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Car 791 found on eBay - look at this picture of inside of door with arm rest and door handle.  Car 1279 reported as sold, new owner unknown. 12/30/05
Added Washington State car # 1220 to the owners list. Added some pics of car 1456 to scrapbook 3 . Added half a dozen more NO VIN cars to the cars spotted list where I assign  "U" numbers to cars where I don't know the VIN.  12/29/05
Car 106, San Diego CA, added to list. -- Inspired by a greeting card from Dennis May (car 433), I started a a page of clip art, cartoons and other art topics. Now, if I can find my other "FOR FUN" pictures to add them too. 12/24/05
Added two good pictures of car 220's Corvette 350 V-8 engine to page 6 of scrapbook 4 12/21/05
Added cars: 704, a neglected car in Illinois that a guy sent pics of in '04. He was trying to buy it, but I never heard that he succeeded. also car 159 donated to a charity in MN. and a new owner for Calif. car 1196. 12/20/05
Added nicely restored Calif. Ebay car #1127. 12/16/05
New owner for MO car # 532 12/13/05
Did a write-up on my Headlight switch  problem on my 1978 11/30/05
I finally started a system to keep track of cars spotted where we don't have a VIN number. The system assigns sequential "U" numbers based loosely on when I got the info. The page is organized by color of car. -- This page is not yet completed and will be added to next month. 11/23/05
Louis, car 1121, provided this info about the times that a VIN and the car year don't match up. 11/20/05
Added car 954 an Indiana car spotted on eBay and new owner info for car 557 in TN. Added Florida car # 426 to owners list.
Added pics of highly modified car 220, a 1967.
Added motor mount source for 1967 as well as gas sending unit used in 1967. See comprehensive index (main menu item #1)
Added a caution to radiator shell compatibility info posted earlier. You have to scroll to near the bottom of this page
Added new owner to car 1502, which is titled as a 1978, but is really a 1974 or older car. A mystery as to how it got this VIN 10/20/05
Ohio car #168 for sale on eBay. Georgia car #771 now listed as sold. Orlando roadster #1011 now for sale - $6,000 10/5/05
Added to main menu item #10: a page of our plans for a reunion in 2006 - comments wanted.  Also, my new tee shirt design looks pretty good in person. See it here. 10/3/05
Added some nice pictures of 1981 Roadster # 1505 9/23/05
Adding a radiator fan shroud to my 1978. 9/17/05
Cruise 2005 cancellation comments added.  Watch soon for info on a new tee shirt design. I have ordered a sample one and will report on it next week. You can order now if you want, or wait until I confirm the quality of this design. 9/9/05
Georgia Roadster # 771 added to owners list as FOR SALE
# 713 in TN, was sold.
Overheating problem? Look at the inside of my OLD water pump on my 1978. I replaced it with a high output water pump. 8/24/05
Missouri Roadster 532 added to owners list - and is for sale.
Tennessee Car 713 is for sale on eBay. Closes 8/28/05
Car 1256 in North Carolina now listed as FOR SALE. The owner, Bob, also previously shared some nice restoration tips. 8/15/05
At the owner's request, the selling price of car 713 was lowered to $11,500 8/14/05
Added California Roadster #1196 to owners list.

Added a second way of seeing car owners BY STATE. This can be found as a link at the top of the owners page. Please compare and let me know which format is more useful.
By State as a chart    or  By State as a map

