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Sent 5/26/09


Hi Glassic fans:
It has been half a year since my last mailing, so you can't accuse me of over-doing it. Here is what's new.
MESSAGE BOARD  We have a new message board. This is an outside, professional board that should be a familiar format to you. We had such a board (different company) and when they lost a year of our files, I dumped them in favor of doing it myself.  That was not very efficient, but at least I didn't lose any entries.
The $60 per year cost for the new board is being supported by past donations to the website. Thank you to the friends that sent money over the past year! This is the type of thing that your contributions are used for.
The main feature of the board is that, to avoid one of my pet peeves, you do NOT have to "join" the board to post messages and even PICTURES, nor do you have to remember another password. While being "public" means that we can't use some features, it makes the board easy to use. So far there are three "departments":
I can add other categories if you think we need them.
Since we are, at best, a very small group, don't expect a LOT of activity on the board. (For both new and old message boards, see the Annex home page, yellow square   3  )
ANNEXMASTER RELOCATING After 6 months on the market, and three contracts that fell apart, I still am trying to sell my Florida house to relocate to the Northern suburbs of San Diego, where I will join up with car #689, which is waiting at my daughter's house there. I hope a fresh house listing that started this week will get the house sold.
OWNERS LIST SPLIT A couple of months ago, I divided the owners list into 3 pages since the file size was getting huge and taking longer to view. 1) The International based early Glassics,  2) Ford engine Glassics and 3) Replicars, 1976 and newer. I have not heard of any problems with the switch. (See the Annex home page, yellow square   4  )
CHECK THE LOG Remember that I try to put all website changes on the log, so you can check that to see what is going on. I even put new owners and their state, in case one ends up near you. (See the Annex home page, yellow square   2  )
Happy motoring,

The following email addresses  from this mailing came back as not deliverable:

Sent 11/28/08
Hi Glassic fans!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and I wish you the best for a Merry Christmas. While there are no major website changes to report, there are some news items. Remember to scan the LOG, (home page, yellow square item  2  ) for changes and updates to the Annex.
PARTS FOR SALE: Be sure to check the ADS listings (home page, yellow square item  17  ) This is the place to list your extra parts, or to find them. While many parts are Model A reproduction parts and can be found anywhere, others are unique to our cars - so don't throw old parts away, advertise them free with the Annex. Good protocol assumes that the buyer will cover postage for any parts, plus whatever the seller may charge, if anything.
WANTED: A PROJECT CAR: My plans continue to be to relocate from Florida to California, and to that end I have sold my car #1254, and while my house waits and waits for a buyer, I am searching for, ideally, a very cheap body, or wrecked Glassic - with a pre-1976 title, or even no title. If you know of any basket cases out there, please let me know. My goal would be to build a Glassic onto a newer chassis.
HATS and PATCHES: Now is the time to order Glassic hats or patches. There are only 2 tan hats left, and these items make great Christmas gifts -- buy some for yourself. You can use PayPal to pay by credit card if you want. If paying by check, send me an email that the check is coming so I can hold the hats for you. With my relocation, I will not be ordering more hats when these are gone. Go here to order hats or patches.
Finances: Unlike my personal accounts, and the rest of the country, the Annex is financially sound for the time being and immediate future. While going to the Premium website service has been a great idea, donations from many of your fellow Glassic nuts has kept the site solvent. Please see the HALL OF FAME to know who we should be thanking for their financial support. When I saw that donations got ahead of expenses, I set up an accurate accounting to be sure ALL donated money goes to upcoming costs. My time managing the site is done free.
Future plans: My new year's resolutions are to split the owners list into 2 or 3 parts so it is not such a big file, and to re-visit getting an outside service to use for a Message Board. The last one LOST most of our messages with no backup - that is why I have been doing it myself. It is not very efficient. I welcome your suggestions for improving the site.
Happy new year, and happy driving!

Sent 6/9/08

Hi Glassic fans:
Less than 30 days to get your hotel reservation in for the reunion in Orlando on 8-8-08.  The trophies are ready and they are beautiful. You don't have to stay at the hotel to come to one or more days to the reunion, but you do have to cough up $20 one time (for you AND a guest) to get in the door for one or all days.  That will go for treats for all the attendees!
Drop-ins welcome, but you should let me know if you plan to attend, so we can be sure to have enough goodies on hand.
Call me, or email me, (Don, a.k.a. the "Annexmaster") if you have questions. (727) 789-2252.
I hope to see you there!

