the tape & paper is removed and the red is sprayed into the now exposed part of the mold with the overspray covering the black around the edges... SSsoooo if you sand through the black you will hit red....  

Now if you are going to paint over the gelcoat, you MUST use a polyester, catalyzed primer to fill the little cracks (or crazes) or they will transfer through the paint...  It is hard to sand so spray it as smooth as you can... Then work up with lacquer base primer to get ready for the paint....  Paint started in '73 if my memory is right, but lots could have happened to your car in the last 25 years that we don't know about....   Hope this helps.... The Phantom

How can I add Power and disc brakes, steering?
Darrell Walker
I'm looking into doing several things to my Glassic, and need some info if possible. I have car #633, 1972 Roadster. V/8, C-4, tube straight axle, and I think Maverick V/8 rear end  Does anyone offer spindles, rotors, calipers and brackets that are bolt on to convert to disc brakes? If so, what kind of car would you buy for? I also want to convert to power brakes. What kind of booster, Master Cylinder? I want to convert to power steering. What steering box , pump ,column and any thing else I may need? If possible I would like to have a column with tilt and the dimmer switch.
Distributor cap for a 4 cylinder?
No name given
Where can I find a distributor cap for the 4cyl International with the male tips on the cap? Also I put a small reserve boat tank in my trunk with a boat rubber hose and hook up off a "T" to the fuel line

Some sources for International parts can be found under LINKS, menu item #13 on the Annex website.

Industrial engine in a '73?

Wheel covers, mirror, taillight wanted

Dale Gibson
Does anybody know why the Glasstron Boat people used the Industrial version of the 302 for these cars? I hear that they have more horsepower, but some parts are different, water pumps, for example.

 I'd like to find a good set of original wheel covers that Glassic used in 1973. Mine have rusted in recent storage. Maybe some Glassic owners who changed wheels have some that aren't being used. My ammeter has never worked. Don't know why

Added 3/27/06: I also need a passenger side outside mirror.  My bracket got broken. Also need the chrome plated tail light and bracket on driver's side.

Steering issues
Clint Lovell
Car 562. I took the wife for a ride yesterday. I noticed the steering had a lot of slop and seemed unsteady in the tracking. Later in the day a friend came over and we discovered that when the wheel is turned, the plate where the steering box bolts is flexing and deflecting. Is this something others have encountered?  Apparently, it is going to require some sort of reinforcement and closer inspection. I don't think anything is cracked, but I will have to pull it down to really inspect it well. This is with the tube axle.  

Annexmaster note: see his solution to this problem HERE.

  Also, I curious to know if anyone has tried the 28-34 Ford rack and pinion conversion for a straight axle that is offered by Unisteer. The link is   I don't know if it will fit my chassis or not. Not certain if the 72 frame and steering dimensions will coincide with the original Model A or not. It would be interesting to find out. (This has been answered already -- no relationship between our Glassic frames and real Model A's)   I've also noted that my steering column is almost touching the valve cover of the 302 in my car on the passenger side. Do you know if this is common either?  BTW, do you have any idea what the steering column and box was off of in 72? (Possible places to start looking - Econoline, Bronco or other Ford product of the era)

Looking for car 959
Bob White
Car 959p (a 1972 Phaeton)
I bought this car in 1981 as a wedding present for my wife. After 25 years and 6 kids, I'm trying to see if I can find it again or buy a similar car for our anniversary in June. It was yellow but I had it repainted burgundy. If anyone can help, please feel free to give them my info. Also, I have some materials from Replicars (Sylvia Oliver) in 1981 if anyone wants copies. Thanks, Bob White -- Golden CO. 303-216-1212
Adding AC, PB, PS
Clint Lovell
Wondering if anyone has added an aftermarket A/C, power brakes and/or Power Steering in their Glassic Phaeton. (1972) Which unit? Manufacturer? Etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
1972 Tail light lens
Does anyone know where to find replacement lens for a 1972 phaeton tail lite? Still trying to find wiper blades also!

Will the person who e-mailed me about having a lens, please get back to me as the wife deleted your e-mail before I could respond. The lens number is Grote 215-218 sae-1. I need one
Larry Gross
Can anyone help me with what type of outside door handle will work to replace the one on my 1978 Phaeton.