Added Maryland Roadster #780 to owners list.
Darrell, who asked a question about car #633 - my reply to your email came back as undeliverable at
Added FOR SALE car #587, a stick shift roadster in Calif.
Added car 581 in Minnesota
1973 Phaeton #864 in Long Beach California spotted on eBay 7/1/05
Price for Texas Roadster #791 lowered from $13,000 to $12,000 6/27/05
added info on Delaware Phaeton #157 - probably the last 1966 made. Car had been converted to propane by prev. owner. Pics don't show the propane conversion. This also is our first Delaware listing! 6/26/05
Added pics of for sale roadster #791 - its the PURPLE one. 6/23/05
Added a couple of pictures of car 609 with wood trim.-- Added FOR SALE Texas Roadster #791 to owners list 6/22/05
Added Indiana car # 271 to list and limited info on Maine car # 1067. Both were the first known cars for their state. Does anyone ever look at this page - link to it is at top of owners list page. 6/13/05
Wrote to seller of car 1502 (see log entry below) to say year of his car likely 1974 and VIN is not in correct range for the car. 6/9/05
Added Illinois eBay car # 1502 - ad says a 1978, but VIN suggests a 1981. -- Car 1017 in Tennessee now on eBay. -- Added Missouri roadsters #1123 and #548. 6/8/05
Added a small bit of info about swapping to a 32 grill shell 6/4/05
Sent a mailing to people on "the list" - see it here 6/2/05
Added Virginia Phaeton # 609 to list
relocated car 1033 from Florida to new owner in Washington
Added Missouri Phaeton #1472 to owners list as a FOR SALE 5/27/05
Added 2 pics of Phaeton # 155. 5/26/05
Added Texas car # 1176 (limited info) to owners list.
Added Colorado Roadster # 1321 to owners list
Added Alabama Phaeton # 155 to owners list. Added some updated info regarding a source for mirrors. 5/22/05
New email for owner of car 819, new owner in Oklahoma for Roadster # 1211 -- see owners list. Posted a couple of questions from people on the Message board. (Main page menu item # 3) 5/20/05
Added Florida Phaeton # 265 to the owners list as a For Sale car. This rat rod has a Toyota engine and auto transmission. 5/19/05
Added 4 new pics of Roadster 1124, formerly in primer, now purple with several nice modifications and a new owner. Added some Brake part info for a 1977. 5/18/05
Car 1254, the Annexmaster's 1978, appeared on My Classic Car website.  I submitted the car to them and it appeared in their 5/2/05 page of their photo gallery archives. 5/18/05
Listed Alabama car #1160 as for sale, Changed to new owner of Florida car #1124 5/17/05
Added pics of a WHITE Phaeton - car # 221 in Florida.  Added my adventures in replacing the gas gauge on my 1978.

