Car 189 gets a Chevy V-8 engine swap


To see this car in its former state, check the pre-restoration pictures of CAR 189

In late 2007 and into 2008, Dennis swapped a Chevy V-8 into his Phaeton. His father, Bill, had recently made the same swap into his own car, # 313. Dennis is sharing his experiences below.

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First was to open up the space by removing the old running gear.

Here is the engine and transmission to replace the International gear.

We think the motor is a 302 Chevy out of a 67 Z28. It has the same block as a 327
or 350. Automatic trans, turbo 350 but I am looking for a 700r with the overdrive. I have the parts list from speedway motors I'll send. That will give all the part numbers and prices. I started a picture gallery and will start editing the pictures to reflect what is going on in each.

The rear mount needed to be fabricated so I'll get some details about that. Right now the motor has been painted gloss black, chrome shorty water pump (cant run mechanical fan, requires electric), Hugger headers (required for the tight fit), Relocate the battery under the car (no room under the hood). One thing to keep in mind is the Distributor. As it sits to the rear of the motor, it's important to allow for the extra space so you can get to it.

I'll try and get more details including measurements as a guide.

It's nearing completion now and with a  few more tweaks and cleaning I'll be done for now. I am taking a look at a putting a dual-quad setup and really eat some fuel. BTW, we figured it out to be a 302 Chevy out of a 68 or 69 Z-28. Tons of power....

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My dimmer is located just under the dash all the way to the left. Makes it simple to push with my hand and have the extra room on the floor board. I also had my brake pedal cut off the arm rotated 90 degrees and re-welded to allow more foot on the pedal. Worked out real nice. I'm '6 '2 and the only issue I have is my head is a little above my windshield...

The dimmer was mounted that way when I got it. With my big Ďole feet, it makes it quite nice being up high.


Mounted a new spoon gas pedal that is a lot smaller than the original. Cut out the clutch petal and cut the brake pedal right at the base and spun it 90 degrees and re-welded it. Iíll get those pics out as well.


My speedometer doesnít work right now as Iím in the process of getting one to match the rest of the new gauges and I now have a turbo 350 automatic as opposed to the old international top loader 3 speed manual. Need a new cable and itís just not a high priority right now. With the current international rear end and only a 3 speed automatic it seems to rev pretty high and what feels like 55 to 65 mph.

 I wanted to see what the engine had to say so I bought the Tach to go with the other gauges. Itís a small 2 3/8  so it the same diameter as the other gauges too if I decide to mount it in the dash along with the others. I like the look however of it mounted on the steering column Looks cool to me. Very easy to hook up and it took me all of about 35 mins total.

Custom paint is added to the flame valve covers and breather. This paint matches the car body color. Do NOT attempt this at home until after Dennis reports to us how that paint holds up on those HOT engine parts.  Dennis has reported that, so far at least, the paint seems to be doing fine with the heat of the engine.


Dennis' 14 year old daughter, Alex, applies the artwork.

Top view of the Chevy engine. The bright chrome made the rest of the engine compartment too dark,
so the Annexmaster tried to lighten parts of this picture, and the ones below.

There are also other pictures of this car in the Album  MORE INFO

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