Sent 5/9/08

Hi Glassic Fans:
The Annexmaster's car is for sale -- see below.
Suddenly, it is just 60 days left to reserve your room for the 8-8-08 reunion in Orlando. This likely will be the last one on the East Coast, so don't miss out. -- send me the $20 fee and reserve your room with the Marriott and you are good to go!
The trophies are ordered, and interesting stuff is planned. If you EVER plan to do an engine swap, or upgrade, this is the place to be. Four people that I know of so far will be there who have made MAJOR changes to their Glassics. Pick their brains!  Info is on the Reunion 08 webpage.
The "forms" that I have set up are working well -- EXCEPT -- that I get about 25 to 30 spam emails every day from people who use a computer program to find forms on the web and then fill them with crap such as porn websites and other junk.  I have a filter that stops hundreds of them, and sends others to a spam folder.
It is likely that all these filters may sometimes catch REAL messages sent to the Annex. If you send a form in and don't get a reply from me in a few days, please let me know.  I may only say  "Your item has been posted on the message board" or something similar - but it will be an acknowledgement.
The Technical Chart, or Technical Section -- I mentioned this in a mailing a month ago. This is an effort to build a "knowledge base". Please send me items to add to this chart.  There is still a lot of info on the Annex that I have not included in the Technical Chart -- mostly from tidbits that are on pages of individual cars. I will try to find and add those as time permits. I admit that my sloppy organization is catching up with me as the site grows, and I am trying to fix my filing system. When you only have 10 cars you don't need a good filing system. At over 300 and growing, throwing everything in a cyber shoe box just doesn't work. Please send feedback if you find a mistake or a link does not work so I can fix it!
Don's 1978 Phaeton # 1254 is for sale
A move for me, next year, to California means either pollution testing or getting a Glassic that is 1975 or older, so my purple beast must go. (Sniff) I have not listed it locally yet, but here is a first look at the info in the Annex Gallery . Other than selling and buying again in California, I would consider an exchange with a fully restored earlier (pre-75) Phaeton or a partial exchange of a cheap non-running Phaeton with a (75 or older) title.

Sent 4/8/08

Hi Glassic fans:
TECHNICAL INFO If you haven't been on the site recently, check out the new TECHNICAL CHART, an attempt to better organize the info on the site. I have transferred topics from the comprehensive index to this chart, and will begin to find other bits of technical help (which is scattered all over) and post them there as well.
In doing that, I have found many areas where there were bad links, and where my file names were not logical, and will also try to fix them. If you find things that don't work, or missing pictures, please send me an email so I can fix them.
REUNION -- Only 4 months to 8-8-08 and our ORLANDO REUNION.  Send me the $20 fee, Reserve your room now and make plans to attend.  Not only will this be great fun, and informative, but also be aware that:
1) There WILL be a considerable number of trophies given out!
2) Joel will be giving away some old, original Glassic literature at the reunion.
3) There WILL be parts available, some free, some very cheap. Right now I am sure of '78 - 81 Replicars parts, and there may be more!
QUICK LINKS: Did you notice, at the top of the main Annex page, on the right hand panel is a phrase Quick Links? That is for lazy people (OK, me included) who don't want to scroll way down to find frequently used parts of the website. Hold your mouse over those words and the links appear.
FYI NOTE:  I had noticed that when I made the photo album, I made folders called, for example, #--101-200 for cars with vins from 100 to 200.  Well, the use of the # sign has caused some problems in internet coding, so I will be changing those folders to VIN_100-200.  No big deal, but I will have to change every link that referred to "# "as well.  If you find an album link that doesn't work, please let me know.
Hope to see you at the reunion!