Added a couple of pictures of the door button adjusting bolt

Thanks to James (car # 841) for his cash donation to the website. He ordered the Glassic info cards and included a contribution too. 5/4/05
Photos added of car 162 - including its Ford V-6 engine swap 4/30/05
Cruise 2005 change -- The President hotel notified me that our reservations are cancelled since the hotel was sold. Time to go to Plan B -- check back there for further updates. 4/23/05
Updated info on owners list #209 in Ohio - new owner & #162 moving from KY to new owner in Oregon - has Ford V6 engine 4/22/05
Added to the owners list: Car 1312, a COUPE in Mississippi, and car 303 in Florida, owned buy a person with no email but registered by his friend. 4/20/05
Thanks to Bobbie for her cash donation to the website. She owns car 914 - the California roadster with the sunroof and electric windows. 4/15/05
added Florida car #149 to owners list. Added another pic of car 800 in NY -- also some lowering tips for a '73 4/11/05
Marked car 313 in Florida as a For sale car. 3/31/05
Added a pic of car 800 in NY - added info about Cruisin' the Coast - to be featured in upcoming My Classic Car TV show 3/27/05
Car 1033, a Florida 1977 Phaeton - marked as for sale 3/26/05
Car 1158, an Ohio 1974 Phaeton - marked as for sale 3/24/05
An owner reported a new source LINK for International parts 3/23/05
Updated owners list - new NY owner for car 1456 from Fla. 3/18/05
Added a couple of eBay listings to the owners list:
car 417, an Arizona Roadster and #1013, a 1977 Replicar in Califronia
Finally tried my new device to tell me the horsepower of car 1254. Here are the results. 3/13/05
Added info on PINION ANGLE in the front end of a 1977
Added info on fuel sending unit replacement on a 1978
Car 817 sold to new owner in Washington State.
Updated owner info on Mississippi car 569 - a stick shift V-8
New Oklahoma owner registered for car #768 2/27/05
Car 800 in Calif. sold - on its way to new owner in NY.
Car 851 - a 73 Phaeton spotted for sale by Bob's Classics in Clearwater FL
A special thank you to Bob & Marsha Exley, car #127, for their generous cash donation toward the upkeep of the Annex. 2/9/05
Added pics of car 218's oak dashboard and first photos of car #127. (see owners list for link) 2/8/05
Added Florida Phaeton #697 to owners list. Also, California Phaeton #127 with a Chevy V-8 engine.
I also fixed main page so that if you save it in your favorite places, it shows a little icon of a Glassic along with the site name.
"For sale car" # 764 in Louisiana - new lower price - see owners list 2/4/05
Car #605, A Mississippi Phaeton, added to owners list 2/3/05
Louis, car #1121, installs a 4-core radiator in his 1977. 2/2/05
GTECH PRO, a device to check your 0-60 speed, etc. is used on the Annexmaster's 1978. Car weight also discussed HERE 2/1/05
Added Florida Phaeton # 221 to the owners list 1/25/05
Added car 1014, an Illinois Phaeton to owners list. Changed car 1033 to a new Florida owner. Updated the VIN range of known cars in the year by year breakdown. 1/21/05
Opened a new website www.Replicars.org so that search engines will eventually be able to locate Glassics using the name "Replicars" as well as "Glassic". 1/20/05
Added a picture of 1978 Phaeton  #1160 in Alabama.  Removed new year's graphic from home page. 1/10/05
Added a page about the purchase and installation of WINDWINGS for my 1978. 1/7/05
Updated car #1412 with info from current owner in NC, added car # 586 in FL. Also, pictures of the 1967 Abercrombie & Fitch catalog featuring Glassics. 1/3/05
Added documents: "window sticker" and customer order form from a 1977 Replicar. 1/2/05
Marked California Phaeton # 800 as a for sale car. 12/18/04
Added pics of the Radiator shell emblem on Abercrombie & Fitch  car #269 12/16/04
I reviewed the used car values chart, and left it as it was, with a comment - not a lot of higher priced cars seen sold this year. 12/16/04
Added to the owners list: Louisiana Roadster # 817 and car 269 an Abercrombie & Fitch Phaeton in Illinois. Also added Phaeton # 800 in California 12/16/04
Started a new page called "parades" - where you can find new and older pics of Glassics serving as parade or promotional cars. Let me know if you find any parade views on the site that are NOT referenced in this new parade page. 12/14/04
Recorded the new California owner of the first production Glassic, car 101.  Added some info about the Glassics made for Abercrombie & Fitch 12/13/04
Listed car 1033 as For Sale. Car is located in Florida - see owners list for info. 12/5/04
Added car 1505 from Kansas to the attendees list for the Biloxi cruise in Oct. 2005. 11/29/04
Added the 1967 original bill of sale from Abercrombie & Fitch. Contributed by Mike, the current owner of car 218 11/28/04
Added NY Phaeton # 172 to owners list. Added Alabama Phaeton #1160 to owners list, Corrected email for "for sale" car #764 on owners list. Added a participant to 2005 Cruisin' the Coast event 11/27/04
Marked Louisiana. Phaeton #764 as For Sale 11/23/04
Added NY Phaeton #167, TN Roadster 557 to owners list. Changed car 600 from Calif. to Oregon, and added a sad tale about car #341 11/22/04
The Annexmaster, following surgery to repair his arm after trying to lift a Glassic, ended up with blood clots in both lungs. A "slight" difficult breathing issue got me a week in the hospital to adjust to blood thinners. I was released and am back on Annex duty and feeling fine. 11/22/04
Added Louis Oursler, car 1121, to the "hall of fame" in thanks for his kind donation to the upkeep of the Annex website.

Marked Tennessee Roadster #713 as "for sale" - see owners list.

1972 Phaeton # 517 in Canada - now for sale. Info on owners list.
Message board - looking for a running board cover.
Sent an email to the people on the Glassic Annex mailing list. If you missed it, you can see it HERE. 11/7/04
added pics of Louisiana early Phaeton (with a cute trailer) car #122

Nice set of 20+ pics from eBay auction of a 1973 Phaeton #768

about the 2005 Cruisin' the Coast event in Mississippi. Reserve a room SOON if you want to join us. 11/2/04
Added a pic of a REAL 2 door deluxe 31 Phaeton to compare to the Glassics 10/27/04
Technical tip on how NOT to lift a Glassic 10/21/04
Added a page of pics of 1974 Roadster # 1106. 10/15/04
If Cruisin' the Coast was so awful this year, why do we all want to go back again next year? -- a report on the cruise with pics. 10/13/04
Several small changes. Added info on cars 703  and 1118 to owners list, added a couple of pics of lowered car 982,  Added a couple of more items on radiators. Car 685 in WVa is still for sale at $15,000 10/2/04
Now available - Glassic information cards. Business cards with a little about our cars -- Home page menu item # 14. 9/29/04
Added pics of car 1121. Compare this car's wire wheels with more and fewer spokes.

