LOG of recent website additions & changes (most recent at the top)

MI Phaeton #157 reported by a friend to be for sale who also sent a combo picture of the car. See owners list pg. 1  CA Roadster # 1414 is For Sale - and photos added -- see owners list page 3 5/12/16
After a week of printer issues, back to the site: Two dealer-for-sale cars posted with lots of great pictures. Florida Phaeton #309, not restored owners list pg. 1and Kentucky Roadster # 1105 two-tone paint. owners list page 2 5/7/16
In another set of coincidences - two cars, within 3 VINs of each other, both in Illinois-- have news. A viewer reported Phaeton #156 which was auctioned yesterday by a racetrack. She was not the high bidder, but shared the info and a picture anyhow. See owners list pg. 1
Scroll down three numbers to VIN 159 - a new owner for a Phaeton that moved from Vermont to Illinois. This car was once owned by Vice President Hubert Humphrey.
A newer picture of South Carolina Roadster # 1069 added - see owners list page 2
Mississippi Phaeton # 818 is a new addition to owners list page 2
California Roadster #1414 was added to owners list page 3 4/8/16
I added the reunion 2016 link into the main page menu headings of items. I also reviewed the used car value page, and essentially left it unchanged for this year.  Please use the menu to find these items if you are interested -- so that you can tell me if they are too hard to find, or if you have other menu heading suggestions. 3/29/16
The Florida reunion report, with pictures, can be found at www.GlassicAnnex.org/reunion2016
Thanks to Wayne, car 141, for organizing the event and then sharing all the materials for this report with the Annex.
After a Mexico cruise, the Annexmaster is back on duty. Coming this weekend: a report and pics from the Florida Reunion.

Texas Phaeton #1008 is FOR SALE and there are some good pics showing some nice upgrades to the car. See owners list page 2

Wow.  When a car is an unknown VIN car (on a page reached by a link at the top of each owners page) sometimes the actual VIN is discovered later on. In those cases, there are lots of places to change the designation of the car. In this case, car u001 (when I first realized years ago that there were lots of unknown VIN cars and there needed to be a way to tell one from the other) Well, car u001 is now car #161.

 The new owner inherited the car  from the person who bought it back in 2002 and checked in first on the message board forum, then by email.  I made all the changes, and then forgot to mention it here in the LOG.  oops. See owners list pg. 1

I will be off-line for a couple of weeks, starting in a couple of days.

FL Roadster # 1119 has updated info and is FOR SALE. New engine and transmission in this car. See owners list page 2

Janice, the owner of the above car, also earned a THIRD star in the Hall of Fame - meaning she has supported the Annex financially for the third time. Thank you, Janice!  Others should consider donating if for no other reason than the Annex is one of the few places where you still don't need a password and user name to enjoy the site.

UPDATED HOUSING INFO for GLASSIC REUNION - new info at the top of this page 3/8/16
Added car 1092, a Pennsylvania Replicar Phaeton to owners list page 3.  This is only a POSSIBLE for this VIN since the tag is missing, but read about the owner and his discoveries, and also see his AVAILABLE parts for what might be a 1976 Replicar. 3/5/16
Car 106, a nicely restored Phaeton (with pics) - the owner, Stan, has moved from San Diego, CA to Prescott, AZ with his car. See owners list pg. 1 3/4/16

Glassic Reunion in Florida
 March 15, 2016
All current information HERE


Glassic Reunion in Florida
 March 15, 2016

This one-day event, will, as of now, include Joel, the builder of the cars, as well as Glassic owners and fans.  The event will be in Leesburg, FL

For more info please contact Wayne (car 141)  at willkomm@chorus.net

The odds are overwhelming that those who attend will have a GREAT time. Here is some info on fun Reunions held years ago. Look at pages 1 & 2
And here was another event in Louisiana. Horrible weather, but great people.
Cruisin' the Coast

Added a whole bunch of entries like this: INFO NOT CURRENT to the owners list pages, since Wayne (car 141) tried contacting Florida car owners regarding a Reunion gathering -- he found, and reported back tons of out of date info. In most cases, I left the old data on the list so new owners can trace some history of their car. -- thanks for sharing this info, Wayne.

