Literature for 60's and early 70's cars

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Special thanks to our generous friends who have shared their literature with us!

James Lasiter (owner of car 841)
Fred Johnson
(owner of car 144)
Rick Bernard
(owner of car 163)
David and Barbara Knepper
(owners of car 420)
Bob Ashburner
(owner of car 725)
Alden Jewell, an Automobile Historian who lives in California.


In the row above: 11"x17" brochure. Undated. Estimated 1966 or '67.
Center picture is of the fold of the brochure, so you can read the text.

Another undated Brochure, estimated 1967. Two sheets, front and back. click the picture or link to larger view

Spec sheet - estimated to be 1968-1970


Click the picture at left to see a large 8-page brochure from the 1972 to 1975 period
Brochure, estimated 1972

    Brochure from the 1972 - 75 period



1973 dealer flyer front
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1973 flyer back.
Tip for best viewing

A 1973 Dealer info sheet

a 1973 folded flyer 4pages-

and the back side