Sent 1/29/08

Hi Glassic fans:

FIRST, an update on Reunion 08-08-08. My original announcement did not make it clear that it will be in ORLANDO, FL. Early enrollment suggests it will be great fun. Additionally Bill Crozier and family will be doing a "show and tell" on their TWO conversions of International based Glassics to Chevy V-8's.
Not only can you see the swapped engine cars, but they will explain how they did it and save you time and effort by sharing the problems they encountered and how they solved them. This item is currently scheduled for Friday, and chat time with Joel, the "father of the Glassics" is scheduled for Saturday.
Reunion details can be found here: -- the $20 "party fee" is non-refundable, but your room reservations CAN be cancelled without penalty if your plans change. Reserve early!
SECOND:  A Texas Roadster, car #514, is for sale, and a Florida Roadster, #709 is available for TRADE for a Phaeton. After many years of not hearing of this issue at all, BOTH are owned by  people who are 6 ft 4 inches tall, and say there is just not enough leg room in their Roadsters. Info on these available cars can be found on the message board:
The Texas Roadster                                  The Florida Roadster
THIRD:  On Sunday, Jan. 27th, my website provider accidentally wiped out 150 customer accounts including the Annex. As of Tuesday at 6:30 am, all of it is back EXCEPT the Photo Album. I had backups of everything, but didn't realize that all changes to the album were being made at the remote location.  The provider will restore those files, but it will be a while. They are backed up with many very unhappy customers for the moment.  We must wait our turn.
Happy motoring -- Don


Sent 1/15/08

Happy New year fellow Glassic fans:
The date and place for the 2008 reunion are set!
August 7, 8, 9, 2008 -- remember it as 8-8-8
The hotel is a brand new in 2008 Marriott Spring Hill Suites, and we can reserve rooms at just $89 per night. Come, bring a friend, bring your Glassic, or take the free shuttle from the Orlando airport.  Joel, the builder of the Glassics will be there to share his wisdom!
Full info can be found at (it is also on the main Annex page at menu item # 10).
This year there is a $20 non-refundable fee to sign up -- ALL of which will be spent on the attendees at the reunion. No fee for your guest/spouse, roommate.  People not attending can send the fee and a "spiritual acknowledgment" will be made in your name.
Sign up early and reserve your room (King or two-bed studio suite). Rooms can be cancelled if necessary up to 24 hours before the reunion with no charge.  Mark your calendar, and come join us. Note --  you can get this low rate for up to two days before and/or after the reunion to make an Orlando vacation if you want to.
This invitation will also be extended to Shay owners.
Book early!



Sent 11/26/07

Time again to think of Christmas gifts. Here are great suggestions for YOU, and for girls, ages 9 to 13.
FOR YOU: Print this email and leave it around where you want to drop a strong HINT.
Glassic HATS or patches. The red Phaeton is the model that was made most often and it is featured on the Glassic hats and patches. I kept the price (and profit) very low, so you can get more than one!
FOR A YOUNG LADY: My wife’s award winning young adult novel, about a girl growing up living in an old, run-down Florida Motel, makes a great gift. Get a personalized, autographed copy for your favorite kid. Young people, girls especially, love the spunky hero in Evangeline Brown and the Cadillac Motel.
 Order on-line using either PayPal or your credit card. You can also order by mail with a check. (Both of these websites are run by me so you can buy with confidence.)
FOR YOU: You can also get Glassic tee shirts and other stuff from my stores at Cafe Press. The prices aren't a great bargain, but most of it goes to the vendor. I only get $1 to $2 per shirt. To see those items, start at this page:
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The following email addresses showed as undeliverable and will be removed from the mailing list: --- others emails are coming back and will be added to this list.


Sent 6/11/07

Hi Glassic fans:
I have switched over to the premium web service, which allowed me to automate the adding of photos. I closed all but one of the old scrapbooks and have put over 760 pictures into the new Album - and I still have a few hundred to go!
The pictures are organized by VIN, so you can find your car, if you have one, or ones close in age to yours.
Let me know your comments about the new album. This system makes it easier to put MORE pictures on as I get them.

