LOG of recent website additions & changes

For those who want to see if anything new has been added to the site. Most recent changes are at  top --Contact Don, the Annexmaster at GlassicAnnex@aol.com
Today I changed the way one registers their car on the site (yellow square 
 on the home page)  Instead of a FORM, it is an email of sorts. This is part of the spam and virus protection efforts I am adding.

Here is a link to a folder from the Album that I copied to Microsoft's cloud storage.  http://sdrv.ms/YgjKAs -- I am trying to see if this is a way to replace the buggy album.  Feel free to send an email to the above address with any reactions.  The link name, of course, is not helpful, so that is an issue.

Followup - so far, it appears that sorting picsby car number is an issue. When I tried more of the album it did not organize them, it just showed a huge mass of pics. I will also look into other services.

I removed over 270 bits of infected code from the website, and it appears to be clean - for now.  My web space tech service was no help at all, other than to say that MAYBE the code in the Photo Album or the form to register cars made site vulnerable.

I am exploring my options to keep this nuisance from happening again including putting all the pics on an outside photo album site.

Some bad code has infected the Annex site, causing my virus software to block infections on some pages.  This is a script that got injected into many pages, but I cannot yet tell if cleaning them off solves the problem, or if some other code is just putting this bug back into the pages. I am trying tech support, but at some point the site may have to shut down until this can be fixed. 12/16/12
Posted a new HAWAII owner for Phaeton 954, doubling that state's presence on the owners lists to 2 (different islands, however). See owners list page 2

And, the record book changes as Ohio Roadster # 1509 has checked in after recently being bought from the original owner, now making IT the last known production Glassic. See owners list page3

Janice Kloog, car 1119, has had her name MOVED in the Hall of Fame - it turned out that she was a REPEAT supporter of the website and has earned two gold stars.  Those who use the site should be grateful to people like Jancie - without donations like hers there would only be a few pictures and articles -- I still remember, years ago, trying to decide whether to limit each car to three pictures.  Thank you Janice and others!

If you last through all 5 of the rotating pictures on the homepage - I have added a sixth picture!

As promised in yesterday's LOG, the owner of car #1500 has provided some help with problems and I finally got them posted. Here are his solutions to two "issues"

Heater core:  for the non-mechanics, the heater core is a little radiator with fins that sits in a box with a fan under the dash.  Hot engine water goes through the core and the fan blows the resulting hot air into the car.  They are prone to leaking with age. Here is a solution: heater core.

Grill shell inserts - here is a nice looking product at a reasonable price.

Virginia Phaeton #1500 - added a bunch of before and after pics, including many of the engine compartment.  They are in the Album The before pics start with 1500-b4- and the after pics start with 1500.

Stay tuned for a tech article on a replacement heater core for this car, and a source of grill mesh inserts.

It turned out that the donation mentioned in yesterday's log was not from Martin, but was kindly done by him on behalf of his girlfriend, Janice Kloog, the owner of car 1119 - so Janice is inducted into the  Hall of Fame but Martin still gets a shout-out for helping with his PayPal account.

Also I posted a great picture of Janice's Florida Roadster 1119 in the Album It is the second car on the page, the white Roadster.

I am back today after over two weeks without  my computer -- within the next day or so I will be adding some pics and a new owner of a Roadster, as well as a hall of fame award. I will also be careful clearing the 100's of spams, to be sure that I don't accidentally erase a legit email.. Sigh.

Phaeton # 1500 sent some good before and after pictures as well as a couple of technical items (heater core, grill shell insert) I will post these soon.

Martin Victor (I do not see a Glassic registered in his name) is the newest proud member of our Hall of Fame for his PayPal donation to the website. Thank you, Martin.

Car 332, in California, was recently re-listed on eBay then removed - likely sold locally.

I got a form for a new owner of car 1148, but the return email address was a bit odd, so I am confirming it before posting the info.

