Views of car 313

Several shots of car 313, a 1969 Phaeton. Thanks to owner Bill Crozier in Lantana, FL


May, 2004. Bill re-does the interior of car 313. The job was done in marine grade vinyl (for the grandkids) The cost of $2600.00 included wheel covers and carpet plus he covered the steering column and had the tonneau cover made.

The tonneau cover snaps from the top of the windshield  to the total rear of the rear seat -- down the sides to the doors and side.  It should keep the inside totally dry if it should rain.   When he drivea it he can just unsnap it part-way and tuck it behind the front seats with no wind problem at all.

(another picture coming soon. Annexmaster)

Tonneau cover - used in place of a top.