5/27/07 This is a new album and my plan is to migrate pictures from the old scrapbooks into this one. Scrapbook 5 is gone, and Scrapbook 4 only has the page of reunion pics remaining. These notes will explain my plan process and how I will be organizing the pictures. Scroll down to the heading "Folders". Suggestions are welcome as I go along.

Links on the owners page will be out of date as I move the pictures. I will fix those last.

This program has the capability to add captions within pictures. I started out thinking that all pics needed a caption, but since that is very time consuming, I will only add captions when there is something unusual or interesting to report. The file names usually tell you the car number. Captions sometimes appear below the large view of the picture.

An Old scrapbook or two will remain. It will house odd-ball pictures and event pictures, etc. Also whole pages on restorations and technical subjects will stay as-is, but will be added to this album as links. For instance: look underneath the McWreck thumbnail on the main album page for the link to its restoration.

Search - this new album has a search capability, but it is restricted to "key words" inserted into each picture. I will only add key words on pics with "custom" or non-standard features. Even then, I will likely only enter ONE car picture with keywords. Once you find a car with, say, a different TOP, then you can look at other pics of that car by its car number. Searching for CUSTOM should find you many cars with modifications.

Folders  Pictures are in folders along the left of the Album page. First, cars are divided by hundreds - as in 101 to 200. Those are VINs in that number range. Going to that folder, the description there tells you what year or years are in that range.

Within a range folder, single pictures may be on the main range page, but more than two pictures of a car will be in their own folder by car VIN.  A car may move from the main range page to its own page when I add more pics later.

Folders with NEW pictures look different than ones where pics are over 48 hours old. Right now, most folders have the folder with the blue picture, since they are ALL new to the album. Later on the album will turn plain unless there are new pics in it.