NOTICE - I will not have access to my computer for the next week to two weeks, so there will not be any updates to the website during that period. I will reply to emails and make site updates as soon as I get back on-line. 11/24/12
Connecticut Phaeton # 1303 added to owners list page3 11/22/12
Virginia Phaeton # 860 is now FOR SALE - see owners list page 2 11/20/12
California Roadster # 1029 (previously an unknown VIN car) added to owners list page 2 .   The new owner also has a nice 1932 real Ford Roadster, a picture of which I added at the bottom of the page comparing real and replicas 11/19/12
NOTICE - The Annex website, and a couple of others that are under my wife's account were infiltrated with some spamware - I found out by way of a note from Google that the sites were tagged as "could cause harm to your computer" -- I have cleaned off these tracking files, and the Annex has been cleared by Google.

As my internet provider and I try to figure out HOW these unauthorized changes were made to the Annex, the photo ALBUM is a possible suspect since I have given IT permission to make automatic changes -- The Album is a great program, but its days may be numbered if it proves to make the site vulnerable.  More info on this to come.

New Ohio owner for Phaeton # 110 - this car is on a Chevy S-10 chassis.- info on owners list pg. 1 -- also some new pics in the Album 11/14/12
Washington Phaeton # 1253 - lowered price updated on owners list page3

New Wisconsin owner for Roadster # 351 posted to owners list pg. 1

NOTE:  Today I changed the system used by the search button on the Annex main page.  I told them not to catalog the ALBUM since there were so many pages they were reviewing.  I don't THINK it will affect search results, but it cut 90% out of their page analysis time.

Washington State Phaeton # 1253, (FOR SALE) has a new lowered price - info and pics can be seen in the Premier Gallery 11/4/12
IL Roadster # 351 status changed to sold. (The car sold via Craig's list) 10/28/12
Missouri Phaeton # 1121 (a 1977) is FOR SALE and has updated info on owners list page3 10/27/12
A new Massachusetts owner for Phaeton # 576 posted on owners list page 2

I received, and added some more pics of Illinois Roadster #351 - this batch includes a not-blurry shot of the side of this FOR SALE car. The pics are in the  album

Illinois Roadster # 351, previously owned for 36 years has now accumulated a whopping 4,000 miles on it and is FOR SALE on owners list pg. 1  -- also, some pics were added to the album (I could not fix the camera shake on the one picture) 10/23/12
Illinois Roadster # 351 was added to  owners list pg. 1 10/21/12
California Phaeton # 312 is now FOR SALE on owners list pg. 1 Photos are in the album.

a NJ Phaeton is on eBay - I was notified by an Annex fan since it was not listed as a Glassic because the seller did not know that was what it was. It has been added to the Annex as car u041 on the unknown VIN page since we don't know the original VIN.

Wisconsin Roadster # 1147 added to owners list page 2 - also some nice pics, including some subtle upgrades can be seen in the album. 10/15/12
Michigan Phaeton # 943, owned by a family since new, is now sold. The new, second, owner is unknown. 10/12/12
Roy McDaniel, the owner of Phaeton # 860, is honored in the  Hall of Fame with another gold star for his PayPal donation in support of the Annex.  In addition, he send some new pics of his car, including this depressing little item -- (hint: your Annexmaster lives in California) See the ALBUM. -- Roy: Thanks for your on-going support!

California Phaeton # 332 spotted on eBay

The owner of Phaeton # 357 sent along a nice photo of his restored genuine Model A trunk - note the elegant script on it. (in the Album) 10/5/12
Washington State Phaeton #1253 is now listed FOR SALE with details to be found in the PREMIER GALLERY 9/26/12
Michigan Phaeton # 141 is for sale at a lowered price. owners list pg. 1
PA Roadster # 518 (with matching trailer) spotted on eBay and on owners list page 2
Michigan Phaeton # 269 is now for sale on  owners list pg. 1  This is a one-owner car, and an Abercrombie car. 9/17/12
Added a couple of nice pictures of NC Phaeton # 357 to the album. 9/14/12
Added to the technical item about steering stabilizer. I asked the owner of car 715 what this thing did and why replace it.  His answer is very helpful and posted here.
Added oil and fuel filter part #'s for International engine cars to a page I have not used much lately, but one that has some parts info on it. Have you looked at the parts fit page yet?
North Carolina Phaeton # 357 has been added to owners list pg. 1

I did a little updating on charts today. Quantities of Glassics, VIN range by year, and the used car values page.

