Pictures from International Trail Magazine
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Captions for these photos graciously provided
by Joel Faircloth in 2004

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coverThis is the art work from the cover of the magazine issue Volume 36, Number 4, in 1966. International Trail was the company magazine for International Scout. It was also used as an advertising piece for International.

The text of the article and pictures of the magazine pages can be found on the ARTICLES webpage.

click the picture. jack1
jack1 Jack Faircloth posed in his office. What looks like a computer monitor was actually a photo taken at the Florida State Fair with Miss Florida in front of the car. Jack shows off his Florida licence plate -- the letter D was for a lightweight car, and the 1931 is for the year that the replicas represented.

At that time, you could order any licence plate that was not already in use.

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jack2A close-up from the above picture, showing Elias V. (Jack) Faircloth. Jack was born in 1905 and died December 4, 1987. He was originally from Camilla, Georgia and had lived in Winter Haven, FL before moving to West Palm Beach in 1937. He had two daughters, Jacqueline and Elizabeth, and one son, Joel.

At the time of this picture, he was 61 years old.

click the picture. carscene
carscene This, and some other photos in the article came from shots in a brochure that was being used at the time. The pictures were taken in the local West Palm Beach area, and generally included people in them so that buyers could tell the size of the car.
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frameinairThe chasis hanging in the air was posed using the actual A frame hoist with a winch that was used to unload the units from a tractor trailer. Since a load of chasis were stacked "piggy back" on each other, they could not be rolled off the truck.

The truck would position itself, a chasis was hoised up, and the truck would drive forward out of the way. After the chasis was lowered and moved away, the truck would back up for another unloading. In this case, a Scout was posed where the tractor- trailer would go. The bodies (foreground) were generally stored outside two-high on a rack.

click the picture. assembly
assembly This picture was posed to simulate the assembly-line type of process. The cars didn't move along a belt, but several would be in the shop at any given time.
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engineworkThe engine is installed as part of the proceess.
click the picture. chasis2
chasis2 Joel Faircloth (left) and Grady Hilton, a "block man" (area supervisor) for International Harvester. An unusually large order of chasis had just been received and, very likely, Grady was there to be sure that the company got paid. The terms were COD at that time, since the chasis were prepared specially for Glassic and could not easily be used elsewere.
spraying click the picture.
sprayingA simulation of the gell-coat process. A car body is upside down, with the front of the car toward the camera. A release agent is sprayed onto the mold, then a coating of gell-coat was sprayed on - sort of like thick paint. After it dried, chopped fiberglass was sprayed on top of that.
click the picture. inyard
inyard This posed picture was set up to illustrate the various stages of completion. The assembly building would be behind the camera in this picture. The trailer held the master molds - molds used to MAKE the molds used. This land was all owned by the company at that time.
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chasis1Another view of the chasis. This one came from a black and white 8 x 10 glossy photo provided by International Harvester's public relations people: Young and Rubicam, Inc.

This photo, a copy of the Trail magazine and a letter were sent to R.C. Lenz in San Bernadino, CA in Dec. 1967, presumably in response to an inquiry for info about Glassics.

click the picture. inarow
inarow The company's secretary - bookkeeper posed in this photo with Jack Faircloth. The boot of the top was stuffed with rags to look plump.

There were seldom this many cars stored on the premises (storage space was at a premium) but this order was accumulated for a tractor - trailer shipment to Detroit. Three Ford dealers had ordered two each.

headsrear click the picture.
headsrearA picture from a sales brochure. Joel Faircloth driving. Joel was born July 27, 1940, and would have been 26 years old at the time of this photo.
click the picture. onwater
onwater Brochure picture - the area where the Faircloths lived in West Palm Beach provided a scenic background for pictures of the Glassic in action.
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cruisingAnother picture from a sales brochure.