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Added 23 close-up pics of the top frame of my 1973 to use as a reference if you are building one
The Annexmaster has bought a house to close by year end, so, again, updates may be sporatic.
Roadster 595, a NY for sale car, added to owners list page 2. 11/20/09
SHAY, another maker of replica Model A's in the 70's and 80's has a different web address. Links on this website were changed to the new web address. 11/19/09
Phaeton # 864 has a new Maryland owner - who badly needs a top and frame! see owners list page 2.
Added Mass. Phaeton #268 - just the body bought by a student 10yrs ago. See owners list 1 (and its for sale!) see the  MESSAGE BOARD
I had "lost" my supply of Glassic hats and patches in my moving POD, which caused shipping delays. Well, I finally found it, so I can fill orders again. And its right before Christmas! See  HATS
Added some more pics of Florida Phaeton # 252 with the V-6 swap. See the ALBUM

Added 3 pics of car 189 at a car show. A lot of work has been done on this car. Enjoy all of the pics in the album. The new ones I added are mixed in and have the fewest "views"

Calif. Roadster # 619 status changed to "for sale" see owners list page 2
Car 252, from Florida (with a V-6 engine swap), now owned by Bill Crozier, making 3 Glassics in the family. Photos will be added in a few days.
Car 1148, a 1974 undergoing an extensive upgrade -- new photos and information about his digital instrument panel. Also many other great pics of his make-over are in the album

Added pics to the Album for Texas Phaeton # 720, a FOR SALE car -info on owners list page 2

Posted some additional pics of PA Phaeton #1066, a car recently on eBay, and still for sale. Contact info on owners list page 2

I added a note on the HATS page - I have "lost" the hats and patches somewhere in my shipping POD, so there will be some delays in filling those orders.

The Annexmaster fixes a leaky carb on his 1973, with virtually no mechanical know-how. 10/22/09
PA Phaeton added to owners list page 2 also spotted on eBay
Connecticut Phaeton, # 1178p for sale, now showing new price, also on owners list page 2
Virginia car 403 (a V-8 conversion) now for sale - see kelseyboat@gmail.com
Car 112 - spotted as for sale in the Chicago area - and I added their pics to the album.

Car 1290, with some good engine restoration and upgrade pictures here on the Annex, shared a video on YouTube - sharks ford

And, oh, yes, I updated the phone number of the Annexmaster (car 689) to my California info.

I added a picture of car 1505, along with some of his playmates, to the album. THIS LINK takes you directly to that great picture.

Today is day one on my actual computer in our rental apartment. A group apology for my slowness in getting things posted, but I should be back on track starting today- maybe tomorrow!

Texas Phaeton # 720 is now for sale. Info on owners list page 2

Calif. Phaeton # 127 (with a V-8 and auto trans conversion) is now for sale. See owners list 1.

This first entry is from my new (temporary) quarters in California. I am beginning to answer correspondence, and discovering that all of the procedures will take much longer now, until I get used to operating from backup files. I started by adding some pics of the transmission hump change made for car 1148. It took hours to find the files and add them to the album.. There is text about his conversion to an AOD trans here.

Added KY Roadster #1230 to owners list page3

Added NY Phaeton # 1489 to owners list page3

Car 1508, currently the last known production car, is for sale. The info on owners list page3 represents the new, lowered price and current Craigs list ad link.

The Annexmaster (that's me) posts his new California interim address (daughter's) on the ABOUT page. Website changes are going to be sporadic at best as we close up in Florida and drive across the country. The teeny laptop keyboard will make emails from me very short. 9/5/09
Roadster  #739, in MA, now shown as FOR SALE. See owners list page 2 9/2/09
Car 1508, mentioned in the log entry below this one - I re-ordered the pics some so all the "nice view" pictures were not on page two of the album, and added this Craigs list ad link to the owners list entry. 9/1/09
Added to the Album about 90 great reference pictures of Roadster #1508, currently the last production car known to the Annex. Thanks, Lee, for sharing these! -- Car 1508 is for sale (see owners list page3) and appears to be in superior original shape. 8/29/09
Added some nice pics of Roadster 739 to the album.

