LOG of recent website additions & changes (most recent at the top)

Pennsylvania Phaeton # 109 sent updated contact info and his car is FOR SALE - see owners list pg. 1 2/26/15
Added a solution to needing a wheel jack if you don't have one, and where it is if you DO have one.  I have no ROADSTER info yet, so please share. 2/24/15
New Connecticut owner posted for Phaeton #746/ Info on owners list page 2 2/17/15
I added a helpful picture about removing the back seat in a Gen 1 Phaeton to the seat page,  and added another and different frame marking on a Replicar to the VIN identification page (at the bottom) 2/12/15
I have added about 1/3 of the links to sub-folders of particular cars  - I came across car 914, a Roadster that has lots of custom features. I am not sure that I even HAD a link to this page, so I included it, and here it is again, because lots of work had been done on this car.  CAR 914 PAGE 2/11/15
Previously in Oklahoma, Roadster # 1097 (a 1974) -- same owner now in Texas See owners list page 2 for updated info.

Photos now finished being assigned, sort of. Still to do, make links to sub-directories for a few cars - the program I wrote is so simple that it does not find subdirectories by itself.

All owners lists have most pictures in them now. There are three things you might see (if there are pictures to be found) one is a photo that can be clicked to get to the cars picture page, one is BOTH a picture and a camera icon -- on those, only the icon works until I finish the coding, then the picture will be the link.  Others are ONLY the camera icon.   In those cases, a car photo is on a mixed page of cars - or the car has its own web page. 2/9/15
Photo and description added of a replacement bracket for rear seat-back of a Gen 1 (International based) car.

Continuing to add pics to the owners list - probably about 25 per day or so until done.  When my simple picture viewer is done being set up, I can again experiment with "albums", since the pictures are still all on the Internet.

Send email to GlassicAnnex@aol.com with the car numbers of cars where the search and replace did not work right to show the pics for a particular car.  -- thanks. 2/7/15
The photo album is gone! individual car pics can be reached through the owners list camera icons  - I will replace that camera with a clickable sample pic in each owners entry so you can see more than one car at a time on the same page.

You can use the Cloud to see all images together for now, or look at this part of owners list page 2,  to see the eventual replacement system - This is going to take some time to do.

Received a nice donation by check from Wayne, car 141. Not only does he earn immortality in the Hall of Fame but he may earn some other award as he connected his brother with a Glassic to buy- which will be DRIVEN home from Oregon to Florida next month. Double WOW.  Thanks, Wayne! 2/5/15
California Phaeton # 761 showed up on eBay.  See owners list page 2

Lots of pics of this car, but AGAIN, the album broke bad, so the camera icons on the owners list for this car are for "the cloud" and my own mini-gallery setup. Time to look for a new way to display our pictures.

Works in progress and coming soon: Removing the rear seat, and a cool display prop for car hood at a show (Picture is already posted, and waiting for more description)

Also, on the LINKS page  SearchTempest, a way to search multiple cities at the same time for Craigs List ads.

Added WV Phaeton # 782 owner info and a picture  to owners list page 2 1/24/15
Once again I re-installed the album and with the counters again all reset to zero, it seems to be working. I will continue to look for a more reliable photo album program.

I also removed the 2013 and 2014 log entries. They can be found in a link at the bottom of this log page.

Jimmy, car 1178, is the latest honoree into the  Hall of Fame  for his cash donation in support of the website. Thank you Jimmy!   At the same time, the photo album has again broken down and shows only an error message. I am trying to see if the service provider will install a backup of the data.  This album is great, but it fails on a regular basis so its time is limited -- too many technical difficulties. 1/22/15
I re-installed the photo album from scratch, using the same pictures. AGAIN all  viewing counters reset to zer0 and there are some odd things in the layout, but at least you can find the pictures - as far as I can tell. 1/15/15
New FL owner for Phaeton # 141 on owners list pg. 1
Limited info received from new owner of Roadster #539 - along with one nice picture. See  owners list page 2
AND, I noticed that the Album is again showing an error message. I will work on it later.
I adjusted the numbering on car 1502 and 1502-2 to reflect the latest and best info I have. Car 1502-2 used to be car 1502, but the VIN did not match the features of the car and the VIN TAG was not original. Then another 1502 showed up which also has a not-real vin tag, but it is more likely to be correct. Both of these cars are highly customized, nice cars and worth a look. See owners list page 3

Colorado car 1321 was sold and limited info was posted about the new Alabama owner.

Here, just for fun, is the very first Annex log entry in 2001!

Began the webpage after purchasing my Glassic


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