The short answer here is that actual changes to the website can only be made by the Annexmaster (Don, the webmaster).  Send me an mail at and I will update the site.  By adhering to my obsession to NOT have people have to "register" or get yet another password to have to remember,  the website remains open to all, and if anyone can make changes, then "anyone" can also can put in their ads, spam, porn and also mess up other people's entries.

So, just let me know what changes you want made to your info by sending me an email with your car number in the subject line (if you are talking about your particular car).

There is a page to "register" your car -- it is not really a registry in any formal sense, merely you sharing the info that you wish to share with fellow owners and fans. That page is just a list of items that you can copy into a blank email and then fill out those parts that you want.  If your car is already on the list and you just want me to change something, you don't need to fill out the whole list of items - just email me the items you want me to change, or correct.  

Likewise, if you want me to list your car for sale, and it is already on the list, just email me the car number, and give me an asking price to post. Also check that your contact info is up to date, an if necessary, include updated contact info in the email.

Sharing photos on the website is a really nice thing to do. Share your successes and failures, your before and afters, and any Glassic related pictures that you wish.  They can be attached to an email to    Some emails let you send several pictures at once, but if you can only send one at a time, just send several emails.  SUBJECT: Car XXXX, one picture of several.

Feel free to send LARGE pictures - I can always crop them and reduce the size to make them fit in.  It is much easier to make a picture smaller than to enlarge one.

The message board, or FORUM on the main Glassic Annex home page, is a place that YOU can post things. You still do not need to "JOIN" anything to do that.

What you see on the homepage is the last few messages and a link to the complete message board.  Here is that link: Visit the Message Board FORUMS


This page was created in 2016 because someone kindly told me that they could not easily find out how to post their info.  If you have a question or website problem, let me know with an email to