LOG of recent website additions & changes (most recent at the top)

Indiana Roadster # 675 was sold. New owner unk.
New CA owner posted for Roadster #1414.

No website updates will be posted for the next 2 weeks, since I won't have access to my "big boy computer"

TX Roadster #723, previously in CT, had a wrong phone number for the new owner. Now corrected.. See owners list pg 2 9/6/18
Oregon Phaeton # 147 has a new, lower FOR SALE price. See owners list page 1

Idaho Phaeton # 407 is FOR SALE . See owners list page 1

The LOG entry from 8/15 about the  Glassic radiator badge now has a small additional view of the badge with the background filled in black. 8/24/18
TX Roadster #723, previously in CT, gave us updated owner info by the buyer. See owners list pg 2

Phaeton #552, at one time in a FL auction after an engine fire, has found its way to FINLAND and is under restoration. See owners list pg 2

Stacey, Cars 341 and 359, made herself a 3D printed Glassic radiator badge for $10 - She had it made in silver, and will fill in the background in black..  She also spotted car #180, a barn-find that has been added to owners list page 1 8/15/18
Massachusetts Phaeton #218 (an Abercromie & Fitch car) spotted  FOR SALE- see  owners list page 1 8/9/18
Stacey, owner of Phaeton #341 and Roadster #359, send along some nice  pics of both cars together. They are in the 2018 sub-folder of her pictures. See owners list page 1 8/3/18
NJ Roadster #539 is FOR SALE  Also, some new pics added in a subfolder of this car. See owners list pg 2

MN Roadster 917 is FOR SALE  See owners list pg 2

Here are some "for sale" sightings - I will post the link, but may not update the Annex right away since there are many different pics on some of these.

Roadster 723 in CT - on Craigs List -- nicely updated. Ad was removed by the owner 8/2/18

Roadster in CA - this one looks like it is car #1402. on eBay

Phaeton in VA - Abercrombie version with an aftermarket VIN and unfamiliar VIN tag. On eBay

Also, here are some pics of the restored Roadster #1069

Florida Roadster # 1402 is FOR SALE  This is a one-family car since new. See  owners list page 3 7/29/18
Another test entry. The LOG still does not seem to always update right. This added code may have fixed that. 7/27/18
Removed LOG entries older than Jan. 2017 from this page, but put them in a separate file for those who might want to look back in time. Older LOG files can be found at the bottom of this LOG. 7/27/18
Test entry. Sometimes the LOG did not update to the latest version. I am trying some code to fix that. - it failed again to update.. 7/22/18
Missouri Phaeton. - The same blogger, Carhunter, who spotted the car in the LOG entry right below this one - found this SHAY for sale on eBay. I have labeled it as car u059 among our unknown VIN cars. 7/22/18
TN Phaeton # 173 has been added to owners list page 1  Take a look at this one - made over to be a Cadillac - or maybe not even a Glassic at all. Look at the pics and read the text and see what YOU think. 7/16/18
There will not be website updates for the next week or so. I won't have access to my "good" computer. 7/8/18
TECHNICAL - Fabian, car 539, kindly shared this detailed set of instructions on installing a brake booster (power brakes) on his Glassic. This is a PDF file that you can use, or share with your mechanic.

This reference has been added to the Tech Index by Item page.

Virginia Phaeton spotted on eBay. This is an Abercrombie model and is on the Annex as an "unknown VIN" car u058, since the current VINs do not fall in the original 3-digit sequence. 7/4/18
GA Phaeton # 171 spotted for sale on eBay. See owners list page 1 7/2/18
Wendell, Car #1045, sent a donation by check to help fund the fees connected with operating this website. He had friends help with the internet part of selling his Glassic, and found a home for his car after only one day on the Annex.  Thanks for the donation and for the feedback that the site IS helping folks. Welcome to the beloved Hall of Fame. 6/23/18
Indiana Roadster #675 is FOR SALE This is a one owner car! See owners list pg 2 6/20/18
Thank you to Jerry Johnson, Roadster # 1414, for his PayPal donation in support of the website. The many small fees involved in operating the site are one thing that I have not had to worry about the last few years. Thanks, Jerry and welcome to the illustrious Hall of Fame. 6/17/18
WI Phaeton # 1045 was sold. New owner unknown. See owners list page 3 6/15/18
Stacey, who owns Phaeton #341 and Roadster #359 has shared more pics of her restoration of #341, including her new door panels.