I added shock absorber info from car 715 and also steering stabilizer source and pics in the technical section. Both are on the TECH index in the chassis category. 9/10/12
Nevada (Las Vegas) Roadster # 1083 added to  owners list page 2
Added to the album, some great quality pics of Germany Phaeton # 632, including many mods - wood dash, and interesting viewing port in hood sides.
Some technical pics of car 715 - shocks, steering stabilizer, new exhaust and wide whitewalls.  I will add the part #'s to the tech page soon.
Calif. Phaeton # 1127 is now FOR SALE - info in owners list page 2 (the second WHITE car for sale within a week.)
Spotted by a fan in a Detroit Craigslist ad. No response from the seller, so I am calling this non-stealth red and yaller Roadster as car u040
Phaeton # 632, residing in Germany, has been added to
 owners list page 2
I am hoping for photos soon.
Connecticut Phaeton #1178 is now FOR SALE - see owners list page 2
Spotted on eBay, a NM Roadster, which I have called u039 (owner has no original VIN.) -- If you have any interest in this car as a buyer, you should call George from the ebay ad - he is not an internet guy. Car u039 is also on owners list page 2
Florida Phaeton #540 is posted as FOR SALE on owners list page 2
Added some new high quality pictures of Roadster # 881 to the album.
Began an article with some technical pictures regarding windows, or side curtains for the different year Glassics.

Brian, car 881, gets a special thanks for his check donation in support of the Annex. Thank you, Brian, for your contribution and kind comments about the website -- and welcome to your place in the Hall of Fame

New Alberta Canada owner for Phaeton # 913 on owners list page 2 8/24/12
Florida Phaeton # 325 is FOR SALE by Bob's Classics in Clearwater, FL.  This link takes you to his home page since you might enjoy his "Whats in stock" page.  Bob is a long-time dealer in replica cars and has sold many, many Glassics over the years. 8/22/12
Michigan Phaeton # 943, a one-family car since new, is now listed as FOR SALE.  See owners list page 2 -- and some new pics in the album.

Spotted CA Roadster # 1093 on Craigs list

Here is a great one!  Stacey, an old Annex friend and owner of car # 341 got the info on a new car to add to the owners list. HOW she found that car, and what else she saw at that time is truly a story. Start with her tale about Indiana Phaeton #317, and follow the link at the end to some pics she took with her cell phone. 8/20/12
Ohio Phaeton # 410 added to owners list pg. 1
Once again, the photo album appears to be messed up - showing nothing but date error messages. Tech support has been contacted, since I don't think it was anything that I did.

UPDATE - by late afternoon, tech support, although not sure WHY the photo album got messed up, did figure out a fix and it appears to be back on-line.

CA Phaeton #913, previously "for sale" is now marked as sold.
In answer to my question, Rick kindly shared some selling tips the he feels helped him in his successful sale.
The rear end gear ratio of my 1973, with pictures of the data tag on the rear end, and an interesting safety tip I discovered when jacking up the car. 8/9/12
Georgia Roadster # 715 is on the road after a long "rest". New pic added to the Album
Florida Roadster # 309 has been added to the owners list page 1 and is FOR SALE  (Unless this is a mistake in the listing, this seems to be the lowest Roadster VIN so far)
Virginia Phaeton # 796 spotted on eBay by one of our loyal viewers (since "Glassic" does not appear in the listing -- oops) also on Owners list page 2 8/4/12
The FORMS feature is working off and on, and tech support is, er, "working on it".

 The planned electric car, an Oregon Phaeton ,#932poss, is added to Owners list page 2  We hope the owner will share this project when he starts it.

NOTE: as of this afternoon, the form to register your car is giving a "thank you" page, but is NOT sending the info to me. I am looking into the problem.  So I do not yet have the info from the Oregon owner who plans to convert his Glassic to ALL ELECTRIC.  More soon, I hope.

