Cruise from Hell !

Cruisin' the Coast 2004 Biloxi, MS

(photos below)

Several Glassics attended the October cruise in Biloxi and Gulfport Mississippi. The event was a disaster due to Tropical Storm Matthew -- a storm that followed a series of 4 hurricanes to hit the South in the last couple of months.  The rain began as we approached the cruise on Friday noon, and it rained off and on the rest of Friday, rained hard most all of Saturday and got even worse on Sunday with rain and wind blowing sand all over the road that is used for cruising.

There were thousands of cars there, all of which got drenched. Those Glassic owners that were there agreed that the cruise was terrible, but all agreed that we want to do it again. The great PEOPLE were enough to overcome the wretched conditions. 

Here is a summary:

The Glassic owners had a great time meeting and chatting with each other.

We found a good, moderately priced, well located hotel for next year. This year we were in a horrible, weird motel way at the end of the cruise route. Next year we want to be in the center of the action.

You MUST reserve a room very soon, because they fill up early. You can always cancel the room up to 72 hours  before arrival.  My present idea is to get a suite with a full kitchen (and room for 12 or so people to sit around) and share it with others for special get-togethers.  Regular rooms are about $60 during the week and $100 or so on the weekend.

We went Friday and Saturday nights, and in decentl weather that would not have been enough time to see and do it all. The cruise goes all week, and we thought that Wed. through Sun. would allow plenty of time.

The rain had gotten us off to a bad start. When Dave's car (# 1279) jumped off the dolly, we concluded that it thought that it was going back to Texas where Dave found it, and was trying to run away.

Two different devices for lifting a Glassic

Preferred method

Lifting by means of a jack

Not preferred method

Lifting by means of a jack-ass.
(Don, the Annexmaster)

Ruptured bicep tendon, surgery, cast, about 8 weeks of limited use, not to mention the expense and insurance hassles..

We foolishly thought that we could LIFT the car back on the car dolly.

Later, after Don (The Annexmaster) got back from the emergency room, we sat in a local pub and discussed how you lift with your legs, not your arm. Dave's wife Linda, Dave, Louis (car # 1121) and David, (car # 1112) listen as Don (in the sling) tries to explain how NOT to lift a car.

Dave (L) and Louis (center) chat with Frank (car # 1085). Frank was a marshal at the cruise.

One of the few cruise shots (it was just too wet) . The Grand Casino was one of a LOT of special parking areas for show cars. In good weather, one visits them all. Unknown person at right prays to the rain gods.

Saturday morning we were to meet at one of the show lots where Frank was going to hold some spaces so we could park together. This is JJ's car (# 1106) -- JJ in white hat -- more on him and his highly upgraded car will be added to the website later.

JJ, in black plastic bag attire, Frank in yellow, Don in sling, and Louis gripe about the rain.

Car 1279, 1254, JJ's friend's Ford and car 1106 -- and drizzle.

Frank's car(# 1085) was parked nearby.

The Treasure Bay Casino is right next door to the President Casino and resort where we hope to gather next year. The Gulf water is usually smooth as glass.

The rain "forced" us into the Waffle house. Dave (L), Don's wife, Mickey (thanks for taking the pics) Dave's wife, Linda, Louis (goatee) and Don. Look at all that breakfast at the table! The waitress took this picture.

Even after staying over an extra day, the trip home was rain off and on most of the way.

If this cruise was this much fun in crappy weather, it HAS to be outstanding in good weather! Info on the 2005 cruise will be posted as soon as I dry out my poor old car!

  Lets DO it, Glassic owners!

Epilog: We had plans to have a do-over in 2005 at Cruisin' the Coast, figuring the weather could not be this bad next year. The week before the event -- Hurricane Katrina hit- I remember looking on TV to see if the event would still be held!