Stacey has also had two strange adventures during a road trip two times, several years apart. That story is found under one of the cars she found #317 - so read about it here.   and some pics also here.

I copied a "loose door hinge pin" solution from Tom Downs - it is on the message board, but I put it on the technical page so it would be easier to search for in the future.

Thanks to Stacey and Tom for sharing.

an eBay Phaeton in FL is for sale by a dealer - not sure of the actual VIN but it was once posted to the Annex under #1100, though the listing shows a VIN including  the number1205.  Here is is the eBay listing.

NY Phaeton # 211 spotted on eBay. FOR SALE See owners list page 1 6/4/18
Florida Roadster #931 was added to owners list pg 2 as  FOR SALE -
The seller had no pics, but he sent one and it is now with the listing.
Added two nice pics of Canada Phaeton #1404, bought recently from the original owner's family. See  owners list page 3

A special thanks to Stephen Chalupnik - his PayPal donation to the website has helped pay for getting this content out to Glassic fans. It also earned him a spot in the esteemed Hall of Fame. Scroll down a little - the latest contributor's name is in a bright yellow background.

Roadster  #841 - Prior owner's widow shared a picture of her husband's headstone - A Glassic fan forever! owners list pg 2

Added NY Phaeton # 1491 to owners list page 3  along with some good pictures.

North Carolina Roadster # 1105 is  FOR SALE See owners list page 3

Florida Roadster #931 was added to owners list pg 2 and is  FOR SALE

Wisconsin Phaeton # 1045 was added to owners list page 3 and is  FOR SALE several nice pics

Oregon Phaeton # 147 is FOR SALE See owners list page 1

Hi - I just got back from a long vacation with next to zero internet and email. I am back on the job now, and people who wrote while I was gone should have gotten a form email from me today as I start to catch up. I will be adding your interesting info and pics in the next few days, so check back. 5/20/18
Arkansas Roadster #841 has a new owner. The previous owner, James, was a long-time owner of the car and frequent financial supporter of  the Annex. Thank you, James.  limited new owner info posted so far on owners list pg 2 4/24/18
NJ Phaeton # 1488 is FOR SALE See owners list page 3

There won't be updates to the website for the next two or three weeks. I will not have access to my main computer during that time.

Stacey, cars 341 and 359, is working on a JUNE Wisconsin gathering of Glassics. See the item on the message board forums, on the left side of the Annex home page. Also see pics of plastic mode car Glassics here.
CANADA Phaeton # 1404 has been added to owners list page 3. This was just bought from the original owner's family.
Colorado Phaeton #1268 sold on eBay. New owner unknown. Nice pictures of this car. see  owners list page 3
MI Phaeton # 341 returns home to meet its new playmate Roadster #359. See owners list page 1 - recent pics in subfolder "341 in 2018"
Oklahoma Phaeton # 391 is FOR SALE see owners list page 1 Also a couple of additional pics of this "barn find"
Roadster 359 -- added some pictures of the work in progress. Also, pics of a grill shell repair, but not yet sure if this was a success story or a flop. Awaiting more info. Meanwhile see owners list page 1
MARCH 14th - FLORIDA REUNION   See the forums message board on this website for info, or email Wayne at willkomm@chorus.net  -- its not too late to join in, with or without your Glassic 3/10/18
New NC owner posted for Replicar Roadster # 1105. See owners list page 3 3/3/18
AZ Phaeton #1215 marked sold to unknown new owner in Wyoming.
Alaska Phaeton # 1288 inherited by stepson and moved to MI. See owners list page 3
I finally removed the new year's picture from the slides on the homepage!

FLORIDA REUNION - Scheduled for March, 2018.

