Car 036 in Boyds, MD

For sale in Jan. 2008 - photos below

I am a vehicle appraiser who has just completed an evaluation of a
replica vehicle that I believe is a Glassic/Replicar Roadster with Rumble
Seat.   I was engaged to complete this assignment for the estate of
the owner, Mr. William G. King of 21820 Clarksburg Road, Boyds, Maryland.
His widow has given me permission to contact you with this information
with the hope that you may be able to include this info on your registry
with the notation that the vehicle is now for sale. 

I was not able to locate a VIN plate on the car but it is titled in
Maryland as a 1979 Ford Convertible with a VIN assigned by the MVA.  Mr.
King was the second owner of the car and he purchased it in 1996.  It was
originally sold by Rosenthal Ford in Montgomery County Maryland.  The
car is a Roadster with Rumble Seat in what I
consider to be Excellent condition.  It has the 302 Ford V8, a custom
dark red paint job, custom white convertible top with a large round clear
vinyl rear window, very nicely done black vinyl roll and pleat seats and
carpeting, and   14" 4 lug American Racing alloy wheels and nearly new
tires.  It has the split hood and is very clean inside and out.  The only
issues I noted were the chrome shows some pitting, and the engine
compartment needs to be detailed.  Currently, the odometer shows 16,875
miles -- Mr. King put less than 4,000 miles on the car in the 11 years he
owned it. 

Inquiries about the vehicle can be directed to   Mrs. Janet King at the
above address, phone # 301-528-6049


There was no VIN tag on the door jamb as the web site
showed.   Apparently, when the car was repainted, the tag was removed
thus the need for an assigned MVA VIN number.  There is now a metal plate
issued by the Maryland MVA with engraved numbers riveted to the rear door
jamb on the driver's door.  I also looked under the front frame rails but
could find no raised letters.  There was the faint outline of the
characters #28 (making it most likely # 1328 or 1428 - the Annexmaster)
scratched into the underside of the hood as shown on the
web site.    The car is titled in Maryland as a 1979 Ford Convertible

The asking price is going to be around $20,000.00 and interested parties
can contact

Janet King