Maine Roadster #885 has relocated to Georgia, and is now FOR SALE - see Owners list page 2

New Virginia owner posted for Phaeton # 609 - this one being reported with a C-6 transmission. Owners list page 2 8/1/12
California Phaeton # 913, with a lot of modifications and improvements, is now FOR SALE. See  owners list page 2 -- while there, be sure to click on the camera AND text icons for pics and info on some of his upgrades.
(Note: the OLD pictures of this car are the ones with the higher view counts, and the newest ones are the low counts and "in2012" in their names.)
TN Roadster # 355 spotted FOR SALE on Ebay - has 1932 grill shell. 7/28/12
New FL owner for Roadster # 935 on owners list page 2
A couple of photos of FOR SALE car #740 (see LOG for 7/13/) added to the Album. I believe these are my first pics of a Glassic in this weather situation!
Wisconsin Roadster # 597 is  FOR SALE - see owners list page 2 7/15/12
Spotted on eBay Indiana Phaeton # 332 - also added to owners list pg. 1 7/14/12
California Phaeton # 740 has updated owner info and is FOR SALE - see owners list page 2
Holland Phaeton # 1472 - the owner send along some nice pics of his car in scenic settings.  They are in the album .  I found other pics in my files that I apparently never posted. I also got some more pics from Holland, and posted the older pictures and some more new ones.
Rich, car 1456, made a donation to the website via "snail mail", which earned him a spot in the hallowed Hall of Fame and my thanks. Look at the many people who have chipped in over the last 11 years. Wow, thanks, all.! 7/12/12
Tennessee Roadster # 859 spotted FOR SALE on eBay, and added to owners list page 2
California Phaeton # 127 (with a Chevy V-8) is now FOR SALE. Info is on  owners list pg. 1 and three new pictures added in the Album (look for the lower view count for the new pics.)
So, I am watching this TV show, South Beach Classics, on the Velocity  cable channel.  It is about a dealership that buys and sells collectible cars, and is quite an interesting show.  In the background I spotted Glassic Roadster  #709 -- so I checked the South Beach Classics website, and it turned out that 709 was on the "sold" cars list. However, Phaeton #934 P is listed as being for sale. I added it to owners list page 2 7/7/12
  • Pennsylvania Phaeton  #738 added to owners list page 2
  • Added some pics of BOTH un-restored Massachusetts cars owned Ed by album
  • Added some nice new pics of Stan's California Phaeton # 106. Good detail photos of a highly modified and superbly restored car taken by your Annexmaster - now in the album.
Iowa Phaeton #255 spotted on eBay. Lots of good photos on their eBay listing, also in the album

New MA owner posted for car # 606 who already owned car # 131

A big danke schön to Joerg Tragert, the new owner in GERMANY (see the entry below here).  About the Annex, he said:

I found all the necessary information for parts to renew  my car in just one hour.  Even the vacuum wiper information. Hope to have it on the road in 3 weeks.

He then became our first overseas member of the now "world renowned" Hall of Fame for his cash support of the website.

Calif. Roadster # 619 reported to now be in Germany. Limited info provided and a pic. for the album. 6/26/12
California Phaeton# 954 is listed as FOR SALE -- on owners list page 2 Also, some great pictures in the album
The NY owner of Roadster # 329 updated his info along with a useful piece of info for Roadster owners.  See owners list pg. 1
New Illinois owner posted for Roadster # 629 on owners list page 2 6/21/12
Added some photos of Roadster # 978 to the album.  Nice wooden dashboard! 6/19/12
The new Texas owner of Phaeton # 720 provided some nice large pics of his car - they are in the Album. 6/13/12
Rhode Island Phaeton #606 has been added to owners list page 2.  and is FOR SALE -- update: added a picture to the album

The website appears to be working as it should now after its recent file moves. Pls email me at the above address if you find problems.

