A general discussion on the task of finding parts for your Glassic.

As of this writing, (2015) the newest Glassic is 34 years old, so finding parts will be a "project" at best. The Annex website has tried to document specific parts when they are reported back, but often, our owners are so relieved to find their part that they forget to let me know. The first place to look is in the technical components page on the Annex site. Use the search feature on that page --browsers often bring up a small search rectangle with CONTROL F (for find)  and try several different words to describe what you are looking for.
There is also listing of some part numbers and info on a page called parts fit. -- this is a "shoe box" type collection of info I have gotten over the years.
Parts consist of several broad categories:
Unique parts -- hand build specifically for these cars. -- examples include side curtains, tops, top frames, grill shells, body, frame (V-8's), body, hood, doors. This type of part will need to be hand made or a similar product will have to be re-worked to fit. With luck, you can find one of these parts being sold by a Glassic owner.

Model A parts -- No real Model A parts were used, but some replica parts were used. Example is bumpers on Mustang based cars.

Ford parts -- International parts.

USE BOOKS! -- (this tip added in 2016. It may appear elsewhere on the site, but belongs here also.) Much of the running gear info can be gotten from books in a couple of categories. Factory or Shop Manuals and Self-Help books. The after market books for home mechanics such as Chilton's  Haynes can be found on eBay as can factory Service Manuals for International Scout and Ford. The factory manuals often are multi-volumes and can get costly - they also have a lot of extra info you won't care about, but they do have details not found in the after market repair manuals. Here is a picture of my Chilton's book from a yard sale - it has been very helpful with mechanical issues.

--- click for larger view.

USE THE INTERNET  - Ask the question on Google as it pertains to the host car. "adjust the timing 1974 Ford" or "change brake pads 1968 International Scout".  Often there are u-tube videos to help, or reference pages to view.  Also, support groups for the host cars have more traffic than this Glassic website, so ask THEM your question. "How do I change the gas tank sending unit on a 1974 Bronco?"

 Early cars used a LOT of International Scout parts since the cars began with complete Scout 800A running gear setups, while the V-8 cars used custom fabricated frames and many Ford parts from the era when the car was made. The Ford parts were NOT all Mustang parts, but generally came from cars in the year range the Glassic was build. Not all parts came from the same model car either. When built, the parts were mixed and matched in order to fit the car in the best way. An un-modified Glassic will not have Chevy parts, for example.

From within the Ford family, the following cars are places to look for a match.  Early V-8 Glassics: Bronco, Econoline

Later Replicars (76 - 81) Fairmont, Granada, Maverick,  Pinto

Odds and Ends -- Some parts came from odd-ball places, and, other than the Annex, it will be hard to figure out where they came from. Examples are the early seats were airplane seat frames with custom upholstery. Late '70s power steering reservoirs came from a FORK LIFT company.

One can be sure that very little worry was given to finding replacement parts a quarter century later -- it was enough struggle to get parts that would work at all and were available at the time.

The best thing I have found to do is to take the part to the store and lay it on the counter... a parts man with a positive attitude will be able to match it up .... Dave, who owns two Glassics, suggests NAPA parts stores or CarQuest are good at helping match parts.  Many parts have a number stamped on them, and a Ford parts department person can often ID the part, expecially if you narrow down his search by naming some possible donors.

REMEMBER --  once you have found a match, let me know at so that I can post it for future searchers.