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A support and knowledge sharing website for information about Glassic / Replicars Model A Ford replicas made in the 1960's and 1970's

The term GLASSIC is used as a generic name for both Glassics and Replicars, regardless of year of production

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Operated since June, 2001 by Don, the Annexmaster, a mechanically challenged Glassic owner and fan. Supported by car owner donations and my own money and the generosity of many owners who share their pictures, knowledge and discoveries -

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Comprehensive A to Z topic index


Also see item  7  below for an index of
technical subjects.



Housed on
a separate site belonging to the GlassicAnnex


OneDrive Album  (same pictures as the photo album above)
The OneDrive album is in "the cloud" meaning it is not hosted
by this website but is a simpler design for sharing pictures provided by
Microsoft somewhere out there in cyberspace..

(over 3,500 car pictures) sorted by car VIN - and year

 How to submit photos--
 How to submit your Glassic photos to the Annex for inclusion in the album.

Photo scrapbook
Includes unusual Glassic photos, pictures from the 2003 and 2004
reunions and interesting manufacturing and advertising pictures.

Individual pages document restoration projects on cars:  #144, #189, #838, #1017, #1290


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Compare a Glassic, Shay replica
and a real Model A

Where is the VIN
(Vehicle Identification Number) or Serial Number on my Glassic?

FOR FUN -- cartoons and humorous Glassic stuff

A list of celebrity owned Glassics and limited production models, etc.


The old message board (2008) for the Annex



Links and other interesting websites

Glassic Tee Shirts, Hats, etc.

 Embroidered Glassic Patches



by VIN

INCLUDES cars for sale
Page 1 - 1966-71
International Engines

VIN 0 - 432
Page 2 - 1972-74
Ford V-8 engines

VIN 433-1211
Page 3 - 1976 - 81
Company  name Replicars

VIN 1001-1508

 List of cars with unknown VINs



Tips for advertising your car for sale
including listing your car for sale on this website (free)

Glassic information cards available

Printable notice about the Glassic website


Value - What is a used Glassic worth?


Register your Glassic
on the owners list

This email also has a provision if you want your car
to be marked as FOR SALE when you register it.
on the owners lists (item 4 above), cars for sale are highlighted in yellow.


Historical facts, tidbits and rumors

Styling changes year by year

A complete narrative history of the
company that made these cars.


Sales and advertising literature & articles


Technical Section

Some general parts-finding tips


a safety tip when placing your car on jack stands.


Click for a larger view.

Serial # 144, a restored 1966 Phaeton.
See the restoration process. MORE INFO

Or follow the restoration of car 838, the McDonald's
car saved from a junkyard.

Individual pages also document restoration projects on cars: #189#1017, #1290


Car Tales
Stories and and info provided by the owners of various Glassics

Also see: FOR FUN -- cartoons and humorous Glassic stuff





The comment in square 17 to the right arrived
from Rick in June, 2014 and kind of says it all about
Glassic ownership!


I really enjoy your Annex. I have found some great info, photos and stories.

I also am really enjoying my new/old Glassic and love the attention it gets when I drive it around the area.  I want to share the excitement with people who ask about it.
I'm amazed at the looks it gets and notice people taking pictures of it when I'm inside a restaurant watching them. I can't count the thumbs-ups or acknowledging horn toots that I reciprocate with a quick blast of the aoogah horn and watch them widen their smile.




Some old cruise reports with pictures.

2004 in Biloxi
Orlando  2004 reunion
Orlando 2003 reunion


 About the Annexmaster
and Donations

ncludes donation, privacy policy and contact information.

Use the button at left to help support the Annex by making a donation by credit card through my PayPal account, or you can MAIL a contribution to my address

Donations of $5.00 to $10.00
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