The new TX owner of Phaeton 720 completed the contact info sent in by the previous owner who sold him the car. See owners list page 2

I discovered that in the recent file moves, the form to register your car no longer works.  -- and there I was, happy that the spam seemed to have stopped.  I will try to figure out how to fix the form.

UPDATE - by evening, the forms work, but are not yet completely fixed. Other issues have appeared as ones are fixed. The main page is now slow to load and respond - there may be on-going problems until all of the settings are re-established for the site.

Added a picture of car 609 to the Album which seems to be back in working order now. This car may originally have had a different VIN since a prior owner makes reference to Abercrombie & Fitch, which would have been an older car. A lot of customizing has been done to this car - notice the longer hood and no door handles, etc. 6/7/12
Look at the car for sale on the message board on the left of this page. Don't you hate it when someone buys a Glassic and then turns around and flips it? -- 39 years later!  Wow.

Virginia Phaeton # 609 is also for sale and the updated info is HERE, and a picture will follow when I get the album fixed. (see entry above)

The Annex album is still messed up, and the internet provider and I are still trying.  I am hopeful that by tomorrow it will be back on-line.  If anything else does not work right, please email me at the above email.

There have been some problems with the website as files were moved and updated. Most are likely back in order by now - with some issues still possible with the Photo Album. They should be fixed in the next few days. 6/6/12
Photo album is not working today. I had to change some technical settings on the Annex, and the album got "misplaced" since I have to find and change the settings for that as well. I will be working on it. 6/5/12
My computer is back in service, as am I.  A new NC owner for car 685 is entered on owners list page 2. 6/4/12
Due to my computer upgrade (or catch-up) there will likely be no website changes for a week or two, and only spotty email response at best.

NY Phaeton # 800 is now FOR SALE -- see owners list page 2.  The yellow is the prior car color in the ALBUM and the black pictures are the more recent ones.

Larry, car 918, was having trouble filling his gas tank all the way. He solved the problem and shared what he learned. See tech.

A suggested use for Glassic patches - on shirts.  See the hats page.

Bill Crozier, already a member of the hallowed Hall of Fame for a previous cash donation, ordered some patches on the HATS page, and included another cash donation, moving him to Gold Star status.  Thanks, Bill. 5/9/12
Share the Annexmaster's results of a visit from a Ford mechanic and his tune-up and inspection comments. (1973 car # 689) on a tech stuff page.

Some added insight on the V-8 and rear end swap in the log entry below was put at the end of  the article in  tech stuff

Added some info about a rear-end swap into an early Glassic that had received a V-8 swap. info is in the tech stuff.
TX car # 720 has been sold and has a new TX owner. owners list page 2
New York Phaeton #362 has been added to owners list pg. 1 This car has been in the family since new in 1970.
Texas Phaeton # 720 is now FOR SALE with info on owners list page 2

I am trying a new system to get you right to the exact car listing on For sale cars on owners lists, so you don't have to remember and scroll to the car number. So that car # 720 mentioned above -- INFO IS HERE

I added a part number for spark plugs for car 689 (a '73).  I felt the need to do that since I got the wrong plugs from the computer at the car store.
I posted that in with the technical stuff HERE.
Illinois Phaeton # 1122 now listed as FOR SALE on owners list page 2 4/20/12
Got a tip on SC Phaeton #685 - from an Annex fan. There is a link to his for sale ad on owners list page 2
Abercrombie Phaeton 257 in GA is for sale. It was recently on ebay, but being sold by a dealer - info on owners list pg. 1
PA Roadster # 518 owner reports that he converted the 4-speed sticks shift to a C-4 auto. See owners list page 2  (Note: I will ask the owner if he has any details to share, although there were very few stick shift Ford based Glassics built.) 4/6/12

FL Roadster #709 -- is now marked as FOR SALE. See owners list page 2

Illinois Phaeton # 583 has been added to  owners list page 2

Phaeton # 1011, our first reported HAWAII car, has been added to  owners list page 2   -- no response yet to my NOTE in the log entry below.