Added a FOR SALE 1981 Roadster in NY -- VIN 1508 - a new high VIN and possibly the last production Glassic. See owners list page3

Annexmaster's packing to relocate to California continues at a frenzied pace. Please prepare for sporatic website updating in the next few weeks. (but keep sending in your pics and tips anyhow.)

More pics of # 1148 as the body goes back on. Also an engine pic that needs a funny caption as the wiring is, er, not quite in place yet. See the  album..

NJ, or perhaps Vermont Phaeton #349 added to owners list 1.

Coming soon, some great pics of a modified Roadster in the 730's VIN range -- once I get the VIN number right.

The Annexmaster is packing to move, so Annex work gets done in the middle of the night. Watch for mistakes and delays in posting the next few weeks.

More from 1974 Roadster #1148 and its frame-off restoration. Pics in the  album. and some comments in Car Tales -- including something we don't like to talk about. This was so "us" that it got a colored background around it. -- 8/19/09
NY "barn find" Phaeton #321 spotted on eBay and added to the owners list.

The Annexmaster (that's me) finally got a contract to sell his FL house and will relocate to the San Diego area of CA, about mid-Sept. Website updates will be a bit sporadic for the next month or so.

I added more pics of car 1148's super-chromed engine and frame-off restoration. These may be duplicates of ones already on the page in the  album.

New Indiana owner for 1978 car #1234 (who also owns a Shay) reported on owners list page3

Car 835, previously in England, has a new owner in Germany. See the owners list page2

Indiana Phaeton # 112 (a V-8 swap) spotted on Craigs list. 8/5/08
I have not seen much activity on the new  NEW MESSAGE BOARD -- but there is a new FOR SALE item -- a Roadster TOP and FRAME.  You are not going to find THAT item at your local parts store !

The Annexmaster has finally got a contract on his Florida house, and hopes to close and head for California about 9/10/09

1974 Roadster # 1148 sent some great engine and chassis pics from his frame-off restoration. see the album.
Added NC Roadster #863R to owners list page2
New TN owner reported for Roadster #629 owners list page2
Oklahoma Phaeton # 333 added to owners list 1
Added a billet aluminum pulley manufacturer (Ford engines) to the LINKS page, at their request.
Nevada Phaeton # 864 on eBay ending 7/30/09
Added more complete info from the new owner of IL Phaeton #563 to owners list page2 7/20/09
Added MA Roadster # 739 to owners list page2 7/19/09
New Kentucky owner added to owners list page2 for 1974 Roadster # 1105
FL car #252 added to owners list 1
Added a number of larger close-up pictures of the restoration of Phaeton # 341 to the photo album (including some good International engine views.) 7/14/09
Added Massachusetts Roadster # 1038 to owners list page2 7/8/09
An interesting donation has been added to the literature. It is a statement of origin for a car that was never delivered - it was issued around the time of the Glassic bankruptcy in 1974. The VIN is not in sequence either, but has been added at the end of owners list page2 7/6/09
I finally made a page of  "how to send pictures" to the Annex. Please look at submit_photos.htm and make suggestions (to the email above) on what needs clarification in those instructions. 6/30/09
Added Washington state Roaster #360 to the owners list 1. This car has a V-8 swap.

Here is an interesting chat with Joel - the car builder - about technical subjects.

Welcome to 2 new additions to the owners list. 1974 Missouri Phaeton #1144 owners list page2 and Mississippi Phaeton # 324 in owners list 1. 6/19/09
Added a new concept. Glassics can be classified as FOUR generations - see the explanation on the Change by year page.

I still need to link this to the index and tech page.

Added a large pic of GA Roadster # 715 to the main 700's page of the album.

Added a "people" story from Joe (who is Joel?) to the History of the Glassic page.  This great interview from 2001 is worth a read in its entirety, but the new story is in a green background in the final section about "Repicars"

I don't want to encourage the forwarding of "gags", but this old tool decription from Bud is funny AND true for us Glassic restorers. I added it to the For Fun page.

Added Missouri Roadster #607 to  owners list page2 and album. Spotted on eBay.

Added Michigan "project" Phaeton # 776 to  owners list page2 -- car spotted on Detroit area Craigs list.

