Car 506 in the Liberace Museum

Photographed at the Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada on September 2, 2003

Thanks to the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts which funds scholarships at Colleges and Universities throughout the United States.

Update - October, 2017:  Since the photos below were taken, at some point the museum closed and I was informed that the car collection was loaned to other museums. I feel like I had heard that the Glassic, as part of the collection had ended up in Los Angeles, CA but I never confirmed that.

As fewer people remember Liberace and his flamboyant, theatrical persona, he is becoming less "known", although your Annexmaster, for one, considers it high honor that among his be-jewelled extravagant cars, he chose his Glassic as his daily grocery-getter.

Most of the jewel and mirror coated cars that Liberace owned were used
only for his Las Vegas stage shows. He often drove his Glassic, however,
on the streets of Las Vegas.

This first photo was added in 2017 as I consolidated my family hard-copy albums. If you click the picture
you can see a larger view and enjoy the company kept by lowly Glassic 506.  The museum had very subdued
lighting, and could only be enhanced partially.

click the above picture for a larger view.