On each of the 3 owners list pages, the top section has a box with the total count of "found cars" -- that page has always had a hidden chart and map with the car count by state.  I put a red message on the page telling viewers to scroll down to see those counts.  I also fixed it so that the links in that little box opened in a full-sized window, not inside the tiny box. (Try it on the link to owners list page 2, above.)

Car 1499 is in IL.  Spotted FOR SALE Nevada Roadster # 1436 on Craigs List. I also added it to owners list page3

NOTE -- On the message board, there is a question about lowering the top. I answered it, sort of,  but would appreciate if someone would step up with the answer to his followup question. -- How do those springy pins work that hold the top to the windshield. Do they come out altogether - what keeps those pins from just falling out?  Can anyone send a closeup picture of the pin if they DO come clean out?  -- reminder: when a person ANSWERS a recent item on the message board, the answer does not show up as a NEW item, so there is no way of knowing that more has been added to a topic.

Phaeton # 1499, a 1981, added to owners list 3 - Limited info from a question on the message board but a picture was added to the Album 3/22/12
New Nevada owner posted for Phaeton # 982 on owners list page 2 . I also finally posted the celebrity Phaeton owned by Steven Tyler, even though I have been unable to get the VIN. It is a 1977, so it is on owners list page3 between the 1976's and 1977's. It is an early 1977 since it still has the leaf springs on the front. 3/20/12
Ohio Phaeton # 160 spotted on eBay. Sale ended today, but car not sold and may be re-advertised. 3/16/12
Roadster # 360 -- I added a pic in the Album - interesting FLAME paint job, and notice how he holds down his hood with the side panels removed. 3/12/12
Two valuable donations received today. One is a CASH (PayPal) donation from Don Sweet, car 1500, which earns him our appreciation AND a spot in the coveted Hall of Fame
and the other valuable contribution is INFORMATION ---
Chuck Stout, car 141, shared a pictorial article on windshield replacement and maintenance, including a part number for the rubber sealer strip. See the article HERE.

Larger pics of the Chet Atkins record albums posted. The previous pics were small and blurry, so I bought both albums on eBay and took larger shots. (No donation money was used for these).  To see these, scroll down the Annex main page to yellow square  15  and click on the lower center box called "Old ads and other interesting stuff"

Missouri Phaeton #1216 has been added to owners list page3
A special thanks to Frank Molby, car 1505, who got a THIRD star in the Hall of Fame for his cash donation to the website. On behalf of everyone who enjoys the site THANK YOU.
Ohio Phaeton # 110 spotted on eBay. Auction is closed, but car not sold and is the first RAT ROD that I recall. Look in the ALBUM at the one pic from the early 2000's vs today.  Also now with a V-8 on an S-10 frame. 3/3/12
The changes appear to have been made to the Annex account, and it seems everything still works as before. Later today I will add a new owner and some good info about windshield wiper motors for the Ford engined non-Replicars models

Added the article about 1974 wiper motors, to the technical page, or see it directly from here  wiper types used Thanks to Larry for sharing this info.

