Top Construction Views


Here are a bunch of pictures taken of 1973 and 1978 Phaeton tops. None of the tops are the same, and NONE of them could be absolutely correct, but these shots can be used by a top builder to get some ideas.



#1 Items 1 thru 8-B are of a 1973 with a nice looking non-original canvas top.
# 2 The first 6 are working front to back on the driver's side
# 3 front half
# 4 back half
# 5 rear corner higher
# 6 rear corner lower
# 7 This is a rear view, passenger side. Not clear why there was stitching across the middle and also the back in the top center. Neither 1978 had similar stitching. The square window did not look as nice as the 78's that both had rounded corners on the rear window.
# 8 It looks like that builder made a zippered "tube" for the rear cross bar to slip into. I guess it unzips to remove the top completely. Nice. The stitching must have been to hold that sleeve in place. There is no zipper for the front but it does have a flap that folds around the front member and then snaps on the back side. It provides the same function.
# 8-A View of the front driver's side curtain. This is not original to the car, but very nice quality.
# 8-B Picture of the rear driver's side curtain.
# 9 Shots 9 thru 12 are of the 78 with a vinyl roof.
# 10 The seam above the rear window should be along the frame crosspiece. The frame or top have probably moved over time. Perhaps smacking the rear frame above the window would push it forward some.
# 11 The top should cover the framework and follow the contours on the back sides. The fit is now bad on this car
# 12 Note the bulge on the side, and the window is too high, probably because the back cross piece has sagged toward the back of the car.
# 13 This is a different 1978 -(Angelique) Again the fit is poor in the rear, and it is uclear what the square "patch" is for. That piece may have been replaced after tears appeared from putting the top down without removing the fabric. Pinching is an issue with these tops if not removed.
# 14 The next 4 views are the pads that strengthen the top. The 1974 replacement handled this differently. These are a single piece folded over with the seam out of view (facing up into the top), no stitching, and appear to be hooked on to the front cross piece above the windshield, and the back cross bar. No sign that they are attached at all to the top itself. Front Driver's side THE WHITE DOTS ARE TO MARK THE EDGE, since it was hard to see.
# 15Front passenger side
# 16 Rear driver's side
# 17 Middle driver's side

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