Running board strip specifications

I had checked off and on before 2013 for replacement strips for running boards for the second generation Glassics (1972-75)  This year I will try contacting some vendors to see if a match can be found. The Glassics used white strips, but black should do fine as long as it will slide into the grooves of the metal .


After I received the material (bottom of this page) from an Amazon vendor (their 25 ft was not enough to complete both running boards without the back deck panels) I found the following vendor on eBay.  His sample was fine (black only) and while it did not have the bottom connected like the original white piece shown below, it seems substantial and heavier duty than the Amazon product.  The eBay piece is called half inch, where the Amazon is .6 inch.  Both seem to fit about the same and should work fine.

With eBay, you can order the amount you need and it a bit cheaper.  I will order a full 33 feet later on to complete my Phaeton, but I wanted to get this vendor on record since his product seems good for our purposes.

The seller is classenrv  (Classen RV)  and his auction heading is

RV Insert Trim Molding 1/2 Inch Black ***3 feet for 99 cents

This has been re-listed once, but I don't know if it will be on-going.  So it is $10.89 plus $ 12.35 postage which is for whatever will fit in a medium post office pre-paid priority mail box. or $23.24 for the deal.  You can search for the seller, or this heading if you want to see if he is still carrying the product.

My car, Phaeton # 689 measured out as follows: (I think the back ledge pieces are shorter on the Roadsters)

Total inches for the car 375 inches or 31 1/4 feet of material.  If this product does not come as one continuous length, then we need to be sure that the pieces add up correctly so that we don't have splices.

Running boards 38 1/4 inch strips -- 4 on each side, for a total of 8 pieces needed each  39 inches as my measurement for the strips since nearly ALL of mine had shrunk over the years.

Rear platform strips 8 1/4 inch strips -- 7 pieces.  I will buy a quantity of 7 pieces of 9 inch lengths to be sure they are long enough.

NOTE TO VENDORS: If you are filling an order for a Glassic owner, you likely can ship in more than one piece, but both pieces need to be multiples of the lengths specified above. (example, 31 1/4 ft can include one piece 48" long - which would be one 39" and one 9" as the separate piece)


close up of cross section of the rubber/plastic trim

These strips could be solid, and/or taller (fully half-round) without impacting their use.

This view is looking down on the back flat deck where 7 strips make a platform for a trunk. The metal end (arrow-like) piece is removed and the strip is partly pulled out. This seems to be bendable, but quite stiff, like a plastic rubber combination.

A Solution:

Here is a possible insert solution. I got a sample and then an order for 25ft of black insert from a vendor on   The good news is that it fits, the bad news is that, once I got my order, I realized that 25 ft was not enough to even do both running boards. (both sides runningboards only need at least 25 1/2 ft, preferably 26 ft)  I also have not tried this product ON the car yet, so I do not know how it will behave being stepped on.  The product is soft and pliable, but did not easily slide into the groove, so for a long piece, it likely will have to be squeezed into a U shape and worked in.  Here are pics and the info I have. As of August, 2013:


Vendor: MHRV on Amazon Marketplace (  - the RV is for Recreational Vehicles
25' Narrow .6" Marine Camper Vinyl Insert Trim Mold Screw Cover-Black   (White also available) - only comes in 25' rolls  $18 + $6.25 postage= $24.25
Merchant SKU: RV-357BK    

The above pics show that 25ft is not a big package.

Above is the insert pushed onto the rear deck track.  Notice how it bows up in the middle, making me wonder what happens  on a running board when it is stepped on?

Above is a picture of the end tips for the running board.  Note that they are a solid chunk of aluminum. 3/4" wide (or perhaps 1/16th wider than 3/4 inch and about 1 and 5/16 inches long.  Sometimes pieces measure exactly, but in this case, they did not line up exactly on the ruler.

Car 562 here shows the strips arrayed to make running board covers and some of the strips on the rear deck (lower right corner)

Replicars used molded plastic running board covers.