Some observations by the Annexmaster:
The brochure that is the source of these specs does not seem to be dated, although advertised by McLellan's as 1978 -1981. The specificaton sheet: Suspension says leaf springs, my '78 has coil springs front and rear. Brakes says drum front and rear and my '78 has disc front brakes. Their NOTE about spare tire placement is interesting. Look at the rear view of a car on the
the brochure page.)
Engine Ford V-8. 302 cubic inches: bore 4.00 inches stroke 3.00 inches. Compression ratio - 8.0 : 1. Horsepower - 128 @ 3800 RPM Torque -211 @ 2000 RPM. Fuel tank capacity - 12.6 gallons
Transmission Ford three-speed automatic
Rear Axle Ford 2.79 : l ratio
Frame Welded steel 3" x 4" rectangular tubing Ladder type construction
Suspension Leaf spring and hydraulic shock absorber front and rear
Steering Hydraulic power steering. 4 turns lock to lock
Brakes Four wheel power drum brakes
Wheels 5 1/2" x 14" steel wheels. Tires: E-78 x 14 WSW
Instrumentation Speedometer, fuel, amperage, oil pressure and water temperature
Dimensions Length: 161", Width: 65 1/2",
Height: 65 1/2". Turning radius 38'

Curb weight: 2485 lbs. Wheel track: 56". Wheelbase: 102"

Standard Equipment Power brakes. Power steering. Tilt steering wheel. Heater. AM/FM stereo-tape deck. A-oo-gah horn. Air conditioning.
Body Colors Red, Maize Yellow or Tahitian. Additional colors available.
Interior Aviation quality vinyl
Top White
Mileage 22.3 MPG highway driving. 17.6 MPG city driving. (Varies depending on type of driving)
Optional Trunk, luggage rack.

NOTE: Sparetire placement (wheel wells) upon request. Since Replicar is constantly updating their vehicles, availability of optional equipment may vary.

See the source brochure for these specs