LOG of 2013 and 2014 website additions & changes (most recent at the top)

I added "PAGE 1" and 2 and 3 to the menu item of owners list pages, as well as cleaning up the menu explanation of the alternate album on the cloud.  I have started an alternate photo viewer that I designed to be way simpler and less prone to errors.  I implemented it for my car (689) and plan to repeat it for others if no "issues" are found.  Try both on owners list page 2 12/31/14
Rich, car 1456 is the latest to be honored in the world-famous Hall of Fame - He has moved from the revered "donor list" to the supreme gold-star category since he has supported the website in a financial way more than one time!  -- Not only that, but his message of appreciation (appearing below the Hall of Fame listing) expresses his benefits from the site over a 10-year span of time.  Cool - and thanks! 12/23/14
The photo Album MAY be restored to working condition. It seems ok for now, but has not been fully tested. All views of pics have again been reset to zero. If you get an error message instead of pictures, it is worth trying a couple of times in case it re-sets itself. 12/13/14
PHOTO ALBUM NOT WORKING -- AGAIN. -- The album has again acted out, and will not likely work for the next week or two after which I will reinstall a different, less buggy album.  Meanwhile, the Cloud album is operating. CLOUD album version 12/12/14
Florida Roadster # 1402 is  FOR SALE now. Info is on owners list page 3 but the pictures, for now, can be seen on the cloud, since the photo album is "misbehaving" again. This is a ONE FAMILY car! 12/12/14
The feature in the photo album on the Annex, which causes it to malfunction any time that it senses that I will be away from my computer - has activated. It appears to not be working again. Once you have a car VIN, you can find pictures on the CLOUD backup version of the album, until I can fix it or replace the album with a less-buggy one. 12/11/14
I reviewed the "How much is a used Glassic worth?" page and updated it by removing the "penalty for crummy economy" factor. Cars seem to be selling a little more easily these days. This page is designed for people who just don't know where to begin in valuing a Glassic - not a hard and fast rule.

I will not have access to my email or website next week.

Technical items added.  First, a mechanic's advice to the owner of car 1509 about changing the refrigerant on air conditioning. See Air conditioner  Note: Find items like this by going to the main page Technical Information tab then Technical Specifics, then the Tech index by item tab.  If you can't find your topic, try pressing control <F> to get a "find" window on your browser and type in your topic.

My mostly finished effort to move the gas filler off the rear deck car #689. I have yet to fill the tank, so this is a bit premature and needless detail but here it is anyhow. http://glassicannex.org/tech/engine/fuelfiller.htm
After picture is at the bottom of the page.

Texas Phaeton #1008 FOR SALE spotted on Craigs List - info also on  owners list page 2 12/1/14
NJ Phaeton Replicar # 1100 is offered  FOR SALE - if you want a car with the work already done, including extensive upgrades, this is worth a look. owners list page 3 11/14/14
NJ Phaeton Replicar # 1100 sent some great after-restoration pictures. Start on  owners list page 3 - This would be a good car to play "count the restoration items". Lots of changes!
Car # 1178, a 1974, sent part info on his replacement radiator. You can see it HERE, -- I also added some info on my own aluminum radiator (#689, a 1973 Phaeton) which I had written up, but not posted. Geeze.

Phaeton # 1100 - later in the day I added two more pictures - one of which is the hunk of fiberglass the owner cut off the front to make it look nicer.

FL Roadster #1505b added to owners list page 3 . It was spotted on Craigs list and is nicely customized. The VIN was designated as "b" by the Annex since car 1505 is another car, and this VIN tag sounds not original. 11/6/14
California Phaeton # 1410, a former museum car, is now FOR SALE with info and pics by way of owners list page 3 11/5/14
Indiana - our Glassic whisperer, David, spotted highly customized Phaeton #209 FOR SALE many older pics can be found in the ALBUM 11/3/14
Abercrombie Phaeton # 218 FOR SALE  spotted on eBay - Now located in TN 10/31/14
WV Phaeton # 658 is likely FOR SALE  by the brother who inherited the car in pieces. See owners list page 2 and follow the link to the TEXT with some info about the car. This info came from a WV Glassic fan. 10/28/14
Florida COUPE #1286 has been added to owners list page 3  He sent along some good pictures as well.
Colorado Phaeton # 1487 shared a couple of nice sharp pics. Link is also on owners list page 3
Alabama Phaeton # 30505 was spotted by David on Craigs list. That VIN is not in the normal sequence but could well have been from around the time of #305.
FL Roadster # 709 spotted by David (our Glassic whisperer) on eBay.  See owners list page 2 10/18/14
A new Ohio owner sent in his info for Roadster # 1509 (the last known car sold). Info and new pics by way of owners list page3 10/17/14
Oregon Roadster # 547 spotted FOR SALE on Craigs list. Info is on owners list page 2 10/16/14
Phaeton # 168 in New Hampshire, spotted for sale on the internet.

Note: Little by little I am adding two columns to the owners list pages - ZIP code as a separate item, and COLOR, for the eventual purpose of making it easier to search for info.

Abercrombie and Fitch edition Phaeton # 214 spotted for sale in Oklahoma. See owners list pg. 1
Dave, our Glassic whisperer, spotted a nice blog about Calif. Phaeton # 1410. Pics and the story on owners list page3
After a week's absence, I am back at my computer and will be posting pics and info later today.

