This notice is being provided to Glassic car owners and sellers in the hope that knowing where to find
a support network will enhance the value of your car-owning experience. Print and distribute this freely.

Glassic Owners are not alone!

Many of the approximately 1500 cars
built by Glassic (later called Replicars) are still around.

The GlassicAnnex website will give you access to other car owners and
enthusiasts. On this website you can:

Ask questions of other owners.

Learn some history about the cars
and the company that made them.

See pictures of cars in various colors
and conditions. Loads of pictures and tehnical references

Register your car so others can share
your experiences. Find other owners in your area.

Post messages and read what other
owners have to say.

Share in the pleasures and pains of
owning one of these unique vehicles.

Place free ads related to
these cars.

Visit this site now. We'll be glad to hear from you!
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