The Ontario, CA car listed in the box below is car #682. There are some pics of it in the Album. 6/9/09
Virginia Phaeton #u038 (the "U" meaning an unknown VIN car), spotted on Craigs list. The seller had some good pics, posted in the Album, but did not reply to my email. - Also another unknown VIN Phaeton in Ontario, CA (East of Los Angeles) on Craig's list. 6/7/09
New email for Los Angeles area car 619 added to owners list page2 6/3/09
Added Florida 1977 Phaeton # 1089 to owners list page3.
Calif. Roadster # 1117, a '74 added to owners list page2 -- info by someone who saw an ad for the car.
Added a picture and new phone # for CA Phaeton #1157, a '74 to owners list page2
New NJ owner for car # 168 posted on the  owners list 1
Car 563 sold, with limited info on new IL owner added to owners list page2., PA Roadster # 1046 added to owners list page2. as a FOR SALE car. Later added a couple of pics of car #1046.  New CA owner for car #127 posted on  owners list 1 5/28/09
Am starting to work on info gained as a result of the mailing I sent out.  Car #426 sold, and, we think, in Germany now. 5/27/09
Updated owners list to remove 11 out-of-date email addresses, and replaced them with this code:  Email Unk 5/27/09
Sent the first mass mailing in 6 months. See the content HERE, and let me know if you should have gotten this in your email but did not. 5/26/09
Added Texas Roadster # 891 to owners list page2. 5/24/09
The NEW MESSAGE BOARD is up and running. After this weekend, I will discuss the issue below with their technical people - but as of now, there is no login, password, username needed to post on the board. That is the good part.

We will try the board without any sign-in for a while and see if we miss the features connected with making people "join".

The OLD message board, with messages up to Dec. 2008, is still around. You can find a link to it on the home page,  yellow square #  3  

Added some restoration pictures of Phaeton # 313 (a Chevy V-8 conversion)  to the Album.


Now that I paid for the message board, I think we can have a CHAT board for up to 3 people to message each other. We may not keep this, but here is the link that we can try out.

Chat Room


Added some AFTER pics of Phaeton # 147 to the Album.  Nice. 5/21/09
Here is a link to the new message board that I am trying out. It will take a while to configure it, but feel free to try it out and look at it and comment about it. This is a remote message board service, and the Annex donations will pay for this service.

New Message Board

I am still working on how to configure this to make it easy for "non-joiners" and also most flexible for people who want to have their own account. LET ME KNOW ANY PROBLEMS OR THINGS THAT ARE NOT CLEAR ON USING THIS.


This is an interesting link about the Ford V-8 Engines. I will note it here and when I have more time, I will put the link in the tech section under engines..  http://www.classiccar.com/articles/content/index.php?/archives/2-A-Short-History-of-the-Small-Block-Ford-Engine.html

Some steering box info added on the Message board.
New Minnesota owner added for Roadster #526

ALERT - I am looking closely at a paid for, hosted message board setup for the Annex, so you don't have to email me to post a message. As per my on-going philosophy, you won't have to "join" anything to use it - no additional passwords to remember! More soon. -- your Annexmaster

Arizona Car 1264, no longer for sale, sold to CA owner.

Some info on the conversion from leaf springs to coil-overs now appears in the Chassis page.

Added 4 more large, sharp pictures of 1974 Roadster # 1210 - 5/12/09
More on car 1148 finding rear leaf spring spring bushings. Added u-joint part numbers for a '74 to the  the parts page.

Car 1148 is converted to a coil over front suspension. Pictures are in the album, and we hope for some project details soon.

Added some new pictures of 1974 Roadster # 1210 - This one-owner car might be for sale. For contact info see owners list page2.

Question about the steering parts on a 1977 added to the Message board

Some pics added to parts for sale, on the home page,  yellow square #  17  

A suggestion for starting a Glassic with a dead battery (regardless of the location of the battery)

I am back from a trip, and other items will be added to this day's log, as I post them.

