Roadster # 1106

JJ's 1974 roadster # 1106 was at the rainy Cruisin' the Coast event in Mississippi in October, 2004. In spite of the rain, we got these shots of his highly modified Glassic.

JJ is not an email person, but I will try to add details on some of his modifications to this page as I get the info.

The Glassic fans gather around JJ's car in the rain.

Note the front nerf bars

License plate !

Fender spare tire wells removed. Door poppers instead of knobs.

Where's  the gas filler? (see next picture up - or down)

32 grill shell

352 engine, huge air cleaner, upgraded ignition

'32 4 row radiator (or is it 6 row?) and fan

bar to hold radiator steady.

no headlight bar



Step plates on running board and for rumble seat.

Side curtains needed on this rainy day.

This car has a highly modified 352 engine and an AOD (automatic overdrive) transmission. JJ warned that you need to replace something (flexplate?) when converting from the C-4 transmission to the AOD (not the EAOD, which is the electronic version that requires a computer etc).  JJ said there is a kit that goes on the throttle linkage, and you manually adjust the cable so that the overdrive kicks in at a speed you select. The flexplate or whatever that engine part is, must be replaced or the engine will be ruined (it MAY be that a C-6 flexplate will also work). JJ learned that the hard way.  I will get that info in more detail.