Presenting 'Ole Yeller

A one-time opportunity to own the unique personal car of the
builder of the Glassics!

 $24,900 firm


'Ole Yeller has been owned by Joel since it was born in 1981.
It was assigned  VIN # 9999 by this website
since it was not a production vehicle and it
 had an ordinary DMV number rather than a Glassic VIN.

Joel built it for his own use when the company closed,
equipping it with many upgraded and special-purchase parts.


No expense was spared to make it exactly the way he wanted it --
something that he could not do on the production cars that had to be sold for profit.

Here are some features of  'Ole Yeller that you won't find on other Glassics.


n Original and only owner ever of this car
n All wheel disk brakes
n Upgraded suspension
n '32 Ford grille
n Improved suspension, front and rear
n Under 9000 original miles (but started regularly)
n Upgraded spoke rims
n New tires
n New top and side curtains.


Information on ‘Ole Yeller

Provided by the owner.

Ole Yeller is the last and final vehicle that was assembled in the Replicar’s facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Replicars, Inc., had folded its tent and was out of business, but there was potential for additional opportunity: The Kit Car business. The final vehicle ('Ole Yeller) was assembled using a temporary drive train, and transported to the Columbus, Ohio Street Rod Drive-In to try to generate kit sales.

(Bad thinking because no sales resulted.  The Economy was terrible and much of what seemed to be selling were cheap cowboy hats and perfumed wooden roses.) Note: A friend from Palm Beach purchased a “T Bucket” super Hot Rod. We transported the “T Bucket” back to West Palm Beach on our trailer and the “T Bucket” owner’s wife drove ‘Ole Yeller from Ohio back to West Palm Beach.

The drive train was removed and replaced with a factory-fresh, zero-mile 302 engine and a new C-4 transmission. Since then, ‘Ole Yeller has been in storage or garaged (for the past 30 years), and only driven to maintain the running gear and on “special occasions” - usually with the grandchildren aboard. Total miles on the car: 8,500.

Note: This vehicle is titled in Florida as a “Repl” (Repl is the Florida abbreviaton for Replicars)

Mechanical features...

Front Suspension: Mustang II w/ Carrera Mustang II Bolt-On Coilovers

Rear Suspension: Tuned coil spring/shock combination for extra comfort ride

Brakes: Power Disc brakes all around w/ front-to-rear proportioning valve

Radiator: Custom built - Extra capacity thick and tall

Power Steering: Mustang II rack & pinion

Air Conditioner: With “thru-dash” distribution

Radio: JVC Model WMA MP3 - KD-R200 - CD and super speakers in each door

Tires: Michelin “HydroEdge” Front 205 x 65 R15; Rear 205 x 70 R15; Spare SB 802 165 x 15

Wheels: ‘32 “look alikes”w/ beauty rings, 5 lug Ford bolt pattern

Grill and Grill Shell: ‘32 “Shortie”

Bumpers: ‘32 reproduction

Lights: Cowl lights are functional (turn and parking); Rear are Model “A” w/ cat eyes

Trailer Hitch: 2" receiver w/ 4-wire pigtail (removable w/ 4 bolts)

Top & Side Curtains: New, and top frame is functional

Interior: Like new

Gauges: Stewart Warner w/ Voltage Meter, Fuel, Water temp, and Oil pressure

Paint: ‘Ole Yeller would need to be re-painted to be a show car, but for day-to-day use, it looks fine.  Up close, in the sun, or under the lights, it could be freshened up. The body is a one-color and it wouldn’t be hard to change the color. That would be up to you to decide.

Ole Yeller is a “driver” and can be driven at legal road speeds anywhere you want without worrying if you’re going to get there and back. So come on down and take a drive, make your deal, then take ‘Ole Yeller to its new home.


These are recent pictures of the car.


Many more pictures of this car, are in the
  Glassic Annex Photo ALBUM


Many more pictures of this car, are in the
  Glassic Annex Photo ALBUM


Offered at a firm price of $24,900

'Ole Yeller, Joel's personal Glassic, can be seen in the
West Palm Beach, Florida area by appointment.

For questions, more info, or to see the car:
Email the Annexmaster for contact info.

This car is not offered publicly.





















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