FOR SALE Roadster, in St Paul MN, # 917, has checked in. To the small pics already in the ALBUM, I added larger ones, designated with "-lg" in the file name.  See them full size by selecting ORIGINAL size on the upper right corner of the album page. Info on  owners list page 2

Tennessee Phaeton (a 1977 Replicar) #1038 is FOR SALE and located on owners list page3 with a couple of good pics in the ALBUM

Added a few more pics of # 572 -- see the log entry below - to the ALBUM

CA Phaeton # 572 is now FOR SALE. Many nice upgrades. See owners list page 2  Some pictures received and are in the ALBUM

Annexmaster email responses and website updates will be limited for the next week or so, hopefully less.

David, an owner who we can call "the Glassic Whisperer" is reporting cars he discovers on the web. Some are interesting reference cars, and others set me off on tangents that result in other discoveries.  The top three cars on the UNKNOWN VIN page are interesting - two customized cars and a black one. 9/29/14
I got a new scanner, and am beginning to re-do some old printed materials. First up were better enlargements of the International Scout magazine TRAILS article from back in 1900's (1966).  The ARTICLES page has that feature.

I also am working on my own article fuel filler relocation as I figure out a practical way to get the filler cap off the trunk deck (generation 2 Glassics).  I am leaning toward a JEEP filler neck, and will add to the article as I go along.

New owner info for BELGIUM Phaeton # 423 added, along with the story and one great pic of this white car. owners list pg. 1

Phaeton (looks like with Air Conditioning) # 697 spotted as FOR SALE, in Georgia Nice photos in the Album -- sale listing here

Wisconsin Roadster # 917 spotted on Craigs List as for sale. Also added to owners list page 2
Roadster #u047 added to the unknown VIN list - was advertised for sale, but seller did not respond. Pictures posted  in the ALBUM since it has many custom features.
http://youtu.be/ktPjEqxi94A  An intro to Glassics Youtube video, slightly revised from my first version, and still awaiting getting a radio announcer buddy to do the voice part. 9/19/14
I finished my write-up of replacing my welting around the kick panels of my car - with the exception of adding a shot or two of the dash panel, when I put it back without the trim. The project was a success and is shown here. http://www.glassicannex.org/seat-trim/trim.htm

And as a further time-waster, I made a little Youtube video to serve as an introduction to Glassics, for newly found fans.(I deleted this video and replaced it with a slightly revised version) While it IS a first effort, and far from professional, I welcome comments and suggestions. GlassicAnnex@aol.com

Added Fuel filler relocated from rear deck as an item on the tech page. This piece has been part of the McWreck restoration page all along, but as I prepare to make a similar change, I saw that it was not indexed. I hope to find a piece that adapts more easily to our cars.

Some more photos of Phaeton 341 (a car with some good restoration pics and Wisconsin scenery) are added to the ALBUM -- note, if you look at the light blue bar near the top of the album page, you can see that the folder you are viewing is 341 in 2014 - click to the left of that and you can see car 341 (the rest of the pictures). 9/12/14
VA car # 609 removed from "for sale" status - because - its sold!
I changed most of the main menu item headings to 2 lines for easier navigation.
Feature article started, but not yet finished, on replacing the seat trim on my 1973.  This is the heavy cording or welting around the panels.  I am posting now because of the fun discovery UNDER the back seat!
NOTE - The GlassicAnnex home page has changed - same info, but in a more compact format. Comments welcome at GlassicAnnex@aol.com  -- you may have to hit your refresh button to see the new version the first time.

New ALABAMA owner for Phaeton #1178 (a white one) posted on  owners list page 2
Indiana Phaeton #1047 (a 1977 Replicar) is FOR SALE with info on owners list page3 - also there is only one picture added, but very high quality.

Phaeton # 535 spotted as FOR SALE at Lance Motors in NJ. -- Interesting color combo and a stick shift car. See the Lance Motors Listing also this VIN is a new addition to owners list page 2 8/31/14
Phaeton # 864 (mentioned below) IS in NJ, has no top or frame and price being reduced to $12,900 - according to David, who has reported to the Annex on a number of ads he found on-line.  Lance Motors, who is selling the car, is expecting another Glassic soon also. 8/27/14
I am fooling with the MESSAGE BOARD today. For the umpteenth time, someone reported difficulties posting on the board, so I am working on that for the next couple of days.  So far, I have removed the HEADINGS for different forums (departments) since each heading only had one department in it anyhow. (Actually, the message board looks pretty much the same just without colored headings)

I have added a "how to use this message board" forum (or department, or category of messages) to try to clarify issues.  Later today, I will post the item I received by email and see if I can figure out where it does not go smoothly.  Feedback on issues with the message board are WANTED. GlassicAnnex@aol.com

Posted an issue on the message board in the technical section.  Can anyone help?

Phaeton # 864 (Dealer is in NJ, not sure if the car is there as well) spotted for sale in an ad:

Ads spotted featuring Glassics for sale --
Replicar Phaeton # 1067 in Florida http://www.2040cars.com/Ford/Model-A/1931-ford-model-a-phaeton-replicar-made-by-glassic-of-west-palm-beach-florida-52806/
Phaeton # 220 in Texas http://classiccars.com/listings/view/453030/1931-ford-phaeton-for-sale-in-austin-texas-78736
New (NJ) owner posted for Phaeton # 168. See owners list pg. 1
An eagle-eye'd Glassic fan has spotted the following ads for Glassics for sale.