More 1974 rear brakes parts info added on the parts page. 5/6/09
A question about rear end ratios and under-performance by a 1966 is on the Message board . Any suggestions? 5/4/09
Usual donor car sources not right for 1974 rear springs - help needed on the Message board  -- and a new partial answer appears in the technical section 4/28/09
Wow. Vermont Phaeton, and celebrity car, previously owned by VP Hubert Humphrey is now listed as FOR SALE, See car #159 on owners list 1 4/26/09
Added a wheels question and "wanted" item to the Message board and a new WA address on owners pg 3 for the owner of car 1220 4/22/09
Added an interesting car to the ALBUM - in the odds and ends category. It is a Roadster, for sale in Orlando, FL, that I am not 100% sure is actually a Glassic body, although it has many similarities.

oops. -- I Actually uploaded the Message board file, two items below. I had entered the info and then failed to send it to the web. It is there now.

Added PA Roadster #1155, a 1974, to the owners list # 2. 4/15/09
Items added to the Message board include running board solution, hinge pin question, and a source of Model A photos 4/12/09
A Maryland Roadster #875, has been added to the owners list as a FOR SALE car - will be on eBay soon. -- on EBAY NOW
Some great eBay pics of car 875 also added to the Album
Parts wanted request added to the Message board 4/3/09
Gary Stanley, a recent addition to the HALL OF FAME, has achieved Gold Star status by making yet another cash donation in support of the Annex. Friends like this make it easy for us to enjoy tons of pictures and content for our Glassics. Thank you from all of us Glassic nuts. 4/2/09
New Utah Phaeton #1060 (a 1977 Replicar) added to owners list 3.  A new Texas owner for Roadster #419 on owners list
Info wanted on International based Glassics. see Message board

I added a VIN range on the main page to go with each of the 3 owners list pages -- yellow square #  4  

 Many thanks to Gary Stanley who is inducted into the Annex HALL OF FAME for being a cash supporter of the website.

FYI, as the Annexmaster (me) prepares to move to Calif., hats and patches will temporarily not be available.

Added a contributed technical item tip regarding the newer Glassics and their battery placement -- battery under the car inconvenient 3/26/09
Added some good pics of car 574, a TX 1972 Phaeton found on eBay. -- eBay expires today, but may end up re-listed.

 Added a question and for sale item to the Message board Also a new question about adding power windows.

LAST CALL for anyone wanting 1978 wheel covers in so-so shape. The Annexmaster has a contract on FL house and is off to California in 3 wks. $1 plus postage - take one or all 6. Going in the trash in 1 wk. - email me above NOW.

Added some info from John, the owner of 1978 Phaeton #1254. Tech tips about converting a column shift to floor shift (by necessity) and a  new dual exhaust system. (with pics) 3/11/09
New Michigan owner posted for Phaeton # 157. Texas Roadster # 909 added to owners list page 2. 3/9/09
 Pictures of car 1264 added - this is a FOR SALE car in Arizona
Contact info on page 3 of the owners list.

Since returning from a visit to California and my car, added pics of a bunch of close-ups and technical views of the Annexmaster's car # 689 - and a "try to figure THIS picture out" on the FOR FUN page.

Added some pics of Roadster # 1453 to the album and changed the description on the home page to indicate that the Glassic photo album now has over 1800 pictures in it - and more coming! 2/23/09
Questions about SEATS and DASHBOARD posted to the Message board 2/22/09
A suggestion for adding security to the connection where the top frame is hooked to the windshield post. Also, thanks to John, who gets "Gold Star" status in the  HALL OF FAME for being a multi-time cash contributor to the Annex. 2/20/09
Massachusetts Phaeton # 131 added to the owners list. Also a parts question added to the Message board
I finally acknowledged what I have been sensing in the market by adding a recession factor to the used Glassic pricing page.
Connecticut Phaeton #1178p (a 1974) is now listed as FOR SALE. Info is on Page 2 of the owners list. Pics of this interesting white car are in the ALBUM.
Added some nice new pics of Roadster # 659.
Very customized Ohio Phaeton # 209 is for sale. See the owners list or ADS in the window on the Annex home page yellow square #  17   -- LATE IN THE DAY - added many pics 2/13/09
FL Roadster # 419 spotted on eBay also some new pics from that listing added to the ALBUM - interesting because of the larger diameter newer wheels 2/12/09
Dennis, car 189 shares a solution for holding down a hood when there are no side panels being used. This also suggests a great place to browse for parts useful for Glassics 2/9/09
Parts for sale: more stuff for 1978 and 1973 cars. Look over all the ADS in the window on the Annex home page yellow square #  17    Send info on YOUR parts for sale for a free listing.  2/4/09
Car # 1264, a 1978 Phaeton in Arizona is for sale. Note the car number and see the owners list pg 3
Car # 149, a 1966 Phaeton in Florida is for sale. Note the car # and see the owners list pg 1
Report on spare wheel & tire size on a '78 added to alternate wheel and tire size info that was already on the page. 1/29/09
Car 514 in TX was sold. New owner unk.
I cleaned up the appearance of the OWNERS list item on the main page -- Yellow square #  4
Added a blah blah blah page talking about thoughts on building a hard top for my phaeton - kind of a cyber bull-session. Contribute YOUR thoughts and I will add them. 1/23/09
The owners list is now divided into 3 sections: Early Glassics with the International Scout drive train, later Glassics, and the 1976 onward Replicars.