  Get the details in a new category called REUNIONS AND GATHERINGS on the message board forums on the left of this main Annex screen.  Click "See all message board FORUMS" All Glassic owners and fans welcome!

Arizona Phaeton #1215 is FOR SALE  See owners list page 3  - check the newer pictures of the car. 2/1/18
Michigan Phaeton # 822 added to owners list pg 2 1/22/18
Oklahoma Phaeton with "VIN 685" appears to be a fake ad. Disregard this one.  1/10/18
Virginia Replicar Roadster #1105 has registered his car and it is  FOR SALE  See owners list page 3 1/9/18
Mississippi COUPE #1312 has been sold. Limited info on new TN owner. -  See owners list page 3 1/8/18
GA Roadster #555 -updated FOR SALE info. See owners list pg 2
Colorado Phaeton #1268 spotted on eBay. See owners list page 3
Spotted on Craigs list  FOR SALE a NJ Roadster # 1102. also see owners list pg 2 12/26/17
Jimmy Seamon, from Alabama, received yet ANOTHER gold star in the Hall of Fame since the Annex received yet another donation to the site by mail. Thank you for sharing the load!

Oklahoma Phaeton #313 (a V-8 conversion) is FOR SALE -see owners list page 1
Added  a couple of pics of a new gas tank built for Roadster #359 on owners list page 1

Someone spotted another Oklahoma Phaeton for sale. No specific VIN info yet, but the price seems low, so check this out.  LINK REMOVED - TURNED OUT TO BE A SCAM AD FOR A REAL GLASSIC

Spotted FOR SALE on Craigs List. NY Roadster #823.  See owners list pg 2 12/13/17
Bob, a friend of the Annex, spotted GA Roaster #944 on-line at an auction site. The sale is over now, but perhaps the buyer will check in with us. See owners list pg 2

Spotted by Stacey: TX Roadster 1478 - all apart, but for sale.  She could not get her link to work, but I was able to. Perhaps you have to be signed in to facebook to see it. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/341007369708517
See  owners list page 3

Minnesota Phaeton # 581 shared a picture of his car. See both a close-up of just the car, and a great shot of the car in a special setting! See owners list pg 2 12/6/17
Mississippi COUPE #1312 is  FOR SALE - for those where just "unique" is not enough!  See owners list page 3 12/4/17
FABIAN, (see yesterday's LOG entry below) is the ultimate Annex fan. He shared info about his first and second Glassics, shared great pictures of his car, and has further helped to "Turn Me Loose" by donating funds to help with the website's outside costs.  This PayPal donation puts the website on the plus side of zero for the first time in a while.

The status of break-even is a huge achievement thanks to the many contributors over the years. This is Fabian's second donation, moving him to the hallowed Golden Stars  section of the Hall of Fame

Thank you, Fabian, for the multiple ways you have helped support this sharing website!

I am just back from being "off the grid" and will be catching up the next few days. What I missed will be posted below, under today's date.

Louisiana Phaeton 1011 (a Replicar) - added a pic from Cruisin' the Coast. See  owners list page 3
Georgia Roadster # 555, a FOR SALE car has a folder added with newer, better pictures of the car. See owners list page 2

Fabian, in NJ, sent along some great pics of his new Roadster #539, and a large part of its history, as well as the history on his previous car, #719, which he sold to a person in GERMANY, who also just registered car 719. Start with the links to the cars, then click on the little yellow-pad icon for some history.  All of that info, and I'll have more to say about Fabian tomorrow!