Roadster 565 in Raleigh, NC http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/4570400321.html
Phaeton #30505? in Loxley, AL http://pensacola.craigslist.org/cto/4562949245.html
a 1979 Replicar Phaeton unk VIN in Denver area http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/4572302615.html
Roadster # 1130 in Myrtle Beach, SC http://myrtlebeach.craigslist.org/cto/4583398722.html

The owner of NY Phaeton # 1489 shared some photos - in the ALBUM 8/5/14
Oregon Phaeton #332 is  FOR SALE spotted on eBay
Added a pic of a real 1930 Ford Phaeton to the page comparing Glassics, Shays and real Model A's
cars spotted as FOR SALE on the web by David:
The same detective that found the eBay ad in the previous log (car 1449), saw their ad on another site. The seller did not yet respond to my email, but the link to their listing is here.

Here is a NY Roadster on the same above sale site - no VIN known on this one and have not heard back from the seller yet, but it appears to be a 1976 or newer Replicar.

And my web surfing buddy ALSO found THIS NJ Phaeton (turns out to be car #168) on Hemmings website. I don't know if the owners list info is current or not.

Added Alabama Phaeton # 1449 to owners list page3  - it was on eBay but appears to be sold by the time I posted this, so info is only that the car exists and WAS in Alabama. 7/19/14
Connecticut Phaeton # 1178 - FOR SALE spotted on eBay

Brian Wiswell just got a THIRD gold star in the almost famous Hall of Fame, for his third separate cash donation to the website. Not only do people like Brian make this website available to you all, but, I especially liked the note on the check "Thanks for your hard work!" -- It is not really HARD work, but there is a lot of time involved over the years --  thanks to fine folks like you, it is not also a wallet-drainer.
I really appreciate the financial support and the kind words!

SC Roadster # 1130 is now FOR SALE - see owners list page 2
Hawaii Phaeton #1130 spotted for sale on Craigs List - this should take you to a different spot on owners list page 2
Ohio Roadster # 1509 (this is the last production car that we know about) is now FOR SALE - see owners list page3
Clean up day! Texas Roadster #514 shared some ownership info - including the fact that car 541, was on the site, but really HIS car, so I deleted the wrong info. Also some great new pics of car 514 added to the album.
More info and pics from Roadster # 1147 - including his 1929 metal grill shell, and how his car runs after the extensive engine rebuild. The page CARTALES has a variety of interesting bits from owners over the years. Browse through it !
Just before I left a couple of weeks ago the owner of the FOR SALE Phaeton body only, (car 268) mentioned that his car had the Abercrombie & Fitch badge on it - This car's info on owners list pg. 1

In response to an email question, I thought to start a page of tips for how to locate a Glassic to buy.

The Annexmaster is baaaack!  I arrived last last night from two weeks in England & Scotland.  I will be updating the website and answering email over the next two days. Happy 4th of July. --

Virginia Phaeton # 609 is now FOR SALE - see owners list page 2

Texas Roadster # 514 - limited new owner info posted, and when additional info received, will make another log entry.

I got some great pictures of Wisconsin Roadster # 1147, along with a list of the many engine parts he replaced in his car.  The pics are mixed in with older pictures, and rather than send you to owners list page two, I am copying the photo icon MORE INFO and also the text icon MORE INFO for that car so you can hop right to them.

A Baltimore, MD Phaeton # 864 is FOR SALE and has been spotted on eBay.

The mold referred to in today's log, according to Joel, the builder of Glassics, is not a Glassic (or Replicars) mold, and is quite different from the ones he used. Whether it measures the same as a Glassic, or matches a Shay or actual Model A is unknown at this time.

The car body for sale (see yesterday's log) is actually car 268 - some older info and pics is on owners list pg. 1

Ok, now here is a different one!  A fan spotted this Michigan Craigs list ad for a partial Glassic body mold - cheap.  Just add a car.  Photos are a folder in the Album under "odds and ends" in case the ad disappears.  OK, people, who is going to buy this?

A fan spotted a barn find in South Dakota, on his uncle's farm, and sent along some pics. Phaeton #580 is not for sale, but can be seen on owners list page 2

Spotted in Pittsburgh Craigs list Phaeton #219  http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/4519777638.html
Also, Vermont Phaeton #159  http://burlington.craigslist.org/cto/4489688204.html  (Hubert Humphrey's old Glassic)

Below is an example of us Glassic fans coming together at the Annex to share.  I will post this just as I got it --

Hey Don , I found a killer deal on a Glassic body. Here is the link- https://capecod.craigslist.org/cto/4478903560.html  If it wasn`t so far away I would grab it myself. And he is not even firm on the price! I would put it on a S-10 frame & use the steering ,wiring ,engine & all from the S-10. Someone is going to get a awesome bargain. Check it out & let me know what you think. Thanks, Bob W.

Cape Cod area. I wrote to the seller to see about VIN, title, and possible pics and will post any reply.

New Georgia owner posted for car # 407. See  owners list pg. 1 Also a PayPal donation from Rick Reisert places his name in the beloved Hall of Fame.  It may have happened before, but this is the first time I noticed that both the current owner and a previous owner of the same car had sent donations to the Annex.  Thanks to you both!

NOTE: Starting about mid-week next week, your Annexmaster will not have access to his computer for a week or two. No website updates during that time and I will only have minimal-spotty email service at best.