New Virginia owner for Phaeton # 1500 posted on owners list page3

Note -- my web space provider, where Glassic Annex files are kept, is changing its service - again.  After this "new and improved" (and likely more expensive) change, there may be a time when I cannot make changes to the website. -- please bear with me during this change. 2/23/12
Florida Phaeton #575 is on the market on eBay and also on PJ's Auto World website  Also, December info on owners list page 2 2/20/12
Massachusetts Phaeton BODY ONLY for sale - car 268 on owners list pg. 1  also posted some pics in the Album 2/16/12
Posted a very cool history type article from an AUSTRALIAN International Scout club -- about the birth of Glassics. This was converted from a PDF type file that they use, and was a bit buggy to change over. Let me know if any parts don't display right.  ARTICLE
Roadster #384 has a new FL owner posted on owners list pg. 1
Added two shots of FL Phaeton 1279 to the Album. Pics were from a recent show, but large views of many nice modifications and upgrades to this car can be seen on that page.
Springs re-done on an International based Phaeton #106. Results are on the Technical page for Chassis.
New Wisconsin owner for Roadster # 881 posted owners list page 2
Added some reader contributed pics and info about the rubber windshield channel - on the BODY page of technical stuff.
New Virginia owner posted for Roadster # 565 on  owners list page 2
Several large, sharp new pics added of (very nicely done) Chevy conversion Phaeton # 106 were added to the Album - they are spread out over both pages, but include 2011 in the picture name and have low previous view counts.
Roadster # 819 is no longer in MI, now in AL, and for sale. See owners list page 2 -- Later this day I updated his phone numbers also.
New Ohio owner for Phaeton # 264 posted on owners list pg. 1
Bob Vejvoda, car 1231, is our newest addition to the Hall of Fame. He is starting restoration on his fire damaged salvage car, yet still found a way to lend some financial support to the site. Thank you, Bob.
Status of FL Roadster #881 changed. Was for sale, now SOLD.
FL Roadster # 384 spotted on eBay.
New CA owner posted on  owners list page3 for Roadster #1244
I removed older LOG entries to a different file. Links to old logs are at the bottom of this screen.
The email below, from Janice Kloog says it well.  Thank you Janice, for your kind words and financial support, and welcome to the Annex  Hall of Fame.

I am the new owner of Glassic #1119 and just made a donation to the website. Since I purchased my car, I have had to refer to the website several times for general and technical information and have found it very helpful. I hope that anybody/everybody else that uses the website, will do the same!

In addition to the financial support, we thank those who take the time to share their Glassic INFORMATION - as you can see from the email above, the info really helps others down the road. (pun intended).

Ohio Roadster # 565, previously for sale, has been sold. Now with the second owner since it was new. 1/11/12
WA Phaeton # 517 sent some nice paper photos in the mail, which I scanned and put in the Album.  The quality problem is not with this pictures, but with my scanning skills.  The owner, George Eadie, also sent a cash donation to the website -- not his first either -- moving him in the hallowed "all star" area in the Hall of Fame  and also earning him my sincere thanks! 1/4/12
A new WA owner posted for car u039 -- one of the unknown VIN cars (the tag had been removed at some point).  See these on the Unknown VIN page
Added a few reference pics and measurements from a Replicars grill shell to the techincal section.
On Jan 1st, Oprah's Next Chapter, a new show premiered with an interview with Steven Tyler. This link is to the part where they tooled around in Stevens Glassic.

This video was removed since it is now old news.

Wisconsin Phaeton #1231 has a new owner on owners list page3.  I have started a separate page for this car in hopes of adding more.  Check the page to see why the owner thinks this is a HOT car. 1/1/12
Florida Phaeton # 575 FOR SALE in Clearwater. Great photos (including some unique views) on eBay and in the Album. Info on owners list page 2 12/29/11
Added Ohio Phaeton # 1016 to owners list page3
Also, I appear to have fixed the photo Album problem, for now. Let me know if any parts don't work right.
Get a load of THIS.  Watch around second 6.  This clip may not stay on here long since I can't figure out how to make it go away when you are done. Oprah and Steven Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith and recent American Idol judge.)

I am trying to find out who this Glassic belongs to.

THIS CLIP HAS BEEN REMOVED from the log. -its out of date now.

I also fixed up menu item # 12 below to add the Oprah item in with other celebrity stuff.

Dennis Crozier, car 189, a V-8 conversion, has added to his large contribution of pics with a cash donation to the website. He has been added to the Hall of Fame, where his father, Bill also appears, as the former owner of car 313, a car he ALSO converted to a V-8.   Thank you Dennis!

Speaking of the Album - another technical problem has arisen where new pictures are not adding properly. I will work on that over the holidays.

Added a bunch of high quality pics of FOR SALE Ohio Roadster # 565 to the Album. Owner info on owners list page 2

A link was added to the LINKS PAGE for a radiator vendor (includes "how to measure your radiator")

Here, just for fun, is the very first Annex log entry in 2001!

Began the webpage after purchasing my Glassic


The old log entries for 2010 and 2011 are here
To see the log from 11/2008 through 2009 click here
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