Glassic Seats

It certainly is possible and often desirable to improve on the original Glassic seats. Here is the place to find other people's experiences
regarding seats.

Car 289, a second generation (1973) Phaeton, is the Annexmaster's second Glassic. The original seats are less than desirable, so, in 2013, I am looking for alternatives on Craigs list.(the free classified ads on the internet). I am trying to get sellers to put the seats side by side and send me the width, so that I can see if they might be narrow enough.  Newer cars seem to have consoles, so the seats on a medium sized car may still work.

My form letter email first specifies that the seats must fold forward (so we can get into the back seat) and asks the seller not to bother if they don't. Then it asks them to measure the total width, and promises to give them feedback if they won't work.

If you want a copy of the "form letter", drop me an email.

There are several measurements to consider. These are approximate, since the shifter is in the way, and the space gets narrower toward the front of the car.  How far forward the seats come determine the seat AND back max. width.

Max width for the rails (where the floor is flat) at the front, 32 to 33 inches.  Toward the back seat, the rails can be 36 inches apart, outer edge to outer edge of the pair.

Max width for the seats themselves. The backs could be 43 or 44 inches wide total (including a little space between the seats.) The fronts of the seats, about 38 or 39 inches total.

The flat part of the floor is about 2 inches lower than the door sills, so seats can be a little wider than the maximum rail width and hang over the sill a little.

_____                          cross view rails                 _____

Car 1254, a 1978. The prior owner installed new after-market seats in Mar. 1997
$229 each, $56 for each track unit and $172 to assemble and install both seats.

They are called ProCar Custom Reclining Bucket seats and were purchased in Tampa, FL from Fisher Buggies - who seem to be a VW parts place. See below for a pic of their literature and the invoice.

(these are a tight fit in the space)

Here is some info from Bob Soderquist in Colorado

. I replaced the original seats with a pair of "bucket" style from a 98 Neon...fits perfect. I just had to make some adapters so I could use the original bolt holes in the floor. I didn't want to drill any more.

The photos below were sent by the new owner of car 270 in 8/2004. Thanks Todd.

Front Bracket

Rear Bracket

Bob owned car # 270 , a 1966 Phaeton
Tom Wallace, Centerville, Ohio 2001 Ford Escort seats do fit but tightly. Big Improvement!! Needed to make new metal bases for be seats. Tom owns car #766 in Ohio. See the owner's list for contact info.
Send me your experiences!