Richard Mead has earned himself a spot in the hallowed Hall of Fame for his check sent in support of the website. People contribute information, pictures, and your Annexmaster contributes tons of time to the website, but there is a special place for those like Richard who ALSO send along some money to help with those constant web fees.  Thank you! 5/31/14
Colorado Phaeton # 1487 has been added to owners list page3 5/30/14
Car 1458 - I posted a bunch more pictures shared by the owner, in the album, along with a great piece of info about those Shay wheels which was added to the technical info. 5/29/14
Calif. Phaeton # 1458 has reported in. His car has Shay wheels - that look more like real Model A wheels. owners list page3
New Arizona owner for Phaeton # 691 owners list page 2.
Car 689 (the Annexmaster's car) -- I made a page with some pictures of the fuel filler setup from under the car. While photographing the hoses, I found out why gas dribble out when filling up. Cracks in the dried out old hose. The page is in the tech section at http://GlassicAnnex.org/tech/engine/fuelfiller.htm.  Other owner contributions are also welcome for that page. 5/27/14
Wisconsin Phaeton #341 - added a few pictures of its new, very baggy, top. The vendor promises that it will shrink. Time will tell.  Now is a time to look over the story and photos of car 341 - using the little icons of a notebook and a camera on the owners list entry for that car.
Side note - San Diego wildfires?  That was my daughter's house included in that mess. TWO bordering neighbors' houses and all of her 4 acres except her house burned to a crisp.  Phew, good luck (and planning) helped them a lot.
FL Replicar # 1067 reported as sold by another owner. New owner unk.
New TN owner for Phaeton # 1253 - see  owners list page3
Phaeton # 860, in Virginia reported as sold. New owner unk.
A couple of Annex friends spotted this Southern California Phaeton on eBay. It is a newer Replicar, but not added to the owners list since the seller did not respond with my request to a prior ad with a VIN. 5/9/14
Added a link to a company that saw my JC Whitney car parts link and asked me to include THEIR SITE on my links page. They give you JC Whitney coupon codes for discounts when ordering on-line.  Links page, general section. 5/5/14
Two technical items added to the site. First, an International Scout distributor settings chart added for International based Glassics. Thanks to Chuck for sharing this item with us.

Second, my own FAILED attempt at replacing my seats. I usually don't add failed ideas, but in this case, it may help someone in the future to plan more carefully than I did. Also, it shows the frame under the driver's seat, and the several problems that had developed over the years.

The GlassicAnnex email account (on AOL) was spoofed and many or all of my address book got a spam email with a subject of something like RE: Hi and a link to some website.  Of course, that was not me who sent it, and I have changed my passwords since.  The term " RE:" is used in a reply email, so, unless you sent out an email with the subject of "Hi" you would never get a reply to "hi". -- Anyhow, I apologize for this nuisance 4/23/14
Texas Roadster (probably #514) spotted FOR SALE on Craig's List. - This is a Ford 302 with 5 speed stick shift. 4/13/14
Virginia Phaeton #860 spotted for sale on eBay - info on owners list page 2. 4/2/14
Added some pictures that were generously shared by car owners.  Car 110, an Ohio Phaeton, sent some recent shots. His car sits on an S-10 Chevy truck chassis. In one view, I tried to zoom in on the front frame setup. See all car 110 pics in the Album.

Alabama Car 185 sent a more recent photo - I don't know WHEN I got this, since it was on my phone!  If there is anything that I know less about than auto mechanics, it is cell phone magic!   See Car 185 in the album.  Limited new owner info in owners list pg. 1

Thunderbird replicas. I added some info about this short-run product of the Glassic Family, based on having seen VIN 9006  for sale (it's sold now) on eBay.  http://www.glassicannex.org/limited-eds.htm#others While this site is really for the Model A replicas, I added this info since it is not readily available elsewhere. (The seller thought he had a Shay, for example.) 3/24/14
New Utah owner posted for Replicar #1008, along with some pics.  owners list page3
New Maryland owner posted for Phaeton # 163 on owners list pg. 1
I posted some pics of an Alabama Phaeton that is on Craigs List The Craigs listing is here.  This is car  # 305-05
FL Phaeton # 1279 was sold - new owner unknown. (nicely restored with a 351 V-8 and overdrive trans) owners list page3

As part of my catching up process, I added  part number info for the universal joint in the steering column on a 1973. See the item here.  I posted some wheel covers for sale for an owner on the message board.  I am listing links here to some Glassics that I found that are for sale.

Connecticut Roadster 723. This sale is ended, but car did not meet reserve price, so likely still for sale. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Replica-Kit-Makes-Other-/251460458890?ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:3160

Tennessee Roadster 408 is on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Model-A-1971-Glassic-Replica-Convertible-/181340230185?ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:3160

Calif. Phaeton spotted on Craigs list http://palmsprings.craigslist.org/cto/4323447318.html

Arizona Phaeton #1215 on Craigs list http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/4363063404.html

The Annexmaster is back in service!  -- My great, two-week Caribbean cruise is over and now, back to work, sorting through emails and spam and catching up, which will take several days. Changes will be poster here in the log. I will NOT, however, be posting the 1300+ pictures my wife took on the trip.  Sorry.  :-)

Car 1008 has contacted the Annex, and I replied to first figure out which car 1008 they have, the 1974 Glassic, or the 1976 Replicar -- remember, there were some duplicate VINs after the company returned from bankruptcy.  More will be added on that car later on.

Cleared out a lot of SPAM - a new hoax has appeared while I was "away" which says that new Google Docs are available for viewing. Also, the same spam for Dropbox - both are legitimate places where people can store and share pictures, but the several emails that I got have a link to -- who knows what.