Each week I get a report from the SEARCH button on the Annex. Last week I saw someone looked for Liberace's Glassic -- only they had spelled his name wrong. In case you did not find the info, here it is: http://glassicannex.org/506/506.htm 

Added some tech info about emissions control - and getting car 1452 to pass the California smog test. 

See the message board forum about a possible gathering in FLORIDA.

David, our Glassic whisperer, spotted car 264 owners list pg. 1 for sale in Ohio - the car is advertised as a Shay, so David DOES find the cars when others don't

Wayne, owner of car 141 - shared some interesting 4-wheel drive transmission info he found out. See car 197 on owners list pg. 1

FL Roadster # 369- spotted on eBay added to owners list pg. 1 - this dealer included lots of great photos.  Seller says AMC drivetrain in car. 1/22/16
Phaeton #407, a for sale car, is in Huntsville AL, not Georgia, according to the on-line ad. See owners list pg. 1 1/20/16
Jimmy Seamon, who owns TWO Phaetons, has become a "repeat offender" by donating funds for a second time, thereby moving his status to "gold star level" in the  Hall of Fame.  Generous donations such as this are why we can see well over 4,000 pictures of Glassics on the site, without ads! Thanks AGAIN, Jimmy! 1/13/16
RI Phaeton spotted by David, our Glassic Whisperer - who called the seller  and got the VIN of 757, so I could add the car to owners list page 2 1/12/16
ARkanas Replicars Roadster #1068 has a new owner.  He also has available the spare tire arms and wheel covers for the side mounts - and he did not love the VW lights. Go figure. (no sign that he kept the VW lights)  owners list page 3 Email him for a price if you need those spare tire arms or wheel covers. 1/5/16
Happy New Year!  I added another unknown VIN car - this one has a 32 grill shell and wood dash, making it a bit unique. It is the top one on the list.

I answered (or rather, Joel, the car builder) answered a question about the origin of the transmission mounting platform on a 1974 floor shift.

Back from the Caribbean and catching up with the website. Posted Phaeton #1036 a FINLAND car. This also may be unknown VIN car u052, spotted for sale in - yup, Finland!  Am checking with the owner who since reported that this WAS car u052, and sent more pictures  owners list page 2

Car 1112 - The Bonnie and Clyde TV star car, has a new NY owner. See  owners list page 3

VA car # 559 has a new email address.

Spotted for sale by David, our Glassic whisperer - a car that turns out to be car 407 on owners list pg. 1

Happy Thanksgiving! There will not be any changes on the website for the next couple of weeks. I will also only be checking my email infrequently. 11/25/15
Alabama white Phaeton # 1178 is now listed as FOR SALE--  info at owners list page 2 -- LATER the same day added his phone numbers.

I removed the PREMIER GALLERY category from the topic bar on the home page. That feature has not been needed for several years as the Internet improved. It was a pay feature that was not that helpful compared to the free "for sale" listings on the owners pages. -

The Annexmaster got a new California personalized tag (no "vanity tag" here).

No donated funds were injured in this foolish, but fun, venture.

Louisiana Phaeton #1112 spotted on eBay - this "celebrity" car was in the TV mini-series about Bonnie and Clyde.  See owners list page 3. 11/6/15
New Arizona owner posted for Roadster #1029 - also a couple of great pictures. See  owners list page 2 -- 11/2/15
Car 723 was mis-numbered, and is now 732.  Then car 723-2 which I thought was a duplicate VIN probably really WAS 723, so I took off all the dash 2s. The Roadster 723 has some interesting modifications and they are worth a look. owners list page 2 -- and, the next day I saw it advertised on Craigs list - so it is for sale. - in Connecticut

New Mississippi Phaeton #876 now also on  owners list page 2
Added Michigan Roadster #939 from limited info on the Annex message board.

New KY owner for Roadster #1275, which was recently sold in OH. New owners name unk. so far. Unusual paint job.  See owners list page 3 10/18/15
Indiana Roadster # 897 had been mis-filed as car 978 - now moved to the right place, and more complete owner info added. owners list page 2 -- and check out that dash and steering wheel!

