1974 Statement of origin

In June, 2009, the following item was posted on the Annex message board:

I own a Pontiac Buick GMC dealership in Auburn, WA (Ok just a Buick GMC dealership soon).  My father and his partner started it in the 60's.  Dad was in today cleaning out his desk and being nostalgic and found a Statement of Origin for one of the two Glassics that we purchased in the early 70's.  It is signed by Joseph T Pro Vice President.  Unfortunately this one never showed up after we paid for it.  The company went bankrupt before our second one arrived.  I was curious if this one was every built?  1974 Phaeton serial # 2126P

Also wondered if anyone is interested in it and the brochure that goes with it.  If so let me know what it is worth and you can have it.

(The brochure mentioned above turned out to be a duplicate of one already on the website, and can be seen on this page -- second item from the bottom - wide, skinny brochure.)

Subsequently, those items were graciously donated to the Annex for our historical collection. Our thanks to Ron (for sharing) and his dad (for not throwing out 35 year-old papers) -- if you are in the Seattle area, please go see Ron (or check out his website) and buy a car from him!

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The addition of these documents will permit the Annexmaster to refine the data in the History of the Glassic Company, and perhaps get more accurate dates in that document.