I got a couple of alerts from eBay about Glassics for sale, and I will post that info in the next day or so.

Someone asked about King Pins - so, while looking on the technical page, I discovered that the SEARCH feature on that page doesn't do ANYTHING, even on words that I know are on the page.  Fixed, for now. Pressing <Ctrl + F> brings up a Find box near the top of the page -- I will improve on that necessary feature, but it looks like it will be an all-day project to get it to work right on different computer browsers.

Fl Phaeton # 691, mentioned two entries below in this log is actually FOR SALE. owners list page 2 has been updated 2/15/14
New Florida owner for Phaeton # 1488 has checked in with the Annex .owners list page3 2/14/14
New FL owner posted for Phaeton # 691 on owners list page 2.
I noticed that recently, when the main page opens, the newest info in the log is not present and we have to refresh the page to get it to show up.  I am trying to fix that.
I updated the "used car value" page - your thoughts are welcome as well (email address above)

I am again pondering my love-hate arrangement with the Annex Photo Album, and exploring simpler, less buggy ways to display pictures.

Florida Phaeton #1488 is FOR SALE. This car goes way back with the Annex. It's owner, Harold Stone, attended the 2003 Glassic Reunion. This car is one of the ones on the Annex homepage rotation of pictures, because it has SHAY wheels - giving it a more authentic Model A appearance.  Sale info is on owners list page3 and there are some old pics of the reunion in my photo scrapbook. 1/21/14
Mississippi Phaeton #316 has a new owner, who sent some great pics of this upgraded car. Start with the listing in owners list pg. 1  and click the camera for pics, and the notepad icon for updated info.

When I upgraded to a new Windows 8 computer, it seems that the "SkyDrive" -- or "the cloud", which is a file sharing place somewhere out there on the Internet -- anyhow, the new setup was not compatible with the OLD sky drive I had set up on Windows 7.  That was a second place for most of the ALBUM pictures of Glassics.  The album is a great program that breaks down from time to time, so the SkyDrive Album is a duplicate file location with the same pictures.  Take a look at it, and let me know if you find any "issues" with looking at it (my email address is above)

I added some info about STEERING STABILIZERS, or STEERING DAMPERS, or "Death wobble", in my case, pertaining to my car 689. This is in the Technical section. 1/9/14
FL Phaeton # 691 is FOR SALE. See owners list page 2.  Pictures from the current Internet listing are in a separate folder with the older pictures. The "custom dash" in the older pictures seems gone now, but all pics seem to be the same car. The original red and blue Budweiser paint job is gone now.   The seller called me in answer to my request for a VIN, and seemed nice.

Also, NC Roadster # 659 send some updated info and lots of fresh pictures of his  FOR SALE car. owners list page 2 has the info, and link to the album.  In the album for his car is a folder for car "659-in-2014" which has the newest pics.

Ohio Roadster # 1275 is added to owners list page3  The owners drove it home (see the 12/29 log entry) just before the storm. 1/2/14
Added a FOR SALE Georgia Roadster # 1459 - spotted by an Annex fan in a dealer ad. See owners list page3 1/2/14
I am getting reports from Annex fans who have spotted Glassics for sale (or just sold) on the internet.  Here are some items that I have added. Lime green Replicar just sold in Arkansas - has the rear spare tire. Original VIN tag does not appear on the car, so we will call it Car u044  Also two Phaetons being sold by Bob's Classics in Clearwater FL  # 304 and # 746  -- # 746 has an interesting profile shape on the convertible top

And there may be more to add as I go over other leads from you viewers.

Received a donation by check from Dave and Lindsay Willman in support of the website. They are driving their new Glassic home (100 mi+) soon - let the adventure begin. And, of course, they gain a spot in the hallowed Hall of Fame 12/29/13
The Annexmaster bought a new Windows 8 computer since the old one was having errors. So far, I have managed to mess up the password and user name setup required for the new computer. The sky drive (the cloud), which has a copy of the photo album pictures is still there, but I can't add to it, since the new windows 8 is not compatible with the very recent Windows 7.  Go figure, Microsoft! 12/28/13
Once again, the photo album showed an error message instead of the pictures. I think I have repaired it --- again, but next year, it is time for a different album program on the Annex.  Merry Christmas, all. 12/24/13
North Carolina Roadster # 659 is now FOR SALE. See owners list page 2 12/17/13
I added about a dozen screen captures of the Bonnie and Clyde car (u043) to the album.  You can view both nights of the previous TV show on the History Channel website. The Glassic appears on day two. 12/15/13
Added a couple of cars to the list. One is a Replicar that was spotted in Ohio at a dealer (more to come if he buys it)
... and I assigned an "unknown VIN" number of u043 to the Bonnie and Clyde TV car.  On the no VIN page, the numbers of no vin cars does not match up since some turned into VIN cars when we found the number.
The photo album seems to have been fixed (minus all of the view counters have gone back to zero). I do not know what caused the code error, so I can't say when or if the problem will come back, but for now, it seems ok.

Illinois Phaeton # 1122 is for sale or trade. See owners list page 2

Look what showed up on TV! --

The album seems to be not working today.  This is bad, since the error does not let me get into the album to re-calibrate it. It will try to refresh overnight by itself. If that fails. hmm.