For the week after Thanksgiving, there will not be updates to the website, and email responses will be limited. 11/25/17
TN Phaeton # 187 added to owners list page 1 This owner will be looking for some support regarding engine swap since is car has none at present. 11/24/17
Replicar Grill Shell - brand new - Tony, Phaeton # 1452 see owners list page 3 , is having a custom made stainless steel grill shell built from scratch, and you can get one too. See www.GlassicAnnex.org/grill-shell.htm 11/21/17
TX Roadster # 1208 spotted   FOR SALE See owners list page 2 11/20/17
New Mississippi owner for Phaeton #316. Nice paint job is one of many upgrades to this car. See owners list page 1 11/10/17
Stacey (see two other recent log entries) turns out to have two cars AND had made TWO donations to the website. I corrected my error by moving her to GOLD STAR STATUS in the Hall of Fame.  She also shared some pics as she explores her barn-find Roadster #359 - including how she hit the $$$ jackpot in the door pocket of this car! See owners list page 1 and look for the Stacey sub-folder of pics. 11/6/17
Stacey, (see two entries below this one) got a second Glassic AND made a PayPal donation to the Annex. She has been awarded a spot in the hallowed Hall of Fame.  Thank you!! 11/3/17
NY Phaeton # 167 was sold. Limited info about new owner.
In the discussion about Grill shell replacement solutions, info has been added about a cut-down stainless shell. See the page and pics.
Wisconsin Roadster # 359 has a new owner. Stacey, who also owns car 341, bought this car. See owners list page 1 10/29/17
Ohio Phaeton # 209 is FOR SALE Lots of upgrades starting with a V-8 and auto trans - unique paint job. owners list page 1 10/26/17
NM Phaeton (Abercrombie model) spotted FOR SALE on Craigs list. See owners list page 1
In the discussion about Grill shell replacement solutions, info has been added about a fiberglass replacement. See the page and pics.
I added one more picture to the LIBERACE page -- Roadster #506, seen in the museum in Las Vegas, before it closed.
Thanks go to Andy Barna for his check donation to the Annex. He has been added to the Hall of Fame He also sent a nice thank you note because this website helped him sell his car quickly. It is satisfying to see Glassic fans connect because of this site! 10/23/17
NY Phaeton # 1456 sold.  New owner unknown.
IN Roadster # 675 added to owners list page 2
New top and frame added to NJ Pheaton # 1488. See pics owners list page 3 10/9/17
New Wisconsin owner for Roadster # 369 owners list page 1
New picture, near and further views appears near the end of the pics of this car.
New Winnipeg Canada owner posted for Replicar Roadster # 1048. See owners list page 3

New CA owner for Roadster #927. No real contact info provided, but one of his pictures is a new favorite of mine:  Restroom anyone?

9/29/17 NY Phaeton # 1456 is  FOR SALE  See owners list page 3
I also added his cell phone number for ease of contacting him.
GRILL SHELL -- RADIATOR SHELL - anyone who has successfully changed out his Glassic plastic grill shell - please contact glassicannex@aol.com  - owners are still in search of a good, workable, economical fix for the aging shells on our cars. Parts of this quest are already posted on http://GlassicAnnex.org/grill-shell.htm 9/28/17
I added a short piece about DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) - titles, registrations an so forth, to acknowledge that quite a few times "issues" come up when a new owner registers his car.  DMV page 9/26/17
New owner info added for Louisiana Replicar #1011. INCLUDES NEW PICTURES.   See owners list page 3 -- 9/25/17
On the page Compare.htm I added a reference to the word PHANTOM - which is likely a mistake. It is not a body style of Glassics - putting that word on a webpage will help searchers find the incorrect use of "Phaeton".

I also added owners page 1, 2 and 3 links on the main  menu bar - just a shortcut for people who know which page they want.

Tennessee Roadster #1476 spotted  FOR SALE on eBay. See owners list page 3 --(listed as a 1932) 9/13/17
New California owner posted for ROADSTER # 1414.  See owners list page 3 -- This was posted back in July, but my keen sense of observation shows that it is a Roadster, not a Phaeton as originally logged in. -- that and the owner pointed out my mistake to me. Sigh. 9/4/17
Note: be aware that the car for sale in the log entry below this one is in a bone-dry part of Texas - not affected by the hurricane. 9/2/17
Texas Phaeton # 1008 is  FOR SALE - See  owners list page 2. - lots of upgrades already done on this car. 8/31/17
Added a couple of new pictures of upgraded Illinois Roadster # 629, along with some notes on clever upgrade ideas - see owners list page 2. 8/25/17
New Texas owner for Phaeton # 1016, a 1976. That is the one with the very fancy paint job! See owners list page 3.
New Indiana owner for car # 576 (limited info from seller)
Colorado Phaeton # 1424 spotted FOR SALE on eBay - See owners list page 3