The following email addresses showed as undeliverable and will be removed from the mailing list:


Sent 5/2/07

Hi Glassic fans:
On May 1st. I switched over to "premium hosting" for the Annex. It will cost more, and in the short term you won't see much change.  If I understand it right, it will give us LOTS more space for pics and articles and they won't bill me every month or two for too much useage.
Also, this service has more "features" so hopefully, I can add new and better things to the site. Perhaps I will be able to fix the message board so that I don't have to relay messages onto the board.
In any event, I had to move all the Annex files to a new "server" and there may be some odd behavior for a while. On my own computer, the OLD main page kept showing up, since my computer had somehow saved it - on my wife's computer, the new page showed up.  Until the whole world-wide-web knows that the Annex is now on a different server, you may see a "can't find the Annex" message for a day or two - that will self-correct soon.  You can tell if you found the NEW location of the files since I changed the home page a little to include pictures of a few Glassics rather than my old "art work" drawings.  Scroll down for the menu on the homepage.
If you find any bad links, errors, or other problems with the site, please let me know. Also, suggestions are always welcome.
Happy Motoring and stay in touch!


Sent 11/19/06


Hi Glassic owners & friends:
1) The new, lower cost, hat option is now HERE and available for immediate shipping. I got a good deal on CAPS and PATCHES, and the info can be found at  Order some now, or send this email to a loved one as a big HINT of what you would like for Christmas. No extra cost for postage or taxes.
2) Look over the messageboard and see if there are any answers or help you can provide. I have tried to remember to put an entry in the Annex LOG whenever a new message appears, since messageboard activity varies.
3) Have a great Christmas and fantastic New Year!

sent 8/16/06

Hi Glassic Fans:

It's been a while since I sent out a mailing and I don't look forward to all of the returned emails because of expired or changed email addresses. If you didn't get this email and find it in from the log of old emails\mailings.htm on the website, let me know with your name, car number and correct email address.

HATS -- I am going to place an order soon after Sept. 1st. If you pre-order and pre-pay, you can choose your color and get a hat for $13 postpaid. Once I buy some extras, they will be "in stock" but will cost $16 each. ORDER ONE or MORE now and save! -- give this email to your wife and/or loved one as a gift idea for you. This will likely be my last hat order since it is a pain to administer.

CARS REGISTERED -- we are over 240 registered cars now, not including 20-some with unknown VINs. The list is building and I still will need to do something soon since the file size keeps getting bigger and will take forever to load. Suggestions are welcome. Is there too much info on each car? Should I split the list? THANKS to those who send me tips about cars for sale and in shows etc. Some I had already seen, but many are ones that I have missed. My only big pleasure is adding new cars to the list. The goal is 1599 (I KNOW that one burned up in a fire)!

PICTURES -- The site is getting overloaded with pics, and I have started being more selective in adding new ones. I am into scrap book 5 now, and most enjoy adding ODDITIES - customized elements etc. What suggestions do you have? I have considered the following projects:

1) Making a webpage text list by CATEGORY that links to pictures - for example:


Trunk covers and hides the hump on the back of a Phaeton.

Homemade trunk on a Roadster

This would use pictures already on the site, but would group them by subject matter.

2) Making one or more CDs that would be for sale (at close to my cost) with the cars divided by type, or year, or "technical" subject. It would include may pics already on the website plus a bunch more that I have not uploaded.


I have not been happy with the organization of my technical subjects. Suggestions would be welcome regarding that. I sometimes have trouble finding stuff on the site myself that I KNOW I put there. The comprehensive index is as close as I have come so far.

Please answer this question: I wish there was MORE (or BETTER or LESS) ____________ on the Annex.

I will have the pleasure of visiting JOEL (the builder of the Glassics) this weekend, and hope to get some old-time pictures and tales to add to the website.

Funds for the site appear to be ok for now, so I won't solicit donations this time, but you ALL should thank the few people who have been so kind as to send cash. THEY are why I can add so much content to this free site. They are honored on -- Thanks guys!

Send comments, suggestions, pics, and order a hat or two if you want them! Happy motoring!


sent 1/22/06

These names on my mailing list are out of date: - This is not a known member. - This is not a known member. - This is not a known member.
cumbesta - This is not a known member. - This is not a known member. - This is not a known member.  This account has been disabled or discontinued The recipient(s) account is temporarily over quota


All of the above did not get this mailing.

Happy New Year!
There are a number of things to report for 2006 in the following categories.

* Embroidered hats now available.
* New cartoon clip art.
* Keeping track of Glassics with no serial number.
* Message board changed.
* Reunion plan for 2006.
* Email and spam filters
* Plans for new features - feedback wanted.
* Donations.