Oregon Phaeton  #332  - sold. New owner unknown. See owners list pg. 1 11/29/13
Roadster # 629 has a couple of restoration pics added in the Album. One change is hard to miss!!
Tennessee Roadster # 408 spotted on eBay
Michigan Phaeton # 1465 has been added to  owners list page3 11/24/13
Florida Roaster # 1046 is now For sale.  See  owners list page 2
Kansas Phaeton #1505 has sold on eBay to new owner in Illinois. See  owners list page3
Oregon Phaeton  #332 for sale - PRICE NOW REDUCED! See owners list pg. 1 11/14/13
Technical section additions Radiator keeps developing leaks Thanks to Larry for sharing this one.
And sticking starter rod may cause irregular no-crank situations.
If your radiator leaks, wait until I post the odd story from Larry's car 912 -- I am getting details, but he had 3 different radiators leak before he figured it out.  I will post his story soon.

That made me wonder if I had finished my story about "car sometimes just would not crank" - then it would.  Among other problems, I have now reported the sticking starter rod. The story is in the epilog here: tech/electrical/index.htm#30-55

The link to the list of UNKNOWN VIN CARS, with pictures, appears at the top of each of the three owners list pages.  It had some missing photos from before I moved the album location on the internet.  The links have been fixed. 11/2/13
Alabama Phaeton with a Chevy V8 conversion and an odd VIN added to owners list pg. 1
I noticed some link issues with pics on the unknown VIN car page - I will fix them in the next day or two (THEN post the link here)
Illinois Phaeton # 1499 spotted on ebay . Also, see  owners list page3 10/2?/13
Kansas Roadster # 1505, one of the last Glassics made, is FOR SALE on eBay -- Also, info on owners list page3 10/24/13
Connecticut Roadster # 723 spotted on ebay.  This car has some modifications, and appears on owners list page 2 10/21/13
Tennessee Roadster # 408 spotted on eBay. This one is for sale by a dealer and has a DMV made-up vin, but the seller shared the original vin with me. In owners list pg. 1  Also, some of the best eBay pictures I've seen in a while, including good under shots. See Album 10/18/13
Again, things seem to happen in groups.  Phaeton # 844 is added to owners list page 2 making it the second piece of news from Canada this month. (Photo shows an interesting trunk on this car) 10/13/13
Canada Phaeton # 913 has been undergoing some serious upgrades. You can read about them on their own page, with links on that page to the album pics.
Alabama Phaeton # 407 is for sale on eBay. I don't think the owners list is up to date, but I will address that later.  I just got back from being away not seeing Alcatraz and not seeing the Yosemite Park.  Our government may be closed, but the Annex IS open for business!
Colorado Roadster # 1321 is FOR SALE. See  owners list page3
NOTE - website updates and email replies will be hit and miss for the next week or two.
A different owner for Ohio Phaeton #414 has checked in and the car is FOR SALE.  This is one of few International engine Glassics with automatic transmission. See  owners list pg. 1

I also asked the owner of Phaeton 609 about the odd grill shell change. His answer AND comments from the prior owner are in car tales - and the photos are in the Album

I found a good eBay source for running board rubber strips (in black only) and added it to my page on running boards. I have not ordered this yet since I don't need it now, but the sample looks like a good fit at a decent price.
The Kansas Roadster mentioned in the log entry below - the owner sent the VIN but it is a DMV made-up vin. I posted the car as unknown VIN car u042 for now.  Ebay pix are added to the album. 9/16/13
Added some pics of Phaeton 609 to the Album. Notice the extended hood, new grill shell and other mods to this car.
Here is a Kansas "for sale" Roadster on eBay. I have asked the seller for the VIN, but not heard yet.
And a Michigan Roadster, Replicars # 1113, spotted on eBay by a website friend. The auction is over now, but car did not sell, so it may be available or will be re-listed.

For sale Phaeton 726 in the Detroit, MI area was spotted by a viewer on Craigs List also added to our owners list page 2

I added my findings about running board insert material to the page on that subject. I also requested a sample from another vendor, who sells the material by the foot, a more convenient option for our needs. http://www.glassicannex.org/tech/body/runningboards.htm  9/9/13
Missouri Phaeton # 1113, a 1974, has been added to  owners list page 2 - They have owned the car since 2005. 9/3/13
It has been a while since this has happened, but we have a new car and owner checking in. Roadster #831 in Canada has been added to owners list page 2

I located a possible product for the insert strips on running boards on the earlier Glassics. The sample seems to fit and I ordered a full roll.  Once I am sure it works, I will post details.

Phaeton # 341 has been undergoing restoration. Today I added three pics of the TOP FRAME - both apart for re-aligning and then back together again.  They start at top row right.  Other interesting pics of this car on that page in the ALBUM

The GlassicAnnex photo album seems to be stable since I moved it to a different hosting company. Today I changed literally hundreds of links of various pages that referred to pictures at the old location. Hopefully they now all point to the new location for the Album.

 I also got rid of the older LOG entries, and moved them to a "historical" file.  You can find old logs at the bottom of this page (although I cannot imagine why anyone would want to see them.

Michigan Phaeton # 141 has a new email address. That usually does not rate a  LOG entry, but since the car is FOR SALE  and the photo album has been so flaky lately, I thought I would report the info that is on owners list pg. 1

Photos - The album seems to be working right on the sister-site http://GlassicReplicars.com/0phpalbum and I have fixed the three owners lists so that the icons point to the same pictures at the new location. I also have updated the log so that any old references to the album now point to the new site. Please report any mis-fires to my email above. There are still likely some places on the Annex where a link goes to the album at its old location.