Thank you



I am anxious to hear the answer to this one as my outside handles are pitted. I would suggest looking at pictures of 1975 to 1978 Broncos, Econoline vans, or other Ford products to start with - since that's where many of our Glassic parts came from. -- (It does not look like a Bronco, but a couple of poor pics of Econolines make me want to check THAT idea further.)

2/21/06 -- Words from Joel, the builder of the cars (remember, this is nearly 30 years ago that he built these) "as far as door knobs are concerned, try a Mazda pickup or a little Ford pick-up, vintage '68 through '75 or so....  Who knows... they just might work.... "

Since then I have been looking at pics on the web and not seen a match so far in Ford (its amazing how many people don't feel a need to show close-ups of the door knobs when selling an old Ford. I have found NO pictures of old Mazda truck door handles yet. -- the truck pics that I HAVE seen show handles that are similar but have a round push button, not rectangular like Glassics.

Wanted: Phaeton
Oscar Lovell
I'm currently in the process of selling my 73 Mustang Convertible and am looking for a Phaeton. Will consider an outright trade as well. Photo link is below. Contact me at   Thanks.
International engine & trans for sale
Jim Sproles
FOR SALE Engine and transmission, 4 cyl. and three speed transmission. The unit had 34000 miles on it when we got the car (#271)  You can give me a call at 812-275 6023 FROM 8 to 9 or email CJSPROLES@PEOPLEPC.COM
Cruise-in in New York
Hi , I am attending the Lake George, New York car cruise ( Sept. 8-10) this year with my 1980 Replicar car # 1456 .....if anyone is taking their Glassic/Replicar to this cruise and would like to meet at the show e-mail me at
Gas tank for 1967
Don Curry
Does any one have a source for new gas tanks for early replicars? My 1967 ser # 162 tank cracked in both folded corners, one at the top and one at the bottom. The tank is made of light guage aluminum and has stress fractured. I have been to several fab shops in the Portland Or. area and they have refused to make a new one. I am told they must be D.O.T. certified.


International Scout engine for sale, Original.
I may be putting a new engine in my Glassic. I have a strong running International Scout 152 engine in it with only approximately 4500 miles! Thats right, a 1966 with 4500 miles. I just in the last month replaced all hoses, belts, fluids etc. If interested, please email me at This is from Glassic number 106 and is located in San Diego, CA. Stan Spate

See car on web site.
steamer trunk
I am looking for a steamer trunk preferably black for my 31/72 Glassic #619 of La Mirada, CA, if anyone knows where I can get one please email me at Thanks MrP
a new automotive type trunk with leather straps etc can be found in the different magazines like Hemmings News and Old Car world. These mags should be at your local book store.
I own car #766, here in Dayton, Ohio.

I have made several modifications to the car; 1. added a power booster to the brakes, 2. replaced steering column with shifter on column, 3. replaced original seats with Ford Escort seats, and lastly 4. removed the A/C unit.

The car has a nice new radio but the original antenna is damaged. The antenna is attached on the passenger side panel, just in front of the front door jam. It is attached at two points by black plastic brackets. The plastic is brittle and cracked.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement antenna?

try looking at the volkswagen antenna that what I replaced mind with
steering shimmy
#583...Yesterday while driving my '72 Phaeton I hit a pothole and my steering started to shimmy wildly. The steering wheel was moving back and forth and pretty much I had no control over the front wheels. Then it was fine as the car and I slowly went home. Any thoughts on the problem?
I had the same problem; checked the tire balance and the shimmy damper,both were fine.My problem ended up being the caster angle,as the springs got older,I some how lost the angle.I restored the angle with shims and the shimmy when away.Hope this gives you a place to start.Maybe the rubbers holding the shimmy damper are gone or bad.I also removed one leaf from the front springs to soften the ride.Good luck
Wiper Blades
where does one find wiper blades for a 72 glassic? Mine are Anco and they are 8inches long.
Joe Mulvey
Anco#20-9 is a replacement # If they are too long a good pair of lineman pliers aka sidecutters will trim them nicely
that anco number doesn't work for me as all my parts stores can't match it up using that number. the ones they had shipped in are for curved windsheilds,not a straight blade for flat windsheilds.
Removing the back of the back seat
Can you tell me if you know how to remove the back of the back seat? I have car 800 a 1973 Phaton. I can look down between the car and the wood that makes up the back of the seat and see two blocks of wood that seem to be spacers. It appears that the two blocks of wood are the connection between the car and the seat but I see no way of getting it lose but to remove the revits at the top of the exterior fiberglass shell. This seems like it would remove the whole rear interior shell which is what the seat is attached to.