* Embroidered hats now available.
After thinking about this for a while, I decided to order embroidered hats through Sams Club, who apparently franchises out their embroidery business. The order took almost 6 weeks to receive, but the hats are nice.
There are TWO plans in place here. Minimum orders are a dozen hats, and I ordered a variety of colors to see how they would look. 7 of the hats are available in the colors listed. There is a limit of one hat per person if you want to buy one of the remaining colors. The cost is $15 postage paid, and that is just about my actual cost. These will go in the mail as soon as I get the money.
After those hats are gone, I will accumulate orders until I get a dozen or more pieces, collect the money up front (Sams wants THEIR money up front too) and then order them and distribute them when they come in. Since the first batch includes the cost of the art work, the later hats will be a couple of dollars cheaper. I do not plan to make any profit on this project. See HATS.HTM
* New cartoon clip art.
In the useless category, I added a page of clip art, cartoons, and other Model A or Glassic "art work". If YOU find any, please send it to me and I can add it. See
* Keeping track of Glassics with no serial number.
After waiting far too long to figure this out, I began to "name" cars with no VIN numbers or unknown VINs. They appear together at In this way I can account for cars that we know exist, but either have lost their original VIN tag, or I was unable to get that info. The system calls for the cars to be numbered u001, u002 and so forth, and are on the webpage by color, so, hopefully, I won't repeat an entry. I already started to add a car from eBay and found that I had already recorded it earlier. This info will give us a better idea of how many Glassics have been found by the website.
* Message board changed.
The message board with this website gets very little use because we are such a small group of people. Since it is seldom used, people stop checking it, so questions aren't answered, so it is used even less. The board costs over $60 a year to maintain without ads, and the final straw came when they had a virus attack and lost a year of our historical info - they even lost their backups.
I have moved any current questions and answers (that they didn't lose) over to the Annex site, and made my own sort of manual message board. At least I won't lose the old questions and answers.  The link will appear on the same place on the Annex main page (item # 3) To use the new system, I will have to receive your email and then post it on the site.
* Reunion plan for 2006.
This year, I do not have a "reunion" planned -- there are lots of regional shows, and if someone is attending a cruise-in, I can share that info so that others will be able to see if anyone else is attending.
* Email and spam filters
If you don't get this email, please let me know. Ha ha. I have felt recently that email may be getting lost out there in cyber space. People write to me, I answer them and then do not hear back again. While many may not have anything to say, I worry that either my answer is getting lost, or their answer back is getting grabbed by my spam filter. This may be more true if someone is not in my address book (such as someone who wrote to me but did NOT say whether he wanted to be on the mailing list. My policy will be to answer all email that I get, even if only to say "Thanks for your email". I also will be careful not to use words like websit* that may look like ads. If you email me and are surprised that I don't answer, please try again -- and be careful not to use a "subject" sounds like an ad.
* Plans for new features - feedback wanted.
The website is getting huge, and often I can't find stuff on it that I KNOW is there. Organization and file size (such as the growing owners list) continue to be an issue. I plan to make a "modifications" page which will link to exisitng picture and pages so that you can find things you may be interested in. For example, there are a lot of modified dashboard pictures on the site. Where are they? This way you can pop up just THOSE pics without having to look through hundreds of shots. Other cataloging ideas would also be welcomed - since the web fees are based on how much someone looks at on the website. Any time you look at ten things to find the one you want, there is room for a suggestion for better organization.
* Donations.
As the website continues to grow, so do expenses. We have passed 20,000 unique viewers on the website.  I paid a low fee the first year, but now, as content grows, my renewal fee has gone from once a year to about once every month or two. Those who are able to send a couple of bucks to help out can find info on how to do that at  There is even a way to send money by PayPal -- they charge me a small fee, but that way you can donate securely with your credit card . I am grateful for any help you can provide.
Enjoy your Glassic in 2006 -- I know that I will !