PHOTO ALBUM - The old photo album will be down for repairs today - it has not worked right for some time, so I will try to reinstall it.  The links on the owners page won't work while I try this, but you can try the other album on the SkyDrive in the meanwhile.

Reloading the program did not solve the problems, but the new version of the old album still more or less works so many of the links on the owners page work. Sometimes.

Today, after a variety of problems with more than one Photo Album program, I bought a new web domain, with a new hosting company and loaded the old album into that website. The progam seems to work fine, although all of the counters are re-set to 0 views, and the captions are gone, for the most part.

I plan to use the current picture links on the owners lists to soon point to the OTHER website gallery -- it will look the same, but hopefully will work right.  For now, the photo album will be the only thing on that other website.  Please have a look, and report any problems to my email above.  http://GlassicReplicars.com 

By the way, if you wonder what I do with the donations that I receive, there went $48 of it for the new name and hosting service - likely a good investment if it keeps working right.

GA Phaeton # 697 is for sale see owners list page 2  (no pictures on file)
Oregon Phaeton #332 is for sale See . owners list pg. 1 -
Phaeton 576 won Fan favorite.  My first chance to add new pictures to the SkyDrive Album. 7/27/13
FL Phaeton # 540 was SOLD, -- see my prediction in the log for 7/18/13 7/21/13
New Washington State entry for Replicars Phaeton #1082 can be found on owners list page3

All of the pictures in the original album are also on the new SkyDrive album. - this camera icon will lead you to the main Album page or sometimes to individual car pages.

Once again, I am trying to get the photo album to work on the Sky Drive (the cloud) instead of the existing album.  You can see what progress I am making here (I think) https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=B03D8914A2A77E88!121  Some of the pics on this are just samples that I moved there to begin to figure out how it works.  So far, no captions on the pictures.

While this system has disadvantages, it also is less prone to failures. I am still testing to see how hard it will be to link to a specific car within the new GLASSIC-SKYDRIVE ALBUM  (this is the same link as the jumbled code in the other link above)

The entry in the log below (car 540) is my first effort at making a direct link to the new SkyAlbum.  What I have done is made a new camera icon to go on the owners list, that will send people to THAT site (the cloud). As I put additional new info onto the SkyAlbum, I will use the new icon.  It is not as complete as the old album - the only thing is that IT SEEMS TO WORK RIGHT!  Look at Car 540!  

Florida Phaeton #540 is FOR SALE. Info is on owners list page 2 - My guess is, that at this price, the car will sell soon! 7/18/13
Virginia Phaeton # 860 is FOR SALE. Info on owners list page 2. The car is also for sale on eBay. 7/11/13
Owner info for Buffalo area Roadster #412 added to owners list pg. 1 -- also, the owner shared his solution to a LEAKING GAS TANK on his International Harvester based car. It is in with the tech stuff. 6/29/13
Northern Pennsylvania Roadster #1323  - an original owner car, was sold today. Info on owners list page3 6/26/13
Washington state Phaeton, # 1104 is added to owners list page3 and is for sale. This car is 1977 Replicar and has some good pics.
Colorado Roadster # 684 has checked in along with some pics. See owners list page 2
Here is a very rough video of Florida car 1290 - well on its way to being the fastest (not prettiest) Glassic out there. Scroll down a little to see the movie or a lot to see some work done on this car over the years.  Car 1290. -- the comment at the end of the video summarizes it well! 6/13/13
Received a donation to support the website from Ronnie Kitts.  Not only is it nice that he added his financial support, but that he took the time to write a check, address an envelope and include a nice note as well.  Thanks, Ronnie, your name is now enshrined forever in the Annex Hall of Fame .
CT car #327 was reported sold. New CT owner's name unknown.
The shipment of an order today is the last of the Glassic HATS. You can still get patches to add to your own hats.  Ordering info for Glassic patches. 6/10/13
Added another  photo of Connecticut Phaeton # 1303 to the Album -- Nice sharp picture with its wide whitewalls -- it is on the main page with the cars in the 1300's range. 6/9/13
Added PA Roadster # 1323 to owners list page3 This is another "original owner" car that has been added to the Annex list.
Updated contact info posted on  owners list pg. 1 for CA Phaeton # 101 - the very first production Glassic and is FOR SALE.
Spotted Michigan Roadster # 1113 for sale on Craigs list and added it to owners list page3
Added a nice photo of Connecticut Phaeton # 1303 to the Album -- I only have one picture of this car, so it is on the main page with the cars in the 1300's range.

PA Roadster # 518 spotted on eBay

A new North Carolina owner has been posted for Roadster #565, formerly in Virginia. See owners list page 2 5/22/13
A special thanks to Steve Schneider who sent a monetary donation to the Annex by way of the US Mail. I hope all viewers of this site join me in thanking people like Steve who allow me to post ANY info that might be useful or enjoyable, without worrying about whether it will raise provider fees to the next fee level.  I still remember years ago when I would limit pictures to no more than 5 per car, just to keep fees down.  Thanks Steve, and welcome to the Annex  Hall of Fame .

Connecticut Phaeton # 327 is now marked as for sale.  Contact info is on the owners list pg. 1

Florida car 108 now has a new owner, who says his car has front disc brakes on it.  owners list pg. 1

I documented a goofy electrical issue with my car 689 -- including some thoughts on intermittent problems and troubleshooting wiring problems. It is in the technical section.