Polishing the headlight bar / radiator shell and adding rubber washers to hood hardware, from owner of car 982

Response to question about where did the gas pedal come from that was used in a '72 Glassic.

Several tips from the owner of car 982 - including radiator choices, water pump info and lowering the front of his 1974 9/14/04
Updated Roadster #620 info- bought on eBay by a  California buyer. 9/13/04
 Added to owners list. Car 982, a Calif. Phaeton and a for-sale car:  #1077, a PA Phaeton spotted on eBay 9/1/04
Added a page with the start of my project to replace the heater and AC evaporator with a new unit. Pics included of stuff up under the dashboard. 8/31/04
Added to owners list Calif. Roadster #619 and added price and pics for car #600 -- the entry below this one. 8/25/04
Added to owners list: Calif. Phaeton #600  FOR SALE 8/22/04
Added some pics of Dodge NEON seats in car 270. Thanks for sending them Todd. 8/16/04

Also car 122, a Louisiana Phaeton. - he has International drive train parts for sale too. See ads on homepage and message board.


Acknowledged a website cash donation by a Glassic owner.

Based on a suggestion by Tom (car 766), I added a link to CAR TALES on the main Glassic page (menu item #8). Until now, the only way to find that page was to spot a text  icon with a particular car on the owners list.



Posted car #1074, a Pennsylvania roadster to the owners list. This car is FOR SALE. 7/30/04
Added limited info on car # 1106, from Alabama and car # 1194, a modified '74  eBay Roadster listing out of Oregon. 7/29/04
I finally got around to doing something that had been bugging me for years. I changed the ball icon for "more info" to two different icons: one for pictures and one for text info. Over time, I will find all of the balls and replace them. So far, I have completed the owners list. for photos, and for text. 7/28/04
Some text about restoration of  car 766, a 1973, including brake info, steering column from a GM car and Escort seats. 7/27/04
Sent mass mailing regarding the Mississippi cruise-in. See a copy here. 7/23/04
Note: at least three Glassics (including mine) plan to visit the cruise-in in Biloxi Mississippi  - first week in October. Email me if you want more info -- GlassicAnnex@aol.com