I am trying to install shoulder harness in the back seat for the kids. (My wife say that they are unsafe with just the lap belts) I purchased racing harnesses and I am planning to cut small slits in the rear deck and fasten the harness to the floor near the existing seatbelt locations.

their is two nuts holding the rear seat back,you get to them from under the car!

Owners Manuals
Mr Ed
Do these cars have any owner's manuals for them? Mine is a 73 Glassic (31 Ford) 1020.

Joel, the builder of the cars back then, reported that there never were any owners manuals made for any year of the Glassics or Replicars. Finding an old Mustang or Maverick manual could help you with engine maintenance issues.

Overheating problems
I have a 1972 Glassic Phaeton with a Ford 302 V-8 engine. I live in Florida and in the summer the engine tends to overheat. I have had the engine block and radiator cleaned, changed the thermostat, temperature gauge and sending unit, but it hasn’t helped.

Has anyone had similar problems and if so what has been done to remedy the problem? Does anyone know what radiator was used on the cars manufactured in 1972?
The Phantom

Does this problem occur above 30 MPH or at "idle" like in a parade or waiting for a long train to pass.... If it happens when you "go slow" try a flex fan and 100% antifreeze... If it happens at speed, it is the first I've heard of that being a problem.... Good luck, The Phantom


try a milodon 30% over water pump .


Don't forget -- even at proper temperatures our cars may overflow the radiator when you shut the engine down after a trip. Some owners have added those aluminum recycling tanks to their cars.

Of course, the original Mustangs had overflow tanks, but the Glassics did not. Also, you don't want to fill the old radiators to the top like you do with the new cars.


I have a 1973 Glassic and bought a radiator for a 1966 mustang 3 row and it fit like same that was in it. I got mine on ebay but this site has them

Tom LaJeunesse

Phantom Junior

More on the "heating problem" we discussed some time back... I have since put "real" gauges in my car and I have found that the temp gauge (electric) that read 220+ only reads 180 on a thermometer gauge (Stewart Warner), so I wonder IF there really was a heating problem on the engine???

Dale Gibson
In response to Blake's question about overheating:   I put a 1958 - 1960 Ford T'Bird radiator core in my 1973 Glassic.  They mount horizontally in the T'Birds, but I mounted it vertically in the Glassic.  It solved the problem for me.   I think the '73 Glassic had a Mustang radiator. 

More on this topic can be found at OVERHEATING

Replacement Parts
I have just purchased a 1974 model Glassic Phaeton and was wondering if anyone has information on this car. I need to replace a lot of parts and don't have a clue about the u-joints, heater core, steering Etc. Please help me if you can.

the heater core can be made up at a radiator shop. The drive train is ford so the u joints could be bought from the dealer or a good parts store. my front end is a f100 ford truck with same brakes and a Fairlaine rearend the front springs are Pinto. I don't know what the rear springs are. I had them re-arced and extra leaf added to both front and rear

Gas tank capacity
Has any one ever increase the gasoline capacity of a glassic

the way the fuel tank is located on my 73 there is not a way to increase the capacity it sets between the rear springs and the rear end. I have about three inches clearance


Have you looked into a company called Tanks Inc (320-558-6882) P.O. Box 400 Clearwater MN 55320. I believe they have what they call saddle tanks which fit under running boards or just inside the frame. I have car no. 141 a 4 cylinder and when I looked under that area it looks like they should fit. Hope this helps, (Ezroder ) Chuck S


on the Annex website scrapbook (1) page 6 is an example of an add-on tank for more gas.

Where to Find Parts - 74 Glassic
Mr Ed

Can anyone please let me know where I can go online here or outside for any parts I may need for my new 74 Glassic? Right now I need a front grille and maybe a few other minor parts. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Mr. Ed

I have a '73, #720, mostly like a mustang of the same age with wheel and brake assemblies of an econoline van. Body and frame are custom, unique to Glassic with some Model A parts fitting. I've had engine dressed up with lots of chrome, pretty standard stuff for a 302 v8. Seats and top probably need custom work or trial and error on seat replacements, had mine recovered by a pro. Planning grill upgrade to '32 style and fiberglass refresh along with paint job, same colors. Removed A/C, ride mostly with top down. Most engine parts readily available, even new in crate 302 versions from Ford. Be sure to read tips in A to Z list, Don does a great job on this web site, other owners are quite helpful as well. Good luck.