We do all know (don't we???) that by clicking on the picture of a car on the owners list entry, you can see more pictures of that car?

Added some good quality pictures sent by the owner of NY Phaeton #1456 - they are in a sub-folder after clicking the picture on owners list page 3 9/28/15
In speaking with David, the Glassic Whisperer (he spots ads for Glassics for us) I was explaining a web page that searches Craigs list in multiple cities. It was on the Annex LINKS page, but even I could not find it at first. It is now in two categories and has RED TYPE to make it stand out. Use different  search terms to find cars for sale: Glassic, Fiberglass Ford, Replica etc. 9/21/15
Limited info on a OK(lahoma) Phaeton spotted on Craigs list for sale owners list pg. 1
FL Roadster 833 ad spotted by David, our Glassic Whisperer see owners list page 2
And, the owner of TV Phaeton in Alabama, car 1112, a Replicar, has listed the car as For sale. See owners list page 3
New Alberta Canada owner for Replicar Roadster # 1048. See owners list page 3
Car 709 had been for sale, now has new owner. No details yet.
New Alabama owner for Ohio Phaeton #1497. owners list page 3 9/11/15
Indiana Phaeton # 1122 has a new owner - see owners list page 2 9/9/15
Chris, owner of Phaeton #423 in Belgium shared some nice quality pictures of his car (with him as driver) serving as a WEDDING CAR. See owners list pg. 1 9/7/15
WV Phaeton #CT34452 (a 1980, original VIN, according to dealer-seller) spotted for sale on eBay. See owners list page 3
Ohio Roadster # 1275, a 1978 with under 5K miles, is FOR SALE. Info on owners list page 3
MS Phaeton # 316 (Chevy V-8) is  FOR SALE see owners list pg. 1
Roadster # 1072 spotted in HOLLAND, by the owner of car 1472. One of the pictures is tiny, and I have asked for a larger one. See  owners list page 2
On the entry below (Car 401) -- more info and a picture added, as the car rode in style on the AutoTrain from PA to FL. 8/30/15
Florida Abercrombie Roadster # 401 has been added to owners list pg. 1
Only one picture, but very high quality - don't forget to hit the (+) if it appears on a picture, for larger size.
I am intermittently scanning more items of LITERATURE - old contributions that I never got to. These are all hidden among the literature tab items on the Annex, but to see only the new additions, look at the picture folder.

I will add to the above folder, but it  is slow going since many of these are lower quality and need touch-up work. Also, there are thumbnail (tiny pics) in that folder - they are the first or left hand ones - they won't enlarge.

Car 1100 (a 1977 Phaeton) is For Sale at a Florida dealership. Tons of great pictures make for good reference. owners list page 3

Roadster in NJ is also for sale - spotted by David, our Glassic whisperer. Info is on  owners list page 2

Ohio Replicar # 1497 FOR SALE  high quality pics and a newly lowered price -- see owners list page 3 8/22/15
As often happens to your Annexmaster, I got off on a tangent. New Windows 10, new scanner software. Here are two items in the Literature category. A larger view of a Generation 1 chassis (International based cars) and a flyer from 1980's - not previously posted with some anatomy of the Gen. 4 cars.
Be sure to use the + (plus) to click on the full screen pictures  because these can be made even bigger.
NC Phaeton # 736 has been added to owners list page 2
A car spotted in Finland in an ad has been posted as car u052 since the seller did not respond with a VIN. Scroll down the unknown Vin cars page.

Three cars have shown up so far that are GLASSIC name badge cars with VINs in the 1400-1500 range. Here is a work-in-progress page to figure out what that is all about.

TN Roadster # 1481 has been added to  owners list page 3 and is FOR SALE  - some info about the car is in with the pictures. 8/14/15
The car, previously know as u043 (a car whose VIN was unknown) has been identified as Car 1112  by its new owner on owners list page 3  This car was unknown because it was spotted on TV in a movie about Bonnie & Clyde. 8/12/15
Utah Phaeton # 1094 - see the log entry for yesterday -- I added a pnone number, and another picture  owners list page 3 8/11/15
I received a donation check in the US mail from Ron Thompson, car 1497. We should all thank him for his support, which makes it sooo easy to add whatever content we need to the site. His name has been added to the esteemed  Hall of Fame.

