How to submit photos to the Annex

There are two types of photos you can send to the Annex.  Digital photos, which are files such as myglassic.jpg or the old-fashioned paper, film photos.

Sending Digital photos:

Essentially, you send those by "insert a picture", or photo file into an email or "attach a file" to an email, and sending the email to

Email programs are all different, but now most allow one or both ways of sending pictures. In some cases, if you try to send more than one picture at a time, the email program will automatically put them in a "package" -- often called a ZIP file -- which sends all the pictures at once.  An alternative, when sending more than one picture, is to just send an email for each one, with one picture attached to each email.

In your subject line of your email, give your car VIN if you know it.  Here are some examples of good subject lines:

Picture of car 1234

Car 1234, picture 1 of 4

My Glassic #1234, front view

My dashboard, car 1234

There is no automatic way for people to load pictures onto the Annex - the Annexmaster (me) does that manually. You can, however, place pictures into the message board yourself - each picture has a size limit of 250K. -- I also can take those pictures off the message board to insert in the photo album on the Annex.

Sending Film photos.

 You will need to mail these to me.

Don Davis
2070 Fuerte Ln.
Escondido, CA 92026

The car VIN is important to know, and also whether you want me to return the pictures after I have scanned them to put them on the website.  Use your own discretion sending older, irreplaceable pictures in the mail.  While it is very rare, stuff can get lost in the mail.

Alternatively, you can find a computer nerd near you and ask them to scan the pictures into digital format for you, and then (you, or your computer buddy can) send those by email.


General suggestions for digital photos:

1) In most cases the larger the file, the better.  While some email programs limit the size of the attached files, generally, it is not helpful to make the pictures smaller. I will usually manipulate the pictures before posting them . If they are too big, I can easily make them smaller. but tiny pictures get fuzzy when enlarged. 

Some of the new, giant megapixel cameras make HUGE pictures, so as a rule, a picture that is over 500K to one megabite  in file size is getting pretty big to send by email.  If this file size looks too big, send me an email at and we can figure out a plan.

2) While I name files by VIN and view, you don't have to, as long as I know which car number the picture is of.  My own photo names are like this:   1234lfq.jpg is -- car 1234, Left Front Quarter-view.

3) Unusual settings, good detailed close-ups, underneath views, and unique features of your car are always welcome pictures. If your car is in a parade, for example, tell me when or where so I can caption the picture.

Ask questions, or offer suggestions to clarify these instructions by emailing