Replicars documents  and correspondence
for the period 1976 to 1981.

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Shared by , Pete, the owner, in 2008, of car # 1226

Order Form

Bill of Sale



These items were shared by Peyton, car # 1033

Car 1033 sales order form
May, 1977

Car 1033 Information Label

Marketing letter, also
feedback form from 1977


Thanks to Frank Hille  (car # 1085).
for sharing  his 1977 Replicars "window sticker" .

Thanks to Frank Hille  (car # 1085).
for sharing  his 1977  order form..

The copies below are literature that was issued with car # 1290, a 1978 Replicar. The original owner saved his paperwork, and when Mark, the current owner bought the car from him in 2003, he agreed to share this literature. We thank him for his kindness.

Engine Registration

Engine Warranty

Car Warranty

New owner's welcome letter

"Window" Sticker

Bill of Sale

Order form, front

Order form, back

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Question and Answer sheet

Ford Maintenance
Manual Cover



and an order form from 1980

from car 1509, a 1981 Roadster
and the last produced as of 2013
an order form
a bill of sale
a title

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