1978 Glassic Power Steering Filter

I removed the top from my power steering reservoir in order to put in some Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak fluid. Joel, the builder of the cars said that this stuff was great, and would stop the moaning and groaning and smooth out the system.

My power steering didn't really LEAK, but there was some sign of moisture on the unit itself, and it did groan sometimes. The product worked great and the steering FELT smoother too.

So, I removed the cover so I could scoop out some fluid to make room for the stop-leak. Under the level of the fluid was the device you see above. I had not been able to see the filter because of the fluid, but there it is. You turn the T handle to unscrew the piece, which spring-loads the filter into place

Remember, these reservoirs were originally for a FORK LIFT, and the filter had the markings on it: Purelator Type P176 38948 -- I did not see that item on the Purelator website, nor did I try NAPA for a replacement. I was (as usual) in a big rush so I just put the filter back in.

In 2015 I got an email that the filter for the power steering reservoir for car VIN 1458 could be found in NAPA part # 1430 - I assume it would be the same part as pictured above from my old ca VIN 1254.

This screw goes down the center of the filter and the spring compresses as you push down to get the threads to catch. Please email and let me know if you find a source of filters.