Stan, in Arizona, shared a picture of his 45 car show trophies - and a fresh picture of his car. See all his pics on owners list page 1

Tennessee Phaeton #265 (With a Toyota engine and Auto Trans) is FOR SALE - See owners list page 1 8/13/17
Earl and Judy Welk have been inducted to the Hall of Fame for their donation, by check, in support of the website. Donations such as theirs lighten the burden of keeping the site going.  Many thanks! 8/3/17
New California owner posted for Phaeton # 1414.  See owners list page 3
Corrected 9/4/17: The car is actually a Roadster, not a Phaeton.
I had added some pictures of car 555 mentioned in the 7/18/17 LOG, but did not mention it since I was waiting for another item, which did not arrive.  See owners list page 2.

Minnesota Phaeton # 1016 (a 1976 Replicar) is FOR SALE - See owners list page 3.  If you want a finished car - this is worth checking. I think he has more in his paint job than I have in my whole car!

California Phaeton # 761 spotted on eBay as  FOR SALE - See owners list page 2 - note that photos from the current eBay listing are in a sub folder of the car pictures. 7/19/17
Georgia Roadster # 555 is  FOR SALE - See owners list page 2 7/18/17
Alberta Canada Roadster # 831 is FOR SALE - See owners list page 2 7/14/17
Ohio Roadster # 588 is a new addition to the list. See  owners list page 2 7/10/17
Bob, who donated funds to the Annex (see the log entry below) also donated a great piece of INFO - a source for the turn-signal parking lights on the Generation 2 Glassics. - See the info on the Tech Page. 7/7/17
Robert Taylor (Bob) is a new addition to our Hall of Fame  Thank you for your PayPal donation in support of the website!
Florida Phaeton #552 spotted on-line by a fan and is for sale -- This auction is a true "fire sale" owners list page 2
The owner in the LOG entry below this one FOUND a light bar for his car!

Brian and Peggy Wiswell added their FOURTH Golden Star to the Hall of Fame for their fourth donation to the Glassic Annex website expenses.  Thanks AGAIN for your support!
Newly Posted Arkansas Phaeton #368 - limited info (no pics yet) so far from new owner who found the car in Missouri. See owners list page 1

I added a phone number for Phaeton #1008, who, by the way, is looking for a headlight bar for his car. See  owners list page 2
VA Phaeton # 1500 no longer for sale, New owner unknown.
Alan, car #1487, sent a part number for a sway bar end link on his 1979. His info is HERE.  Some of that info was already on the Annex, but the way he wrote, he may not have found it during his research.

On the GlassicAnnex home page, there is a TECHNICAL INFORMATION tab, under that tab is a TECHNICAL SPECIFICS tab then a TECH INDEX BY ITEM tab,  That last tab opens the page with links to all of the technical categories and articles.  Is it too hard to find on the website?  Send thoughts to glassicannex@aol.com

WI Roadster # 359 (a barn find) added to owners list page 1 6/6/17
After a sunshine check of the Caribbean, the Annexmaster is back on the job.
New FL owner posted for Phaeton #1076. See owners list page 3
Updated info on CA Roadster # 1093, incl. a new picture. See owners list page 2
NY Phaeton #u004 is FOR SALE. See info and its unique top on owners list page 2
I will not have the capability to update the website until the end of May, and only limited email capacity. After that I will have use of my "good" computer. 5/9/17
Added a couple of engine restoration pics of Oklahoma Phaeton # 391. See owners list page 1 5/3/17
WISCONSIN - Glassics gathering on June 4, 2017 (owners and fans with, or without their cars).  The last few years, Glassics have gathered during the Sharon WI "Model A Day".
 http://www.historicdowntownsharon.com/model-a-day.html   Stacey, car 341, has coordinated Glassic participation. For questions, or more info, email her at daylight4361@yahoo.com