Sent 6/2/05

The following AOL names came back as unknown: coaztr, cumbesta, IVcruser, ghaney6427

Hi Glassic fans:
It has been a while and here are several items of interest.
1) The Message board (menu item # 3) has been messed up for several days. Their website had a major hacker attack, and many of the boards were damaged. As of now, we have lost about the last year of messages, and may or may not get them restored. It seems that the hack got some of their backups also.
We don't have enough Glassic owners to really keep a message board like this active, and I will re-evalutate this feature when it comes time to pay them again.
2) The owners list is now approaching 200, and the file size is again getting large. I have been considering ways to make the file smaller and quicker to load. One way, for example, would be ONLY to list the engine type if it is not standard. I also repeat the city name with the street address, AND with the city and state columns on the left. We don't probably need BOTH.  I am still interested in thoughts about splitting the list by year or years.
3) Cruisin' the Coast this year in October in Mississippi - a bunch of us will be attending. Our original hotel got sold, but everyone so far has gotten into a new hotel. Finding a room now is getting tough, but let me know if you want to go and I can try to help. (Menu item # 10)
4) Did you know that the picture names mostly have codes? 1254lfq.jpg is car 1254 Left Front Quarter view. LRQ is left rear quarter etc. RRQ is right rear quarter. This isn't 100%, but I did that most of the time.  -- I am still thinking of making a CD full of pics, but organizing it will be a major task.
5) I managed to lose an email where someone asked about finding a Glassic radiator emblem. If you are that person, please write again, and if you have one to give or sell, let me know also.
6) Comments, suggestions, technical tips, donations, new cars to put on the list are always welcome.
7) Personal:  I really want a pair of those spare tire covers. Please email me if you aren't using yours and want to sell them.
Happy Motoring !






Sent 11/7/04
Hi Glassic Fans:

1) I have been adding pics and info to the website. Check the LOG (main menu item # 2) to see what's new.

2) Our Glassic REUNION for 2005 will be at the "Cruisin' the Coast" event in October in Mississippi. 6 Glassics were at the event last year and we had a BALL in spite of totally bad weather. There were 6000 other hot rods to look at too, along with gambling and amusements for spouses. In 2005, JOEL, the builder of the Glassics, plans to attend too, so it should be great! --
IF YOU HAVE ANY THOUGHTS OF ATTENDING, RESERVE A ROOM NOW. The hotel is already nearly full, and this one is very centrally located to all of the action. There is no penalty if you cancel 72 hrs in advance. -- see menu item # 10 for details.

3) I have renewed, at great personal expense, the MESSAGE BOARD (menu item # 3) - Please use it for your free ads and questions. There are even some "free" Glassic parts being advertised on there.

Happy Holidays!

Sent 7/23/04

Hi Glassic fans:

So far 4 of us Glassics will be attending the Cruisin' the Coast event in the Biloxi, Mississippi area on the week ending October 10th 2004. We would love to have anyone who is interested join us there.

Two of us are convoying up from the Tampa Bay area of Florida and will meet two (or 3) others who are local to the area. Please check menu item # 10 or contact me if you want to join in. It looks like it will be a blast!

***************** (the other Glassic website) has been shut down now for a month or more. I am trying to contact its webmaster to see if he will transfer the name over to me.


Sent 5/20/04

Hi Glassic fans:   As some of you may know, my wife was awarded the grand prize in Dutton Children's Books (Penguin) writing competition.  As a result, her young-adult novel, EVANGELINE BROWN and the CADILLAC MOTEL (by Michele Ivy Davis), is now in stores!  

If you know of any young readers ages 8 or older, please consider getting this nice book for them.  It is the kind of novel you don't need to "pre-read" to make sure that it is okay for kids.   Tuesday, May 25th is an especially important day to order the book from  See the website to find out why. (Hint: Tuesday is National Missing Children's Day)  

Help make this book popular! My wife has just finished her SECOND novel, and in THAT book, there is a featured appearance by a GLASSIC (purple, in fact, and named "Angelique" -- just like my car!)  The better this first book does, the sooner the one with the Glassic in it will be published.  Also, if she makes lots of money, she won't bug me about spending so much money on MY Glassic.  

Please share this info everyone on your email list by forwarding this email to them. You really CAN get attached to the characters in this story!   If you want an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the book, this one on eBay may be cheap AND the money ALL goes to help missing children!    

Suggestions wanted: The "owners list" file is getting huge. I am thinking of breaking it into Glassics and Replicars to 1976 and after 1976.  Thoughts? Any other way to break it down to smaller files? Does the list take too long to load (modem people please answer this one).

Happy reading AND happy motoring.


