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Door handles

Below is a picture of the outside door handle used on a
1978 Replicars.

The best info as of Spring, 2007 is that it came from

a Ford Courier pick-up,  probably from around 1972 or so
Annexmaster's note: Old Couriers  seem to be a totally unpopular car
so OEM parts will likely not be found. A junkyard may be
the best source for these handles.

Door handle on a 1978 Glassic
Before that they were International scout either the twist handle on the old Glassic or the push button on later models. probably from a Scout II...
I was unable to verify that the Scout handles matched these since for "sale ads" on the internet seldom showed the door handles large enough to identify them.

Car 159, a 1967 Glassic
One photo of a 1961 Scout 80 had a handle that MAY match this one.
An eBay ad in 2014 for a handle looks like this and is advertised as being from a 1961 to 1966 International Scout 80. The eBay one was missing the lock cylinder.

Car 562, a 1972 Glassic
A couple of photos in ads for a 1967 and 1970 Scout 800 MAY match this one, although
the photos were unclear. A Scout catalog picture suggests that 1971 and later handles do not match this one.

In 2014, I researched this a bit more and found an eBay listing for
1950 's International IH Harvester Scout Travelall Door Handle Chrome 51 52 53 
 The handle listed above looks exactly like the one from my 1973 Glassic #689.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the eBay listing, and
logic suggests that newer ones might have been used, since even at the time of Glassic production, these handles would have been OLD.

Another eBay listing that looks like our handles said: DOOR HANDLES FOR 66-71 SCOUT 800 AND MANY IH (International Harvester) TRUCKS OF THE 50'S 60'S AND 70'S
 Their picture also looks exactly like the one from my "Generation 2" Glassic.

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