Glassic Gatherings, Reunions, Meetings.

In 2020, I realized that the various gatherings of Glassic owners (since this website was started in 2001) were not organized where old and current meet-ups were not easy to find on the site.

Accordingly, here is a cover page with links to the various gatherings - the oldest at the bottom, and the most recent at the top of the page. Why is some of this in PURPLE?

2024- Wayne Willkomm (who has generously organized a number of annual Glassic gatherings in recent years) has announced that due to a number of circumstances, the annual Florida Glassic gathering will be postponed until next year.
2023- Scheduled for Feb. Cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.
2022- Scheduled for Feb. 15, 2022 -- planning and invitation info at
2021- Scheduled for Feb. 6, 2021 -- details can be found at

This reunion was cancelled right before it was to occur.  This marked the end of pretty much a full year of Covid 19 pandemic, and the resulting isolation. At the time of this planned gathering, vaccinations were just starting to be distributed.

2020 - Held in Leesburg, FL on March 3rd.  Info here"

2019 - Held in Leesburg, FL There is not an "after" report for this year, but here was the planning info.

6/2/2019 Held in Sharon Wisconsin - Stacey, who owns cars #341 and #359 was involved in several of these annual gatherings where Glassics joined the Sharon WI "Model A Day".
The video below was on You Tube as of March, 2021 and shows the Glassics near the beginning, along with coverage of the many Model A and other interesting cars at that show.



2018 - Held in Leesburg, FL
2017 - Held in Wisconsin - Stacey, car 341 was involved in several of these gatherings where Glassics joined the Sharon WI "Model A Day". Here is all I found so far and why this consolidation is needed.  Pics from 2015 gathering.

2017 -Held in Leesburg, FL

2016 -Held in Leesburg, FL

click the picture for a larger view.

2015  - Held in Wisconsin  Pics from 2015 gathering.

2004 - Later in the year, in Biloxi Mississippi, several owners attended Cruisin' the Coast.
2004 - held in Orlando FL also.   MORE  INFO FROM 2003-2004
2003 - the first reunion, held in Orlando, FL