I also posted this item on the website on menu item #10

Added pics of car #0 (the prototype Glassic) as it nears completion of its restoration. 7/20/04
Car 571, a Michigan 1972 Phaeton now is for sale 7/17/04
Removed car 101 from "for sale" status. It was sold. Added a California Roadster (car 737) to the owners list as FOR SALE. 7/13/04
Car 620 for sale again on eBay. Roadster is in Georgia 7/8/04
Added car 562, an Illinois car, to the owners list. 7/7/04
Changed info on car 270 to new owner in California -- also added a pic of Car 313 tonneau cover. (scroll to end of pics.) 7/1/04
Added a brochure and specs from 1978 - 1980 period. Thanks to Louis (car 1121) for sending them. Scroll down to the area with the turquoise background. 6/18/04
1) Captions to pictures from 1966 Trail magazine
2) The story of the discovery of the orginal Glassic Prototype
3) Car 1205 - a Monatana Phaeton found on eBay
Added car 344, a California Phaeton, to the owners list. 6/7/04
Added a phone # to listing for 1973 Phaeton #685 for sale in WVa. (see owner's list) 6/4/04
Added car 558, 1972 Phaeton in California to owners list. Added more upholstery pics for Car 313 , including a tonneau cover picture. (more tonneau pics coming) 6/1/04
Send mass mailing about my wife's book Added a couple of pics of car #1240 beside one of the classic "Jammer Busses" at Glacier National Park 5/25/04
Added some interior pics of Car 313, a '69 Phaeton - new upholstery. Also 1973 Phaeton #685 is now for sale in WVa. You have to WRITE to the owner to discuss it. (see owners list) -- see update above (6/4/04) 5/23/04
New Roadster in PA added to the list (stick shift V-8, car 567) and car 270 (Colorado) now listed as FOR SALE. 5/21/04
Sent email to all Glassic fans. If you missed it: see a copy here. 5/20/04
Added two 1974 Phaetons. Car 922 in California, and Car 994 (from an eBay listing) in New Hampshire See owners list. 5/19/04
Added a shameless promotion on the main webpage for my wife's new young-adult book Evangeline Brown and the Cadillac Motel. Her next book (already written) will feature a Glassic in the story! 5/16/04
Added airconditioning upgrade and chrome compressor info. 5/11/04
Added pictures of my power steering filter (1978) 5/10/04
Car 943, a Michigan Phaeton, added to the registry. 5/8/04
Added pictures of car 1209 - a 1974 Roadster seen on eBay 5/7/04
Added car 1175 (Alabama Phaeton) Also added pics of car 1219, a highly modified 1978 Phaeton. Both car pics here. 5/6/04
Car 713 (Roadster) bought from eBay. Now in Tennessee 4/24/04
Car 563 (Missouri Phaeton) reported by owner as "For Sale" 4/21/04
Tips added regarding painting cars and re-coloring your vinyl trunk, and a source idea for hood latch plastic tips.
Posted possible solutions to overheating problems.
Sent a "mass mailing" to the mailing list. See a copy of it HERE. 4/16/04
Added a couple of pics of the underneath of car 1505, a 1981. 4/16/04
Car 713 (Ohio roadster) for sale on eBay. See owners list. 4/15/04
Added a source for outside mirrors that match Replicars. (1977-81) 4/14/04
Added some pics of my car Angelique
(#1254 - 1978 Phaeton) at the beach showing the car with the finished hard top project.
Updated info on car #218 to reflect newly registered owner in Oklahoma 4/12/04
Added a 1972 brochure (which includes car specs.) and picture of car 841 sent in by James Lasiter in Arkansas 4/12/04
Added a "Thank You" section to acknowledge people who have donated cash to help support the website. 4/10/04
Added 3 exterior views of car 313, a 1966 to folder of that car 4/8/04
Changed car 764 from Florida location to new owners. in Carencro Louisiana. 4/6/04
Added car 856 (West Haven CT) to owners list. 4/6/04
Made adjustments to the History page to refine total quantities of cars sold based on cars registered with the Glassic Annex.. 4/5/04
Added a new "last car" #1505 to the owners list, moved pics of the Prototype car and added pics of #1505 to Scrapbook 4. Updated new owner info on Car 219, now in Pennsylvania. 4/5/04
Added my experiences changing the ignition module in my 1978, and changed year of prototype car # 0 to 1963. 4/3/04
Added car 765 (Ft Myers, FL) to the owners list. 3/31/04
A new entry at the top of the owners list. Car # 0. The owner, Rex, discovered that he has the original prototype Glassic used before production began. The story is in Car Tales
This car had no VIN, (the number zero, was assigned by the Glassic Annex to keep track of pictures and stories of the car.)
Added individual car pictures to the Reunoin page in Scrapbook # 4 -- updated main page to remove reunion reminders. 3/30/04
I will try to implement Louis' suggestion at the Reunion: Put ALL website changes and additions, not just major ones, on this log. 3/29/04
Started Scrapbook # 4 and added pictures and text about the Glassic Reunion 2004. 3/29/04
I moved the total row to the top of the owner's list instead of the bottom. I reviewed and updated the value of a used Glassic page. My observation is that, generally, the value of our cars appears to have remained stable in the last couple of years. 2/25/04
Eagle eye Dave noticed that I had the wrong address for the Amerisuites for our reunion. The correct street number is 7500, now on the reunion page, not 7800 as THEY had put on their contract letterhead. 2/18/04
Another mailing list reminder (click here to read it) about the reunion went out today, along with a discussion of parts compatibility - how to organize info for people needing to repair their Glassic 2/10/04
Last week I send another reminder about the reunion, today I added an article from 1979 with pictures. Thanks to Joel for lending me this old magazine. I have been adding cars to the owners list at the rate of one or two per week lately, also. 1/19/04
Added several new owners and some pics received over the holidays -- several good shots of car # 313, a 1967. 1/4/04

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