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Added WV Phaeton # 782 owner info and a picture  to owners list page 2 1/24/15
Once again I re-installed the album and with the counters again all reset to zero, it seems to be working. I will continue to look for a more reliable photo album program.

I also removed the 2013 and 2014 log entries. They can be found in a link at the bottom of this log page.

Jimmy, car 1178, is the latest honoree into the  Hall of Fame  for his cash donation in support of the website. Thank you Jimmy!   At the same time, the photo album has again broken down and shows only an error message. I am trying to see if the service provider will install a backup of the data.  This album is great, but it fails on a regular basis so its time is limited -- too many technical difficulties. 1/22/15
I re-installed the photo album from scratch, using the same pictures. AGAIN all  viewing counters reset to zer0 and there are some odd things in the layout, but at least you can find the pictures - as far as I can tell. 1/15/15
New FL owner for Phaeton # 141 on owners list pg. 1
Limited info received from new owner of Roadster #539 - along with one nice picture. See  owners list page 2
AND, I noticed that the Album is again showing an error message. I will work on it later.
I adjusted the numbering on car 1502 and 1502-2 to reflect the latest and best info I have. Car 1502-2 used to be car 1502, but the VIN did not match the features of the car and the VIN TAG was not original. Then another 1502 showed up which also has a not-real vin tag, but it is more likely to be correct. Both of these cars are highly customized, nice cars and worth a look. See owners list page 3

Colorado car 1321 was sold and limited info was posted about the new Alabama owner.

Here, just for fun, is the very first Annex log entry in 2001!

Began the webpage after purchasing my Glassic


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