UTAH Phaeton # 1094 is - this is a GLASSIC, but is titled as a 1977 - interesting history as a Casino Award in Reno. Because of the year, see  owners list page 3

Some new pics of car 341 - This owner has shared a lot of restoration reference pics over the years. Click on the picture of this car owners list pg. 1

Ohio Replicar # 1497 FOR SALE  added some new high quality pics and info about his wheel change -- see owners list page 3 8/5/15
Phaeton #267 has a new Ontario Canada owner. See  owners list pg. 1

Ohio Replicar Phaeton # 1497 is now listed as FOR SALE  see owners list page 3

Added part numbers for 1980 smog pump and belt, and voltage regulator.
Also added menu items to help people find stuff easier. For example the parts fit page was nowhere on the main menu before.

Roadster #582 on owners list page 2, has a new owner in Australia. 8/2/15
I was out of town for a week, during which the website (GlassicReplicars.com) where pictures are kept, was hacked and spoofing software installed. - Discovered by Google, so I don't know if anybody ever got asked for their info or not, but it seems to all have been cleaned up now.

New SC owner for Roadster # 1069 - info on owners list page 2

Ohio Phaeton # 1497 added to owners list page 3 - several good pics 7/15/15
California Phaeton # 1452 info added to owners list page 3 7/1/15
Florida Roadster #1119 is FOR SALE - owners list page 2 6/30/15
Illinois Phaeton # 814 spotted on ebay - added to owners list page 2 6/20/15
What do Glassics do when they get together for a play date?  See Stacey's pics of her red Phaeton #341 and 3 other cars that gathered at a Wisconsin car show.  Glassics at car show. 6/9/15
Photo of Phaeton #341 at a train station in WI.  Stacey has a number of other nice scenic shots of her car on owners list pg. 1

And a sales video of Roadster #619 from back in 2011.

Thanks to Ken Behrendt for his PayPal donation to the website - You can see some nice pics of his Roadster on owners list two, and his name in the Hall of Fame.
Added CA car 395 to owners list pg. 1 - Lots of pictures from the already sold listing and even a video of the car.
Also added Car u051 to the list of cars with unknown VINs. This Tennessee car has a state issued VIN that does not seem to conceal the original number within it. -- you need to scroll down to the red cars to find it, and maybe spot another car that you may know in the group.
Car 162, see the entry below this one, new owner info posted on owners list pg. 1 5/18/15
I posted a report of day one of a giant Oregon to Florida trek by new owner David in car 162. I hope we get further details of this adventure. Spoiler alert: he arrived safely in Florida!  5/14/15
Virginia Phaeton #1254 (the Annexmaster's once-owned car) has been spotted FOR SALE on eBay Link is on owners list page 3
TN Phaeton # 218 (An Abercrombie & Finch car) also spotted on eBay. Link is on owners list pg. 1
Several interesting things pertaining to Florida Phaeton # 333.
The owner Tom, sent a bunch of nice quality pics of his car -- because he LOST all his old ones when his computer crashed. So back up your pictures!
The ones Tom sent are already in three places of mine and will be backed up again overnight.
If Tom had shared his old pics with the Annex, THAT would have been a good backup place. 

His new pictures, however, and his restoration work are very nice. Starting on  owners list pg. 1 - clicking the photo will show you all his pictures, and clicking on the notepad with his car entry will display his list of many modifications.

Tom already had a spot in the Hall of Fame, but another PayPal donation to the site moves him into gold star status!  Thank you for your TRIPLE share: money, great photos, and free advice (backup your stuff!).

A fan sent a part number for the Power Steering filter for Replicars. I added that info to this old article.

I received a nice letter and donation in the US mail. Bill has a new (to him) Glassic and a spot in the Hall of Fame. His letter is also reproduced on that "about" page.  Thanks to him and also to everyone over the years who have shared their information!

I picked up two old Cadillac trunk solenoids at a yard sale ($5 for both) and will try to hook up a "popper" type button on the inside of the doors. Glassics, unlike the newer Replicars, have no door handles on the inside.

