Presenting Car 1254,
the Annexmaster's very own
1978 Phaeton


Car 1254 was bought by the Annexmaster (Don) in 2001. I am reluctantly selling her now in anticipation of moving to California toward the end of this year. Unfortunately, to be exempt from the strict pollution testing requirements, a car has to be 1975 or older. My car is a 1978, so I will replace it with an older Glassic as soon as I get to California.


An older picture with the original steel wheels and wheel covers.

For MANY other pictures, both current and older are in this link to the  ALBUM

Here are some of the features / goodies on this car.

  • Alloy wheels, larger tires (original size steel wheels, wheel covers can be included if you want them)

  • Hard top with sunroof. (Original top and frame still available if you want them. - top has been in the attic. condition unk.)

  • Rebuilt Ford 302 V-8 engine. Actually the second rebuilt engine. The first one, before I bought the car had an impressive build-parts list included - and then it threw a rod through the oil pan. The second one seems fine and has low miles on it.

  • Second rebuilt engine installed at 33,200 miles. Car now has 40,500 miles.

  • Newer Edelbrock Performer 4 barrel carb. Edelbrock intake manifold, Edelbrock Valve covers.

  • Pollution stuff removed.

  • Rebuilt transmission a few years ago (AAMCO)

  • Oversized water pump.

  • Chrome alternator, A/C compressor.

  • Plexiglass windows to keep in the air conditioning.

  • Under car LED's - multi colors.

  • Musical horn under the car.

  • Siren under the car (yelp and single pitch)

  • Etched wind wings.

  • Both bumpers were replaced with  new ones since I have had the car.

  • Air conditioner/heater replaced. No big box at the driver's feet.

  • Radiator was re-cored

  • Easy-to-remove hood side panels

  • Newer gas gauge.

  • Capable of running the under car lights and other "goodies" from a portable battery, OR from the car battery. (for shows)

  • Battery cutoff with key under the front seat.

This car is not a show car. I intended it to be a pleasure car I could drive anywhere, and I have done that. She is no trailer queen. You can drive this car home if you want (and can afford the gas!).

Note: Photos and articles about this car will remain on my website after the sale.