Mr Ed

Bob sounds like you have your work cut out for you but seem to be coming along pretty well with it. Still looking for that grille. New question - I'd like to convert my drum brakes to disc. How can I go about doing this for my 73 Glassic (31 Ford)? How can I make the conversion? Mine is a 1020. Any suggestions appreciated. Mr Ed

Springs (leaf)
Bob Soderquist
Has anyone replaced the bushings in the front and rear spring shackles? I'm at a loss as to what was used on the early cars...I have # 270.

Any help appreciated..

Louis Oursler

Bob, I recently had all 4 of my leaf springs rearched and added Teflon spacers between each leaf. I also used Teflon spacers or washers on all the spring to shackle bolts. When I picked them up the guy at the spring shop said he also replaced one of the bushings in the end. I took it that this is a standard part that all spring shops would have. By the way, the Teflon made a huge difference. No squeaks and no popping when turning the front wheels.

Parking light lenses for a 1970
Posted by Don for Ross:

I have a question for anyone that might be able to help. I am trying to locate lenses for the turn signal/parking lights on the front fenders of my Roadster #349. The current lenses have the following info printing on them: SAE-P, Signal Stat Pat. Pend. No 9 Bkln NY USA I sure would appreciate it if someone could tell me where to find lenses to match.
Ross Gates
E-mail at or 941-729-0536


A message from "The Phantom" said:

"Signal Stat" who would have been the manufacturer of the lens... We used Grote lights back then also and they were "bubble clearance lights" or "cab marker lights" rewired for a double filament bulb... Go to a NAPA store and find a sympathetic counterman.... Good luck... The Phantom

Wider wheels for a 1966
I am trying to find custom wheels to fit my 66 Glassic. The bolt pattern is 4 x 4.5. They are 15 inch rims about 5.5 wide. I would like a little wider wheels for the back.Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Ezroder
The Phantom

All the Scout 800A models used standard issue 2 wheel drive 4 lug wheels. (the only vehicles that did NOT use the 4 lug wheels were the 4 wheel drive models that were built for Abercrombie & Fitch...) I do know of an instance where wider wheels in the rear were necessary, and the problem was solved by saving the 4 lug "centers" and using 15" station wagon rims that were welded to the old centers. Watch the offset so the new wheels don't make the tires stick out beyond the edge of the fenders (the modified wheels were actually widened to the inside rather than to the outside as is commonly done.) Otherwise a few phone calls to the custom wheel manufacturers should turn up any available aftermarket wheels that quite possibly could be available today... Good luck, The Phantom

 Sensitive highway steering
david gluth
while driving my 77 phaeton on road trips the
steering is very sensitive and must be extremely
alert to keep it on the road.
any suggestions appreciated.
david gluth

Edited by: GlassicAnnex at: 5/15/03 6:54:40 am

The Phantom

IF the car has a tube front axle, caster could be the problem IF the tapered shims have been removed from the perch plate...I can't remember the preferred angle of caster but if he uses the suggested alignment for a 2 wheel drive Scout 800A it should rectify the problem... If not add 1 or 2 degrees of caster because with power steering it won't affect the turning and maneuverability of the car at slow speeds... IF the car has the Mustang II front A frame suspension, make sure the caster is set for the Mustang II... Wander at highway speeds is an alignment problem, and I'm assuming that in either case there is about 1/8" toe in in the setup of the front wheels. Camber would cause the car to want to go in one direction or the other, not wander, so I don't think it is a camber problem


My 1978 Phaeton is also very "touchy" at highway speeds. New tie rod ends and an alignment job made it so it stays straight, but I feel like if I gave a small jerk on the wheel I could roll it over.

Tire pressure changes might help some also. Since the cars are light, a tire pressure of 20 psi is not too low.
Also, remember that even at best, our cars are FLAT across the front, which I am sure makes for some unpleasant air movement at 70+ miles per hour.