1973 and 1978 Glassic Shock absorbers


1973 -
These shocks were bought for car 715 in 2012.

1973 car 715
new rear shocks

Gabriel Guardian p/n 81270
stud/stud ends


1974 - Report in 2015 from the owner of car 1178 that he used shocks: FRONT: MONROE GAS-MATIC 59001 REAR: SHOCKS MONROE GAS-MATIC 5600

More parts info on partsfit.htm for 1974

1978 -

The shocks pictured below were purchased in late 2001. The old shocks appeared to be from when the car was new and looked awful. Since I had found a place with a bunch of new shocks (from older cars) that were $2.00 each, I removed the shocks from the Glassic to take with me to try to find a match by sight. That was a bad idea. There were dozens and dozens to look at, and every one was different. As a result, I went to the auto store for some modestly priced replacements. It turned out that the 1974 - 1978 Mustang shocks fit, both front and back. Noting that the Glassics used a Fairmont rear end, and noting that the Mustangs had leaf rear springs, I was expecting to need Fairmont rear shocks. Not so. The Mustang shocks fit fine. There was a bit of problem with "not in stock", which accounts for the different brand and color of the front and rear. As a starting point , here is what I ended up with:

Front: Tenneco Automotive, Gas Charged Heavy Duty 20814 - also numbers P-1135 and P9904C on the label
Purchased from Advance Auto Parts $11.99 each

Rear: Gabriel Performance Series Heavy Duty Gas shock 73470 - also numbers8343 and C01123Q on the label
Purchased from Discount Auto Parts $10 each. Discount Auto Parts was in the process of being bought out by Advance at the time of this purchase.

The old shocks appeared to have lost some of their pressure, and the new ones made for a slightly better ride. (not dramatic, but noticable). The sign below is on an 8 /12 by 11 sheet of paper for size reference.