I also added more identification info:  PMS numbers scratched into the cowls of some Mid 70's Glassics.  See what we know, and share YOUR car info with me at the above email address.

The owner of cars 131 AND 606 send a couple of pictures of the cars together being worked on at the same time. Double the projects and double the . . . . . fun?  See them in the Album. 5/11/13
The owner of recently registered Phaeton # 1410 shared some good history of his car. 5/10/13
California Phaeton # 1410 added to owners list page3 5/8/13
Brian and Peggy Wiswell made a cash donation (by check and US mail) to help support the website. Since this is not their first donation, they have been awarded two spinning stars in the Hall of Fame . While not everyone needs to donate cash, we should all appreciate those who do help, since otherwise, this website would have about 1/10 as much content.  Many thanks, Wiswells!

KING PINS -- in the V-8 Glassics up to about 1975, there have been more than a few problems reported with king pins - I posted the latest comment on the message board, and hope that others who have had this problem, or solved it, can share your knowledge on the message board.  If you cannot find the message board, or the king pin topic, please email me at the address above and let me know.  I think its easy to locate, but then, I know where to look!

Wisconsin Roadster # 351 is now listed as for sale (or trade for a V-8 Phaeton) and info is on  owners list pg. 1
Also, the owner, Jim Malone, made a PayPal donation to support the website. Thank you, Jim and welcome to the Hall of Fame .
New Virginia owner for Phaeton # 507 on owners list page 2
Car 357's owner sent another pic, suitable for a Christmas card.  See how he poses his car in the Album
A special Thank you to Thomas Peterson for his PayPal cash donation to support the costs of this website. His name has proudly been added to the Annex Hall of Fame 4/10/13
Missouri Replicar # 1121 was sold. New owner unknown. See  owners list page3 3/30/13
FL Roadster #380 is for sale. Info on owners list pg. 1 3/24/13
Sacramento CA area Roadster # 1029 is for sale on eBay. This car has a pretty complete history (see owners list page 2) and one of the nicer wheel choices I have seen on our Glassics. This is not an eBay auction, but a sale car, so you can contact the owner to discuss the car. 3/17/13
Washington Phaeton #1253 is for sale with a reduced price. See details and pictures of the car in the Annex Premier Gallery
Missouri Phaeton # 1121 is for sale at a lowered price. See  owners list page3
I added some HORN minutia to the technical page. This pertains to the switch under the dash that changes between an aoogah and regular horn.

I hope you will send me feedback (email above) on whether YOUR car has this switch and what it operates - since my second horn is missing. (1973 Phaeton)

Spotted TX Roadster # 541 on Craigs list ad.  owners list page 2 2/22/13
 Texas Phaeton # 898 may soon be raffled off. Latest info can be found on the text icon on the owners list entry for the car onhttp://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121081163859&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:MOTORS:1123

You know, every time I have a technical problem with the photo album, I look for alternative ways to display the pics, but so far, I have not found ANY other solutions that display that number of pics nearly as well.

I wrote up my car 689 experience replacing the starter solenoid, with part source info and why I thought I needed to replace it. Starter solenoid replaced 2/20/13
I have been messing with the PHOTO ALBUM - since it had an error a week or two ago. Some of the cars were not showing up.  I think I fixed it, but all the counters have reset to zero views.  I will see if I can restore that part later on, but at least the cars are all there now.  If you get an X where a picture is supposed to be, try your REFRESH button. 2/19/13
FL Roadster # 339 spotted as for sale by a dealer. See owners list pg. 1
Also, I noticed problems with the  photo ALBUM again - I think I fixed it, but let me know by email (address above) if you cannot view it at all. It may be slow to load the first time you look at it.

Ignition COIL discussed. I had problems with both my 1978 and 1973 - caused by using the wrong type of coil. 

Former Georgia Roadster # 885 has popped up in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands -- Owner info is not yet complete, but the car is in the Caribbean, not in Netherlands.  Google it!  owners list page 2 2/6/13
I completed my look at the fuse panel on my 1973 and logged which fuses went to what - also noting that nearly ALL were 30amp fuses, which is pretty likely NOT correct. 1/27/13
Oregon Phaeton # 332 has a new owner on owners list pg. 1
Replicar # 1067 spotted on eBay also on owners list page3
There was a question on the message board about the fuse panel, and since nobody answered it yet, I thought I would do a little digging. Here is what I have added to the Tech page so far: fuse panel 1/23/13
Long-time Glassic family Bill Crozier, sent along some more pics of Florida Phaeton # 879 - that he spotted at a car show. The new shots are in the top row in the Album.   - Thanks, Bill. Note the different back window, and wooden dashboard on this one. 1/21/13
Added a couple of nice pictures of Roadster #715 to the photo album. They are the ones with the least "views."  I removed the New Year's greeting from the main page picture rotation. I will put it back in 11 months or so! 1/13/13
Wow, its been a quiet couple of weeks on the Annex. Today I received TWO great donations from Jim, the owner of car 1509, as of now the last known Glassic made. First, he shared some sale documents, which can be found at the bottom of the Replicars literature page, and he also included a check, gaining him a place in the Hall of Fame.  It is so nice when someone shares both his personal documents AND some cash. I was able to scan those documents in a nice large size without worry that it would use too much of my web space.  Way to go, Jim!

(because of this literature, I was able to make another entry in the new car price section)


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