Some pics from prior years

Car # 167 - posted in yesterday's LOG, below,  has some pictures added today, and a video clip. On my computer, the video played rather large - but when I got it, it was smaller and looked better. If you can play it back in a smaller sized window it will be clearer. 4/22/17
NY Phaeton # 167 is FOR SALE See owners list page 1
CAUTION - Even before this car was posted as for sale, the owner got a scam email  offering to buy the car, sight unseen, they would send extra money by check, which the seller was to cash and give part to the "shipping company".  This is the second such "deal" reported by Glassic owners.  The checks end up bouncing, and the seller is stuck for the cash given out.
In an on-going series of coincidences - two items came in this weekend-  both pertaining to ROADSTERS.
Glassic Texas Roadster #1208 has some parts for sale - which I posted on behalf of the owner on the message board - on the left of the main Annex webpage.
Replicars Roadster # 1048 has a new Canada owner. See owners list page 3
I received a cash donation in the US mail from Bill Neuenfeld, car 1047 - a Replicar. We should all thank him for his support.  Not only has his name been added to the esteemed  Hall of Fame. , but this is not his first donation, so he has moved up to the Spinning Star VIP section!  Thank you for helping out with the finances, AND for your nice comments!

Donations of money are always welcome, but ALSO, your sharing of pictures and information are also valuable contributions.

Virginia Phaeton # 1500 is  FOR SALE See owners list page 3 4/5/17
California Phaeton # 1414 is  FOR SALE See owners list page 3
Florida Phaeton # 333 spotted on eBay. See owners list page 1
Added a couple of new pictures of the engine of Phaeton #1231.  Talk about CLEAN!  See owners list page 3 3/21/17
Alabama Phaeton # 1497 is FOR SALE See owners list page 3

GLASSIC REUNION preliminary report is posted. More video clips will be added soon.  HERE

Arizona Phaeton # 347 is FOR SALE. Spotted by an Annex viewer. See owners list pg. 1 2/21/17
California unknown VIN Glassic BODY for sale. Spotted by David, our Glassic whisperer, this car body, near Los Angeles, is on Craigs List.

The ALERT, two entries below, The Glassic owner got an email explaining how he would be sent a check, which included extra to be paid in cash to the transport person, and more extra "for his trouble". The time allowed for the check to "clear" was quite short. Pretty clear that this is a scam attempt.

Next week I will lose access to making changes on this website for a couple of weeks.

FL Phaeton # 1100 (a 1977 Replicar) is listed as  FOR SALE See owners list page 3 2/16/17
ALERT - a Glassic owner with limited info (and no pics) on the owners list got an email in response to his ad for his car for sale. (Not clear whether the email was for his "CAR", or his "Glassic") Either way, he had not placed any ad. The emailer asked for a price, then, without asking about the car, agreed and offered to send a company check.  This appears to be a scam, but it is not clear where the "buyer" got the email address (the Annex entry was 12 years old).

Let me know if you get any unsolicited buyers by email.

New owner info posted for MO Roadster # 725, along with new pictures. See owners list page 2

More updated info: GLASSIC REUNION coming in March! See the details HERE

Virginia Phaeton # 1500 is FOR SALE. Check out those window frames! See owners list page 3 (Newer pics in the sub-folder) 2/12/17
Updated info added at the top of the Glassic Reunion page. 2/7/17
FLORIDA GLASSIC REUNION coming in March! See the details HERE

Brake safety issue for International based Glassics posted on the technical page. This is the same info that was posted in the message board forum.

AL Phaeton # 257 - Sold in 2015 new  owner unknown.

New TX owner for Phaeton #1008. See owners list page 2

Updated for sale info on Missouri Phaeton #1416. see owners list page 3

FL Phaeton # 189 has a new owner. - and new color. See owners list page 1

NJ Phaeton #864 is now in FL with new owner. See owners list page 2
New MD owner for Phaeton #163. See owners list page 1

No updates to the website for the next week. I will not have access to my main computer.

California Roadster # 927 spotted by David, our Glassic whisperer, on Craigs list  FOR SALE. See owners list page 2 1/12/17
Here, just for fun, is the very first Annex log entry in 2001!

Began the webpage after purchasing my Glassic


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