Sent 4/16/04

Hi Glassic fans:

  1) Thanks to a great idea from Louis (car 1121), I am now putting all changes in the LOG - item # 2 on the menu.  Before I only put major items, but am now  trying to list all changes, so you can find new things without having to check everything.  

2) I appear to have LOST something. There are often questions about overheating, and I was sure that I put a great write-up from Joel on the website -- but I can't find it.  If anyone sees it, or has an email that I forwarded with his comments, please let me know. Meanwhile, I will re-write it from memory and post it. ---  

3) Car 1505 has registered on the webiste, making IT now possibly the last of the Glassics.  

4) Car 841, a 1973 found a date scratched into the inside of his hood. It looks like a manufacturing date.  Does your car have a date in it?  I will start adding the actual date to the owners list, not just the year. Send your manufacture date, if you know it.  

Happy motoring.        Don

Sent 3/1/04

FIRST a question:

Has anyone had experience converting your  Glassic air conditioning from freon to 134a refrigerant?  If so, any problems, did the new coolant work well?


It is MARCH and only a few short weeks until the reunion in Orlando( 3/26 - 3/28). If you can come, NOW is the time to book your hotel room. The hotel gave us a deadline of March 12th to reserve our rooms at the group $59 rate. After March 12th, rooms appear to be available but could well be at their regular higher rate.

If you are coming to the reunion, but not staying at the hotel, please let me know too.


The Premier Gallery of cars for sale has been updated. Car 101, the first Glassic made is going to be at the reunion and contact info has been added to the ad. Own a piece of history!


Email me your questions, topics, technical issues for discussion at the reunion. That way you can join us in spirit, if not in person.


Sent 2/10/04

The reunion in Orlando is just a few short weeks away. If you haven't already done it, please book your suite now. I can tell that there will be some good progress on the item below at this reunion, as well as a lot of fun once again. Remember, you have to call the hotel directly and mention our group to get the low $59.00 rate.

Here is the link for the reunion info:

WHICH PARTS WERE USED ON WHICH YEAR GLASSICS?  This is the year to develop a format for reporting on what we havelearned the hard way, so that every new owner doesn't have to find repair parts by trial and error.  Getting the info together is something you can ALL help with, but how to organize it on the website is another issue. Comments are welcome, whether or not you are attending the reunion.

As an example, look at BRAKES in the comprehensive index, and follow that link to the small amount of data gathered so far. Is this the right way to list this?

I hope to see you in Orlando March 26th and 27th. Otherwise, I hope you will help us build that database of parts info.


Sent 12/9/2003

Hi Glassic Fans:

It has been a while since my last "mass mailing" and I hope that you and your Glassics are well.

Glassic Reunion 2004 is all set. March 26 thru March 28th in the same Orlando AmeriSuites as last year. This year we are inviting SHAY owners and fans as well. It should be great fun! For info, see:

Please book the hotel early. Since we are in their WINTER season, but still paying SUMMER rates ($59.00 - for a SUITE with breakfast), they may fill up with higher paying guests later on.

I hope you can make it!

USE THE MESSAGE BOARD! (Item #3 on the GlassicAnnex menu) -- I have paid for another year of upgraded service with NO popups and ads, so please take advantage of it!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Sent 8/1/2003

Greetings from  The Glassic Annex

NEW -- Search the website. While not perfect, it can help you find things you are looking for. At the top left of the main menu.

NEW -- The Premier Gallery. A provision for paid ads ($25) for people who want greater exposure for their "For Sale" Glassic. At the top right of the home page.

The Message Board -- Menu item # 3 -- is not getting as much "action" as it should. Please USE this feature to help justify the cost that I am paying for it.

VOTE -- Do I keep or get rid of the "AOOGAH" sound on the home page? I have not been able to get it to only sound the FIRST time someone sees the page. Send a return email with your vote.

TITLES -- Several times the issue has come up: Someone finds a car with no title. Can anyone provide some ANSWERS? -- Please reply to the recent question on the message board. Menu item # 3.

COMING UP -- In early Sept. I will be on the west coast and will get some pics of the Roadster with electric windows, a sunroof and other neat features. I will also get some good shots of the Glassic in the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas.

THE LOG -- Menu item # 2 -- check the log for smaller changes and updates to the website.

Happy motoring,

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