This eBay item was sent by a viewer USED REPRODUCTION MIRRORS FOR 1928 TIRE MOUNT DRESS By the time you see this, the listing will be expired, but hopefully will be renewed. While not an original Glassic item, it may be a look you would like. See them on car 1488 on owners list page3, and note that the parts need some repairs.

And here is my project to re-locate the luggage rack (VIN 689)  further back, so the trunk would fit with it in the up position.

Phaeton # 141 sent along some pictures of a luggage rack he got from Roadster 541 -- it sure adds a lot to the rear end look of the car. Photos on this link  See the message board forums to see what his brother is up to on his "big adventure" 4/17/15
Florida Roadster # 1119 - is FOR SALE -and the owner also is a Gold Star member of the Hall of Fame (she has supported the website more than once with donations!)  Info about this car can be seen on owners list page 2

Added pictures of a highly customized Phaeton at the top of the Unknown VINs car page. Car u-50. - its the top one on the page.

GLASSIC GATHERING ?? -- check the message board forum on this page (to your left of this log) for a JUNE gathering in Wisconsin. Glassic get-togethers can be a total blast!

I have been working on the pictures on the owners lists and adding a few thumbnails. I also found out that the Cloud album is different on the web and on my computer. No folder previews.  I will keep working on better solutions to picture references on the site.

Happy Easter! I am back on-line, and have two nice engine views of car 514, a before, and an after. Nice. Start on owners list page 2 - the new pics are the first two on the main page for that car.

Rex, the owner of car 0 -- that was the very first prototype of the Glassic, before they had VINs assigned, -- Rex has the honor of owning THAT car, and also now has the honor of being in the Hall of Fame for his PayPal donation to the website. Many thanks, Rex!

Oregon Roadster # 547 - is FOR SALE info on Craigs List and also on owners list page 2
Next week, the Annexmaster will be mostly without computer access, so No April Fools gag from me this year.
Florida Phaeton # 1488 has a new NJ owner and some 2015 pictures also. See owners list page 3 3/23/15
I continue moving some pictures around, and trying, not very successfully, to organize materials better. Here are some pics of my original car, # 1254 that I grouped together. www.glassicannex.org/1254/1254.htm  The under-car pictures took me a day to find, and I KNEW that they were somewhere on the website, so the task is far from finished. 3/13/15
http://glassicannex.org/carpictures.htm  -- this is a little "junk drawer" page I made from folders I found when transferring files to the new hosting account. They are folders within Glassic Annex, and in each case there is also a link to the actual page it goes to. - Just a place to browse some pictures. 3/11/15
As of early morning today, the Annex should be fully operational - if you find an error or missing files, please email GlassicAnnex@aol.com and let me know. - It is with the same hosting company as before, just no longer a sub-website of my wife's writer's account. 3/7/15
AHA - I am in the process of trying to separate this site from my wife's account (I was getting her to pay the fee) - and have run into an error message, so the transition may NOT be invisible after all.-- Technology! 3/6/15
New Tampa owner posted for Phaeton # 325, including a new photo with a nice wheel treatment (left hand picture). See owners list pg. 1 3/4/15
PA Phaeton # 109 - (see two entries below in this log) is NOT FOR SALE. In a rare turn of events, the owner's wife vetoed the idea.

Car 914, which you can find on owners list page 2, is a Roadster with a lot of custom features. I found some old pics (poorer quality)  that I added as a sub folder on the page of pictures - they include a tonneau cover - that I may or may not have posted elsewhere.

I was cleaning out some very old picture folders on my computer and found some car pics that I will add soon, but also found the item below. I had the pictures and a hidden piece of text about it, but had apparently never posted the pictures. This idea is GREAT for Glassic owners - it is a foot rest for next to your dimmer switch. - a Model A accessory that is very handy.