Begin on the same-looking old OWNERS LIST, then travel to pg. two or three if you wish. Yellow square #  4 on the main page lets you go directly to any of the 3 pages.

Also, the BY STATE summary count is now on the owners pages. --

George Eadie, new owner of car 517, sent pictures of his car in the mail, and also a cash donation, earning him a spot in the coveted HALL OF FAME Thank you, George. Nice paint! 1/20/09
John Nowak gets his name in the HALL OF FAME, for his kind contribution to the website expenses. Thanks, John! 1/19/09
New WA owner for Phaeton #517 on owners list 1/14/09
FL. Roadster # 709 reported sold. New owner unk. 1/12/09
Added Illinois Phaeton #1279 to the owners list 1/8/09
1978 wheel covers, air cleaner, carb riser, horn megaphone for sale cheap --

While poking around, I found and fixed a bad typo in naming the LIBERACE car (#506), also added a link in the Photo Album to other pictures of that Roadster in the Liberace Museum

Added FL Roadster # 1146, a FOR SALE car to the owners list -- later today: added a picture and corrected the price info.
Added a small page explaining who Joel is - when he is referenced throughout the website.
Planning a trunk? I am, so I cataloged some different trunk pics for early cars (to 1975) and listed them on my original "build a TRUNK " pg. 1/3/09
A Napa CA, person wants to buy a Glassic. His request posted on the Message board and in the ADS on the Annex home page, yellow square #  17
Cleared out older log entries to another file. Links to older logs at the bottom of this page.
Made a page of  limited edition cars - info that appeared, often, in other places, but tried to put it in one place. Includes celebrity cars, promotion cars like the Annexmaster's Budweiser car, and other stuff. Page includes a movie Glassic in a film that may not appeal to all Glassic owners.
Happy new year, y'all --
Added some tech comments about the 1973 model year from Joel the builder,  and added the dimensions of the trunk I had built, which I had left off my write-up. 12/24/08
Phaeton 563 in MO spotted as FOR SALE 12/23/08
New owner reported for car # 689. This 1973 Phaeton is a  Budweiser car, and the owner is - - - ME, Don, the Annexmaster.
Car 157, an Ohio Phaeton listed as FOR SALE - appears to be a good price. See owners list.
Wheel cleaner added to the suggested cleaning and restoration products list. Added a Christmas pic of car 1505 to the "for fun" page 12/15/08
Added my Florida Santa picture to the main page - it is in the rotation of cars pictured. What can I say?
Added GA Phaeton #895 to the owners list - spotted on eBay. A car value question added to the Message board.--  PA Phaeton 1013, a 1976 spotted on eBay
TOM SCOTT gets yet another gold star in the HALL OF FAME, for being a regular cash contributor to the website. On behalf of all of us Glassic nuts, Thank You Tom!
Roadster # 1081 in Washington state listed as for sale. See owners list for details. 12/8/08
Changed the message board submit form to make it harder for spam email to get through. (phone numbers must be NUMBERS, not garbage letters.) 12/7/08
A new parts for sale ad -- yellow square # 17  on the Annex home page. 12/6/08
Added a street address for LA area in CA owner of car 127.
Added to the Message board a reminder of where parts for sale and cars for sale are found on the Annex.
Michigan Roadster #819 listed as For sale - new pics in the album -contact info on owners list. 12/1/08

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