Links to Random Car Pictures on the website

In 2015 when I copied all of the Annex files to a different account, I saw many folders of older car pictures. Most of these are referenced elsewhere on the Annex, but here they are again - and the photos can be seen with the little viewer program I made to show all pictures in a particular folder.
Why is some of this in PURPLE?
Car 0 - Photos of the original prototype car after restoration - the story appears at ?

78lit - Photos of car literature - Also on the literature tab, some of these pics are thumbnails, others are large and you can click if there is a plus sign to make them even larger (+)

Car 141windshield - Photos of some close-ups of the windshield frame Pics AND story at

Car 144 - Photos of the restoration of car 144 and some odd other stuff that found its way into that folder. The story of this restoration is on

Car 159 - Photos of the car once owned by Hubert Humphrey (Vice President of the US) -

Car 162 - Photos of car 162

Car 189 - Photos of the start of restoration of this car - also The story of this restoration  

Car 189v-8swap - more of the above car also found at the end of the above page on car 189

Car 219 - Photos of car 219 from 2003, newer pics are seen through the owners list

Car 265- Photos of this car that my buddy and I went and looked at in FL years ago. Overpriced at the time, if I recall and I think it had a foreign car engine if memory serves

Car 313 - Photos of car 313 Better viewed at

Car 506 - Photos of the Liberace car in the museum in Las Vegas, not my finest photo skills there!

Car 633 - Photos of this car but this link has the story as well

Car 689 - Photos of The Annexmaster's California Glassic - at least some of the pics of that car mostly related to making the fiberglass top.

Car 689seat-swap - Photos of a failed project to change seats, but some before shots of seat frame that may be worth a look. also a sketch of the problems of measuring the space for the replacement seat.

Car 764 - Photos of this car, but see -- nice modifications to chassis on this one

Car 768 - Photos of his car but also  - which has the eBay listing info also.

Car 838 - Photos of -- yep, the McWreck! The restoration, reclamation project better seen at

Car 838b - Photos of  second page of the restoration of the McWreck.

Car 913 - Photos of  - which only has one picture, but the text is here. The text page has a link to the album where there are plenty of other pictures.

Car 914 - Photos of this car, but the page documents the many custom upgrades to this Roadster.

Car 982 - Photos of this car, but has the story and some restoration ideas. Grill shells shown.

Car 1017 - Photos of body work and restoration. Better seen on  Replicar with the VW lights removed during restoration.

Car 1106 - Photos of this Roadster at a show, lots of modifications better viewed here --

Car 1194 - Photos of another modified Roadster -- the whole eBay listing is seen here

Car 1254 - Photos of the Annexmaster's Florida Phaeton. The page is

Car 1290 - Photos of  this Phaeton restored as a racing car  See

Car 1290-2 - More photos of car 1290 - also found on the link at the end of the first page on that car.