Pennsylvania Phaeton # 109 sent updated contact info and his car is FOR SALE - see owners list pg. 1 2/26/15
Added a solution to needing a wheel jack if you don't have one, and where it is if you DO have one.  I have no ROADSTER info yet, so please share. 2/24/15
New Connecticut owner posted for Phaeton #746/ Info on owners list page 2 2/17/15
I added a helpful picture about removing the back seat in a Gen 1 Phaeton to the seat page,  and added another and different frame marking on a Replicar to the VIN identification page (at the bottom) 2/12/15
I have added about 1/3 of the links to sub-folders of particular cars  - I came across car 914, a Roadster that has lots of custom features. I am not sure that I even HAD a link to this page, so I included it, and here it is again, because lots of work had been done on this car.  CAR 914 PAGE 2/11/15
Previously in Oklahoma, Roadster # 1097 (a 1974) -- same owner now in Texas See owners list page 2 for updated info.

Photos now finished being assigned, sort of. Still to do, make links to sub-directories for a few cars - the program I wrote is so simple that it does not find subdirectories by itself.

All owners lists have most pictures in them now. There are three things you might see (if there are pictures to be found) one is a photo that can be clicked to get to the cars picture page, one is BOTH a picture and a camera icon -- on those, only the icon works until I finish the coding, then the picture will be the link.  Others are ONLY the camera icon.   In those cases, a car photo is on a mixed page of cars - or the car has its own web page. 2/9/15
Photo and description added of a replacement bracket for rear seat-back of a Gen 1 (International based) car.

Continuing to add pics to the owners list - probably about 25 per day or so until done.  When my simple picture viewer is done being set up, I can again experiment with "albums", since the pictures are still all on the Internet.

Send email to GlassicAnnex@aol.com with the car numbers of cars where the search and replace did not work right to show the pics for a particular car.  -- thanks. 2/7/15
The photo album is gone! individual car pics can be reached through the owners list camera icons  - I will replace that camera with a clickable sample pic in each owners entry so you can see more than one car at a time on the same page.

You can use the Cloud to see all images together for now, or look at this part of owners list page 2,  to see the eventual replacement system - This is going to take some time to do.

Received a nice donation by check from Wayne, car 141. Not only does he earn immortality in the Hall of Fame but he may earn some other award as he connected his brother with a Glassic to buy- which will be DRIVEN home from Oregon to Florida next month. Double WOW.  Thanks, Wayne! 2/5/15
California Phaeton # 761 showed up on eBay.  See owners list page 2

Lots of pics of this car, but AGAIN, the album broke bad, so the camera icons on the owners list for this car are for "the cloud" and my own mini-gallery setup. Time to look for a new way to display our pictures.

Works in progress and coming soon: Removing the rear seat, and a cool display prop for car hood at a show (Picture is already posted, and waiting for more description)

Also, on the LINKS page  SearchTempest, a way to search multiple cities at the same time for Craigs List ads.

Added WV Phaeton # 782 owner info and a picture  to owners list page 2 1/24/15
Once again I re-installed the album and with the counters again all reset to zero, it seems to be working. I will continue to look for a more reliable photo album program.

I also removed the 2013 and 2014 log entries. They can be found in a link at the bottom of this log page.

Jimmy, car 1178, is the latest honoree into the  Hall of Fame  for his cash donation in support of the website. Thank you Jimmy!   At the same time, the photo album has again broken down and shows only an error message. I am trying to see if the service provider will install a backup of the data.  This album is great, but it fails on a regular basis so its time is limited -- too many technical difficulties. 1/22/15
I re-installed the photo album from scratch, using the same pictures. AGAIN all  viewing counters reset to zer0 and there are some odd things in the layout, but at least you can find the pictures - as far as I can tell. 1/15/15
New FL owner for Phaeton # 141 on owners list pg. 1
Limited info received from new owner of Roadster #539 - along with one nice picture. See  owners list page 2
AND, I noticed that the Album is again showing an error message. I will work on it later.
I adjusted the numbering on car 1502 and 1502-2 to reflect the latest and best info I have. Car 1502-2 used to be car 1502, but the VIN did not match the features of the car and the VIN TAG was not original. Then another 1502 showed up which also has a not-real vin tag, but it is more likely to be correct. Both of these cars are highly customized, nice cars and worth a look. See owners list page 3

Colorado car 1321 was sold and limited info was posted about the new Alabama owner.

Here, just for fun, is the very first Annex log entry in 2001!

Began the webpage after purchasing my Glassic


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