Restoration of "Tubby" (car 1017)

Comments in this bold typestyle are from the car owner, Ross, who owned the car from 2003 to 2005
Other observations were added by the annexmaster.

(This is a REPLICAR - there was some overlap of serial numbers between Glassics and Replicars) -- This is a red Phaeton with black fenders and a white top. It has about 30,000 miles and the engine runs quiet and strong. It has new tires, new brakes and brake cylinders. The original top is still serviceable and the car has good side curtains. There is one spare in the back and a CD player. The car could use a paint job, and the interior is ok. Seller was in Crystal River, Florida

In August, 2003, Ross Landau wrote:

I am now the owner of car 1017 formerly owner by James Merry in Crystal River, FL from 2001-2003. Just now arrived home with the car on a trailer. I will send you some pictures in the next few days showing what the car is like now and perhaps more along the way as I restore this car and make some modifications.

I sure wish that I had bought the first Glassic that I saw close to 40 years ago. It belonged to a friend and was green and black,   This car needs a LOT of work. It will get a complete new paint job, new top and interior just to mention a few of the basic things.

In August of 2003, Ross began the restoration of his newly purchased 1976 Replicar Phaeton. This is the "before" picture. Thanks for sharing, Ross!

VW lights removed and the holes filled.

Large opening where VW lights used to be. Ross began by featheing down the edges of the hole, so a line would not show where the patch was. Note the back bumper and mounting pad for the rear-mounted spare.

The holes in the rear fenders where the VW tail lights were are very large. Here is the method I have used to  fill those areas in. After removal of the lights, I sanded the fender areas both on top of the fender and the underside. I bought some fiberglass mat, resin and hardener at Home Depot and applied the glass mat to the top side of the fender, then once it setup, I applied a thin coat of bondo with integrated fiberglass to the under side area. Next I applied bondo to the upper area on top of the hardened glass mat. Several layers are required and sanding to get the shape correct.   All other holes and damaged areas have also have been filled and sanded. Now more light filling sanding, priming, more sanding and Tubby will get a fresh paint job.

VW Taillights removed and the holes filled. Note the location of the gas filler. By 1978 it was found on the fender, where it didn't interfere with the trunk.
Right rear fender after a few coats of filler and light sanding

Light coating of filler will soon be added and then primer will be applied

The door area next to the lock  required some filling due to door rubbing against striker plate.
Picture on right: Door opening repair of worn area

Windshield posts polished. New interior planned.

A decision regarding color is made. Corvette red on a hood side panel.

Attempted super close-up of hood latch.

I've found as other have too that when mounting new latches on the hood care must be taken so as not to damage the paint and/or the fiberglass. I've simply used a flat rubber faucet washer under each of the upper and lower latch clips. Works like a champ.

Also, there are little rubber tips that can be purchased for both the hook end and the pulling ends of Model A latches. These also help keep the paint from being nicked when the latch is hooked OR unhooked and hanging down. Order extras, or glue them in place, because they do tend to pull off.

Some parts are refinished.

Body primed.

After a days work today here is what the car looks like after working on it for most of the day. I'll wet sand it and buff it out later in the week as soon as the clear coat hardens up really well.

Back on the road as a completed project.

Ross subsequently had to sell the car  due to his wife's illness.

The car was later sold on eBay  in TN in June, 2005
Later sold in  VA on eBay in June, 2006.  The car currently resides in Ohio.